What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate program? What is it all about, why is everyone reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, seriously; what is the deal. This post aims to answer all those questions and more.


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Wealthy Affiliate has a somewhat polarizing nature over the last few years. Some say it is the #1 recommended place for affiliate marketing training online, some say it is a pyramid scheme/scam. The job of this post is to clarify what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is, and to address the many mixed good and bad, as well as the controversial reviews about this platform. In addition, I will be giving you some top secret content about what it’s like inside the paid training section of Wealthy Affiliate by giving a breath overview of Lesson 2, inside the training headline!

Wealthy Affiliate is everything affiliate marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that is geared towards not only providing you the training needed to become an expert affiliate marketer! The Training provides insights on how affiliate marketing works, and how to make good content that ranks high in google. Along with the training, Wealthy Affiliate provides an excellent keyword research tool called Jaaxy, a site content creation suite, and a galley of experts to ask advice about all over the platform. It is basically your one stop shop to learn the best way to make money online, which is affiliate marketing, and have all the tools in your wheelhouse to be able to do it, so if you want to make the big bucks in affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is your #1 resource and solution!

The Training

Wealthy Affiliate's training menu

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is designed in a step by step process to show you everything you need to know about starting a business. Level 1, which is included in the free membership is available to you at the cost of absolutely nothing. It serves as your foundation and opens the doors to the affiliate marketing world.

Level 1 Training:
The training in level 1 is designed to get your foot in the door to the affiliate marketing world! The training begins by walking you through what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works.Affiliate marketing lifecycle

In addition to teaching you how affiliate marketing works, it also teaches you about marketing terminology. It goes very in-depth with the word Niche, which means a group of people who are into a specific market. For examples, video games created a niche of people called gamers, and they have all sorts of Sub-niches, like the PC gaming crowd, and all of the products that come with it, keyboards, mice, monitors, memory sticks, all products available for you to learn how to promote .

It teaches you how to build a website, and how easy it is, in fact, you can literally have your first website up and Running in less than 3 minutes, believe me its not as hard as you think!

After building your first site, you will then learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to create content for your website, set up your website navigation, and what keywords are and how keywords work.

Level 2 Training:(*bonus info*)

Level 2 teaches you what it means to own your own Domain for a website, along with how powerful Wealthy Affiliate’s website creation suite is(believe me, its the best in the game). It goes in-depth with the importance of creating a powerful brand for your website and how to do that. It teaches you how to get engagement on your website(comments, likes, etc) and about why it is so important to get engagement on your website in order to rank well on google.

In addition to this, you also learn through getting good feedback on your website as Wealthy Affiliate hosts a feedback session on their platform. Eventually through lesson 2, you learn expert hacks on how to attain massive amounts of traffic and viewership on your site, how to find high traffic, low competition keywords, how to add pictures to your content/posts, and a little thought provoking lesson on having great productivity rates!

The Tools:


Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that gives you information about phrases put online. The information provided is the traffic(amount of times someone searches for that word or phrase a month), and  the QSR(quoted search results: meaning amount of other websites you would compete with for the specific phrase to reach the top 10 search results in google)

Wealthy Affiliate’s Site builder:

Wealthy Affiliate's Site builder

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most powerful website builders in the world. Interlinked with WordPress, and with Wealthy Affiliate’s most powerful group of Site Security analyst’s, you have a plethora of options at your fingertips. such as the Site Manager, which makes managing everything a breeze, the Site Builder, where you can have a new Website up and running in less than 3 minutes, the Domains, where you register your domain name to have your site out in the SEO world.

Site Content is an excellent content platform, where you have not only a back up of all your content, but also demo writing platforms that make creating content so much easier!

Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Templates

Affiliate Program Reasearch Area:

Don’t want to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out if there is a product that has an affiliate program? I don’t blame you, that’s why Wealthy Affiliate has the affiliate program research area. You can essentially find anything you need to know about any affiliate program, save the affiliate links in a documented space, and make your life super easy! As seen in the picture above, it gives you info about their commission payments, what network its from, and if you click inside, you’ll see the cookie life as well!

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Addressing the Review Controversy:

So, there are various reviews on the internet now, both good and bad about Wealthy Affiliate.

Reviews saying its the #1 recommendation(seems far fetched, are you serious) Then the other reviews saying that the course has no structure. Here is the simple truth:

Affiliate Marketing is a business, as everything else is in this world, and at times, the pressures, and other aspects of life, the situations can become cutthroat. Cutthroat isn’t just an adjective, its a form of business.

Companies call out other companies, it’s controversial, and it gets people to view the situation, aka the article, and the article makes the creator money.

People will say anything to make money. If you want to know my true thoughts of wealthy affiliate, well the proof is in the pudding that its one of the best places out there to learn the arts of affiliate marketing. Not only in their training, but also in their powerful tools and software. They also have the most fair deal when it comes to getting a start in the business. My #1 recommendation for you would be to try the free version, and that alone will give you experience, as well as the knowledge to decide for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your investment of $49/month or not.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article on what wealthy affiliate is, if you have anything to add, please let me know in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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