Unicity International Review: Scam Pyramid Scheme or Legit $$ in health?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here and welcome to my Unicity International Review. Unicity’s claim to fame is helping the world through great nutritional products and offering people the opportunity to run a business while doing it. Seriously, they will hire anybody!

But this business opportunity unicity speaks of, is it legit, can you make a lot of money doing it, and if so, is the pay ratio worth your time?

The Premise Unicity International:

-Name: Unicity International

-Website: www.unicity.com

-Owner: Stewart Hughes

-Summary: Direct selling Multi-Level Marketing company in the health and wellness field.

-Opportunity Cost: $40 to sign up, and you must constantly maintain 125 Personal Volume to remain a distributor.

-Pros: Products are of good quality, and they are within FDA guidelines.

-Cons: 0.4% chance of turning a profit as a distributor. Products cost twice that of mainstream versions of these products.

-Our rating: 1.3/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit products are offered, but we highly recommend against participating in the distributer opportunity.

-Who is it for? Health enthusiasts, people who love to work in teams.

What is Unicity International?

Unicity International is a health and wellness Multi-Level Marketing industry that sells you those products that make you kind of jump in the air and do a backflip. It’s not crack or anything, but they sure market their products like it’s crack.

Are you ready to feel great pal?

None of their products have any description, ratings, reviews, nothing at all. This is easily the worst E-commerce store setup that I’ve ever seen.

The sales pitch for their products is that they will take you and your health goals to the next level. With their sugar-free juices, you will be provided with the critical fiber that you need, these drinks.., replace carbohydrates with fiber.


It’s an energy drink, like Extend BCAA, except instead of costing $20, it costs $200, gotta pay the downline somehow, am I right?

These are the main array of their products. It’s all energy drink powders, protein powders, sleeping pills, anti-aging creams, so on and so forth. 

And they all cost twice the amount of money as what you can regularly buy on the market, and what is publically known. There is also no justification for these price increases, the quality of these products…not so good.

Unless you want to spend some extra time hanging out in your bathroom.

Unicity Products Review:

There are some decent reviews of Unicity Products according to local customers, however, no one seems to be accepting of their high prices.

As a protein powder enthusiast, I am disappointed to see that they only offer chocolate and vanilla flavors, the most barebone protein powder flavors of all time. Have you ever tried the salted caramel flavor from Quest? That sh*t is to die for!

However, as dictated by amazon, they seem to be favorable to these products. 

This is good news for those who intend to join the opportunity this company offers. Also, considering that they have products on Amazon, you could promote these in an affiliate marketing-based format instead of signing up with the company and purchasing the products to sell them.

With the company actually creating quality products, and the products themselves generally having good reviews on Amazon, you might stand to make more money with this MLM compared to other MLM’s, the only real sale hurdle that you gotta get through is justifying the price of the products.

How to make money with Unicity International:

We will start out by talking about this company’s MLM structure, how to join it, as well as all the costs involved, and the income potential.

Becoming a Unicity distributor allows you to earn commissions on product sales, and they give you all these shiny incentives, such as traveling trips, a sense of community by mixing you up with networking teams(in terms of business), and discounts on products.

They also hold large seminars for the “opportunity for growth”.

Unicity is planning on holding one at Panama Beach sometime in April 2022.

Getting started:

It is said that getting started with Unicity is easy and costs $40, but that is a lie, they don’t mention that you also have to maintain a specific amount of personal volume every month to remain a distributor.

This is a process similar to what Plexus Worldwide and Truvy use, they even use the same terms such as PV, or personal volume.

Detailing how Unicity’s Compensation plan works:

Don’t give yourself a headache reading this upcoming section, MLM’s are terrible businesses. Instead, find a much more simplistic model of making money online!

It’s a classic pyramid scheme structure. Okay, it is not a pyramid scheme, they do offer some decent protein powder, but still, its compensation plan operates like one. Classic and hard to understand.

Important phrases to understand:

There are a lot of weird phrases this MLM has come up with, they are hard to understand and unfortunately, not all of these phrases are in a dictionary, so I will be leaving the companies dictionary here for you to come back to in case you find one of the strange words being used to describe a function. There are 8 ways in total to earn money with this company. Some of the ways are pretty straightforward, such as simply directly selling products, and the other ways are more residual income-based, all about building that downline.

Here are the 6 ways to make money with Unicity.

