RivX Automation: Another DFY Scam Or Legit Trucking Investment?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here, and today we are going to review another one of those trucking automation companies that claim you can earn passive income while they set you up with a fleet of trucks. Today’s review is RivX Trucking Automation.

Throughout the process of this review, I decided to investigate the DFY FBA/Automation business model as a whole to discover how this all works. I did this in order to gain an understanding of if these are worthy investments or not. I wrote an article about everything I found out during the process.

Check my article out here: What is up with the DFY (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

I need to let you know that this review is subject to change, in addition to that, this review is based on my observations and not actual facts.

I need to take a minute to be honest with you here, this review is based on my observations and opinions. There is not a lot of information available for this company, nor is there a lot of information released on the internet about its owner, Antionio Rivovo, but since this review is subject to change, I will put out what I think about this company for now, and I will correct course in the future if I get anything wrong.

 I also feel that it is important to start your own business so that you too can have an understanding of how to make money online, building up these skills will go miles with helping you with how to understand good business investment decisions vs bad ones. My #1 business model recommendation is affiliate marketing, and I highly recommend reading this article to understand why that is!

Why Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest and most legit way to build passive income

Now then, onto our review.

I feel like RivX Automation is their known company name, but they have various names so it gets confusing!

Their Google Company page is called RivX Automation

But then on their LinkedIn page, they changed their company name to RivX Corp.

So you see, I searched RivX Automation and RivX Trucking Automation on YouTube and had a pretty hard time trying to find where their main website is.

Then I tried RivX Trucking Automation, and that’s when I found their main website, which is a sales funnel opt-in called RivX Trucking.

So, they have 3 different names for their business which makes things super confusing, RivX Automation, RivX Corp, and RivX Trucking, this makes things quite confusing to say the least.

This review was requested by someone who read my Wealth Accelerators FBA Review, if you have any review requests, comments, concerns, compliments, agreements, disagreements, angry rants, or any reason you can think of to contact me, please either email me at itsdavidnelson93@gmail.com or leave a comment below. Thank you.

So upon this review request, my introduction to RivX Automation is through google search, then landing on their sales page that was probably made with click funnels.

I opt-in to see more information and I’m greeted with a 30-minute video where Antonio Rivodo explains the passive income trucking automation business model.

Here is the opt-in page with the video if you are interested. I would embed it, but it’s not on YouTube.

RivX Opt-in Page

In the video, Antonio Rivodo explains that RivX Automation provides passive income opportunities.

For use of reference, they explain how long it takes to start seeing profits at the 14:00 mark, and they also show some settlements/receipts with some of their clients, they explain how the profit split breakdown works.

At 15:20 he explains how the operation works, how the trucks pick up these loads and get them delivered, as well as how that process nets you a profit.

And much more!

The Premise of the product:
 RivX Automation
-Owner: Antonio Rivodo
-Summary: Done For You Agency that specializes in the trucking industry. They also offer E-commerce programs.
-Opportunity Cost: Locked behind the “book a call” button to action. I have received reports that this cost is around a $75,000 investment fee.
-Pros: Potential passive income service
-Cons: Not a lot of info on this company, the business model is shrouded in mystery.
-Our rating: 3/5 (score subject to change)
-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit
-Is it David Nelly Approved? Yes

I am not affiliated with RivX Automation, and I have not worked with RivX Automation before. I am simply doing my best to research all of the facts concerning RivX Automation and writing this article to help you to make an educated decision on whether or not investing in RivX Automation is worth it for you or not.

What is RivX Automation?

RivX Automation is a DFY Automation company based out of Miami Florida. The purpose of RivX automation is to help you create a passive income model stream with their Done For You System. They offer trucking automation and E-commerce automation, but they are mainly known for their trucking automation.

