Who are Tjark and George and what is The True Conversion?

If you are looking for a review of The True Conversion, as well as some information regarding the creators of this platform, you have come to the right place!

I was doing my usual aimless doom scrolling on Facebook one day while bored out of my mind and happened to find an interesting ad.

The world’s cockiest copywriter, with a picture of a man giving off some weird creepy stalker kissy-face vibes.

It almost got a laugh out of me, as well as a puzzling judgment type of emotion.

But, maybe there is some merit to his claim because it at least got my attention enough to dig deeper into what he is all about.

In fact, he even managed to get me to give him my email because I was curious enough to know more.

And this guy is really aggressive with his email marketing.

So aggressive to the point that it is beginning to annoy me lol.

If his copywriting skills have the same effect on you, you too may be receiving all of these annoying emails from him, begging you to get inside the True Conversion funnel, begging to give you the opportunity to give these guys some money!

And his ads are not very transparent, because the product he is selling isn’t even called the true conversion, it’s something else entirely, and that’s what we here at Safe Money Makers aim to do with this article.

We are going to help you understand what True Conversion’s objective is, help you understand what it is True Conversion sells, and help you understand if this is a product that will help you, or just take money out of your pocket.

First, we are going to do more research on Tjark Hartmann. He claims that we probably haven’t heard of him before(definitely true), and that they will blow up pretty soon!

Not sure about that statement, this ad they have has been up for over a year, so that statement claiming they would blow up soon has been up for over a year, so I doubt they will “blow up soon” considering their presence is practically still unheard of.

Who is Tjark Hartmann?

If you have someone promoting the idea that they have made millions of dollars with their copywriting skills, and then asking you to pay them money to take their course, you’re going to want some proof that they can put their money where their mouth is.

This man Tjark Hartman claims that he is the greatest copywriter on earth. He can make someone take action without creating false scarcity, fake timers, and he claims that he can get someone to want to buy a product without even showing an offer.

He smarks off because of the fact that I kept reading his sad sales pitch despite not offering a product yet.

Well, I don’t think that’s a correct analogy, because I still feel like this guy is just some sleazy slimebag scammer and I definitely can attest to you that I don’t think buying anything from this guy will bring any kind of value to my life whatsoever, but the show goes on, and I’m reading this mans content to investigate for you guys whether or not this man can back up what he is saying or not.

Now, I’m not a fan of these men, but when I think about copywriters, I think about people like Dan Lok, who is in the business of selling products that are essentially worthless but still make a killing because these kinds of people know how to psychologically trigger people into buying things and also build a huge support factor due to their ability to use text to convert.

Or Tony Robbins/Grant Cardone who use both word copywriting and speaking skills to motivate millions of people who are sick of their 9-5’s to become wannabe entrepreneurs.

But this Tjark Hartmann guy, this guy I’ve never heard of before, claims that he is better than every single other copywriter in existence.

Do the people think the same?

Since Tjark Hartmann is the greatest copywriter on earth, it’s safe to assume that he has millions of followers and helps millions of people all around the world.

Here are the facts:

He currently has 155 followers on Twitter.

and 37 followers on Facebook

And he spent a little money to get his true conversion funnel into the public eye. With over a year of these trolling ads going around, seems he is having a tough time converting his leads with such a minuscule fan base. Not characteristics of the world’s greatest copywriter if I do say so myself. But hey, he does claim that he isn’t well known because he was too busy being invisible generating millions of dollars in revenue right, so who am I really to judge, I guess we should just take his word for it despite him providing absolutely no proof!

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So, I don’t know about the whole ordeal about being the world’s greatest copywriter, I kind of need to see more proof, more evidence that this guy can indeed be a legitimate source of inspiration when it comes to creating products that help entrepreneurs make millions of dollars.

Plus I am also struggling to see any kind of testimonials, seriously, no information/testimonials are provided anywhere for these guys and their software.

Who is George Paiva?

This guy is even more invisible than Tjark. This man has a claim to fame of being one of the Copywriters for Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. Now this, this I would say is actually a pretty big deal, when you think of entrepreneurs and inspirational models, Robert Kiyosaki is big time up there with the top dogs.

On the $1,000,000 copy cube page of True Conversion, which you will see if you give them your email, George Paiva reveals his life story.

It is a familiar story that you often see with various entrepreneurs. “I was so broke, I couldn’t even afford a bed, then I found out about copywriting, then I failed, but then I found out about the ultimate copywriting secret and can now work like 5 hours a week and make six figures easily”.

That’s cool and all, but again, this guy is apparently a pretty big deal despite having no internet presence, testimonials, reviews, nothing, so you’ll just have to take his word for it.

What is the True Conversion?

True Conversion is ultimately a sales funnel to get you to buy a product, this product is called Launch & Scale

The goal of True Conversion is to get you to take action with their mad copywriting skills, that action being the purchase of Launch & Scale. If you don’t click through all their prompts, they hope you at least get through one prompt so that they can collect your email account and send you motivational messages about how incredible copywriting is, while also promoting the launch & scale program.

Booga Wooga

Is Launch & Scale worth it or is it just a scam?

You can try Launch & Scale for 1 month for $47, 1 year for $97, or have a lifetime membership for $997.

Like Tjark and George, this product is practically invisible to the entire internet. The only way you could have ever heard of it is if you happened to be browsing on Facebook and Tjark decided to pay $1000+ in Facebook ads to promote his silly best-ever copywriter post.

