VT Ad Agency Review: Legit DFY Agency, or another scam?

Hello everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers and I am excited to bring you guys a new review on a potential money-making opportunity.

This review was requested by someone who read my Elite Automation Group review. He emailed me with this request. If you also have any review requests for products or companies that promise you a money-making opportunity, please send me an email at itsdavidnelson@gmail.com

Throughout the process of this review, I decided to investigate the DFY FBA/Automation business model as a whole to discover how this all works. I did this in order to gain an understanding of if these are worthy investments or not. I wrote an article about everything I found out during the process.

Check my article out here: What is up with the DFY (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

In addition to that, while we are reviewing another one of those DFY business models, I feel that it is important to start your own business so that you too can have an understanding of how to make money online, building up these skills will go miles with helping you with how to understand good business investment decisions vs bad ones. My #1 business model recommendation is affiliate marketing, and I highly recommend reading this article to understand why that is!

Why Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest and most legit way to build passive income

Now then, onto the review.

VT stands for Vova Tess, which is the name of the man who is front and center of this agency. “Vova Tess Ads Agency”

At the front and center, if you scourage the internet for information on this guy and his Ads Agency, there isn’t really much to see outside of motivational words of wisdom with sayings like “never give up”

The fact that they reveal so little of themselves, the fact that they always seem to have little to no presence on any social media, and also the fact that they make themselves to be the best thing since sliced bread always makes me skeptical. 

It is easy for me to write about things like MLM companies and Warrior plus/Click bank products because these types of things all follow the same formula.

But there is a ton of mystery surrounding these Done For You Agency companies. They all promise what is in my opinion a pipe dream.

“Just give us $5k $10K $30K and we will build you an online Amazon store that will make you millions per year”

That idea of giving money to get back free money seems way too good to be true. If I am being honest, I feel like I have more skills to develop when researching these kinds of companies, but I will get better. My goal with this review is to give you the best information possible to help you decide if partnering and investing in VT Ads Agency is worth it for you or not!

So without further ado, let’s get into the review!

The Premise of the product:
 VT Ads Agency
-Owner: Vova Tess
-Summary: Ad Agency that claims you’ll be making six figures in 90 days
-Opportunity Cost: $997 to $30,000 investment fee, and various recurring expensive fees
-Pros: None
-Cons: Fake testimonials and no evidence of success from this program.
-Our rating: 1/5
-Is it a scam or is it legit: This seems like it might be a scam
-Is it David Nelly Approved? No.

What is VT Ads Agency?

VT or Vova Tess Ads Agency claims to be an agency or an entire team of E-commerce experts. Their sales pitch is that they will do everything dropshipping-related for you and net you profits. Here is one of their Instagram ads.

They offer three services where they do all the things listed in the ads. They have a Shopify Option, Facebook Marketplace Option, and a Shopify Dropshipping option.

All of this is a hands-off operation, you are simply the investor. You invest in this company, the same way you would if you were a silent partner to a franchise.

They do the work, find and buy the products with your investment fund, you make a full profit for 6 months, then the program breaks down into a 70/30 split. 70% profit to you, 30% to them.

The premises of the operation goes like this:

You give them a large sum of money, an investment fund, and they build your store for you with that fund.

They find a bunch of products and buy a huge inventory of them at a wholesale price. Then, they wait for the price of the value of the product to go up and sell the products at a huge price increase to net a profit.

Who is Vova Tess?

The Instagram profile makes me giggle a little bit, but apparently this guy “scaled thousands of E-commerce businesses”.

It just makes me laugh because he doesn’t even have 1000 followers on Instagram.

He also pulls the; check out my Bugatti, see how rich I am, sign up for my course Tai Lopez B.S that so many gurus try to pull!

Most of the media that he posts on Instagram and YouTube consist of flexing and motivational speeches. The flexing is pretty cringe (if your personality is similar to mine and you’re just about the business), the motivational speeches actually are pretty good.

Vova Tess gives a realist point of view in terms of business, I was watching one of his YouTube shorts where explains that in order to be successful in any business venture whatsoever, you have to be willing to put 10,000 hours into it.

Here is an example of his YouTube content.

He actually is on Fox News as well, which I will admit is an impressive feat.

A lot of Make Money Online Gurus post those “as seen on” signs, like the one below…

And then you go and research them and the company has no mention of the person or product’s name, but in the case of Vova Tess, he actually has secured a legitimate interview on Fox News.

Now it’s by no means Fox News Worldwide, but it is within the company, he aired on local channels out in Orlando Florida. Here is the link to the interview.


Overview of my call with their sales rep

The call was a pleasant experience. The sales rep I spoke with was down-to-earth and talkative, we had a good conversation. They aren’t pushy, they simply give you a polite nudge, which is a good technique because it makes the rep appear as if they are operating in both party’s best interests. 

