Remote Closing Academy Review: Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for an in-depth review of Remote Closing academy by Cole Gordon? Safe Money Makers is here to let you know all about what you are getting into. It should be warned to you that there is a big chance that this program is not for you if you found out about Remote Closing Academy from advertising on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. This company is not for the common man.

It is a company that provides sales teams to already successful entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their operations and scale up their business. It is meant for the sales of their product to be taken out of the entrepreneur’s hands so that the entrepreneur can save time and work on other objectives within a business so that the sales team can keep the income coming in strong!

Going into this review, I want you to understand that this program is for people who already have good sales experience or a thriving successful business! This program is affordable to only rich people! If you are broke, the Remote Closing Academy is not for you!  

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The premise of the product:

  • Name: Remote Closing Academy
  • Owners: Cole Gordon
  • Price: Unknown, but implied to be very expensive
  • Overall Rating: 4/10
  • Summary: Sales Coaching/consulting and recruiting firm dedicated to entrepreneurs
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit
  • Who it’s for: High-Income Earners(remember, the price can be over $8000 for the training) Sales experts, Entrepreneurs looking to hire sales reps, people focused on internally growing their sales team. People who are looking for a done for you sales system for their business(Warning, your wallet size will shrink, buy responsibly)

What is the Remote Closing Academy and what do they do?, the main host company of Remote Closing Academy is a sales training and recruitment company that helps create online and remote-based sales teams for entrepreneurs. The Premise of the Product is that they will provide you with a done for you sales system. They do all the recruiting, and they train all the salespeople under you for you. They also provide courses and jobs on remote closing if you would rather be the salesman and not the entrepreneur.

Who is Remote Closing Academy for?

Remote Closing Academy is for people who already have good sales experience looking to take their sales careers to the next level.

It is for entrepreneurs who already have a sales force for their product/products. If you have a sales team that is underperforming, then Remote Closing Academy is there to get your sales force back on track and put more money in your pocket!

It’s for experienced salesmen who are skilled at selling and negotiating, as well as closing deals

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What I like:

-Time Savings: Cole and his team will train your sales team for you.

-Great training for people in sales to bring their closing skills to the next level

What I don’t like:

-To have an understanding of the company, you must schedule a phone call for him, little to no information is provided on the website

-Telemarketing is not my business model of choice.

-High cost, which is not revealed within the website

-Not Beginner-friendly