The 13 Best Drone Affiliate Programs for flying the profits to you

With the pandemic causing everyone to not want to leave their apartments, Drones have exploded and I predict that they will soon take over the world. People are generally too lazy to leave their residence, so more than likely, people will soon stop door dashing as well because that would require them to leave their residence.

Instead, more than likely what will happen is that Doordashers will switch to operating drones. Mcdonald’s workers and similar occupations that make food will simply hand the boxed-up burger and fries to the drone, and the drone will transport these products to the customer’s place of residence.

Sarcasm Detected

In all seriousness, the point still remains. Drones are a massive industry, with over $18 billion in profit back in 2020, and the projected profit margins are predicted to surpass $40 billion by 2027. If you are looking for a profitable niche that’s also a lot of fun to be involved with, Drones definitely have a nice slice of the profit pie to offer you.

The cool thing about drones is that they intertwine with various other niches as well. Niches include gardening, agriculture, cleaning, product transportation, filming/videography, photography, and probably even more niches that I can’t come up with at the moment!

This means that the way you can branch off your content, as well as the opportunity to reach out to new audiences is HUGE.

So if you are stuck in that phase of your business where you need help choosing a niche, but maybe thought to yourself, man I’d love to get involved with drones because drones are so cool, well I am here for you with good news!

The Drone Niche not only is highly profitable, has various sub-niches to delve into, but also has many affiliate programs to take advantage of, and I have gone out of my way to direct you to the Best Drone Affiliate Programs That You Need To Work With To Explode Your Profits In 2022!

Top 10 E-commerce Drone Affilaite Programs:

#1 DJI Store Affilaite Program:

Biggest Drone Manufacturing company, with the best quality products for Drone Hobbiyests, cinematography lovers, etc.

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to affiliate program page:

Why you should Promote It:

#1-Biggest drone manufacturing company in the world! It owns over 70% of the market share.

#2- Huge variety of products to choose from, and they have all price point areas of drones available, meaning you can fit a promotional offer to people within all budget ranges.

#3- Offers an educational discount to college students(can create a huge surge of traffic and be a big marketing campaign you can take advantage of).

#4- Has tech support to help customers make informed purchasing decisions, which also helps you as long as you can get customers into the door, the tech guys can then make the sale for you(as long as it’s in the 30-day cookie window).

#2 Scorpion Drone Affiliate Program:

Best Affiliate Program for High-Quality job assigning drones.

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it: 

#1- They sell very high-end drones that will attract high ticket buyers. They are a more professional market, with drones designed for tasks such as…

 Agriculture: use drones that help water grass fields and feed crops. You could create a website with hundreds of articles that combine the niche of Drones and Gardening alone!

First Responding: Promote drones that help people out with rescue missions, locating missing persons, etc.

Cleaning: This company created a drone specifically designed for rooftop cleaning, another huge opportunity to break into a unique niche market and make tons of money!

If you are looking to skip out on the hobby-level drones that are only like $200 and start promoting the future of the industry and the high ticket items, this is the affiliate program for you!

#3 Swell Pro Affiliate Program:

Best Affiliate Program for selling expensive drones and having a mercy cookie length, The cookie Length is 60 days which is very impressive considering that a majority of the products from this vendor sells many products worth over $2,000

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Length: 60 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it: 

#1- 60 Day cookie window, get your customer in the door and claim a 5% commission on anything they buy from Swell Pro for two months.

#2- They sell a diverse set of underwater drones, which can make for a unique sub-niche within the drone industry.

#3- Education and Military discounts, which means there is a win for you, and a win for the folks in college/and or military that you refer to this company’s products.

Something to note on this Affiliate Program: They do not allow you to run ads or do any form of PPC to promote these company’s products, doing so will disqualify you from all future commissions. If you are big into PPC, you might want to skip this affiliate program.

#4 HobbyTron Affilaite Program:

While HobbyTron doesn’t exactly cater to the advanced drones for the super drone nerds, nor does it sell expensive products, they offer the longest cookie length in the entire industry and have a very generous 8% commission rate as well.