That nudge was when she asked me “when do you think you’ll be ready to open a store with us? I replied: I am not sure yet.

She says “I understand David, but I will recommend that you place an order with us by October at the latest. The reason being that the end and beginning of the year are the most profitable periods for Dropshipping and FBA stores.”

This is a very good nudge and small push to get my order because as an affiliate marketer, I know how true it is, the holiday season will always be the #1 most profitable time of the year for businesses.

3 store Models, Amazon FBA, Facebook Marketplace, Dropshipping:

✅A big pro for this company so far is the fact that they actually give you the pricing options on their website, unlike Wealth Accelerators and Elite Automation Group, where you are forced to call them to get the pricing options! 

Check out this link for their service plans and pricing: https://vtadsagency.com/plans-vt

Amazon FBA 

The king of E-commerce! This is their most expensive option, but it stands to be the most profitable out of the 3 options over a long period of time.

It is going to be an upfront cost of $19,997, and in addition to that, a minimum $10,000 inventory investment will be required.

For the first 6 months of this partnership, you will receive all of the store profits, and after that 6-month mark, it splits into a 70/30 profit split.

Shopify Dropshipping and Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping:

Now I apologize for this but I got my prices mixed up for this and I can’t remember which is which.

I believe that Shopify is a $5997 investment, and I think that Facebook is about a $997 investment.

In addition to the $5997 investment for Shopify, you would also have to spend about $600 per month to cover the cost of ad promotions.

Shopify Vs Facebook:



✅Very easy to list products on the Facebook marketplace.

✅Least expensive option

✅Free Exposure

✅Don’t have to pay for ads

Sorry, I can’t remember if they do profit sharing or if you just get all the profits, I would assume that VT Ad Agency does get a cut however considering that this is just a one-time $997 investment fee.


❌Facebook takes a big chunk of your sales.

❌Despite its cheap price compared to the other 2 models, this one has the least potential for an ROI.

❌Very hard to scale in this business model.


✅Much more professional compared to Facebook Marketplace(legit website, legit brand)

✅Higher ROI and more money

❌It’s $4000 more expensive than Facebook for the investment fee

❌You have to spend $600 a month on ads.

With Shopify, VT Ads Agency does an 85/15 profit split.

What I like:

👍Vova Tess being featured on fox news, and his realistic look at entrepreneurship when he talks about it in his YouTube Shorts does install a little bit of trust in him from my point of view.

👍Non-pushy sales reps(in my experience)

What I don’t like about the general DFY Agency Business Model:

A lot of these dislikes I have are not directed at Vova Tess or VT Agency itself, but more or less to the whole business model of done-for-you agency E-commerce partnerships. However, because VT Ad Agency is only a little over two years old, many of my complaints will relate to this company.

I found out these facts by using the domain age checker here. Simply put the website name in with it ending in its .com/ address and this tool will tell you how long the website has existed.

👎These businesses are too young, most of them are less than 3 years old:

So, why is it a problem that these DFY agencies are too young? It’s uncharted territory. It’s an unproven business model.

I’d much rather give my money to a business program that’s been a long-standing success for decades, for example, a program like Wealthy Affiliate, which is well documented for creating successful affiliate marketing entrepreneurs since 2005, compared to the idea of investing in a company that has barely passed its infancy stage.

👎Some ROI timeframes could realistically take longer than the company’s time of existence

Going through some reviews of people who have had experiences with Amazon FBA  Agencies, they have reported that they have been a partnership network, and after being in that partnership for 2+ years, they still did not see a return on investment.

Taking into account that companies like Wealth Accelerators and Elite Automation Group are brand new, is it really a wise idea to invest a year’s worth of salary in an Automation Service when reports dictate that it can literally take years before you break even?

👎Even with a Done For You Solution, this business model has too many problems:

You are drop shipping what most likely is a sub-par product. Even with the incredible luck of fidget spinners taking off, they died out, and they were also a sub-par product the entire time. No offense to my fidget lovers in the audience.

Guess all the things you have to deal with while trying to make money off of these sub-par products?

Inflation, which raises shipping costs, which raises money spent on ads, Amazon’s insanely cruel rules and regulations that constantly change with the flick of a wrist

Shipping delays because of bad weather, tornados, snow storms, earthquakes, etc.

Having to re-purchase all of your barcodes because amazon decided to glitch out your amazon store for like…no reason!

Working with other people, their motivation is indicative of your success, what if your photographer partied too hard last night and decided not to show up and take pictures of your products?

