PushAMZ Review: Scam or Legit DFY Agency Service?

Out of all of these DFY agencies I have researched, PushAMZ probably has the most professional-looking website design.

Hi, I’m David Nelly, and I review money-making opportunities online to help you determine the best avenue for building a passive income stream. 

DFY agencies that operate in the Amazon FBA Space, Walmart Fulfillment, Dropshipping, Facebook, or even trucking always cause me to raise my eyebrow a bit.

The idea of giving $40,000+ to some clean-cut-looking guy convincing you this is the best investment that you will ever make from some Instagram AD does not exactly convince me that this could be a legitimate business model.

So, I wanted to get to the bottom of this ordeal, so for the last 6 months I have been researching the done-for-you business model, and that research has led to the creation of this article. What is up with the DFY Agency Automation (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

In addition to that, doing this list of reviews has helped me understand this business model, and you may be interested in checking these companies out if PushAMZ isn’t your cup of tea.

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 King Kong Agency

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Agency Tycoons

The Premise of the product:
-Owner: Mac Ismail, Luis Millan, and Chase Alley.
-Summary: Done For You Agency that specializes in Amazon FBA and Walmart Fulfillment
-Opportunity Cost: $30,000 +
-Pros: Hard to say
-Cons: High price, low information provided on the internet, not very favorable public opinion, very small amount of reviews, sleazy advertising tactics.
-Our rating: 0.5/5
-Is it a scam or is it legit: We can’t condemn it to be a scam, but they make it hard for me to trust them.
-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is PushAMZ

PushAMZ is a store management service that works with stores involving Walmart Fulfillment, and Amazon FBA, and that’s about it as far as I know. They promise the same things that Elite Automation Group promises but gives less context as to how these promises will be achieved.

Also, unlike Elite Automation Group, they do not offer anything regarding Facebook Marketplace from what I can tell.

Is PushAMZ legit?

While I generally distrust most DFY Automation promises, I do give them the benefit of the doubt as we are in a stage of discovery with these new business models.

Many people assume Amazon FBA Automation is a scam, and I am inclined to agree with that sentiment, why would someone just make a store for you and then give you all of the profits? That concept makes no sense. If you read the article that I plugged above, What is up with the DFY Agency Automation (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?, you might have seen that many DFY FBA agencies make their clients sign NDAs.

This makes it so that clients cannot legally share their experiences with the agencies that they work with.

Because of that, it’s very hard to get a grasp on what these businesses are really all about.

Are they getting the job done? Are they providing a source of passive income for their clients long after the investment period? 

One fact of the matter that we should think about is the fact that most of these DFY Agencies are not even 3 years old. For information regarding how long PushAMZ has been in business, not much information can be found. 

However, using the Domain Age Checker by Small SEO Tools, you can see that as of today, September 6th, 2022, PushAMZ is just shy of being 2 years old.

When we talk about investment strategy, is it really a good idea to invest and just believe that this company will provide you with a passive source of income when it isn’t covered very much in the public eye, in addition to that, the fact that these guys have only been around for close to 2 years?

Most DFY business companies require an up-front investment of $15,000 to $30,000, so as you can see, this is a very risky investment, and their only backup claim of good service is their advertising that was sent to your Instagram feed.

That is the equivalent of some stranger you never met trying to convince you to give them your life savings, and simply believing that you’ll see a return.

I wouldn’t even give my best friend my life savings.

How much does PushAMZ cost?

We do not have an exact figure at Safe Money Makers, but our guestimate is that it varies dependant on the package you purchase. Based on what I have read on Reddit, they can have an upfront fee of $30,000. In addition to that, it’s likely that you will also have to shell out around $10,000 to $40,000, depending upon how much inventory you want to purchase.

It’s a 70/30 profit split.

Who are the founders?

Mac Ismail:

Outside of PushAMZ’s description, not much information is given away on the internet pertaining to Mac Ismail. I think that this may be his LinkedIn page, you may check it out if interested.

Luis Millan:

Outside of his character arc bio on PushAMZ, not much is known about Luis Millan. He has a LinkedIn Page, but there is nothing on it. He also has an Instagram page with motivational success mindset posts.

Chase Alley:

Chase Alley is the only founder in this company who doesn’t look like he is trying to get into the UFC roster with his profile picture. Outside of PushAMZ, like the others, not much is found on this guy, his LinkedIn and Instagram profile generally re-iterate the same dialogue of being the ultimate entrepreneur.

Link to LinkedIn

Link to Instagram (P.S, the Instagram he possess does indeed prove that he skydives and he might be able to catch fish better than you can)

My Personal Opinion on PushAMZ:

Personally, I believe that these guys probably don’t have the professionalism required to push your passive income potential to the next level.

