The Happy Co Review: Legit MLM or Scam Pyramid Scheme?

Hey everyone, how are all of you doing today? David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers and today we are looking at another MLM company and helping you decide whether the financial incentive it offers is worth the investment of both time and money you will put into it or not.

In addition to that, because a successful MLM company’s sales depend on the value of the product, we will also do a slight product review angle into this company, as part of the selling process depends on the value of the product.

Scams and pyramid schemes are running rampant on the internet in all spaces regarding the idea of building your own business and escaping the 9-5, and this company also deals in the Multi-Level Marketing space, a business of which in my opinion will be doomed to failure for any new prospects joining.

If you do your research on the MLM success rate, and you use the Federal Trade Commission as a source, this is the #1 article I recommend all comers to read before joining an MLM business, as it shows you based on heavy extensive research that only 0.4% of all people statistically can manage to even turn a profit in the business.

Link to the FTC article that shows data on MLM direct selling success rates: My #1 recommended article to read about MLM on.

Article I wrote on my opinions of the MLM business model, this is a good read!

This means that according to the laws of destiny, you have a 99.6% chance of losing money inside of a direct selling MLM-based business model.

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I have a note tapped directly on the top of my monitor reminding me not to type in all caps because coffee really gets me jumping all over the place, and for the sake of this review, I kind of have to remind myself to actually be coherent to educate you guys on this company.

So, before I go and grab another cup of coffee, without further ado, let us get into the review:

Oh, and one last thing before we get started here, if the situation for joining this company is based on a rep for this company trying to get you in the Happy Co, and they told you not to look up reviews on the internet…

That’s a major red flag, this person just wants your money, and you should be offended that the rep does not want you to think for yourself.

Telling you this from experience…trust me.

And one last thing y’all (lol), if you have any review requests for MLM or hustle opportunities, please leave a comment below or reach out to my email at!

The Premise of The Happy Co.

-Name: The Happy Co.

-Owner: Bo Short, wait, it’s Garrett McGrath.

Okay, just got done talking to a consultant at the company, it is Garret McGarth, during my research phase and going through many other reviews, people keep putting out different names.

But we here at Safe Money Makers are here to bring you the truth baby, and the truth is, Garrett McGarth is the CEO!

-Summary: MLM oppertunity to sell coffee and other health based supplement products while slapping an anti-depression label on it.

-Opportunity Cost: $49-$997 plus monthly payments to maintain your CV, aka Commission Volume

-Pros: None

-Cons: Massive lies and manipulation tactics to get people to join the company. Low quality products, with little to no praise accross the internet.

-Our rating: 0/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam

-Who is it for? No one!

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What is The Happy Co?

The Happy Co, meaning The Happy Coffee, and previously known as Elavacity is a Multi-Level Marketing Direct selling company that deals inside the niche of Nootropics, skincare, and weight loss. It’s all about finding the fountain of youth baby!

What are Nootropics?

I know it is a confusing word, but these drugs are actually a real thing meant to help people with mental health issues. I used to buy them in my very early twenties because I was going through a bit of a depression phase myself back then.

They help with memory, motivation, creativity.

To be honest, I can’t say if they did anything to help me or not, I didn’t notice anything different, I stopped taking them after like a month.

Also, keep in mind that there is no FDA or Scientific data provided within the nootropics industry.

It’s another one of those risky areas, but then again, the entire supplement industry is based on voodoo sales pitches.

That’s why that protein powder you drink up to get that muscle fuel going gives you the most disgusting smelly farts in the universe.

Not that I’m in a position to make fun of people who buy protein powder, I buy it too.

That salted caramel quest powder mixed into my oatmeal with some milk and yogurt, and a wee bit of sugar-free syrup is one of my reasons to live. Like most MLM products, my favorite protein is also unregulated by the FDA and I think I heard it contains heavy metals or something that’s not good for you. (I’m not intelligent, just keep reading)

I also sometimes drink classic coke, which contains sugar and keeps my abs from showing.