  • Retail Profit
  • Personal Rebate
  • Business Development Bonus
  • Team Development Bonus
  • Organization Bonus
  • Rank Bonus

Retail Profit:

The most barebones and easiest to understand option available for making money with this company. You use your membership discount to purchase a product pack at a discount price. Easy to understand how it works, hard to understand why anyone would try this.

It is a commission-based system that’s worse than any sales job I’ve ever seen. I mean, imagine having a job in sales, say you work at a furniture store, and your boss forces you to buy their couch, and then attempt to sell the coach you just bought for more money than what you paid for it.

Now, in addition, to keep selling couches, you gotta keep buying couches, I mean, this is an extreme example, but I just need to really emphasize to you how ridiculous this type of business model is. You gotta keep paying to play. Trust me, this is going to keep you in 9-5 jobs a lot longer because you’re going to wake up and realize how ridiculous this model is and are going to go back to work to pay off these new debts you have.

Personal Rebate:

A personal Rebate is a small discount payback that you’ll be able to start receiving after your first month within the company, but you must have at least a personal volume of 125.

125 PV nets you 5% cashback, and there are different tiers to the possible Personal Rebate you can get back. The highest is a 30% discount cashback in a month if your PV exceeds 5,000 in that given month.

So essentially, Personal Rebate is meant to be used in a combination of Retail Profit. You gain Personal Volume by purchasing your starter kit, or just products in general, and then also by selling those products to other customers. 

In essence: make money by selling products, and then receive a discount on your order if you are eligible.

Business Development Bonus:

Also called Fast Start, wanna know why you don’t get any Personal Rebate in your first month with the company? Because the higher upline members (hopefully this will be you) are receiving commission percentage off of their recruits.

They spin this income structure as if everything is here to serve you, but here’s the truth. The people in Business Development are making money off of all the poor folks just getting started in the Retail Profit section.

Qualification Demands:

You must have a Cumulative Personal Volume (CPV) of 1,000 at least once to attain commission from downline members. Upon reaching 1,000 for the first time, you then must at least maintain 100 CPV to get at least a 5% commission.

Team Development Bonus:

The classic legs structure of am MLM.

Legs represent your downline, aka the people who become distributors under your sign-up, you become their mentor in a sense.

This is the classic spill that motivates people to become recruiters because they’ll think they can just hustle and convince a few other people to join their downline and then they’ll do all the selling, while the recruiter sits in his chair and smokes his cigar. Life is good!

If your recruit averages a Personal Volume, you will make at least 3% of whatever they pay/sell to maintain that volume. If they make 250 PV or above, you make 5% of those commissions. 

Organization Bonus:

These are bonus payments you can receive as you continue to build your legs in this company. The total volume that is accumulated by a specific leg in your downline is called a Generation.

To qualify for the organization bonus payment, you must have at least 3 legs, 100 Personal Volume, and 1,000 Team Volume.

Rank Bonus:

If you can become at least the rank of a Director within this company, you can start earning a monthly bonus, this chart explains how it all works.

In addition to the rank bonus, if you manage to reach the rank of Presidential Director, you will receive a huge one-time bonus payment. This payment can be around $10,000 to $100,000. This is dependent on the rank of Director through Diamond.

Income Disclaimer: Do Unicity Distributors make a lot of money?

Unicity has not released an official income disclaimer. In 2022 that’s a big no-no because the FDC has made demands that all MLM programs release realistic income statements on their websites and make them easily visible. 

Source Article

The fact that unicity has not provided this statement anywhere(seriously I googled everywhere) is a serious red flag.

Do MLM distributors make a lot of money in general?

No, the fact of the matter is that hardly anyone makes money in MLM’s.

According to this article by the FTC, even gambling has more potential to turn a profit than being involved with an MLM does.

This graph was displayed in the FTC article listed above, suffice to say, I don’t like the 0.4% chance you’ll have in trying to turn a profit, not to mention all the friends and family members you’ll end up annoying, and potentially worsening/even ending the relationship in your attempts to sway them towards the products you like.

Don’t mix family into business, learn my #1 recommendation for making money here!

So, in other words, you’ll more than likely lose a lot of money buying products from Unicity and trying to resell them, most people never see even a modicum of success in MLMs.

Lawsuits Galore:

Unicity has a habit of seeing their own distributors, and they got a knack for getting sued as well.