I have yet to find a DFY Agency that does, its a too good to be true sales pitch, but even Elite Automation Group feels more legitimate than these guys, and I’m no Elite Automation Group plug, I gave Elite Automation Group a 2/5, but even they feel more legitimate than these guys.

Their sales pitch to me is laughable and full of what I would dub as “scammer language”.

One of their YouTube videos is called “stop being a slavery to salary”

The cynical humor side of me finds the video kinda funny, and the logical side of me also finds this video funny. I love how they group every single person who has a job as this miserable hopeless depressed person who will never find happiness.

I mean, they all look like they are in Gotham City from Batman. 😂

Then they show everyone who signed up with PushAMZ reading books in hammocks, and checking out their laptops at the beach.

2016 called, Tai Lopez wants his ad back.

Things I don’t like about PushAMZ

❌These businesses are too young:

PushAMZ falls into this category. I never recommend anyone to be investing in a service that promises passive income if the company is asking for $40,000+ dollars and hasn’t been around for at least 5 years. 

PushAMZ as shown above has only been around close to 3 years. While they may have gained some publicity due to an abnormal amount of money spent on social media ads, not a lot of people are going out of their way to vouch for this company.

❌Lack Of Reviews:

PushAMZ has no reviews on Trustpilot and BBB, and they only have about 6 google reviews as of today, September 8th, 2022. 

And again, I bring this up because if you are going to give $40,000+ to a DFY Automation agency, you need them to be a prime contender for this kind of fund.

The average person cannot afford to lose $40,000 plus another $30,000 in product inventory. The average annual salary for a worker in 2020 is $56,000. Now perhaps you are in a different bracket of income, but I would imagine that most people cannot afford and are not willing to trust a company like this, which only has 6 google reviews and no other press.

I can’t find very many people recommending this service, and as a result, I find this to be a very high-risk investment!

❌The business model is too unpredictable:

If you choose the Fulfillment by Amazon model from PushAMZ, while I can’t attest that this will be what happens with PushAMZ, I can’t predict the future, but this is just generally how unpredictable running Fulfillment by Amazon can be.

People can create the wrong barcode labels, and since you are the investor, you are going to have to pay up for new ones.

Inflation, which raises shipping costs, which raises money spent on ads, Amazon’s insanely cruel rules and regulations that constantly change with the flick of a wrist

Shipping delays because of bad weather, tornados, snow storms, earthquakes, etc.

Now, I don’t know much about running a successful fulfillment by amazon business. I’m too scared to even try. That’s why I make my money online with affiliate marketing.  Low cost to start, low pressure and the potential for income is infinity and beyond.

Do you think it’s really a good idea to put all that stress and trust into the hands of a stranger with little public praise?

If you are interested, I would say you should book a call,  but overall, I don’t recommend doing business with these guys.

What is the public’s opinion on PushAMZ?

I have searched through forums on Reddit and I have managed to obtain some information from people who have partnered up with PushAMZ. Here is what they had to say:

You can find this Reddit forum by clicking on this link.So we essentially have a guy who is talking about how the relationship between business and client went up in smoke after the payment was sent… 😬not a good look PushAMZ

And then we have a comment that pretty much shares my more unprofessional opinion if not for writing this blog post, and that is that this company seems like it’s kind of a joke.

If you type “pushamz Reddit” into the search engines, you will also find other forums discussing this company, and whether it’s a good investment or not, but I believe my screenshot above and my link is the best place to get public opinion on this company. Most of the other forums discuss mostly how this is a very bad investment and how this company is a scam. 

There are one or two fake Reddit accounts discussing how PushAMZ changed their lives.

My overall take on PushAMZ:

If it isn’t obvious enough already, I do not recommend that you move forward with PushAMZ, or generally any DFY Agency for that matter.

I would maybe recommend Just One Dime, but I haven’t made up my final opinion about that company yet, but overall, I don’t think I’d even recommend that company either.

The truth is that there is no passive way to make passive income. You are going to have to put in some hard work and spend a lot of time learning things you’ve never learned before.

The only way to get rich without putting in hard work is getting lucky in the stock market or cryptocurrencies, and even that requires some time to learn how to invest the right way.

PushAMZ gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!
We here at Safe Money Makers understand that the attraction to these DFY Agencies is just that, you can make money by partnering up and not having to do anything. While we generally recommend Affiliate Marketing as a viable business model to earn money online and quit the 9-5, not everyone likes how long that this process can take. 

To remedy that, I will start researching and looking into viable stock trading platforms and other options of which you can earn money online without an enormous amount of time and effort.

However, if you are willing to put in some work and reap enormous rewards over a long period of time and you possess the patience, I’d recommend checking out this post!

Why Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest and most legit way to build passive income

-David Nelly

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