The Leading Group LTD: Legit Agency to end them all or another scam?

Hello Everybody, it’s your favorite Safe Money Making Mastermind, David Nelly, and today we are going to be taking a look at Leading Group LTD! You have probably ended up on their website home page through their Tik Tok or Instagram Ads, or maybe one of their holier-than-thou Instagram pictures captured your imagination.

Similar to Elite Automation Group, and essentially every other DFY Agency out there as well, they tout themselves to be the #1 Leading Shopify Agency in the world, and I mean that’s probably not true at all, but hey, gotta make us stand out somehow, doesn’t matter if we just outright lie about our power grip in the DFY Agency world!

In any case, Leading Group is a DFY Shopify Automation Agency.

Now, I want you to know that I do not believe in passive income, and as a result, I do not believe in…well…really any of these DFY Dreams that these gurus try to pass off to you. I do believe in investing, but I don’t really count these DFY Agencies as an investment. In my view, most of these guys are just charlatans trying to get their muddy hands all over your money.

If you want to do some in-depth research into these DFY Agency Businesses, then I highly recommend checking out the article I wrote below!

What is up with the DFY Agency Automation (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

Now, I do believe in the ability to acquire money online, as well as various other forms of making money, but as mentioned before, I do not believe in passive income. I have lost this belief as a result of reviewing this business, and all of the other DFY businesses below!

Solid Ecom Automation


RivX Automation

 Wealth Accelerators

 Elite Automation Group

 VT Ad Agency  

Automation Geniuses,

 King Kong Agency

 Remote Millionaires  

and Agency Tycoons

There is simply no one in this world who will simply just give you money, you have to earn it, you have to take it for yourself, and that requires work! If there is any instance of passive income that I believe in, it would be through building your own source of passive income, but even if that isn’t entirely passive, you still have to work for it, and you still have to maintain it.

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Now then, onto the review!

The Premise of the product:
The Leading Group
-Owner: Unknown
-Summary: Done For You Agency that specializes in 
-Opportunity Cost: Between $6,000 to $8,000, and possibly more dependent on business and product investment cost.
-Pros: In theory, this is a cool idea.
-Cons: No actual proof of client success has been provided! Leading Group has only been around for barely over a year! A source has told me that The Leading Group Testimonials are simply read from a script.
-Our rating: 1/5
-Is it a scam or is it legit: Feels like a too-good-to-be-true situation and I can’t actually imagine people making a lot of money with this investment
-Is it David Nelly Approved? NO

What is The Leading Group?

Leading Group is the “Leading Shopify Automation Agency” that was built by E-commerce experts. Like most DFY Agencies, they promise that they will build your own E-commerce store, however unlike most of them, these guys don’t focus on Amazon FBA or Walmart Fulfillment, no, they solely focus on Shopify.

They promise you to have explosive results, they promise to make you a professional store, and they promise that you won’t have to even lift a finger.

Leading Group Pricing/Plans:

Now, I like that they don’t hide their potential pricing behind a 30-minute calendly consultation, they get right to the point!

So, their core plan gives you expert ad management, the designed store, tested products chosen for you, and y’know, the list. However as you can see, you are going to be missing out on the supplier’s list, the tik tok ads, and the insider strategies, but if you can chalk up an extra $2,997, you’ll get those 3 bonuses and more!   

In addition, whatever plan you get, you will also be required to pay $500 per month to cover the ad costs.

Is The Leading Group Legit?

I can’t say for sure but if you want my personal opinion, I would gander to say that this so-called “investment” is not worth your time, and I would also say that you will probably actually lose money compared to gaining it.

They may claim that you will see an ROI in around 90 days but in most cases, these DFY Agencies are simply charlatans who hide behind fake 5-star reviews, as well as non-disclosure agreements that prevent unsatisfied customers from speaking out.

Another thing I really do not like is the fact that Leading Group refuses to tell us who their CEO/Company Owner is. They want me to invest in an invisible face, to me, this is very sketchy.

How old is Leading Group?

As businesses age, we trust them more. Many scam-like businesses do not last past the 3-year mark, this is because the FTC or some other form of legal business entity will shut it down due to illegally scamming their clients.

Most businesses in regards to the make-money niche that I recommend have been around for over 15 years!

Using SmallSEO’s domain age checker, it is revealed that as of today, October 21st, 2022, Leading Group is barely over a year old.

Does Leading Group offer financing options?

I didn’t find anything on their homepage regarding on if they do or do not offer financing options, but if that would help them get your money, then I assume that they would offer financing options.

Things I like about The Leading Group:

✅The only thing I can say for sure of what I like about The Leading Group is how cool the idea of their passive income model works. I mean imagine making money by checking your phone to see how much money you are making while sitting on the beach drinking a Pina Colada, there could literally be no better life!

However, this idea is a farce, and it will not come to fruition through The Leading Group.

Things I don’t like about The Leading Group:

❌The Owner/CEO does not reveal themselves, and the company has no front man/woman, this makes it feel like there is a lack of leadership within the company, and also creates distrust between us the customers, and the business itself.

❌Little to no information is given regarding what this company will actually do for its customers, they give us a barebones explanation as to how they work with Shopify.

❌Lack of reviews from other verifiable sources. I think it’s going to be really hard to justify investing into The Leading Group when I am probably going to be the only website giving these guys an honest review.

❌Leading Group is too young, and has only been in business for barely over a year, a young business is an immature business.

❌If you choose to partner with The Leading Group, while I can’t attest that this will be what happens with The Leading Group, I can’t predict the future, but this is just generally how unpredictable running Shopify will be.

❌Sources have claimed that they found some of the testimonial videos show that the person giving them is actually reading a script, they must have been too lazy to edit it out, in any case, this is proof that we can’t trust the testimonials.

People can create the wrong barcode labels, and since you are the investor, you are going to have to pay up for new ones.

Inflation can increase the cost of ads, which will generally be the only way that you as the investor will make more money, so its really a game of spending money and hoping to make more, not just with the products, buying cheap and selling at wholesale, but its the ads that you’re gonna have to pay for as well!

Shipping delays because of bad weather, tornados, snow storms, earthquakes, etc.

Now, I don’t know much about running a successful Shopify business. I’m too scared to even try. That’s why I make my money online with affiliate marketing.  Low cost to start, low pressure and the potential for income are infinite and beyond.

Do you think it’s really a good idea to put all that stress and trust into the hands of a stranger with little public praise?

If you are interested, I would say you should book a call,  but overall, I don’t recommend doing business with these guys.

The Leading Group Final Rating:

While these guys could potentially make you some money, I overall think that they have not built up a reputation worth a single cent out of your wallet!

The Leading Group gets a…


David Nelly Does Not Approve!

If you have any questions or would like for me to look into another business, product, or service within the make money niche, please either leave a comment below or send an email my way at

Thank you for stopping by to give this a read!

-David Nelly

2 thoughts on “The Leading Group LTD: Legit Agency to end them all or another scam?

  1. Their contract is signed by their CEO, Jalil Uloomi, at the bottom next to where the “client” (investor) signs. Seemed like a superficial tactic to show authenticity. One of the testimonials sent in the follow up email literally shows the dude reading off a script.

    1. I feel that many scammy companies use that tactic. Thank you for pointing out the testimonial, I find that funny in a morbid dark humor type of way, but also offensive considering that this is proof that LTD is trying to take advantage of their “potential customers” by painting a picture of fake authenticity.

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