Things I don’t like about VT Ads Agency (so far):

👎Too good to be true get-rich-quick scheme claims:

This is on the main page of the VT Ad Agency Website under the Q&A section. For someone who talks about putting 10,000 hours to master a business, having to hustle, and work harder than you ever worked in life, these get rich quick life is so easy claims on his page really contradict what he preaches in his YouTube shorts. 

“Commit only a few hours per week to build your dream lifestyle”

“This system is proven to work, the key for it to work is that you have to be willing to let it work, trust the process and let your business grow”

“This is designed with beginners in mind, you do not have to waste your time doing anything for your store”

and my favorite

“Yes, you can find all the information on YouTube, but you’d still have to piece it together. The time you’d spend is the opportunity cost (Oh lord please give me $30,000 already????) the question is not if you can find the information, the real question is who can do it better?”

I have never seen someone so desperate to prevent their audience from actually being educated on how this business model works. 

That’s almost as bad as World Ventures MLM Reps telling you not to look up World Ventures reviews online in 2016.

I won’t tell you that this Q&A section is proof VT AD Agency is a scam or anything like that, but it does raise my eyebrow.

👎Almost invisible media presence

Despite getting the Florida Fox 4 interview, Vova Tess is nearly invisible on social media.

Now, his YouTube channel does have around 4,000 subscribers, but I am skeptical of those subscribers, because the fact that his highest view count on one of his videos is merely 1.5k views, and every other video is less than 100 tells me that maybe..and I can’t confirm this, and I also am not saying this is true, but I am merely using speculation, this is just a theory, that 97% of all his subscribers are all robots.

His Instagram is mostly the same, he has 500 followers, but he rarely gets any interaction on any of his photos. 

Once in a blue moon, somebody will say something like “keep grinding brother, hustle game is on point😎🔥🔥🔥😎

“get this bag💰”

His Facebook business page only has 50 likes.

I feel that if this was a successful Ad Agency, it would have more public knowledge, more people would be talking about this company, would be showing up on their social media to provide vocal support, help get the word out, and so forth.

For a business claiming that they will make you tens of thousands of dollars within a 90 day period, this is quite jarring

But David, look at these 5-star reviews on Trustpilot!

Link to Trustpilot page for VT Ad Agency

I don’t really care what google reviews or Trustpilot reviews say about a company, especially in the DFY Agency space, and here’s why.

Hey, you signed an NDA, you can’t write that negative review. 

many of these DFY Automation companies will force you to sign an NDA before starting the partnership, VT Ad Agency follows this practice as well.

While for many companies, this is a viable practice, and it does not outright mean that this is a red flag, there are many Amazon Automation agency companies that have used NDA scare tactics to keep unsatisfied/potentially scammed customers into staying quiet out of fear from a lawsuit.

Combine these NDAs with the addition of 1, scammers constantly being on the rise every day due to the continued decline of overall the entire world’s economy, many of these FBA-styled DFY promises can easily slip under the radar of jurisdictions everywhere.

So the only real way to make an honest living online is to use your best judgment, follow business trends that you know are successful and put in the work yourself. If I were you, I’d maybe check out Vova Tess’s youtube motivational speeches about putting in the work, and then skipping the whole part where you give him money.

If you are looking for that passive income business model, I have good news for you, it does exist. The post below explains how to become a successful affiliate marketer, how to build a foundation that will support your business, and then how to automate the process

Why Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest and most legit way to build passive income

This business model is not for the faint of heart however, lots of grinding and hard work will be involved, but it’s worth it if you can come out on the other side!

VT Ad Agency Review Conclusion:

The promise of passive income through the Done For You System that VT Ad Agency delivers is an idea that sounds enticing.

The problem is that we can’t find very much evidence that this company can back up its claims. In addition, when researching the owner, Vova Tess, his YouTube content of motivational inspiration, and then his Agency page telling you that you can be an absolute lazy slob and make millions contradicts itself. His own content does not come to a focal point of agreement.

He also has no following, and for someone to say that they helped thousands of people create profitable E-Commerce businesses, but then you see that he has 50 likes on Facebook, it’s a bit hard to take Vova Tess seriously when making such a bold claim.

VT Ad Agency gets a…


David Nelly Does Not Approve
David Nelly does not approve!

That’s all for this blog post everyone, I hope that this was informative and helped you with making a decision on whether or not to invest with Vt Ad Agency. I personally do not think that you should.

In all of my research so far, I have yet to find a DFY Agency business that I would actually recommend investing into.

This one company called Just One Dime looks to be promising, but I still need to research them a lot more.

If you are in the business of trying to create a new income stream, I highly recommend trying out affiliate marketing!

Why Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest and most legit way to build passive income

Any questions, review suggestions, angry rants, agreements, disagreements, and other inquiries, please either leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email at itsdavidnelson93@gmail.com



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