Commission Rate: 8% on all products

Cookie Length: 90 days *(longest tracking cookie length on the market for this niche)*

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it:

HobbyTron may not have the high-end expert products in the drone market you are looking for. They create products that are meant more for kids. That being said, you may still want to incorporate this into your affiliate campaigns. They have a much higher than average commission rate for these products at 8%, and they are incredibly generous with the conversion time ratios, allowing you 90 days to give you commissions on anything your referrals buy.

In addition, you could combine the nerd niches, comic books characters, Marvel, Disney, etc with drones, and instead of promoting the power of drones and such, you are more promoting the cool factor of comic books, or promoting these as a gift for a young child.

Plus I think this drone right here will make anyone fall in love with HobbyTron…

And last but not least, HobbyTrone has been around for over two decades at this point. If you are looking to partner up with a company that has a great reputation and a company that you can trust, you definitely can’t go wrong with HobbyTron, as they have practically outlived all of their competitors.

#5 Gearbest Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: Various differing rates depending on the products sold, for Drones/Electronics, the rate is 9%

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it: 

#1- The commission rate is 4% higher than the average commission rate offered for the Drones category. This creates a higher earning potential.

#2- Trusted business: Gearbest has been in business for 8 years, and they have millions of customers.

#3- Child-friendly products: With Gearbest, they have products catered to a younger audience. I bring this point up because it is an opportunity to niche down into a sub-niche. Drones for kids. This can be a massive opportunity because there are not many affiliates creating content for this marketplace, this can be an easy low competition win for you!

#6 Aerial Tech Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program page:

Why you should promote it: 

#1- Some items are over $3k, while 4% commission isn’t much, $120 per sale is a good affiliate commission!

#2- Reputable company that is known for their excellent customer service.

#7 Cafago Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: Starting rate at 6%, can earn up to 8%

Cookie Length: 45 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it:

#1- 15 extra days on the cookie length compared to your average 30-day cookie length.

#2- Dedicated Affiliate manager support. There’s nothing worse as a beginner affiliate marketer or breaking into a new niche than having no support, having a dedicated affiliate manager will go a long way in bringing your affiliate campaigns to the next level!

#3- Enticing widgets and banners for you to take advantage of. In addition, you have access to a data feed and newsletter promotions. Get news on new products dropping and promote them earlier than your competition.

#8 Verydrone Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Length: unknown

Link to Affiliate Program page:

Why you should promote it: Verydrone offers some of the best drone models in the industry, with products from DJI. You may think, I’ll just use the DJI program! The thing that makes Verydrone unique is that they offer financing options, which allows you to possibly persuade people outside of the ultra-wealthy class into potentially buying these drones!

#9 Drone Nerds Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 1%

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

This affiliate program is a bit on the weak side with commission rates even lower than amazon. The only thing they got going for them is the fact that they outcompete the 24-hour cookie length amazon offers with a 30-day cookie length.

They do offer a huge distribution of products, but so do so many other affiliate programs. The only instance we would encourage you to seek out this affiliate program is if you can manage to find unique products to promote on this website that are not available in other markets.

#10 B&H Photo Video Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 2% on most products, 8% on 7 specific brands, these brands are outlined in the photo below.

Cookie Length: 60 hours, almost 3 days

Link to Affiliate Program Page:

Why you should promote it:

You may think that DJI and other programs got it covered when it comes to the best drones on the market. You may also assume that there’s no point in promoting a DJI reseller for 2% less commission and 27 fewer days to convert your traffic.

But the thing that B&H offers that most companies do not is thousands upon thousands of products that you can purchase to customize your drones.

What are things you can use from this company to improve your drones?

#1- High-quality video cameras, audio equipment, etc. B&H is known for its catalog of industry photography products, and many of these are products you can convince your audience that they need to bring their drone cinematography quality to the next level!

#2- Affiliate marketing managers are there to help you promote their products, which is always a big plus when you have people in your corner helping you promote and make money!

