The Prosperity Of Life Network Review:Is it a scam or is it legit?

Hello everyone, David Nelly here, and today we are looking at the inspirational Prosperity Of Life Network which is a coaching/consulting firm based out of Fountain Hills Arizona. When you are introduced to their front pages, you’ll start out your introduction to this company by watching some interview videos that serve as testimonials to The Prosperity Of Life Network.

But it begs the question, what is Prosperity Of Life? What products do they sell, and how exactly are people able to escape their boring jobs where they only make around $40-50k and suddenly make $800K with Prosperity Of Life? Read on below and catch the excitement!

The Premise of the product:

  • Name: The Prosperity Of Life
  • Website:
  • Owners: Shane Krider, Rachel Krider, and Gregory Strom
  • Price: $1870 + Upsells up to $13,000. Forced to purchase products to promote, and give up 2 sales.
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Summary: Life coaching business/success manifestation meditation.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam(Pyramid Scheme)
  • Who it’s for: People who are into the spiritual idea of transforming lives, motivational speakers, mindset/meditation

What is The Prosperity Of Life Network

The Prosperity Of Life is a coaching/consulting. The main page discusses how you will discover a passion for transforming lives. I know that I talked about how I loved the video quality of the testimonials. However, I do not like the videos themselves. Without gaining access to the inside of The Prosperity Of Life Network, you are left clueless as to what The Prosperity Of Life Network really is, which is considered a red flag in my article: How to avoid Make Money online scams, save your sanity

They provide a bunch of party videos, and if this was advertised as some sort of adventure crew I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but they are trying to be events and adventures, but also try to promote that you can quit your 9-5 job, and not giving you any headway as to how. They just expect you to pay money and believe that your life will change, I really don’t like this.

What’s inside The Prosperity Of Life Network?

I guess you could say The Prosperity Of Life is all about having a successful mindset, one could call it, success meditation. They sell seminars, and they sell courses.

7 steps to 7 figures:

7 Steps To 7 Figures is a course that costs $1870. It teaches wealth and mindset creation principles. It’s all about how to maintain what’s going on in your head, and manifest a headspace in which you can overcome goals and generate wealth.

Here’s everything you get for the 7 Steps to 7 Figures course.

M1 17 day personal prosperity system:

Price: $2855

Another mindset course that takes you behind the scenes of your own perception. In essence, this mindset course seeks to eliminate self-doubting and self-limiting beliefs. Purchase of this also includes the 7 Steps to 7 Figures course.


Price: $4,590

Features recorded content from multiple live events.

A communication workshop

Wealth Creation Masterclass

Class on advanced personal development concepts.

Master Of Destinies M7 Fast Track:

Discount package of both M1 and M7 combined together(save $625)

Price: $6,250

M2 Sovereignty Live:

An 8-day virtual event focusing on wealth creation.

Price: $7,950

M3 Influence Live:

A 12-day virtual live event focusing on coaching techniques and personal development.

Price: $12,950

Do any of these hugely expensive products(up to $12’950) provide any value?

I’ve never gone through a job application where I have to pay near $2,500 to get the job, but that’s part of the process with The Prosperity Of Life. Everything about this company is something meant to mess up your mind and transform your ways of thinking into that of a cult follower.

They are brainwashing people into paying into these very pricey programs

Now I’m sure that the seminars are a lot of fun and provide a cool social aspect, and the meditation can be empowering, but I don’t recommend paying $1000 + dollars for a meditation course or for inspirational mind resetting.

If you truly want to reset your mindest on wealth creation, the 4-hour workweek by Timothy Ferris will do the job for you.

How to make money with The Prosperity Of Life?

To make money with The Prosperity Of Life, you must first the expensive process of spending money. Each product that I mentioned above, M1, M2, M3, M7, or a full combination of M1 and M7 must be purchased in order to promote. Very inconvenient and very expensive, something a scam would definitely try to pull off.

Getting started in an online business should not be this expensive, in fact, you can start a very profitable business for free here.

In addition to that, since this network runs on a pyramid scheme, the structure is that the recruiter gets the commissions for your first two sales, not you.

