Theon Global Review: Scam or Legit? They have nice commissions

Hey guys, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to be taking a look at Theon Global, and we are going to be answering the question on everyone’s mind, Is Theon Global A Scam? Or Is This Legit?

If you feel that you should try this product, I highly recommend consulting with a doctor first!

Theon Global has been breaking headlines for bringing out the best edible dirt on the market, and I don’t even mean to say that as a passive-aggressive statement, they are marketing their Fulvic Acid product as magic dirt!

They are also offering the opportunity to earn an income with Theon Global which funnily enough is the very first thing you see when you reach their home page website.

In fact, over 80% of all the content promotes joining this affiliate program to make money compared to actually selling its product.

The product that they are promoting is called Alpha Bios. It consists of this stuff called Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid is a substance naturally found in soil. Theon Global lists a lot of sales pitches about how clean their product is and why their manufacturing processes of Fulvic Acid contain less heavy metals than other Fulvic Acid Manufacturers. 

For an overview on Fulvic Acid, check out this WebMD article:

This is the main thing that stood out to me from that WebMD article. In addition to that, the article states that this Fulvic Acid is very untested and that there are many potential risks to taking this product, such as gaining headaches, and sore throat, and it could potentially worsen autoimmune diseases.

For those curious about earning potential, here is their income disclosure. (Link to Income Disclosure) It states that their affiliates make an average of $6 per month, annually they make $72 per year.

For more information on how affiliate marketing works, check out this article here:

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Theon Global

-Owners: Lawerence Puckett

-Summary: Company that sells Fulvic Acid and offers affiliate partnership options.

-Our rating: 2.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Appears Legit

-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is Theon Global?

Theon Global is a nutrition-based MLM company where none of the founders have ever had anything to do with Nutrition.

It’s pretty hard to get a decent explanation as to what Theon Global does as a product, so I went and joined some Theon Global Facebook groups to get a better idea.

There’s a big mix of questions and testimonials. 

One testimonial tells the story of a woman who had knee pain, depression, and so forth. Because of Fulvic, she is now off of her Diabetes Medication, no longer depressed, and no longer has knee pain. For this specific person, Theon Global is a miracle.

Another testimonial talks about how she was feeling off, but then Fulvic made her take a poop, and now she is feeling 110%. In fact, I think I’ll screenshot this testimonial as it really stands out to me.

That’s…that’s quite something.

Products Review: 

On the Facebook page, Theon Global advertises their Fulvic Acid product as something that gets rid of toxins and heavy metals in your body.

The Fulvic Acid product is certified, tested, and approved by Mérieux NutriSciences! This is a plus for ensuring quality of the product.

However, it should be noted that Mérieux NutriSciences is a private testing company. They are not governed by the law in any capacity.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the Theon Global page to see proof that they are not governed in any capacity!

Price and quality breakdown:

Theon’s drink in terms of attractiveness is absolutely atrocious.

However, this is one of those products where you are just going to ignore the look because this stuff is magic dirt. It clears up skin rashes, bumps, and acne, and makes people disregard medication prescribed by doctors because seriously, this magic dirt will cure all of your problems!

I joined two Theon Groups on Facebook to discover more about this product, I think I got kicked off and blocked in one of them because I asked basic common sense questions, but these groups are packed, like over 9,000 members in one of them, and they all put the same kind of stuff about this product, and how magical it is!

Now, I can see why Fulvic Acid is the product of the century, but despite all these claims made inside Theon Global Facebook Groups, this product is still only 3rd party tested, the FTC nor any form of legal government testing has been performed on Theon Global’s product!

I go on the Facebook Theon Global Pages and I see the wildest stuff, and I’m not going to share it on here because I’m not in the business of making actual real people and their children look bad nor am I trying to expose identities, but so many of these gals in this Facebook group, they are using these untested products on their kids, like I see a picture of this kid shooting this stuff up like vodka shots, and the caption says something crazy like “the devil has no control over my son”, that’s wild! Giving children who don’t know any better this untested product, tell me that is not crazy!

I will give the product a 3/5, but I recommend using caution when ordering this stuff.

I would personally contact your doctor in regards to Theon Global’s product, and be sure to let your doctor know that you are going off of Theon Global’s Alpha Bios Fulvic Acid!

Don’t dance around the topic and say you’re trying Fulvic Acid without giving the source, let the doctor know that it is in fact, Theon Global’s Fulvic Acid!

That is my personal recommendation.

Compensation Plan Review

Theon Global while showing many similarities to an MLM business model, they actually are an affiliate company. However, you have to sign up underneath another affiliate so that you can generously give them 12% of all your affiliate commissions.

Theon Global Affiliate Program:

This excerpt from their affiliate program page explains everything, my words are not needed!

Now those look like some pretty good commissions, especially considering that the product costs $99.98, so 25% means you’re getting $24.95 per sale which isn’t bad at all. 

Most product-based E-commerce affiliate commissions typically offer a 3% to 8% commission rate, so 25% is pretty unheard off in the affiliate marketing industry for an E-commerce based product. I would gander to say that this is why the product is so expensive. It is actually probably only worth around $30 or something, but it’s that MLM model they are using, gotta pay the distributors, so we will just spike the price up and then get affiliates to sell our stuff for us.

Not that this is a bad thing for you as the affiliate, but I don’t really see anyone seeing this Fulvic Acid being quality enough to be worth the price that the company is asking for it. 

But, that’s why you gotta use those buzzwords of explaining how this product is 3rd party tested and that all other Fulvic acids have traces of heavy metals in them, that’s why it’s so expensive.

Want to actually try affiliate marketing for real? Check out this article!

Make stories up about how this product specifically from Theon Global has healed all your cancer cells and made you abandon your medication.

While you’re at it, start a campaign about how the American Health System is failing us and the doctors who have over 10 years of schooling and experience don’t actually know the secret to keep us healthy, or if you don’t feel comfortable saying doctors are idiots, make it a conspiracy story where the Government is using medication to poison our minds and stop us from reaching our full potential.

When it comes to MLM, you in a sense are your own party, so you can make up any kind of sales campaign that you want without consequence as the parent company itself is not responsible for your promotions.

Simplified Downline:

Want some of that infamous MLM residual income? You can earn 12% off of any sales your affiliates make if you enroll them to become an affiliate for Theon Global.

Why does everyone only say good things about Theon Global within their Facebook groups? They are all chasing commissions, that’s why! 

Theon Global Conclusion:

I like that Theon Global has a much more simplified compensation plan compared to most MLMs! It makes the life of the affiliate easier, and it makes my life easier for this review.

However, it’s still a pretty bad affiliate program. Most affiliate Programs don’t make you give up sales or have you sign up under someone else, it’s basically actually still an MLM model, or I guess you can call it social selling so you don’t scare off all your potential clients, but with only 4% making more than $80 per year, it is painfully obvious that you are going to have a conversion problem with this MLM.

Theon Global gets a…


David Nelly

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