Not to sound like I am defending protein powder or anything…

I will not post an affiliate link to my favorite protein powder.

Happy Co’s product lineup:

As mentioned, Happy Coffee predominantly wants to promote products based on weight loss, skincare, nootropics, energy, health, and wellness.

I will say that they do a good job with their packaging design! That birthday cake and mocha shake designs look pretty tasty.

Their best-sellers are Elevate Max Happy Coffee, ElavaciTea, Elevate Max Energy Caps, and Happy Caps.

I could go all into the scientific details about all these products and how they do or why they don’t help you, but I’m honestly not that smart and these are all unregulated products anyway, which typically means whatever claims an MLM makes regarding these products are total B.S anyway.

I mean, Plexus Worldwide claimed their low-quality products could cure Covid back in 2020, and then they nearly got sued by the FDA. This one for me sets the bar for the scummiest advertising used in the MLM industry. It also serves as a bullet point for me to always be skeptical of the quality of the MLM product.

And while The Happy co isn’t that bad, they are up there with claims that their coffee and supplements can cure depression.

If I am joining an MLM product with the intention to start a side business or go full time with it, the last thing I want to do is convince someone I can cure their depression with my company’s coffee and all they end up doing is staying depressed, but now being depressed and spending more time at the toilet.

Going through Facebook and all the Reddit posts researching this company, you’ll see there are some real cutthroat sociopaths on the inside of The Happy Coffee company. The screenshot below about this dude’s girlfriend provides an example.

Is this guy some kind of serial rapist?

Anyways, can these Happy Co products truly cure depression? Do their powders help you lose weight?

These girls peer pressuring you into trying the coffee might tell you, yes, but let’s see what the public opinion has to say, or in other words, the outsiders who might have tried a few products for the fun of it and didn’t try to brainwash you into joining a cult.

Whoah hold up, things aren’t looking too good here…

Okay, fair enough, but still, for what it’s worth, I don’t really want to pay more than what Starbucks is worth.

Darn, appears these folks who are just regular people are calling out Happy Coffee on their BS as well.

Okay, looking for a more legitimate approach to gaining a look at public opinion? BBB should certainly answer our questions.

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Things are not looking good, and with so many 1 stars and complaints, that is definitely going to have a huge effect on how well you can sell this stuff!

I could go on and on about the reviews but I think you get the point.

False refund policy, lies, and no full disclosure about their pricing. This company is nothing more than overpriced coffee and knock-off protein powders.

And one last thing to consider about the product line-up:

When it comes to depression, which is a big niche for this MLM company, apparently their coffee can cure your depression, would you trust someone who has worked in the mental health industry, such as a psychiatrist that has spent over 6-8 years in college learning about medicine and mental health? Someone who not only has done their due diligence in the field but the products that they would prescribe to you have been regulated and tested by the FDA?

Or would you trust some salesman nobody who does not have empathy, nor the education, and will simply tell you anything to get you to buy, including lies?

A psychiatrist will educate you on the medication you need.

A salesman who just got hired off the street will aggressively tell you that you need their product!

That’s why the mental health field in terms of medicine, pills, prescription drugs are so carefully monitored.

The field is full of professionals, they only give these jobs to people who have college degrees and have studied for the craft.

Giving someone the wrong product for their mental health is incredibly dangerous, it can have horribly disastrous effects.

And the thing is, that is what so many of these psychotic reps for this company do, promote this idea that you need to stop taking your meds, your meds are poison, happy coffee will solve everything for you. This unregulated product will cure your depression.

So as far as the product lineup goes, I’m going to give it a 0/5. I have thousands of sources where I can get my coffee, I am not going to find some hun that I have to contact in order to purchase overpriced coffee, its a painful purchasing experience and the last thing I want when buying coffee is someone shoving upsells down my throat!

