Want to start a side affiliate blog but hide it? Use an alias.

If you have ever heard about affiliate marketing and wanted to get into this money-generating business but haven’t exactly figured out the correct approach because you are wondering what your friends will think your family will think, your co-workers will think, or what your boss will think, well I have a solution for you.

Just use an alias!

Seriously, just use an alias! You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Now I understand that perhaps you want to have pride in your blog, and you want people to know that it was you who created the content for your blog, it was you who was on the grind and put out 40-90 articles on your blog within 2 months, but in the end, is the goal to write a bunch of articles that you can be proud of and tell everyone about, or is the goal to make money with your blog?

Well hand in hand, I suppose the goal is both, but ultimately, the goal is to make the money, not necessarily to have pride and tell everyone “hey I did this”

Besides maybe your closest friends, I personally don’t need to see the need to brag about my blog accomplishments to anyone.

It’s simple and safe.

Using a pen name is the ultimate way to keep your business safe, it prevents the potential for your boss to find out you run an affiliate business, and it prevents you from having to explain to your friends and family that you are trying to build a side income. 

In addition, it allows you in a sense to become someone else. It’s fun, you can be experimental, you can build up your character in a sense, or if you don’t like that way of thinking, you can also just be yourself, but also be more of yourself, more open, more honest, more controversial if you will.

Your website is not about you, it’s about your content:

This is true of your audience, and the search engines. The name of the person responsible for the affiliate blog does not determine how well your content is going to rank unless you are a celebrity or are known publically as an expert in a certain niche. For example, Investors, or public business owner who is known for their capabilities.

But outside of those factors that may give you an edge on how well your content ranks in search engines, as well as how well the content is perceived by the audience, it generally does not matter the name that creates the content. What does matter, however, is the content.

Content is King!

Ultimately, content is king! That is the deciding factor on if your website makes money or not. Trust me when I tell you that I have seen multiple websites that don’t even have a picture of themselves in the author bio.

In fact, one of my top competitors (at this moment) doesn’t even have a name for himself/herself, or whatever gender norm they are in their blog. They describe themselves in the third person tense. We cannot officially determine what the blog’s income is, but with site explorer/research tools, we can determine that they are making at least $1500/month

All without even having a blog bio/photo appear at the bottom of their blog posts.

Can you still be personable with a pen name?

Yes, you can still interact with your traffic as a normal person. You have to keep in mind that you have an online presence, not exactly the same kind of presence you have with your friends and family. You don’t interact with the traffic in the same manner that you would physically interact with the folks who live in your city. 

They don’t see you, you don’t give each other handshakes, make eye contact, there is no body language involved.

There is a digital screen separating you from your audience, you only interact through text-based messages. That being said, as long as you are providing helpful insightful content to your audience, and answering the questions that are asked by your viewers, that is enough to establish trust. The result of that trust gets you clicks on your affiliate links, and you get paid, which means you did your job well. Your name does not have an effect on that.

Content is King!

Overall, the content will always be king, if you aren’t comfortable having a real picture of yourself and displaying your real name, you don’t have to, you can keep that information private. As long as you match the search intent of your traffic, you will be rewarded with the rankings your content deserves.

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I hope that this has helped you out, and if you have any questions, or you would like to bring up your own opinion on the matter, please do feel free to leave them in the comments below!

-David Nelly.

6 thoughts on “Want to start a side affiliate blog but hide it? Use an alias.

  1. Starting your new blog with an alias and building a character to fit the profile of your content surrounding your website. The website and content are what they are after and then after the content, it is who built it to build trust. Interaction with your audience is crucial to building a relationship. We enjoyed the article and will share this with someone else, wealthy affiliate is the best platform that anyone can trust and build a side income.


  2. Using a pen name is a good idea if you like to create a blog without finding your friends, family, or companies. It is also true that some money-making website owners never show their faces and real names, but they still manage to make money through blogging.

    I agree that content plays an essential role in any online business. Before people worry about their online identities, they should put quality content at a much higher priority.

  3. Very good article I like the idea of pen name and this can be very helpful for anyone who wants to start out due making this a secret.
    I like that content is king and as long as you make good value for people they will follow and trust you.
    People should know that this business does take a lot of effort to make it work.

    1. Absolutely Thabo, I do go over how much effort it does take to make this work, but I wanted this article to simply tackle the premises of using a pen name and how it can give you an advantage when starting a new blog!

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