Undeniable Closer Review – Legit masterclass or another scam?

If you have a  job in the sales industry and you get stuck with the “I’m just looking”, and then you awkwardly walk around the store, checking in on them every 10 minutes to just get shooed away, and then watch them walk out the door without any product from your store, you may be thinking about getting some training.

You also may be thinking about taking a more hands-off approach to sales, instead of being in some dreaded store where everything is awkward, you might want to consider learning the ins and outs of remote sales jobs.

Especially considering you have so many more options, job offers to promote the idea of making $10K-$50K a month, that’s life-changing income right there! When you have those expert closing skills, you can be making a common yearly salary in 1 month!

And that’s where the Undeniable Closer comes in, they provide you with the training you need to ace the interviews, career development, and be prepared to take on the industry with confidence,

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Undeniable Closer

-Owner: JD Daley

-Summary: Sales training course based on remote closing. Helps individuals navigate through all of the lies in the industry, and gets people to understand all of the things it really takes to build trust with clients over the phone/internet and ultimately, close high ticket sales!

-Opportunity Cost: $97 for the training course, cost is unknown for 1 on 1 coaching. You could also get hired to help their team out and get paid by them!

Is there a refund? If you take the training course and decide the training is not for you within your first 30 days of purchase, you will get a refund.

-Pros: Helps newbies and experienced salespeople learn new tips and tricks to the trade. There are also many job opportunities available on their Facebook page.

-Cons: Sales isn’t for everyone, despite the famous claim that even beginners can be successful.

-Our rating: 4/5, we approve

-Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s absolutely legit and if you want to get into high ticket sales, improve your education, and network with other people in the remote closing industry, definitely check this out!

-Who is it for? High energy entrepreneur-focused sales personnel. People looking to upgrade their knowledge in a sales career.

What is Undeniable Closer?

The whole basis of Undeniable Closer as a product is that they offer career development training in the sales industry as a whole. They do mainly focus on remote sales, and that’s definitely something that catches my eye because I truly believe remote sales is where the money is at.

Plus you can save gas money by working from home, so definitely an extra $50 in my pocket while also protecting the crappy car that I can’t afford to repair from further wear and tear.

But even so, if you have a sales job inside of a store, the things you learn here can be applied there as well, overall the aim is to help you advance your career in sales no matter where you are at!

Can beginners become successful closers with Undeniable Closer?

Yes, even beginners can become high ticket closers. Will Undeniable Closers be that platform that will break them through the plateau? It could be, here’s the real kicker.

There is truth in the advertising enticement phrase of “even beginners can become expert closers”

However, you need to have a certain personality, a certain grit, a no-giving-up attitude.

Plus, it also depends on your personality, not just anyone can become a high ticket closer. You have to have the ability to care about other people, natural communication skills.

So, if the idea of talking to multiple people that you don’t know scares you off, this isn’t for you.

If you are in this for the money, and you have this attitude that you are doing this for yourself, and you can’t bring yourself to truly care about those who you are helping out to close the specific sales, this isn’t for you!

Inside the Facebook group:

The Facebook group for Undeniable Closer may be considered to be sales heaven. Inside, you are going to see multiple opportunities for sales jobs, as well as a plethora of intelligent discussions that you can join in on!

The one thing you might want to be careful of however is a lot of these jobs may be misleading, the income claims may not be as high as people make it sound. Remember that Facebook is full of sharks, it is not a legitimate platform to find jobs like Indeed or LinkedIn is.

The thing about sales:

If you have experience in other easy types of jobs, like factory work where you kind of work in your own little bubble, do your own thing and just turn your brain off to get through the shift, getting involved with any type of sales job may not be for you, as this is an entirely different world you would be entering.

While Undeniable Closer does provide training that can really level up your game, if you aren’t truly passionate about working with other people, or if you have anxiety working with other people, selling to them, this isn’t for you.

I want to tell you this because no matter how much you motivate yourself to get into sales, no matter how elusive the high ticket commissions look to you, there are simply some people who don’t have what it takes to make it in sales, they simply don’t have the personality required for it.

So if you happen to not have a lot of money, but you want to change your career, I would recommend working some overtime at your current job if you can before transitioning into a sales career. As much as many motivational speakers claim to keep moving forward without regrets, it is always smart to bring a nest egg in case things don’t work out.

Review Conclusion:

Undeniable closer is a great opportunity for enthusiasts in the sales field to level up their closing skills, and the 1 on 1 coaching will undoubtedly help novices and even veterans level up their skills.


-One-on-one training is available, although the cost is unknown.

-Huge Facebook page full of intelligent discussions regarding sales advice.


-Not for everyone, it is a hard career field to break into, especially for the commission-only types of income, keep this in mind if you are looking for a job and you need a guaranteed income.

Undeniable Closer gets a…


If you aren’t into high-stress work like sales, consider affiliate marketing:

When you find programs like Undeniable Closer, are you attracted to these programs because you love sales, or are you attracted to them from a monetary standpoint?

I know that I said if you aren’t passionate about sales, you shouldn’t join Undeniable Closer, but I don’t mean to be a dream crusher, you can still become an entrepreneur online without a sales background.

In fact, if you go into work for yourself with an online business, you can potentially make money without a real job.

And not just a little money…

I’m talking fat stacks, 10k a month, 20k a month, the possibilities are endless!

Now, like sales, this does require patience and determination, and a lot of hard work!

But here’s why affiliate marketing is better!

No cold calling, or need to interact with clients to make the money

No set schedule, with affiliate marketing, you choose the hours you work, and where you work.


And it’s low pressure. Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s something that you can keep putting effort into. You start a business, and you create content, you figure out what content works well for your business, and then you double down on the creation process.

In addition, the cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you aren’t relegated to one business plan or subject of products like you would be with remote closing.

Instead, you can choose any niche and see massive success within it!

Want to keep your business costs low? Use Wealthy Affiliate:

You can start affiliate marketing and pay $1000 for a keyword tool, and spend either a low amount of money for the cheapest WordPress hosting software that will keep your website slow and constantly crashing, like what happened to me below when I first started affiliate marketing…

Or you can overpay for your hosting by investing in a plan worth $80 per month with something like WP Engine!

But what we here at Safe Money Makers recommend is to take advantage of both the Jaaxy tool and the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix hosting platform for only $49 a month, or annually, $495.

You can read my full review for Wealthy Affiliate here:

With Wealthy Affiliate, not only do you get access to one of the greatest data-driven keyword tools in the world Jaaxy, but you also have one of the easiest managed WordPress hosting companies out there, SiteRubix available at your fingertips!

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate also gives you the training that you need to get your affiliate website off the ground, as well as providing you with the pillars you need to build your online empire!

And the best part, wealthy affiliate offers new members something that no other training/tool platform offers, you can take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive for free!

Find out how by reading my review here!

And this concludes our review for Undeniable Closers! I do hope that you found this review informative, and as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them down in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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