My guess is that before you even clicked on this page, you already had it pretty much figured out in your head that you will not be joining the Launch & Scale program.

You had an initial sense of skepticism, and you are right to have that.

There is in fact, no proof anywhere that these guys are going to be those gurus that are going to change your life.

They do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it’s definitely risk-free to try!

But, is it really worth your time?

With no public presence, no testimonials, and no evidence to back up the claims the creators of this product use to get you to buy, I would say no.

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An Alternative product that actually has a track record of successful students:

People are getting more and more hesitant in going all-in on joining a service or training platform on making money online.

The reason for this is that there are a lot of bad actors that get you overhyped, creating a false sense of value in their product. Typically users will realize that the owner of the course never truly intended to give you that 1 on 1 coaching you were looking for, you don’t end up getting the money you were hyped up to believe you would get.

In fact, you’re in a worse financial situation than you were before learning about this new course or platform that “was going to skyrocket your income so that you can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and internet connection.”

You’re feeling ripped off, so you perhaps file some complaints at the BBB but still don’t get a refund, you’re irate, and you can’t help but have a sensation of being powerless and feeling dumb as if you fell for an obvious scam.

Feeling ripped off makes it easy for you to give up.

That’s why you need Wealthy Affiliate!

Why Wealthy Affiliate blows all the competition out of the water!

Training platforms are hit or miss, but wealthy affiliate is more than just a training platform, it’s an entire platform based on affiliate marketing!

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Don’t want to spend over $100 per month on a keyword research tool, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered!

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Why the training at Wealthy Affiliate Works!

When learning something new, you need more than just 1 on 1 coaching with the creator of the training. You need support from others who have the same goals as you.

That’s why many people get successful grades in school.

That’s why many people are successful in their jobs.

With schools, you have your fellow students who also influence you, and you form study groups where you meet up and research the concepts your classes are teaching you, and this is a massive help to getting you to learn the material and pass the class.

With jobs, you already will be working with many people who are successful within your job title, so you’ll always have these experts in person to ask questions and learn the job and how to be effective at it.

We are wired to be social, and that’s why we learn easier in social settings!

That’s why there are over 2 million members at Wealthy Affiliate. Not just for their hosting and keyword tool(which is worth far more than the membership fee alone), but for the fact that this community is jam-packed with entrepreneurs who are making six to seven figures, and as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to these people and be able to ask them questions as well as read training that they provide.

Another big plus about Wealthy Affiliate’s training is that you will never run out of content.

The certification course is about 50 hours long, but you’ll also come across training provided by expert affiliate marketers who are members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories:

Unlike The True Conversion, you will see success stories on all corners of the internet with Wealthy Affiliate.

Link to the full story here: Eddy Salomon’s 5-figure month in August

And let’s not leave out that one time Nathaniel made $12,000 on Christmas! (this guy is one of my favorite bloggers and I aim to be like him one day)

Link to the entire blog post: Nathaniel’s Exciting Christmas Present of $12,000

And how about this cool story about how this fellow Wealthy Affiliate built out a website and sold it for almost $40,000!

Link to the entire blog post: Wealthy Affiliate member sells their first website for almost $40,000

These success stories are my personal favorites, I read them at least once a week to always stay motivated and remember my goals! If you want to check out more amazing Wealthy Affiliate success stories, I would highly recommend checking out this list of success stories created by Wealthy Affiliate member Julie 

Take Wealthy Affiliate for a free test drive:

Alright, so you’re hyped up, but in the back of your head, you’re probably asking “okay but what’s the catch, how much is this going to cost me” right?

And before I get you even more motivated I’ll spill the facts.

The main intention with wealthy affiliate is through their premium membership. That’s going to give you access to proper WordPress hosting (up to 10 websites) and the Jaaxy Keyword tool (lite version).

The premium membership is $49 per month, or you can save a little money if you want to get 100% serious about having a commitment to your business by paying the annual fee of $499.

But the cool thing that I want you to know about is that you can test drive Wealthy Affiliate Risk Free!

This is what the starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate is for. You will have access to the first stage of the online certification training, and the first stage of the affiliate BootCamp training.

In addition, you will have 30 free searches that you can use with the Jaaxy keyword tool and one website that you can use to start your online business.

Then, you will also have 7 days of access to the community, message anyone and get help with starting your affiliate business!

You get all this for free, and you don’t even need to use a credit card!

Simply click here, and I will be there on the other side to welcome you in!

I hope that this overview of True Conversion was valuable for you and helped you become more informed on the validity of this product.

With the economy being torn into shreds, it’s now more important than ever to find extra ways to supplement your income, and as I mentioned above, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms online to teach you how to do that!

Please do feel free to ask any questions/leave any comments below!

-David Nelly

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David Nelly

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  1. I have been into Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I never knew that Tjark and George were into copywriting. The article that was mentioned was good. It did provide me with some insights about True Conversion and what it takes to get more sales online. One of the products that you were mentioning emphasized more about using the Wealthy Affiliate product as the starting point. I clearly understood that Wealthy Affiliate serves as the nuts and bolts of any project online. 

  2. This article has given me a vibe about how advertisements pop up on my mp3 juices website but away from that it is very helpful how they have integrated this man that is a copyrighted. They will definitely tell you whether it is safe to indulge into business with this copyrighted or you’ll just loose your money that you worked hard for.

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