Unicity does not allow you to promote other MLM products, once you are recruited, you have to sign some legal documents that place you under a contract. If you break that contract by joining another MLM company, Unicity might sue your pants off.

That’s what happened to James Moyales in this case summary.

That’s how MLM creators really make a bang for their buck!

They create a sales manipulation script that preys on middle-class folks who hate their jobs, making them feel that with their MLM business plan, they will make $10,000 per month, and just in case they decide to try promoting a competitor’s product, they can literally SUE THEIR PANTS OFF!

It’s a pure evil plan, it’s genius, and it’s pure evil, and it’s also to no benefit to you, so stay the hell away!

Related Article, don’t trust any MLMs

People also complained about…:

Unicity seems to have a problem with issuing timely refunds. There is only one review on the Better Business Bureau website (by the way, they are not accredited) about how it took them over a month to receive a refund after paying the company $600.

Unicity has no presence on Trustpilot.

Review Conclusion:

Unicity has outcompeted most of the other MLMs we here at Safe Money Makers have reviewed so far in terms of their product quality. People seem to have high opinions for Unicity products, however, these products are about double the price of mainstream branded products such as GNC, Quest, Garden of life, and so forth.

Plus, there is no way that this companies protein powder can best my favorite Salted Caramel Protein Powder from Quest!

In addition, their MLM compensation plan is almost impossible to understand, I’m willing to bet your recruiter won’t even be able to explain it 1/5 as good as I can!


-Respectable product

-Can receive discounts as a member. (If you’re a religious zealot for this company and only buy Unicity products for your health, and nothing else, this may be an advantage to you)

-Unicity has been in business for over 10 years, which means that this company has long survived the 3-year death sentence most MLMs go through.


-Only a 0.4% that you’ll make a profit.

-People Hate MLMs, all your friends and family will think you’re some kind of pyramid scheme scamming con artist.

Seriously, this will be you, and if you are offended by my statement, please take full offense.

-Multiple lawsuits from this company to former distributors, don’t sign that contract, it is a death wish.

-The help you can get from your recruiters is serious hit or miss. This company will hire anyone with a wallet, your mentor could be the crack dealer from down the street.

Unicity International gets a…


  • Unicity International Products
  • Unicity International Distributer Opportunity

If you are sick of the scams, click here to learn about a legitimate way to make money online.

And that concludes today’s review, I hope that you found this article informative and will help guide you in making a decision based on this opportunity. While we don’t recommend that you move forward with Unicity, it is ultimately up to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Also if you want to warn a friend about the true nature of this company, consider sharing this article with them.

-David Nelly

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David Nelly

4 thoughts on “Unicity International Review: Scam Pyramid Scheme or Legit $$ in health?

  1. Hi David, I have been in an MLM business called Mary Kay for some years. Now, I am a nurse initially, and I ended up giving my products away because women came to me crying they have no money, are in a divorce, having children. I couldn’t help but give my products to them as a gift. So, I stopped again! Yes, what shall I say?
    Anyway, I knew many women who have built up successful MLM businesses and became directors driving the pink Mercedes Mary Kay had given them as a bonus.
    I don’t know unicity, but their prices would scare me away. There are so many top products for less money, and I am a natural woman, buying pure organic products and making many myself; I would certainly not spend that money. However, the MLM business doesn’t work for me because I am too shy to talk to the people proclaiming my products. I would not do it again!:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and giving some of your unique perspective Sylvia.🙂 I have heard a lot about Mary Kay. I’m sorry to hear about all those women, it was really nice of you to give them some products. That’s awesome that you know some people who’ve made it as directors. I agree with you on not spending the money. That’s the main dish that I have with MLMs. Even if I had the highest influence and charisma in the world (which obviously I don’t, I literally communicate on a blog by typing on a keyboard😂) I can’t really justify these products and their prices. They are expensive to support the downline, and that’s why I don’t support MLMs. If I want some fruit juice, I’ll go get it from a store that I trust, like Target, or Hyvee, I don’t need to pay $20 extra for it from some random person I haven’t talked to in 5 years.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for showing us what Unicity International looks like. The biggest letdowns are the overpriced product prices and the 125 personal volume per month, making it hard to make money with this business plan.

    It has run the business since 2001, but it couldn’t provide us an income disclosure to let people know the average yearly income that every distributor makes. Another point makes me skeptical. Maybe it’s true that only 0.4% of MLM distributors indeed make money. So, I will skip Unicity but try your recommendation instead.


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