#11 Amazon:

Even though we all hate them for dropping the commission rates every 2 years, we still can’t ignore the fact that they are the biggest E-commerce giant in the entire world! Amazon will always have something no other affiliate program offers. The biggest library of products ever, the biggest audience of customers ever, and the biggest trust factor from the customers ever.

You can wear a tinfoil hat and be angry at amazons lack of affiliate support all you want, I still implore you to take advantage of amazon associates in your campaigns!

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Length: 24 hours. (90 days if referral adds items into the shopping cart within 24 hours)

Link to Affiliate Program page:

Other affiliate programs/products to consider promoting in the drone niche:

The thing about drones is that they engulf many different niches in one, and many people use drones for different reasons.

For example, people in film school, or just people who love to make low-budget films, or do photography will be taking advantage of drones. With drones, you can get camera angles that would otherwise require the use of cranes.

People involved with these activities will always be looking to get better camera equipment that they can mantle onto their drones. While Drones can be powerful and offer high-quality video settings, cameras will still offer more in-depth quality.

Drone lovers are always taking advantage of Go-Pro cameras, attaching them to their drones, and this is something that you can promote on your drone blog as well.

Go-Pro offers a 5% commission in their affiliate program. Focus Camera offers a 3% commission and a 30-day cookie.

Also, take a moment to consider that the hobbyist filmmakers and photographers are going to be best friends with editing software, which means more monetization for you!

Photoshop…ever heard of it? Of course you have! They have an affiliate program for that! Earn $72 every time a referral purchase’s a monthly or yearly subscription to a product from the Adobe Creative Cloud. 30-day cookie length.

The Two Best Drone Training Affiliate Programs:

As much as we wish it were so, not a lot of your traffic is going to be comfortable forking out $2,000 + dollars so that you can get that $100 commission off the 5% rate. That’s where the Drone training programs can be a savior for you in this niche.

I highly recommend that you promote Drone Training Programs within your affiliate campaigns, and here’s why…

#1- Learning how to fly Drones do not happen overnight, many complexities go into it! There are so many cases of first-time Drone buyers spilling out a bunch of money on their first drones, only for them to end up being destroyed because the 1st time pilot does not know anything about all of the complexities that go into flying drones.

They let their excitement take over their logical thinking and blast the thing off and fling it into a tree. So two birds in one stone for promoting training programs. One, you make more money, and two, you save the customer money

#2- Much higher commission rate compared to selling drone products, plus the courses are not super expensive(not like $3000) so the customer may be less intimidated by the price, while also being able to see the value these courses provide! The typical Drone training affiliate program pays between 15% to 20% per sale.

Based on the subject and targeting of your drone niche, if you want to maximize your profits, we here at Safe Money Makers recommend creating a landing page for your #1 recommendation for a drone training platform, and then at the end of every drone review you do or similar content, create a small promotion that’s about two, maybe three paragraphs long explaining why drone training is important and drop a link to the sales page blog post of your recommended training.

ABJ Drone Academy Affilaite Program:

Commission Rate: 40% and up to 70%, refer to the snippet below…

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program page:

Why you should Promote it:

#1- ABJ is very generous with the percentage of the sale that they give away, 40% is very gracious, and if you kill it with the sales, they can upgrade you up to 70% commission.

#2- If you manage to hit a commission level, that cap sticks with you for an entire year. For example, if you have a really good month and reach level 4, you can rack commissions in for a year at the 70% rate.

#3- Dedicated affiliate support that will help you get sales, and they are also open to feedback and will listen to your ideas if you have any ideas for banners or other ideas for increasing your conversions.

Pilot Institute Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Length: I asked their affiliate manager, it’s 14 days

Link to Affiliate Program page:

Why you should promote it: 

#1- Good feedback loop from its customers. Go on Reddit and other social forums and you will see many people praising these guys for how thorough they are with their teachings, as well as an admittance of how much material each course provides!

#2- 20% commission(this is really good) on any course, even if your traffic buys a different course on the pilot institute from your promotion, you can still get 20% on anything they purchase, you just gotta get em in the door.