RivX Automation follows the same sort of business Done For You Agency promises business model as these other companies I’ve done a review on. They are most similar to Wealth Accelerators, as this business also promotes their trucking automation model, but they are also very similar to Elite Automation GroupVT Ad Agency,  Automation Geniuses, King Kong Agency, Remote Millionaires, and one of my first ever reviews on this website, Agency Tycoons

According to the video, RivX Automation has helped out 40 different clients. When you invest in RivX Automation, you are investing in an entire team that consists of logistics support and truck drivers.

Antonio Rivodo says that the RivX team works hard to over-deliver in value.

This excerpt I’m about to give a run down on does not represent my true opinion of RivX Automation, I am simply reporting on what I learned in the video.

Antonio was speaking about his experience. He was explaining how he has years upon years of working experience in business, and he have his team a shoutout as well, as pictured above.

Antonio Claims that Trucking Automation is the hottest passive income business model right now due to the nationwide shortage. Due to this shortage, truck drivers are in more demand than ever before, and the time to get involved with Trucking Automation is RIGHT NOW!

The money comes in like mailbox money!

Getting you set-up

Video explanation starts around 6:30 timestamp.

Antonio goes over how he has secured trucking management contracts and works for all these different big companies with his service, such as delivering freight for GAP, Costco, and many others. He gives a rundown on how all the legal stuff works, how they secure their drivers, and ultimately, how this is a passive income model where everything is done for you, you won’t even lift a finger.

Trucking Results: How much money can I make?

Video explanation starts at the 8:30 timestamp

Antonio explains that between what they pay their logistics team, their truck drivers, and so forth, and how the bill is split.

I can’t get a good-quality picture of this, but this receipt explains how everything gets split up. Antonio gives a presentation of these receipts at the 12:20 mark

Because of the formatting, the screenshot that I took was really big, but when it comes to putting bigger pictures into WordPress, the website software has to scale the size down to fit into my blog dimension limitations, so you can’t see the quality as well.

But what this receipt is showing is how all of the Truck Owner Settlement Reports work.

It has all the information of your truck drivers, how much they get paid, all the deductions that come out of travel expenses such as gas, maintenance, and such. Tax deductions, reimbursement expenses, and at the bottom where the square engulfs the ending it says “Truck Owner Check” That represents how much you’ll make for that specific truck you won.

In the example provided above (I know bad quality, but you could press “Ctrl +” to zoom in), there are two trucks this specific customer owns. One check is for $6,0965.25 and the other is for $8,294.68.

How the money’s made and how this business model works:

Video explanation starts about the 15:10 timestamp

The picture above describes the entire process in a simplified fashion. RivX uses its dispatchers to book loads, this leads to the drivers picking and transporting the load. When the load reaches it’s destination, the finance team works on the settlement reports to make sure everyone gets paid.

Also, Antonio mentions that RivX’s finance team supports the truck drivers with fuel cards, so don’t ever worry about them running out of gas.

What to expect if you say yes during that sales call:

Video Explanation at 16:30

Days 1-30:

The beginning process is all the legal stuff between you as the investor, and RivX as the service, get through all the paperwork. Then they have a strategy session with you in which they begin planning your operation to ensure that you are a profitable investor.

They get your LLC set up, and all the other legal things.

The whole premise is to get your truck on the road as fast as possible!

“We want to do everything possible to get you passive income in a way where we bother you the least!”

Days 30-60:

Around this time, all the legal stuff is done with, so now RivX is all about getting yourself set up for passive income success. They set up insurance, find the best dispatch drivers, set up truck/client management, get GPS set up, get logistics set up with the truck, and get them on the road.

FAQ: Last section of the video

Video explanation at 21:00 mark

I don’t think I have anything to say that this picture doesn’t already point out.

Things I liked about RivX Automation:

✅I like Antonio Rivovo. While this does not verify how good or bad his company is, I like Antonio for his personality and his ability to be a salesman and businessman. I like the way he speaks, I like the way he promotes his company, I like his confidence, and based on his personality and the way he promotes this trucking business of his, he does a lot just based on his ability to promote this company to make me believe that this could indeed be a very legitimate source of passive income. I respect the promotion. He is very good at representing himself.

