The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Review 2022

Welcome to the review of the affiliate program for wealthy affiliate, where you can get recurring commissions for life. Wealthy Affiliate is one of my favorite affiliate programs because of how advanced the platform is when it comes to getting leads, as well as the automated messaging software that makes it super easy for you to communicate with potential leads/sales. It is easily my favorite affiliate program due to not only how much it pays out, but the fact that the platform itself is very high value, and it’s easy to keep leads, which means they stay, and keep giving you recurring income.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Details

Wealthy Affiliate Program Overview:

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
  • Affiliate payment structure:

Without a membership as an affiliate

-Initial $19 Premium offer, Commission = $4
-Premium Monthly ($49/month) = $11.25/month recurring commissions
-Premium Yearly ($495/year) = $117.50/year recurring commissions

-Premium Plus+ Monthly ($99/month) = $21.75/month recurring commissions
-Premium Plus+ Yearly ($995/year) = $232.50/year recurring commissions

With a Premium/Premium Plus Membership as an affiliate

-Initial $19 Premium offer, Commission = $8
-Premium Monthly ($49/month) = $23.50/month recurring commissions
-Premium Yearly ($495/year) = $235.00/year recurring commissions

-Premium Plus+ Monthly ($99/month) = $46.50/month recurring commissions
-Premium Plus+ Yearly ($995/year) = 465.00/year recurring commissions

  • Cookie Length: Unlimited, if anyone clicks your affiliate link, your cookie tracking code is embedded into their IP forever.
  • Who to market to: Affiliate Marketers, people looking to make money online, people looking to build Side Income, People wanting to quit their job, people looking for the best website hosting, people looking to change hosting providers.
  • Rating: 3.8/5

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. When I say all-in-one I really mean all-in-one!

It has the best training, the best web hosting software, the best content editor, and the best keyword tool! It is a platform that provides you with the training, tools, and support for affiliate marketing. It is the only place to go if you are serious about affiliate marketing!

How the Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard works:

Program Details:

In the program details, you will find everything that you need to know on how the affiliate program for wealthy affiliate works, as well as training on how to promote wealthy affiliate, and a fun little earning’s calculator that you can play around with to find out the income potential of the affiliate program.


My Stats:

Wealthy Affiliate Stats explained

My stats in Wealthy Affiliate gives you an overview of your revenue. It tells you where it comes from, it tells you exactly what affiliate link causes the conversions, and also gives you detailed stats about how many clicks you have that came from content on your website.


Provides you with information on every time one of your sales makes a post, or asks the Wealthy Affiliate Platform a question, allowing for one on one interaction with clients made easy.

My Referrals:

Provides you with a list of everyone who signed up under your affiliate links

Links and tracking:

An area where your main affiliate links are located, also where you can create custom promotional affiliate links

Message Campaigns:



Where you can create automated campaigns. Create automated messages that encourage your customers to take action.

You can choose exactly how and when your message is sent, for example, the campaign I have created above allows the message to be sent exactly 5 minutes after a customer joins wealthy affiliate.

More examples of how the messaging campaign works with wealthy affiliate and what you can do with it are in the picture above.


Another affiliate link area, except they come in the form of excellent promotional banners.

Click this banner below, and you’ll see what I mean

Why you should become an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it has a recurring commission model and is very easy to promote and sell. Recurring income is the only income I truly trust that will provide security and bring you on the path of job replacement income. It is possible to create incredible income in affiliate marketing by promoting E-commerce items, such as using the Amazon Associates program. However, what defense of your income will you have if google decides it does not like your content anymore?

Google’s ranking algorithm can make it so you make $8000 in amazon income one month, to $2000 a month the next month. There is no security in place of income control when you rely on a 24-hour cookie window and commissions that are not Recurring.

Recurring Commissions:

With Wealthy Affiliates recurring commissions, you can guarantee that your online income is almost guaranteed, but you will need to do a good job keeping your customers happy. Luckily for you, Wealthy Affiliate does a pretty good job of that on your own. One of the reasons so many people defend Wealthy Affiliate like a cult is because there is help in every corner of the platform. I don’t mean to come off as a lazy man here, but with some much help provided at Wealthy Affiliate, and so many experts guiding the newbies, the community of wealthy affiliate can practically do your job of customer retention for you.

Income Potential:

As explained in the photo above, with just 5 referrals per day, with only about 12% upgrading, that will net you a monthly income of $1’458 per month.

Now let’s calculate just how much only one referral would potentially add to your net worth, and we will be speaking in terms of you as a premium wealthy affiliate member.

So, your commission pays you $23.50 a month, and that individual decides to pay the monthly fee for a year. $23.50 X 12 is $282. That’s $282 for ONE SALE!

Or perhaps your referral decided to pay monthly for 3 months and then decided “hey, Wealthy Affiliate is worth it, I am going all in” and they buy the yearly membership. 23.50 X 3 = $70.50 + $235.00 = $305.50 all from ONE SALE!

What if you made 10 affiliate sales in which all referrals bought Wealthy Affiliate’s yearly premium membership. $235 X 10 = $2’350, and if those referrals stay with Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll make that extra $2’350 every single year, and a lot more since the chances are that you will be making continuous sales on wealthy affiliate.

Unlimited Cookie Length:

Have you ever heard of any affiliate program that offers a lifetime unlimited cookie length? Wealthy Affiliate along with Jaaxy is the only two affiliate programs that offer a lifetime to seal the deal with your potential commissions.

With Amazon, you get 24 hours

But with Wealthy Affiliate, you get an eternity.

The cookie length also enables return sales commissioned to you. If someone signs up under your affiliate link but then leave. If they decided like 2 years later they wanted to try Wealthy Affiliate again and resubscribed, you would still take the 50% cut and also get those recurring commissions from paying their membership fees.

Why Wealthy Affiliate converts so well:

The best Website Hosting Platform:

Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting is state of the art. With other web hosting platforms, your site goes down to maintenance whenever plugins need to be updated, such as with my experience with SiteGround in the image below.

But when using Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix Website builder, I never once experienced any problems ever. They always have my back and I never have to deal with any coding issue or any interruptions.

The best training for affiliate marketers, beginners to advanced:


Wealthy Affiliate delivers training that is in an easy step-by-step format that has created a large array of successful entrepreneurs. Its high praise is one of the many reasons that Wealthy Affiliate has over two million members, and why so many of these members never leave the platform, the training is that good!


99/100 trust score on Trustpilot:

Wealthy Affiliate is legit


There is always help available:


Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of experts, and with the chat features, the ability to create threads to ask questions, you will have help 24/7 to help you achieve your affiliate dreams, and also another reason why it is hard for your customers to leave, they are addicted to the platform and its community.

Things I like:

High Recurring commissions

Unlimited Cookie Length

Robust software that helps retain sales

Easy to communicate with your customers

Things I don’t like:

Make 50% less commission on sales if you aren’t a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, have to at least pay $49, in my point of view, this is justified with all the tools that you get at your disposal, but I can see other affiliate marketers being annoyed/turned away by this rule if they just want to promote the product and not be involved with the community/pay the membership fee.


As a platform, I love Wealthy Affiliate, as an affiliate program, I also enjoy the recurring commission benefits. Even if you don’t care about the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides, the hosting and site content platforms alone make the membership worth it.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program gets a…


And that concludes the review on the Wealthy Affiliate Program, I do hope that this review has been informative for you. Do you have a favorite affiliate program? if you were to promote Wealthy Affiliate, what way would you go about it? Feel free to speak up in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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