So let’s say you wanted to sell their most expensive product, the M3 Influence Live event. Well, you’re going to have to pay $12,950 just to get your business started. Then it’s $8000 commission per sale, and you have to give up your first two sales just to get started, so, we can add that to our business costs, $16,000 + $12,950 = $28,950. (It’s fine, it is only half the average worker’s salary)

In addition to the product costs and giving up two of your sales, you will also have to pay for a training portal, your registration fee, lead manager, and marketing websites, which account for up to over $100 a month.

You can actually create a website for free here.

to upgrade it to a domain website, it’s only around $15 a year

Anyways, if you’ve successfully gotten through buying a product and setting up all your stuff and you didn’t file bankruptcy yet, you will start paying for ads to promote the Prosperity Of Life Products.

Then, if you attract any leads, you will give them a phone call. You won’t actually be talking to your leads, you will be using a scripted phone call that reacts to your client’s words. (very shady)

If you can manage to get yourself on top of the ladder, that’s when you’ll start seeing some progress in attaining your wealth.

This is one of the prevalent factors that change normal people into crazy maniacs once they get involved in MLM.

Why Multi-level Marketing changes people for the worst:

I’ll be the first to admit, I hate working, so does probably around 80% of the U.S.A and the rest of the world as well. Unless you are passionate about your job, lawyers, nurses, doctors, veterinarians, us fast-food workers, retail workers, factory workers, we all hate our jobs.

So when you hear those taglines, “make $10,000 a month doing this easy task”, or something around the lines of, “live out your dream life, make money from your laptop chilling at the beach, on your couch, etc”

It really raises our dopamine receptors and brings out our interests. It creates an addiction in us, especially when there is money on the line in the first place.

When you spend that first $2,000 on The Prosperity Of Life Network, you might be excited, and ready to take on a new challenge, “to change your life forever and quit your 9-5”

In the back of your mind, panic is also going to set in. You just risked $2000 and you have to recover your investment. Plus you paying for the technology as well. So you spend an excessive amount of money on ads, knowing damn well that you have to make that sale, because that panic is in the back of your mind and the only thing you want is to calm down, get rid of that panic, you have to prove that this actually works.

You’re not getting the money you visioned, so you start trying to sell to your friends and family.

Do you really want to be that one person who ruins friendships and relationships due to you trying to get them to spend thousands of dollars just so you can make a commission off of them? Do you really care about these “meditation” products? At this point, you probably would do anything just to make a commission.

So, for the sake of your sanity, I would recommend staying as far away as you can from The Prosperity Of Life, and from any MLM for that matter.

Prosperity Of Life Red Flags

-Give up 2 sales before you can earn: This is Pyramid Scheme 101, in order to make money with selling Prosperity Of Life’s products, you have to give up your first 2 sales to the person who referred you to the program.

-You can’t join unless you have an official referrer.

This is especially shady because it creates a dynamic in which the only way you can purchase anything from The Prosperity Of Life is if you have intentions of selling their products. What if I really did just want to pay $2,000 to meditate and create a mindset focused on attaining wealth.

No real products: Now, maybe you can consider the meditation thing a product, but definitely not a product worth over $1,500. I’ve seen some meditation programs priced up to $300, and that makes me raise an eyebrow, but $1,800? Try headspace, that gets the job done.


-High ticket payouts


-Every product is absurdly expensive

-No products that have real value.

-It’s extremely hard to convince someone to buy a mind transformation product or meditation when it is over $1,500, and the first thing they are going to think is “scam”

-You’re chance to get help is determined by whoever your sponsor is. Chances are, that you will receive help from your sponsor until you get your first two sales(which ends up being their commissions). There are many complaints of abandonment, which while sad, makes sense since they milked you for all the money they could get.

-No information was provided on who is going to be at the seminars. I don’t even have to pay $200 to see someone famous like Kevin Hart, yet you expect to outvalue an experience seeing Kevin Hart live when I don’t even know what I’m getting into?

-MLM companies are known to send people from a good standing job into total bankruptcy.-

-MLM structures actually withhold your success, you are extremely limited to what you can sell, and most MLM products are not popular. That’s because you’re not selling the products, you’re selling the dream. If you are involved with an MLM, that means you are in its downline, which means you are losing! The people above you are the only ones making money.

