Sick and tired of making other people rich? Me too, here’s a way out:

Ever been in a position in life where you’ve been with a company for too long? The job is good, the pay is good, or at least enough to get by. The benefits are what keep you there, especially if you live in America. You are dead meat without health insurance in America.

To make things seem even darker as if you are trapped without a way out, many people who try to start a side hustle or business outside of work end up spending way more money than they profit. This is because there is a sea of dirty scammers out there convincing you that you can make thousands within a month with this brand new system that automates income without you having to do anything.

The fact of these systems is that they are designed to rip you off, they take your money and run.

Then there are these Multi-Level Marketing companies that have distributors that snoop in and convince people that selling these expensive off-branded products will net them a six-figure income. We are often promised over-the-top opportunities, but the fact of the matter is that there is only a 0.4% success rate with MLM companies. 

They typically take the opportunities to sell to these people when they are in a vulnerable state. They then typically have to maintain some sort of personal volume in order to maintain their business opportunity, meaning that losing money is always just around the corner. Considering that all they can make is commission and no other kind of income with these MLM opportunities, it typically creates desperate salesmen, which is why every MLM associate is considered a snake oil salesman who annoys everyone.

Keep in mind that yes, it typically shouldn’t be too hard to see through all the B.S, but marketing from MLMS and general borderline scams are good at making employees feel like they are a slave to their jobs, and if I am being honest, there is some truth in that. 

But the fact is, it is 10X smarter for you to stay with your job than join these borderline scams. You won’t be making any money at all with MLMs and your situation will be way worse off getting involved with any of them.

There is only one good thing that these terrible opportunities can give you, and that is the desire to take your income into your own hands.

If you are lucky, you’ve managed to avoid these scams or just never encountered them. If you are super lucky, you managed to do just that and land on this page.

While there are many ways to make money online, there is only one method I would recommend to those just starting out.

That method is affiliate marketing!

First off, avoid these Methods:


With Dropshipping you are tasked with selling shitty low-quality knock-off products that no one wants to buy. In addition, you have to spend thousands of dollars on ads to get your products seen.

You also have no means of really marketing your Dropshipping products unless you either A. want to create a blog and spend years and years slowly building authority for your website to promote your..generally valueless dropshipping products that people don’t actually want to buy or b. hire an agency of SEO and Content marketing experts to promote your dropshipping store for you.

It’s almost as bad, as stupid, and as costly as Multi-Level Marketing:

Multi-Level Marketing:

Multi-Level Marketing in most cases is nonsense. There are a few that have some respectable products to offer such as Pampered Chef and Plexus may have a pretty mean pink drink, but if you read my article detailing why MLMs aren’t worth investing a penny into, you are going to see that more often than not, distributors end up losing a ton of money to Multi-Level Marketing programs.

Especially ones that are essentially pyramid schemes that have literally no product to offer, such as Dubli Network.

According to legitimate factual FTC data, the chances that a distributor has of making money in an MLM is 0.4%! That’s right, you have less than 1% of making money in an MLM you would have better chances of making money with gambling.

Source: MLM Profit and Loss Rates. Article by the FTC 

So trust me when I tell you that MLM is not the way, it is a cumbersome annoyance where you sell knock off products, just like Dropshipping, except with MLM, you have to annoy your friends and family, with Dropshipping you at least have a legitimate store where you can sell products all across the world.

Avoid this method(if you’re a beginner):

Investing/Bitcoin and Trading:

There are many incredible stories of how Dogecoin took over the world and boosted people’s income to the moon, but this is a rare phenomenon, and while investing stories are legendary, they create a compare and contrast theory for regular folks to those people.

The principle of “well I could do that too”

No, my friend, you probably cannot. I don’t mean to be a downer and step on your dreams, but the truth is that you are not those winners, you don’t know those winners, you don’t know what source of information that they got for their trading, you don’t know what advantages they had.

Investing is one of the most profitable ways to make a side income, and yes, it definitely can turn into an income that far surpasses the income created by a job. In fact, it is probably the most lucrative way to make money!

However, it also contains the highest probability that you’ll end up in insurmountable debt that you potentially won’t be able to recover from.

We don’t recommend people go into cryptocurrency/stock investing if they don’t properly prepare for dealing with losses. Investing is better than gambling but it’s still gambling. You can’t scale investing because it is purely based on luck.

We do recommend dipping around with investing if you are already making a lot of money, money is capital, and it keeps you safe and allows you the ability to afford taking more risks. If you have money coming in that keeps you comfortable without you having to work insanely hard to keep that money coming in, we would then encourage you to learn to invest for yourself.

Our #1 choice for making money, Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is our #1 recommendation for making money. It’s hard work, but it’s scalable, it isn’t very expensive to get the ball rolling, and it can potentially build-up to the point that it will serve you and your family income for generations to come.

Affiliate marketing is the most simplistic and effective business model that there is. You create a website, and then use that website to create content for a niche audience, or in other words, a group of people who have a specific interest in something.

For example, you are interested in finding out how to make more money without having to suffer through a monotonous passionless 9-5 job, or perhaps you are interested in simply making more money on the side. 

I am creating content to target the audience of people like you, and I am also encouraging you to read this article about how Affiliate Marketing works.

After creating that content, generally, there will be affiliate links that the customer will click on as a result. Perhaps there is an affiliate link in the article you should read above, with a product that will bootstrap your affiliate success to the moon!

I recommend affiliate marketing over most business models for the following reasons.

#1- Low start-up cost, about $50 per year for basic hosting service. However, we at Safe Money Makers recommend investing in an affiliate platform where you have a keyword tool, the fastest Website builder on the planet, and training that will guide you from beginner to expert affiliate marketer. If you are interested in supercharging your success rate, then you need to check out Wealthy Affilaite. The cost is $500, but you can also check it out for free for about 14 days(with no credit card required).

For more info, click here

#2- You don’t have to own the products in your niche to promote them. We are dealing with affiliate links, so the whole ordeal is to link the customer to the merchant’s sales page and make money from commissions. Affiliate Marketing is a hands-free and relaxing way to make money online. The part where you have to create the content sucks, but one blog post alone could bring in thousands per month!

#3- It is an ethical way to make money and you don’t have to cry yourself to sleep nightly because you conned your closest friends into joining some pyramid scheme. It’s disgusting how so many people in MLMs lie or spin facts to get people to become consultants as well.

With Affiliate Marketing there is no-nonsense, no pyramid schemes, you simply promote products that you like, that you recommend to other people, and that’s that, it’s a simple business model!

#4- you can promote whatever you want and have success within any niche!

For full context, read this article:

With affiliate marketing, you can promote any product you wish. With Shopify, you are forced to promote whatever is available to you, and in most cases, they arent quality products. Otherwise, you have to go through a long process of creating your products, and that’s a lot of time to take for working with an outdated low-success rate business model.

Then with MLMs, you are limited to promoting off-branded low-quality health products(in most cases), and in addition, if you decided to promote another companies products outside of the current business you would be set in, you risk getting sued!

With affiliate marketing there is none of that nonsense, just create awesome content, work hard for about 6 months, and watch the money come in while you light up a cigar!

#5- you can get traffic to your affiliate links ALL OVER THE WORLD!

The coolest thing about affiliate marketing is that your content has the potential to connect with people all across the world, people who live in a completely different countries. The internet is huge with over 3 billion people online. Your options for connecting with these people are endless.

I hope that I have helped you see just how powerful internet marketing is, if you have any questions, please do feel free to leave them below, and have a great day!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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