How do I make money with The Happy Coffee?

If you have read our review up to this point, chances are that you no longer believe in the Happy Coffee product, perhaps you never believed.

But you still have that hustle culture mentality inside of you right, that commission offer, that rep inside your ear promoting that idea of how you could easily make this business a six figures a year income stream right?

Oooohh, yes, we need residual incomes, we need multiple income streams, having a job is not safe, its only one income stream, you need more!

I’ve heard all that before, and it is an attractive life to change.

So you have concluded in your head perhaps…

“Hey, I know that I don’t believe deep down in my heart that this product is legit, but you know what? I’m still going to scam the sh!t out of all my friends and family because I need this money!”

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So then, how does the income structure work?

Like Plexus Worldwide, Unicity International, and Hempworx for example, you have a personal volume you must maintain to be authorized to sell the products.

Think of it like having a sales job where you are solely paid on commission, but you also have to buy at least $100 in your store’s product to keep your job.

Now, to add to the complexity and impossibility of your new job, let’s say that your store gets zero traffic, and to stay employed, your boss makes you go door to door at stranger’s houses to get some business, you are tasked with without the knowledge of your customer base with convincing them that the government is evil and the pills that residents are taking are corroding their mind.

To truly find peace in happiness, they must drink Elavicity coffee.

Good luck soldier, I wish you the best!

You can find the full guide to the Happy Co. compensation plan here:

To put this in simple terms in case you don’t want to read half a 200-page book, this is how it works:

The price to get started is $49, and they try to upsell you to a $997 pack. They also have those ranking factors. You increase your ranking factor based on how much CV or Commission Volume you have.

The higher the rank you are, the higher the commission percentage is.

Then you also the leg points. That’s where you bounce into that residual income category of making small commission rates from anything the team members you recruited to sell.

In other words…its a pyramid scheme!

Now yes, we do have some product on our hands with this company, but with so many complaints, and with such a higher than normal price for the coffee, I can’t help but feel that this entire company was constructed upon the image of a pyramid scheme!

But again, we are talking about the subject of making money, and if your goal is to make some money by any means necessary, then I do hope that I did not offend you for calling this company out for what it is!

Review Conclusion:

Happy Co. is another company that is all bark and no bite. They sell off-brand health products that are overpriced. Based on most of the product reviews that we hunted down, the public opinion is low overall on the basis of the product quality.

In addition, people are getting sick and tired of these MLM hybrid pyramid schemes, the psychology is becoming more available over the internet and even in small towns about how these pyramid scheme things work.

So, what I am trying to say is…if you think you can fool the world and take advantage of your friends/family’s trust and attempt to sell these knockoff products, you might be in for some awkward conversations and rude awakenings.


We don’t see any pros, but that birthday cake powder does look quite tasty.


-Overpriced coffee

-Claims from this company that they help with everything mental health-related. Being in the health and fitness niche is one thing, selling off branded products like Unicity or Plexus is kind of shady, but trying to invade the mental health space is just straight up to the next level of pure evil.

This leads to “the Huns”, “the distributors”, sales reps”, to start slamming the mental health industry.

They make these bold claims that the field of mental health professionals is really just controlled by the government to sell you addictive pills that you can’t break away from and actually make your mental health worse.

That’s how they make their money according to this pyramid scheme, you can’t say no to the pills, and because so many people are addicted, the money keeps feeding the machine.

Yeah…no, that’s not really how this works. You get a psychiatrist, you explain your symptoms, you develop a relationship with your psychiatrist, you do weekly check-ins, you explain to your psychiatrist how you feel on your medication, if it doesn’t work, you make changes, you stay vigilant, and you end up finding the help you need.

Vs working with someone from Happy Coffee who literally just wants your money and will say anything to get it.

-Like most MLMs, there is a low percentage of a possibility that you will net a profit. Since this product is not good, there are no good reviews besides the fabricated ones made by the reps desperate for a profit, I would gander to say that you have even less than the 0.4% chance to turn a profit with this business!

