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If you have ever found reviews for Wealthy Affiliate, a lot of these reviews praise this platform for its training, its community aspect, and the Site building system it possesses. This article has been designed to guide you on how WordPress websites works, as well as give you an overview of the options available, and explain in detail how SiteRubix works, as well as the reason why it’s my #1 recommendation for WordPress hosting!

The premise of the hosting software:


Try for free:

Price: Free to try

Premium membership is $49\month or yearly pay is $495\year

Premium Plus membership is $89.92 a month or yearly pay is $995 a year

Individual Domains cost around $14 to $17/year

Special Offer-Try for free(no credit card required)

Owners-Kyle and Carson

Overall Rating– 4.5/5

Summary-Website hosting software that’s a part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Who’s it for-People looking to create websites without all the extra work of coding and maintenance going into it. People who just want to focus on their website content, basically people who want to blog on easy mode.

How to build a website in 3 minutes

With the SiteRubix system, you can easily build your website within 3 minutes, perhaps even less. For explanation purposes, I will present a tutorial. To create a website with the SiteRubix platform, you must have at least a starter membership for Wealthy Affiliate, which is free.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform, following the display image above, first, click on websites to bring down the website builder tab, and then click on Site Builder.

Then, for the fact that we are making a website for free, we will create our domain for free.

I like VPNs. I like my privacy, and I like security from potential hackers, and I also like blocked content from my country of the U.S.A to have more shows to watch on Netflix, so I will make a website about VPN’s for my free website of choice.

You may also notice that there is a large array of themes to choose from. For the sake of simplicity, I’m just going to choose the Generate press theme, the first one to the top right corner. After choosing your theme, click the “build my website” button

PS, I might not have the best ability to come up with names for products, when making a legitimate online business, don’t use a crazy name like VPN Nut Job.

After pressing the build website button, the power of SiteRubix will set everything up for you in about 15 seconds. Boom, your website is live and ready for content creation. SiteRubix creates a custom password that you will never have to remember because Wealthy Affiliate’s security system is set up to prevent hacking of any kind.

Tip: when logging into your website, the fastest way is through Wealthy Affiliate/Websites/Site Manager, from there you can simply press login.

Boom, just like that, your website has been created and ready to go.

Now, simply press the Login Now button and you will be brought to your WordPress dashboard

Getting rid of the dummy content:

When building a new WordPress site, the site contains dummy content. With my limited experience, I cannot explain why this happens, I think it’s just a fact that all WordPress sites are coded to contain this, but we need to delete this content. So, we click posts, find the Hello World! post, click the checkmark box, and then click trash.

Inside the Pages Tab, you do the same thing, but this time on a page called Sample Page, click the checkmark box and then click Trash.

You may also see the Privacy Policy Page. For legal purposes, it is important to have a Privacy Policy, so do not delete this page. You will eventually have to have a Privacy Policy published and official for your website, but for the purpose of this review, we are just gonna stay on the point. With your dummy content deleted, you are now ready to produce content for your website.

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Site Comments are a part of the SiteRubix system/the Wealthy Affiliate platform, however, the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate is required to access this. The benefit of Site Comments is that you can use this to trade comments for comments. There is a cost to the equation, however. You pay 2 comments for one comment. For example, each comment is 1 credit. 2 credits = 1 comment

Getting comments onto your blog not only increases your social presence on your blog, but it makes it more inviting for people who find your blog via organic SEO. In addition to that, comments create more content for your article, and that creates more possibilities for you to rank in the search engines for more keywords and keyword phrases.

Site details, keep your website fast, and make sure everything is groovy:

In Site Manager, go to your preferred site, and you will see everything that is included with the SiteRubix software in terms of keeping your website fast, and you will be able to see the Encrypted Security provided as well.

With SiteSpeed, you have the best technology optimized within the SiteRubix platform to decrease the data usage of your users on your site, giving them the fastest experience possible with a hosting platform, which also creates the best opportunities to rank, as optimization is a ranking factor.

Along with this, you’ll have a spam blocker. A lot of hackers/scammers will put fake comments into your website in attempts to get backlinks to whatever it is they are promoting. With Spam Blocker, they will be detected and deleted, and you won’t even be notified of their existence, saving you tons of time.

