Solid Ecom Automation Review: Legit DFY Service or Another Scam?

David Nelly here with another passive income DFY situation review, to get an understanding of how most of these businesses really work, I highly implore you to check out this blog post I wrote!

What is up with the DFY Agency Automation (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

Today, We are taking a look at Alex Saal’s Solid Ecom Automation.

I have reviewed numerous get-rich promises similar to this one, these Done For You FBA promises if you will.

Similar services to this that I have reviewed include the following:


RivX Automation

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So the main question you may have is, is this legit?

Can I just give these guys my money like an investment?

Well, first let’s put down the groundwork on understanding what these guys are all about and exactly what services it is that these guys are offering.

The Premise of the product:
Solid Ecom Automation
-Owner: Alex Saal
-Summary: Done For You Agency that solely focuses on Amazon FBA
-Opportunity Cost: Waiting on scheduled call to find out. I have received word that it is around $20,000 to $30,000
-Pros: They provide Financing options
-Cons: Low public information, no proof of client successes.
-Our rating: 1.5/5
-Is it a scam or is it legit: We cannot condemn this as a scam yet, but we do not recommend this service.
-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is Solid Ecom Automation?

Solid Ecom Automation is an automation company that services both Amazon and Walmart Fulfillment, but it seems that they are pushing heavily for their Amazon FBA service.

They purchase a high amount of items/products at wholesale, and then they sell them for peak price value on amazon to generate large amounts of profits.

They are offering an investment opportunity, similar to companies like Elite Group Automation, in which you pay these guys, they then set you up a store, run everything for you, and in turn, you run a profit split.

I will soon have more information regarding the fee and the cost of investment.

Solid Ecom Automation uses the same song and dance many other of these supposed services use. 

They tell you that you can make money without having to work at all. All you have to do is invest and rest. 

Solid Ecom Automation Services:


We know for sure that Solid Ecom Automation offers a DFY Amazon FBA service, and we have reason to believe that they potentially offer a Walmart Fulfillment option as well, we will update this section upon our consultation call later on.

Amazon Onboarding: Solid Ecom Automation promises that your amazon onboarding process will be slick and easy. They want to make things to be stress-free and nonoverwhelming for the new entrepreneur getting on board with Amazon’s FBAs model.

End To End Store Management: Solid Ecom will dispose a team of 2 to 3 experts to set up and run your store, hence the passive income promise. These guys will take care of your store while you just sit back and collect money off of your investment and the team that Solid Ecom has built for you. As your store grows, so will your team of experts.

Generate Income: This promotion is pretty bare bones but um…they’ll give you money!

Is Solid Ecom Automation Legit?

It’s hard to say for sure, if you wanted my honest recommendation, I would say no, probably not.

Someone I was emailing regarding this company told me that the cost is $20,000 to $30,000 for the investment fee, and your return is going to be only around $2,000 per month, meaning that it could easily take over a year just to see an ROI.

In addition to that, who is to say that you may be responsible for paying money for mistakes that your team has made, such as mislabeled labels on your products?

Or what if it takes a lot longer to make money because there is a hurricane on the delivery route for one of your products? Or what if your customers just decide they want to return your products?

It’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows like you think it will be.

This is a very informative video that tells the truth about investing in a DFY Agency service.

How long has Solid Ecom Automation been around?

Alex claims that he has been doing this his whole life, but he paints it as a system designer so I see his point. He was an engineer for a long time, and then he was in sales, he takes systems everywhere he goes, and his motto is to always have a system designed for success.

But how long has Solid Ecom Automation been around?

Like most other DFY Agencies that have blown up at around the same time, Solid Ecom Automation has created on June 26th, 2021 according to Small SEO Tools.

This means that Solid Ecom has really only been running for less than 2 years as of my writing this at this moment. This is a factor I really don’t like!

Does Solid Ecom Automation offer financing?

Yes, Solid Ecom works with third-party credit vendors, these vendors will assess your credit situation and will determine the funding limit allowed to help you out with this investment opportunity.

Things I like about Solid Ecom Automation

✅I like that they offer to finance dependent on your situation.

Things I don’t like about Solid Ecom Automation:

❌Very Young Service: For a service that wants $30,000 plus from you, I feel that they are too young to risk that kind of investment. In addition, I feel that they have not done nearly enough to prove that they are worthy of that kind of investment.

❌Very Expensive Service: As mentioned above, this service will run you around $20,000 to $30,000. With around 100 followers on Facebook and only 119 subscribers on youtube, there are not nearly enough people recommending this service, in fact, I have not seen anyone recommend this service. 

They simply are barking, but no one is listening, and because of these reasons, I cannot recommend Solid Ecom Automation.

Solid Ecom Automation gets a…


Does David Nelly Approve?


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