Truvy MLM review: Legit fat loss moneymaker or total scam? Find out now!

Hey everybody, David Nelly here, and today we are taking a look at Truvy, formerly known as Truvision Health. Truvy is a Multi-Level Marketing company based out of Utah that participates in the sale of health and wellness/beauty products. This review will be focused on two things. One, the legitimacy and quality of its E-commerce products, and two, its opportunity MLM program, and if it’s something worth getting involved with or not.

The Premise Of The Product:

  • Name: Truvy(formally Truvision Health)
  • Owner: Shawn Gibson and David Brown
  • Overall Rating: 0/5
  • Summary: Health and beauty business that sells Energy Powders, Makeup, Supplements, etc.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s legit, but it’s not worth it
  • Who it’s for: Health and beauty enthusiasts, people who don’t mind recruiting friends and family.

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What is Truvy?

As mentioned in the opening statement, Truvy is a health and wellness-based Multi-Level Marketing business. They sell a plethora of weight loss products, detoxification products, protein powder products(they only have vanilla and chocolate, talk about unoriginal and boring), CBD-type oils, and emotional support batches to help make people feel mental clarity, and similar types of products.

Truvy History:

Truvision Health was founded back in 2014. Shawn always wanted to start a company, but he knew that he would need a smart partner who understood business, and this knowledge lead him to meet David Brown. David Brown was already developing the products that would now be the E-commerce portion of Truvision Health, and David knew that Shawn Givson understood the Multi-Level Marketing industry, so they combined forces to join their knowledge together to create Truvision Health.

After a few months of starting up, they already managed to get marketers who were interested in their product, and turned those marketers into associates, and this is where their MLM structure started being put into place, where the opportunities of distributor/associate type of jobs opened up.

As time passed, they started having Trusummit’s. These are your typical MLM business stage shows where you camp out for 3 days and listen to all kinds of motivational speeches and training presentations on how to sell their products. It’s a cult-like atmosphere, but with so many people to talk to, I’d imagine it can also be a fun time. Six months after starting up, Truvision Health expanded into international territory, essentially spreading across the globe and developing a presence in multiple countries.

One thing they do that I think is cool is the 10K Pledge. Now, it is marketed to be best for Associates, but you can also join this program without being a re-seller for the company, so I do have respect for that. As someone who believes in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, any kind of challenge that encourages people to compete and get healthier is something that I can respect.

When you read the 5-year anniversary page of Truvsion, they did forget to put in the part where they received a warning letter from the FDA about how some of their products are unsafe, I wonder why they aren’t honest about their supplements.

If the FDA comes after an MLM, that’s always a red flag alert, but this covers the basics of what you need to know about Turvey, next we will take a deep dive into the Turvey products. Their quality and overall public opinion have a determining factor on the ability to make money with this company.

Truvy Products review:

Customer reports on Truvy suggest that the products do a decent job of curbing appetite and hunger until about 3 weeks of taking them, there are also complaints about the high price. People have expressed that there are benefits to their supplements, such as less gut rot and more solid fecal matter.

Others have claimed that it has made no difference in their lives. One thing I really dislike about Truvy, as well as their products, is that they are not transparent about the ingredients on their website. This is a big no-no in my book because when you are paying for these supplements it is integral that the customer has knowledge of all ingredients and their exact doses.

What if someone is allergic to some food source/ingredient and their body can’t break the substance down and thus, causes the customer to go through physical pain/harm? This is something I highly dislike about Truly! I am by no means a supplement expert, but trust me when I tell you that the only supplements worth purchasing and being able to trust in are supplements that have been third-party tested for quality control.

Also, remember this, as I mentioned earlier in this article, the FDA gave this company a warning back in 2017 for unsafe substances inside of the supplements. They also essentially called Truvision out for lying about how their supplements can combat depression, as well as stating that creating Anti-Depressants outside of a lawful pharmaceutical jurisdiction is illegal. The FDA getting involved within legal matters opposing MLM’s is quite common, and is something that has happened to Plexus Worldwide and for those reasons, I truly believe that any kind of MLM structure whatever is just something you should automatically run away from no matter the circumstance.

Legit businesses do not run any kind of Multi-Level Marketing scheme ever!