A few things about RivX Automation that I don’t like:

❌The company’s sales page is only 3 months old:

Using SmallSeo Tool’s Domain Age Checker(this is not an affiliate link, also this is free) I was able to see that their Opt-In Page, also the only thing functioning as what appears to be the main website for RivX Automation, I was able to see that these guys have only been in the game for about 3 months. Now, that does not mean that they have only been operating as a business for 3 months, it is possible that their Facebook and other social media pages have existed longer, but in any case, I would not be willing to risk a very large investment on a company that is as new as this!


❌The company is not verified on the BBB, nor do they have any Trustpilot reviews

❌Trucking Automation/DFY Automation Services is a mysterious business model:

Most clients’ stories are few and far between for these business models. We don’t know if RivX makes their clients sign NDAs, but we have found that a lot of these companies that have similar services do make their clients sign NDAs. This makes it so that if the clients are unprofitable, they aren’t legally allowed to bring this information out to the public.

From experiences that we have been able to find, many of these people report that this process is actually quite stressful, and can be a bit of a mixed bag. My favorite one that I have found so far is this one YouTuber who worked with Just One Dimes Automation Service.

Give it a watch, it is very educational.

RivX Automation gets a…

3/5: Score subject to change

This is more of an opportunity for those who can afford to lose a lot of money, and also be okay with things not working out. While the salesman will claim that there is nothing to lose and that this is 100% passive, there is no way to really know unless you try it yourself, it’s for huge risk takers.

Do you have any experience with DFY Agencies or DFY Trucking Businesses? Have you booked a call with these guys? What was your overall impression? Can I be so bold as to ask, have you invested with these guys? Or, do you have any questions about this business model/this specific service? Do you think that there is anything in this review I did not cover? 

Please leave a comment below on any of these questions I have asked, or just leave a comment, and say anything that you want.

Need to contact me privately? Send an email my way, the door is always open at itsdavidnelson93@gmail.com

David Nelly

12 thoughts on “RivX Automation: Another DFY Scam Or Legit Trucking Investment?