Prosperity Of Life Review Conclusion.

The one and only thing that The Prosperity Of Life has going for it in my opinion is the small potential of high ticket commissions.

The Prosperity Of Life Network gets a…


An alternative and much better way to make money online:

If you are looking for a way to make money that isn’t MLM focused, where you don’t have to give out cold calls to strangers, where you don’t have to give up sales, and you don’t have to pay out like $2000+ just to get started, plus an array of virtually unlimited products to promote, then I recommend Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The thing about society’s definition and the way it looks on the subject of owning a business is that you create your own product and market it to the public. You have to also deal with investors and get funding, all of these very intense, and intimidating factors that crush people’s dreams. Especially when you factor in start-up costs, hiring employees, buying buildings for business space, and so forth.

But what if I told you that you can build a business online in the comfort of your own home, or from the beach, in your hotel room while traveling, a business where you can make money anywhere in the world, all you need is a WiFi connection, and a laptop.

You wouldn’t have to deal with phone calls with investors, you wouldn’t have to deal with a start-up cost that eventually rounds out to $300,000 something or more. There’s no telemarketing/cold calling involved, and its not one of those scammy types of businesses either where there’s a pyramid scheme and you have to lie to your friends and family to get them to join your knock-off product selling down line.

Affiliate Marketing is when you create content based on a product or service that has a following.

In Affiliate Marketing, you create a website or YouTube channel, it can be any kind of avenue so long as you are promoting products that you enjoy to your audience.

You target a niche. A niche is an audience of people that enjoy products within a market segment. Anything can be a niche. Based on my favorite hobbies, these are some niches I would make a website in.

Star Wars Comic Books/comic books in general

Star Wars video games/video games in general

Videogame guides

Telemarketing technology

3D animation software

3D models to use in animations or game development

Fantasy Books/Novels

If you can’t relate to how much of a nerd I am, here are some niche examples for the normies.

Woodworking, provide value on your favorite tools, such as saws, types of wood to cut, etc.

Baseball, obviously very broad, sub-niche down to the best baseball bats for your child who’s just starting T-ball.

Sports betting, provide value on what factors to look for when it comes to sports betting.

Cars/car parts, are you an expert with automobiles? Provide your expertise online telling people the best tools for repairs.

You can create content and make money in virtually any niche!

For a full in-depth breakdown of what a niche is, click here!

While creating content for your chosen niche, you put affiliate links inside of your content. These links bring your audience to the merchant of the product you are creating content about, the product that you are promoting. If someone clicks on your link, you will make a sale, and receive a commission, a percentage of what the product is worth.

In other words, you do not have to own/create products in affiliate marketing. You can just promote other people’s products.

The thing that I love about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t feel like a job. Obviously, there are some skills required, such as the ability to know how to sell, how to communicate with people, and how to promote, but once you have those skills down, it’s a walk in the park. Once you get traffic, and that traffic leads to sales, you get paid to pretty much talk about stuff you love.

Since you are talking about stuff you love, you will naturally attract an audience who also loves the same things you do. For instance, I love making money online, and I love it via my favorite method, affiliate marketing. I hate how we as a society are uneducated on this subject, and I hate that there are so many scams taking advantage of people’s non-educated minds, so I created Safe Money Makers to help educate people on how making money online works.

In addition, I also created Safe Money Makers for the purpose of helping others understand the tactics of scammers. I want to help people know the best resources to go-to when it comes to making money online. I want them to have the best software, and I want them to feel comfortable while doing it. That’s why I don’t promote the idea of learning to code for your websites or coding boot camps and whatnot. I don’t want the idea of making money online to be this nightmare where you have to spend years and years learning software that will give you a basic WordPress website, because it doesn’t have to be like that, and that is why I love affiliate marketing!

That’s it for today folks, I do hope that you have found this article informative and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below, thank you.

-David Nelly

This is completely unrelated to this review but I do want to compliment The Prosperity Of Life on the video quality of their testimonial videos, they must have really invested some money into some drones with 4K video camera quality!

David Nelly

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