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How to make money online in the fitness industry

Last but not least, these products are overpriced, just like any and all MLM structured products. Truvy claims to have pride in the fact that they are a direct selling company, but this just creates inconvenience for purchasing their products. With bigger brands like Quest, I like how I can get a quest bar while shopping at Walmart or target, it is convenient! Maybe I have to go for a long drive, and I can grab a quick bite of a quest bar while getting gas.

How are there any advantages to buying your overpriced products from only one place, your website?

Truvy Weight Loss: Pros and Cons


-The products do contain certain additives that can suppress hunger

-Some products help prevent gut rot


-Unregulated products, as well as no evidence that these products are safe to consume.

-Obnoxious prices for medium quality tiered products, you don’t need these products, proper diet and exercise is much more efficient than anything Truvy could ever offer you, I would recommend saving your money!

-FDA warning against Truvy in 2017(this itself should be the only red flag you need to stay away from this nightmare)

How the Multi-Level Marketing structure of Truvy works/how to make money:

Like every MLM on the planet, Truvy claims that it is the best direct selling company in the world where you can work from home and make time for the things in life that matter. I will say that the process of becoming an associate is better than most MLM’s. Unlike Plexus Worldwide, PM-International, and other major MLM companies, you don’t have to be recruited into the MLM to become an associate, you can just decide for yourself if it’s something you want to do or not.

This isn’t a pro in the pros vs cons report, but in sense, I consider it a pro, the compensation structure for Truvy is easier to understand in comparison to most MLM’s, thank god, I can tell you how this all works without getting a headache.

You make money in two ways with Truly. There is a start-up cost involved. They use a PV model, also known as Personal Volume. In order to maintain whatever rank you have, you must always have 100 Personal Volume invested into your down line. You can maintain this by either purchasing products, or creating a link in the Truvy back office and getting other customers to order products. In any case, once you reach 100 PV you become an associate.

The first method is direct selling. As an associate, you will receive a discount, and then your goal is to resell the products. I have always found this business model extremely laughable, here is a graph of what the money-making opportunity would look like.

In addition, when it comes time to create your down line, once you get your first four referrals, you’ll make 20% commission on whatever your first referral makes, 10% on your second, and 5% on your third and fourth.

This brings us to option #2 of making money with Truvy and the only one that’s remotely worthwhile.

Are you an evil mastermind who can convince others to join your downline and make them believe that they can quit their 9-5 job by selling these unregulated and potentially harmful products?

I’m sorry, maybe I’m going a bit too far, if you are a Truvy associated please don’t be offended, I like to have fun, okay, back to the topic. When you recruit other associates into your downline with Truvy, you make a kickback off of everything those associates make. If you are on top, this is a nice cozy, pull up the blankets and watch some breaking bad type of way to make money because you are just making residual income off of other associates hard work. The place you however don’t want to be, is at the bottom of the downline, struggling to make sales, and then giving up a commission from your sales to your recruiters.

The ranking system starts at Associate and ends at the director. There are 11 ranks total.

Associate, Managing Associate, Senior Associate, 1 Star Director through 8 Star Director.

As the graph states, the higher you are, the more you get paid, as well as an increase in commission levels. There are also bonuses offered at certain stages of the downline. My favorite would probably be level 4 star director, the information alone provides me with all I need to know about the founder, he isn’t have any prevalent experience on the topic of music, yet he expects us to worship him and he is offering us a signed guitar, go figure.

Truvy is not transparent about the average income that an associate would make working with this company. This is something I don’t like, and it’s also not formal. Over the last few years, the FTC has really cracked down on Multi-Level marketing companies and pyramid schemes.

It is illegal for MLM’s to exaggerate their income potentials, and as a result, some of the worst MLM’s around have even obeyed these rules by releasing realistic income disclaimers on their website, Plexus announced that even their highest earners, the 1% of distributers only make about $10,000 a year.

Now, Truvy doesn’t make any bold claims like “easily make $10,000 a month passively” or any of that kind of nonsense, they instead just give you a look at how the income structure works, however they do not give any disclosure as to how much money you would make, most likely because 99% of all associates in this company lose money.

How to cancel your Truvy Subscription:

If you are a member of Truvy and you somehow came to my review, perhaps you’ve been a part of this MLM and as you have read my article, you’ve decided “I’ve had enough, this company isn’t for me, I would contact their customer support. Keep in mind that this is an MLM and MLM’s are super fishy when it comes to this kind of stuff, so if you are scared of card fraud, I would shut down my banking card and get a new one, and when they spam your emails saying “alert, we could not find your payment” I would immediately block them.