  1. Listen guys, this is really simple! It’s a SCAM. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Let me explain..
    1. They have pending lawsuits, they can say what they want, but there’s a lot of angry clients who can prove that this is a scam.
    2. They charge large automation fees and consultant fees, this is how they make all their profits! that’s the business plan, not through Trucking & logistics. So, your old ass truck (bc they only buy used old broken-down junks from the auction) then they park it in a yard for months as they give you excuses why they can’t find drivers and they can’t get loads etc., until you get too annoying and they red flag you and block all together. You threatened to take them to court, they simply provided a lawyer’s number and you’re out your total investment and the truck stayed under their name so you lose everything!! Which is what’s happening to all their investors now. RUN AWAY!
    3. What they tell you and what’s in the CONTRACT are NEVER the same! They tell you they will purchase a new truck for you, but they buy old junk trucks. You gave them 85K and they spent 35K on a junk. When it breaks down YOU ARE responsible for ALL repair cost. You MUST give your credit card number and pay for those repairs. That’s the second way they make money, after large automation fees and consultant fees, there’s them buying an old truck and keeping the difference. RUN AWAY!!
    4. They don’t have any real contracts, or dedicated lanes, or any of that BS they promise. Ask them to show you that in writing or add it to the contract and they will say they CANT. They even lie about have a 35,000 sq ft Cold Warehouse in Doral Fl, when i did some research only to find out THAT COOLER belongs to another automation company, Elite Trucking Automation. So, these guys are trying to lie to their investors about a cooler that another Trucking Automation company, what a JOKE! Seems like the whole thing is a big fat lie dressed up in a $1K a day marketing campaign to cover up comments like mine, and drown out the truth with more fake “happy clients” which is their employees making up accounts and adding good comments. This company is nothing but a scam acting legit. RUN AWAY!
    5. They force ppl to sign a NON- Disparagement agreement, which means they can’t do what I’m doing. They can NEVER EVER say or write anything bad about RivXAutomation in a public domain. So, you can’t go around and talk about your experience with them, bc they will sue you. What type of company needs ppl to sign that??? RUN AWAY!!
    6. They are taking up to 5 months to get your truck out right now, that’s almost half a year. Their contract says they have 5 months to get your truck on the road. Every other trucking automation company is doing in 60 days, anything longer than that and something is wrong.
    7. They have a YEARLY renewal FEE! why bc they know that once you buy a truck with them, you can’t go anywhere, where are you going to take your truck?? Especially if you still owe financing on it, so they force you to give 10K every year just to stay with them. THIEFS! They’re the only trucking automation company who does that. They know, you’re trapped, they sold you into this ‘Passive Income” idea but by buying you an old truck, leaving you on the hook for the repairs no one will take your old truck into their fleet. Now add all the consultant fees and NOW YEARLY RENEWAL fees too!! You work for them!!! They just keep pumping money out of you every single step of the way. Fancy office, spending $1,000 on marketing a day, has to come from somewhere and a normal trucking company isn’t going to make that much money unless you.. add scam automation fees, consultant fees, yearly renewal fees, buy old trucks from the auction instead of new trucks from a dealer like most Trucking Automation companies. If you can follow these steps, you will also be able TO SUCK ALL YOUR INVESTORS DRY. Then, they blame you for not doing your homework and seeing the scam for yourself. DO YOUR REAL HOMEWORK! No matter how they reply to this, it’s more lies, please see through it! RUN AWAY!! Thanks

  2. Our results are real.

    Either book a call with our team, or please book an appointment in office for a tour.

    We dont work with brokers, we have direct shippers and contracts that supplies 70% of our loads and we have established broker relationships that helps cover the rest.

    We have no need to lie, we have a legitimate company producing real results. no need to formulate inaccurate opinions due to lack of knowledge.

    1. If it’s not a scam why does it appear that you have stolen my truck? Why was their a lien placed on It and why is the finance company telling me it has been sold? Why did you have the trucked picked up originally by someone who was not insured to drive it and then wrecked it…why did you not tell me this for at least 2 weeks while I thought the truck was making money it was in a repair shop. Why did it take months for me to get any documentation about the repair? Why can’t I come pick the truck up today? Why is it when the month I say I want to leave this company all the cost are manipulated and the exact same line items are tremendously more so you can say the truck operated on nearly a 2k loss…why do I get absolutely ZERO supporting documentation to support said expenses or income? Should I keep going?

  3. Its a scam. They have pending law suits. They don’t honor the contract and the owner Antonio just keeps sending text message with some lawyers contact info and, see you in court. My friend works there and its trying to leave before he goes to jail. The owner is being charged with taking funds for personal use as well. I would stay far as hell from here.

    1. false. feel free to come to our office and verify. no open lawsuits against me, this is a bold face lie, most likely from either my competitor or ex employee. I am the owner Antonio Rivodo writing this message and i challenge anyone come to our office and see our operation for yourself. i dont hide behind a laptop or a cell phone. i speak and manage relationships with our clients as well myself. Dont believe this comment and please come to us and formulate your own opinion.

      1. Really? Wait for it. I will dedicate my life to ensuring this company is in ashes. I am not an ex employee…I am not a competitor…I am a past client who cant get his truck back. A truck you guys wrecked. I’ve already met with 2 attorneys and am sending them all the documents tonight. Within 1 month I’ll put the money together to begin arbitration as your contract demands and then there will he a suit against every company name you come up with.

        Do you think I want to do this??? You “sir” are leaving me with no choice due to your company’s incompetence.