And this concludes our article on the 13 best drone affiliate programs. I do hope that you found this informative and helped spark the light bulb to go off in your head on how to monetize the drone niche. If you want more help with your affiliate marketing journey, I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. (click here for my review)

Have any experience in the drone niche? Did I miss an amazing affiliate program in the drone niche? Please do feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

6 thoughts on “The 13 Best Drone Affiliate Programs for flying the profits to you

  1. Hi David,

    Drones can help people achieve more in many industries, and I love that you collected 13 affiliate programs about them. The first thing that came to my mind was the cookie length. The longest is the HobbyTron, but I love DJI drones the most, which makes a dilemma. In this case, what do you suggest? Is it to choose the HobbyTron, the most extended cookie length so that I can leave them for 90 days? or to manage my DJI links every 30 days? It helps if you help with this. 🙂


    1. I make the best of both worlds by just using both Matt 🙂 But of course, also consider what’s best for your audience.

      If you have a sub-niche-based website where you are promoting toys, I’d recommend hobbytron, but if your a hardcore review site, use DJI.

  2. We like this article is gave the best 13 drone affiliate programs that you can get more commission and earn a part of that. You got good recommendations with great percents to earn higher wages.
    The article has lots of history for being alive to the public for such a small time, the public is getting more familiar with drones.
    We are glad that you put this out for others to see.


  3. Thanks a lot David for another great collection of affiliate programs, this time from the Drone niche. It is astonishing to see that’s $18 billion industry! I think that out of your suggestions, I like the gearbest the most. 9% commission rate with this price? That’s perfect for affiliates. However, i do have one question to ask you. What is your view on drones, being eventually danger to people’s privacy? I just found out my Google maps timeline, that was apparently tracking me successfully in whole 2016 (luckily switched to Iphone in 2017 and don’t have this anymore). As I heard some stories where drones where flying super on one’s property

    1. Well, I have an unhealthy desensitization to the overall topic of privacy. I got all paranoid about that kind of stuff back when smartphones were getting big in 2013, you know the whole ordeal about how our phones listen to us talk, especially when Edward Snowden got arrested for spilling the beans.

      After 9 years I have kind of just like…accepted that I’ll never truly be able to have true privacy and that anyone at any time could really track me down and figure out details about me, like where I go to drink beer after work, and they could even track cellphone locations to figure out who I drink with.

      I’m lucky to not be a very interesting person, however, so I don’t think I’ll ever worry about someone threatening to attempt to do this to me.
      I guess it’s one of those don’t break the laws or piss off the wrong person kind of thing. But you bring up a scary point about those stories of drones flying on people’s property. How would you deal with something like that right? How would the law handle it? How could you prove that someone is using a drone to stalk you if the drone is really quiet and hard to detect?

      The truth is that tools and technology will always be used by people with both good and bad intentions, and people with bad intentions are very clever.

      We love computers and computers have improved the lives of millions, but there are still hackers with bad intentions who send emails or whatever medium they do to get malware installed on their victim’s computer, which then reveals the victim’s bank account password, and boom, life savings gone!

      But then there’s the good side of computers, right? Affiliate Marketing, new opportunities to make money, YouTube, chill music while I reply to your comment, etc…

      My official opinion is this: There are already various laws and regulations that are placed on drones, for example, when you purchase a Drone, you need to register the drone. Spying on someone’s property with a Drone is illegal, and even if it wasn’t, there aren’t a lot of people who are twisted up enough to do something like that anyways.
      Because of these rules, I feel that they won’t much of an impact on privacy overall.

      Obviously, as it is painful to say this, there will be exceptions, the world is a massive place, and I’m sure every once in a blue moon we are going to hear some tragic horror story about some psycho Ex significant other, or maybe the nice kid on the block accidentally got mixed up with the wrong crowd and they used drones to take advantage of a bad situation for the nice kid, but overall since there are laws in regulations put in place for the usage of drones, I think that they will overall have a positive impact for the world.

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