A special feature included with SiteRubix is insights on your page speed. Don’t struggle constantly trying to figure out if you properly optimized your pages and use some individualized website to figure out all your page speed optimizations. With Page Speed insights, you’ll have access to your page speed information all in one place! Chances are since you’re being optimized by the SiteRubix platform, your page speed is already exceptional!

There are no interruptions:

With the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate, there are no interruptions to your website. With many other website hosting platforms, there are maintenance issues, whenever you have to update plugins and software, you lose access to your website until the maintenance is fixed.

I have this one website on SiteGround about my favorite comic books. It’s the hosting platform that I thought would be right for me before I found out about Wealthy Affiliate. Siteground is full of frustrating issues!

I’m trying to pay bills and create more content and you are telling me I can’t come to work today because I forgot to update a WordPress plugin? Not to mention that I get no notifications beforehand of my website going down to maintenance?

If I am paying for my hosting, then I should also expect trust and top-notch service, as well as communication in return. I don’t have time to deal with B.S, and with the SiteRubix platform, I get everything I need and more. My website is never down to maintenance. I have a team of professionals I can work with whenever I have issues with my website

There are no price increases:

Many hosting platforms are notorious for charging you more money for your website hosting a year later, or if your traffic increases then you are charged for more data. With the SiteRubix hosting, you can safely expect to just pay your WA fee, and never worry about hidden fees coming up.

Everything you get with SiteRubix:

With SiteRubix, you will gain access to 10 domains, and 10 free websites to test out as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

With a Premium plus account, that access changes to 50 free and domain websites, but I wouldn’t recommend the Premium Plus upgrade until you start seeing some wins in the affiliate marketing.

Site Support:

Everything on SiteRubix constantly runs smoothly because Wealthy Affiliate has a masterclass team of engineers who take care of the entire platform of websites that are hosted at SiteRubix

Site Content:

Site content also can autosave content that you create. With WordPress website content editors, many terrible things can happen, such as accidentally backing out of the editor or pressing the X button in the top right corner while forgetting to save. The Site Content editor will autosave for you and also provides revisions if you wanted an earlier version of your post.

It has a duplicate content checker and makes sure that when you post content to your website, you have unique content. Having unique content is integral to ranking onto search platforms.

Pros(things I like)

Owning websites is made easy with SiteRubix, no coding experience necessary, and any problems, the Site Support works well and diligently to solve them.

Mega fast hosting: Speed page insights and all of the monitoring software put inside SiteRubix websites enable your website to always run at high speeds which creates a very user-friendly experience as well as boosts your rankings. Search engines love smooth and fast websites.

Non-technical and easy: I love how easy it is to create a website with SiteRubix, it’s easy, can be done in less than 3 minutes, and is beginner-friendly!

Site Comments: High value for beginner sites in their infancy stage. Trading comments will give your rankings a small boost and increase your social presence.

Cons(things I don’t like)

Paired with Wealthy Affiliate platform cost: This may be seen as a pro or a con, but in order to have access to domains, you have to pay the domain fee, and you have to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. So if you aren’t interested in Wealthy Affiliate, and you just want good domain hosting software, you have to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and that payment fee can be hefty for domain hosting software.

Free SiteRubix websites don’t rank very well: The free version of SiteRubix websites generally serve as a training purpose for new starter Wealthy Affiliate members. It is possible for them to rank well on search engines, but you are fighting an up hill battle with these free SiteRubix websites. It’s expected of you to use a domain name.


If you are serious about affiliate marketing then the SiteRubix platform is my #1 recommendation. I will admit that the cost if your intentions to host a website is high, but you also need to factor in not only all the support you get with your website but all of the features that are included with Wealthy Affiliate in general. Plus, remember it’s free, so why not give it a try?

SiteRubix gets a…


I hope that this review was informative for you and gave you an idea of a great hosting platform in case you are wondering which one is the best, or are considering importing your website to a better hosting platform.

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

2 thoughts on “WA Website builder (SiteRubix) Review

  1. Thanks for sharing a detailed review and providing a visual experience of Site Rubix platform. I personally feel with this technology a non-techie person will always be at peace. As they don’t have worry about writing codes to build a website, hosting platform and other aspects to set up your digital asset.

    1. I agree, main reason I roll with the SiteRubix platform, I just want to write content, I’m pretty lazy when dealing with issues, rather pay others to deal with it!

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