Truvy Review Conclusion:


-10K pledge is an awesome fitness opportunity, even if the chances are low that you’ll make more money than you would lose with this MLM, at least you’ll stay in shape.


They had a warning from the FDA about selling unsafe products, for more details you can read the letter here.

-MLM’s are a dying trend. There has been so much content on the internet over the years, from blogs and from videos calling out MLM structures and pyramid schemes. That being said, the public outlook of MLM companies is quite negative as a result of this. Being in an MLM is not cool, and it is well documented that MLM’s ruin people’s mental health and also destroy families.

And for the love of God, if you are in an MLM, don’t be like this guy.

-Overall low positivity score on the products. Most people say that it has no effect on them, and they are highly expensive products, low demand, low public value creates a hard sell

-Direct selling, yes this is a bad thing, having only one place to purchase a product is inconvenient for the customers.

Truvy gets a…


  • Truvy

David Nelly does not approve!

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The thing about MLM’s and their reps is that they are unprofessional:

There is a massive issue of the spread of misinformation in the health and wellness industry, and it’s not all the fault of MLM companies but it is often taking the spotlight for the blame of this situation. The disgusting thing about MLM’s is that they create these unregulated substances, and then what they do is they get these poor college kids who don’t have any experience or know anything about fitness products, health, and nutrition, and hype them up with the prospect of making money and then these uneducated folks go and spread more misinformation.

Sure, Truvy isn’t a pyramid scheme, they have a product to sell, but they still operate like a pyramid scheme. They convince people who are in a bad spot in life(they hate their job, their broke, etc) with the alluring thought of high payouts and life-changing job replacement income, but the problem is that they are selling low value and highly expensive products.

They confuse and gain loyalty from their associates/distributors with these sleazy seminar meet-ups that talk about cult-like thought patterns, like the world is corrupt, and if you have a job you are a slave. The reality is that they turn you into a slave because you just spent $1000 on terrible products in hopes to re-sell them, and now that you’re more broke than before, you’re more desperate to bug your friends and family hoping you can get some people in your downline to make up for the newly created debt.

But your friends and family are normal people who are aware of the terrible things MLM’s and Pyramid schemes do to people. You have some very uncomfortable fights, your family tries to make you see things straight, but you can’t because you are already in too deep, you’re too desperate to see straight.

So take it from me, don’t have a situation like that in your life, never ever ever ever EVER join an MLM, it’s not worth it no matter how enticing it sounds.

An alternative and ethical way to make money online:


Now, not all make money online opportunities, but if it's an MLM company, chances are that it is evil. There are opportunities for people out there though who are looking to replace their job income or just build up some extra cash on the side, and I'm not talking about surveys/earning networks. The opportunity that I am talking about is affiliate marketing.

That's what I do, and it's what's responsible for the creation of this website, Safe Money Makers. Affiliate marketing is when you find an audience that has an interest in a segmented market of products and services. This audience is what we call a niche in marketing terms. After deciding your niche to serve, you create content that promotes products for this audience. If you can drive your audience to a specific affiliate link that drives your audience to your promoted product of choice, you will receive a commission.

There is no confusing Personal Volume you gotta pay to promote these offers, no nonsensical and confusing compensation, it is just purely simplistic, you promote the product, you get a commission.

You don't need to meet some kind of sales quota in order to be eligible for commission, you are free to work at your own pace, and build your empire.

The thing that's really cool about affiliate marketing is that you can promote any niche, and it doesn't have to feel like a business. You don't need to promote health and fitness products if you don't want to, you could literally make a living with a blog that talks about their favorite tv shows. You also don't need to be relegated to only promote products from one source, you can promote any brand you want, and sign up for any affiliate program you want, and you can sign up for as many as you want to sign up with.

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Whew, over 3000 words, this was a long article, and it took me all day to formulate, thought I could finish it off in like 4 hours(hate it when that happens). I hope that this article has helped inform you about this company and its shady practices. We have intentions to deep diver into the MLM industry here at Safe Money Makers. As someone who has lost friends to pyramid schemes and seen how it changes people for the worst, I am very passionate about informing folks about the reality of Multi-level marketing companies, because I hate seeing it transform people into unhinged maniacs who could have a nervous breakdown at any moment. It is heartbreaking!

If you have any questions or want me to look into any kind of make money online and help verify if it's a worthy venture or not, sound off in the comments below!

-David Nelly


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