      2. Yes, you hide in your office while your clients form shows and scream out “liar and thief” at the top of their lungs. You can see on YouTube. You have cheated and lied many ppl out of their hard earned money with this scam. You don’t have dedicated lanes! You don’t work with Ross or 1-800 flowers or anyone. You came from wealth accelerator, where you stole this idea “automation business plan” while you were doing Amazon automation, which FAILED! And many of your investors loss money that you happily kept and used to open that scam of a company you have now. This gem, this Automation scam that you have used to hurt so many ppl with and now you’re starting a “Trailer Automation” where you sale all of your old cheap, broke down trailers to poor investors who believe your ads and marketing lies, and then you go buy new trailers with their money 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lastly, you simply hide behind that complicated “can’t sue me no matter what” contract you make them sign and you’re set! Good for you 🤦🏻‍♂️🤮

        Dude, you can be so good at business, yet you chose to be a thief instead. I feel sorry for you , really do. Trapped in a world of ugly scams with all that potential. You can always replace money, but you can’t replace your reputation. Good luck man, but yes, you hide, you cheat, you lie and then, you blame your investors for not doing their homework 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

        Thanks David Nelly for this, you’re awesome for doing this type of due diligence for us. 🙏🏼

    1. Looking at the settlement overview I see a couple red flags as an experienced driver that has at one point leased my own truck and seen the costs and know the amount of work it takes to run even a single truck. The monthly mileages of 15k and 13k aren’t impossible for a solo driver but they are in the upper range of what someone can do running legally which tells me its possible these drivers are probably running very close to 70 hours a week if not going over which is a huge safety concern. The pay of 8k-9k for the driver per month is also on the higher side that’s over 30% of the total income for the loads which is excellent pay if they’re actually paying the drivers that much. The equipment fees are suspiciously low telling me the equipment they’re leasing is pretty old. A brand new Cascadia in 2016 cost 2444.00 a month to lease by itself without the extra cost of a trailer. Considering the advertised mileage of the vehicles of 400k-700k the possible maintenance costs could be very high and they’re only putting approximately $0.02-$0.03 per mile into maintenance costs that’s way too low for trucks sporting that kind of high mileage. At 700k miles it’s much too easy to lose a what could have been a poorly maintained transmission before you leased it. They mention nothing about safety ratings which is very important for trucking companies, it can determine whether or not your company will be considered for loads or even if the fmcsa or dot will even let you operate as a company. Safety ratings are determined by equipment maintenance and drivers keeping legal logbooks and paperwork including b.o.ls and registrations and permits. It’s also determined by any accidents your drivers may have had. How they handle these events could make or break your company landing you with all the risk to legal repercussions including lawsuits because the company CAN be held liable for their drivers actions in certain cases. From this perspective you as the investor and business owner carry ALL the legal and financial risk where as this company is simply an innocent 3rd party you’re letting determine how your company is run. Honestly I would say from what I’ve read here none of this is worth the risk you’re putting on yourself as “just an investor”.

      1. Very well done deduction Tyler, thank you for coming here and sharing this as these are things that I didn’t even think about when reviewing this company, just really goes to show how psychologically distracted we are when it comes to anything money related! I had that feeling too, you never really know whats going on behind all of these “too good to be true” DFY situations.

        Thank you again, Tyler, very thankful for your insight!

      2. I concur. I’ve been driving for 15 years with the past two years as a Carrier. Brand new LLC with a brand new authority – most insurance companies want the driver to have 2 years experience or better. When the equipment owner doesn’t have a CDL the insurance companies do what they do best and charge you a much higher rate. The first time your Driver (that you know nothing about) kills a family going down a steep grade lacking the experience required to control 80,000 pounds of fiber glass, steel, wood, plastic and other materials, you’ll be sued for above and beyond your measly million. That’s why the larger companies (that work with inexperienced drivers) self insure.

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