The Happy Co gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!

A small list of Happy Co. horror stories:

While doing our research for this company, we have found many terrible stories based on this company and its reps. Stories that include sales reps trying to convince their friends and family into joining this company by sneaking a happy coffee sample into their friend’s drink without them looking. This is extremely dishonest and just…plain weird.

Here is a story about a woman having a friend over for coffee. The friend tries pouring the happy coffee product into the host’s cup but spills it in the process. Turns out the cat starts licking it off the table and ends up going to the vet clinic. Not so sure this product is truly safe after all!

This is a story of how a woman lost her child and uses that as a story in a live stream to promote the Happy Coffee product, quite a sickening read.

A small list of sickening Happy Co. sales pitches:

This Hun wants to use her dead dog story as a guilt pitch for happy coffee.

This woman discovers the doctor’s wife’s postpartum depression and convinces him that their “coffee” will solve all their problems.

And don’t forget about the scumbag who gives the totally shady and borderline illegal advice of sneaking happy coffee into other people’s drinks as if you are trying to drug them!

And that’s all for today folks, I do hope that you found this review informative, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, agreements, disagreements, relatability to this post, anger towards this post, you think I’m full of the truth, you think I am full of absolute dogsh!t, etc, etc… please don’t hesitate to either leave a comment below or send an email my way at

Thank you all for your time, and do have a good one!

-David Nelson

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David Nelly

10 thoughts on “The Happy Co Review: Legit MLM or Scam Pyramid Scheme?

  1. Hello David,
    I more than convinced I would have absolutely nothing to do with this company, let alone by their products. You did a very thorough job of reviewing this company and it’s products.

  2. For the life of me, I cannot believe what I just read!

    You mean to tell me that there is a company that actively sells and get people to mislead other people into believing that their coffee and supplements can actually cure depression, and help them lose weight?

    This is so wild!

    To start with, I personally do not like the idea of multi-level-marketing, and even worse, this one has all the markings of a scam characterized by promises of easy money and financial independence, but most people who get involved end up losing money, and getting frustrated.

    I mean, how many friends, family, colleague and strangers do you hope to β€˜cure’ before you realize that you are playing with your integrity.

    And about their supplements helping people lose weight, that may be possible, but then again, it’s very hard for me to believe due to the many products that have failed people over the years. You never know with these things.

    So, even if The Happy Co is a mlm and not a pyramid scheme, I still am weary of their deceptive marketing tactics to recruit new members by making very bold claims and selling nothing more than a placebo designed to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

    Thank you for this detailed review.


    1. Hi Femi, thank you so much for stopping by and giving such a highly detailed comment.

      To unfortunately be honest, there are hundreds of companies that do this! Multi-Level Marketing companies are designed to prey on people’s insecurities and offer false hopes to solve them! You may be interested in my article about why I don’t trust Multi-Level-Marketing companies.

      I truly believe that you need to be able to truly offer value if you want to make money online!

  3. Thank you for explosing this scam. I looked at this program myself in the past and although I did not invest my time to look at it something was fishy.

  4. Hey David,

    thanks for sharing this review!! Wow, I remember this MLM when it was Elevacity… It’s not great if they keep reinventing themselves, as it shows that no one is making any money and they need to keep refreshing the premise to get new people to sign up.

    I mean I like coffee, but these products are always overpriced and impossible for their members to sell. I also think their claims are laughable…

    Thanks again for sharing this MLM and the issues you will have by signing up…

    1. Definitely agreeable from my perspective as well John! The very least they could do is integrate a better user experience, but like all MLMs it had to be impossibility hard πŸ™„.

      Thanks for your comment

      1. Thank u for saving me lol
        Now I want a review on the new packaged medi-life or something lol now rebranded as Optavia (Diet food and pyramid)

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