Should I put my side business on my resume? It depends:

Stuck out of a job and the business money isn’t what you planned for it to be? Thinking it doesn’t look good that you haven’t had a job for a few months and you don’t like what the hiring manager might think? Should you consider putting your side business in that resume blank so that at least they know you’ve been busy?

It depends on these factors.

Is your small business based on or similar to the work field?

The positive of listing your small business on your resume is that it is always a talking point. In addition, it always makes you stand out as a candidate! If the business that you worked on has similar practicalities within the market niche of the job that you are targeting, I can’t see how listing your business would count as a negative.

There are plenty of ways to use your business as a confidence booster from your next potential employer, and the best way to get in the good graces of the company through promoting your side business is to list your accomplishments with that business.

Let’s say you owned an affiliate marketing business(obviously creating relational content because I do affiliate marketing) and you managed to generate 30,000 people to a merchant’s website, and of those 30,000 customers, you had a 10% conversion rate for a product that costs $50.

Getting 3,000 people to buy a $50 product means you netted a vendor $150,000, and in addition, you profited likely a small percentage of that money in commission.

I would say that getting a company $150,000 in profit is a good ordeal to brag about.

These types of jobs will appreciate your side business activities:

A good key to figuring out if you should post your side business in your resume for a specific job is if the job application says the following key phrases.

We are looking for Self-Motivators, Self-Starters, and people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sales jobs and jobs in business will give you a happy wink if they see that you have worked on a side hustle. The thing about these kinds of jobs is that they are always looking for creativity, and folks who have a knack for creating content for other people also tend to be oriented on how to get customers to commit to a certain action.

Reasons why you should put your side hustle in your resume:

#1- It relates to the job field you are applying for.

#2- You have had success in the side justle that has helped either you or another company in some capacity and you feel that it is something worth mentioning.

#3- You feel that you will make a good impression on the company and you feel that they are looking for people who can think outside of the box, people who have started small businesses are definitely those people who can think outside the box!

Reasons you shouldn’t put your side hustle on your resume:

#1– The category of your business isn’t related to the job you are applying for. This will cause the hiring manager to have complete dismissal of your application, or it might create a sense of distrust as the higher-ups may think you could be more loyal to your business than your employment.

#2- You have anything at all within your side business that would be deemed inappropriate by the companies standards.

#3- Your side hustle is something new or something you haven’t had any noteworthy success with.

Disadvantages of putting your side hustle on your resume even if it helps you get hired:

#1- Your company can track your side business and see everything that you do with it(if they choose to). Normally you would think that this wouldn’t matter and you may think that they wouldn’t dare look into your affairs after the interview but this can be untrue. The fact is that you have a property available for public viewing, and whatever you do with it, your boss can spy on you and your content every step of the way.

Trust me, people are creepy!

If you have a blog-based business/advertising business, some companies may see this as a conflict of interest, especially if you are promoting something that helps people with their finances, and to incentivize them, you promote your income reports on your blog. If you were making some serious money, the last thing you’ll want on your hands is your boss knowing you are making 3X your job income on your side project!

#2- It may limit your ability to move up the company ladder. As a result of the higher-ups knowing about your side business, they may doubt your loyalty to the cause so-to-speak.

In my situation, the premise of Safe Money Makers is to help people learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, as well as give recommendations to make money online. I do promote some platforms and software that will net me a commission through affiliate links. As a result, this is a monetized blog.

I never really had any huge gaps in employment ever, so I don’t need to rely on this blog to fill in the blanks, and I prefer to keep my work life separate from my real life. I don’t need my boss to know about my monetized blog as it serves no purpose besides creating an awkward wedge between my business and employment.

The whole purpose of this blog in all honesty is to create a job replacement income in which I can quit my job, and writing this post as we speak, I can’t say I’d be too comfortable with how things at my job would continue to play out if my boss decided one random day to accidentally find this blog post and see my true attitude about the job I’m working at.

Our recommendation on the matter.

We don’t want to tell you what to do. We just want to give the facts on the matter, the pros, and the cons. I can understand how awkward it might look if you’ve been making ends meet with a business for like 2 years and then “oh..oops, we see you haven’t had a job in over two years, what have you been up to?”

In that instance, I would say yes, put your business on your resume.

If it is more of a situation where you haven’t had a job in like 3-6 months, I would say that it isn’t necessary. Times change, but as of February 2022 it is easier than ever to get a job, and 6 months of nothing on the resume isn’t even a small deal, you’re all good!

If you want to put your business on your resume and you feel that it would improve your chances, I’d say go for it! The point I am trying to make, however, is to do it if you’re confident in it, don’t do it because you are scared about how your resume looks.

Remember what I said at the start of this article, anything in marketing, sales, or similar backgrounds of work to what the company represents, do it!

Jobs that appreciate creative people that take shots in life are always more fun to work at anyways, so overall, when it comes to jobs that are quality, jobs you actually want to work at, include it. If it’s some boring cashier/factory job that you are applying for because you just need a job to get some income, I would say skip it.

David Nelly

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