Premise App Review: Legit money earned from survey’s or total scam?

Hey everybody, welcome to the Safe Money Makers Premise App review. Premise app is another survey/earning network with a couple of nifty little features that sets it apart from other Earning networks. Can you actually make money and properly cash out with the Premise App though? Or is the Premise app looking to take advantage of people’s email and time and get free advertising similar to scams like Cloutzap or Social Rebel?

Get ready to catch the excitement because Safe Money Makers is going to provide you with all of the pros and cons, and everything else you need to know about the Premise app that you need to know. In addition, we will also present you with an alternative business model that actually is worth your time investment. It’s an online business model that you can work with from home and will give you the big bucks, and don’t worry about the price, this is also something you can try out for free!

The Premise Of The Product:

Haha, I always use this tagline, and now the product I am reviewing is called Premise. Here is the Premise of Premise:

  • Name: Premise
  • Website: App-based product, download on your device’s app store/play store
  • Owner: David Soloff
  • Special Bonus: Get 50 cents for joining. Use my referral codes
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Summary: Earning/Survey app with an emphasis on product reporting from grocery stores/gas stations, and some travel involved.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit
  • Who it’s for:
  • Pros: Easy tasks/surveys. There is a cool feature where you can get paid to drive around your town and take photos(dependent on location)
  • Cons: Like with all earning networks, the payouts are low.

What is the Premise app?

So, the Premise app is an earning network/Survey app. You get paid to do small tasks and easy activities. Before I get you hyped though, you should know that the payments are incredibly low! The average hourly wage for survey apps is less than $1 per hour, so please understand that this is by no means a job replacement type of income. If you are unemployed and struggling, you’re gonna want to focus on getting a job compared to earning $8 working on these survey apps for 10+ hours a day.

That being said, you can expect to earn enough money over a week of work or so to get yourself a decent McDonalds meal if you are looking for something to supplement some side income in which you’d just have to check in here and again.

How much money can you make with the Premise app?

So, you’re probably now wondering how much money you can make with premise? Not a lot. Most of your opportunities are location-dependent, and they do promise some higher payouts in the more advanced options, but these higher payouts typically require you to drive to certain locations, and these locations can be so far away from you that the trip will actually cost more in gas money than what the final payout would be. You also have to answer questions and keep in mind that if your answers aren’t satisfactory, they can deny you your payment, even with the photos provided for the job.

When it comes to money vs your time investment, I personally feel like Swagbucks and Free cash respect your time a lot more than this app does.


How to get paid with Premise:

The money you earn with the Premise app takes about 24 hours to show up in the app. There are three options to receive payment.

Paypal: minimal cashout limit, you must reach $10

Coinbase: minimal cashout limit, you must reach $15

Payoneer: minimal cashout limit, you must reach $20

There is what feels like a system in a sense to the difficulty meters of tasks you can do to get paid. You have Easy(Surveys) Medium(Location-based tasks) and Advanced(answer questions)

Make money with Surveys:

The easiest tasks to complete are Surveys. You pretty much answer questions based on your geographical area of living. For example, in the picture above, the survey I got was about food security. The questions asked me things about what the resources in my area were like, or how people usually buy their food, which I answered that they mainly do it through supermarkets.

Beware that you may be limited on how many surveys you can take:

You can’t just take surveys and get through them as fast as possible, you might get to do one or two, it depends, but you’ll then be out of work, so this will also factor into your per-hour earnings, and slow you down.

Make Money With Reporting:

The second option, the Intermediate option is to make money by driving to locations and taking pictures, as well as answering questions and filing reports. Some examples of these tasks include going to one of your local supermarkets and taking pictures inside the store of the products it is asking information on, for example, here is a task asking me to take some photos of a yogurt product.

That specific task would have paid 90 cents.

They have all kinds of tasks like that, drive into grocery stores and take pictures of this beer and confirm and answer questions about the price. Think of it as a public informational gathering job, but doesn’t pay a lot of money, you are doing cheap labor.
I’m also not really sure if my social anxiety is acting up, but I feel it would be pretty strange to just go into a gas station and start taking photos of their inventory, I would imagine that would raise the cashier’s eyebrows.

However, if you aren’t like me and don’t have social paranoia and think things in your head like”I’m sketching this dude out by taking all these random photos in his gas station, I hope he doesn’t the cops or something” and you do what you gotta do to cash a check, this is probably the most lucrative option, especially if you have multiple requests for price monitoring in a supermarket setting.

You can quickly take your photos, and within 10 minutes finish the survey with all of its questions of the product, and move on to the next report. So you can report on the onions, the apples, the chicken products, all in one go.

But yeah, definitely not a thing for me, and if I saw someone taking photos of a bunch of random things in a supermarket without knowing they were grinding for the surveys, I’d give them a cross-eyed look for sure, but getting past the judgment barrier, you could potentially be survey rich, and add $3 to your name in one day!

Make Money Exploring:

These are unique, but in my opinion not worth it because the scope of what is available to you is very selective. These kinds of tasks involve traveling to a specific store and taking photos of certain products, then answering questions about the product. You will typically be paid around $5-8 for these types of queries. Unlike the reporting tasks, you can not simply just drive up to any store and take photos of products, these involve specific locations and specific products, so your income is much more limited to your location.

I cropped the photo I took because I wanted to display to you exactly why this is not a venture worth pursuing for this moment. The closest option I have to my current location is 89 miles away. That’s going to be about a 2 hour drive for me. Also, at this very moment,  it’s -12°F, out, it’s 4 degrees colder in Willmar, and I am NOT leaving my apartment today!

Besides the complaints about the weather in my area of living, you can obviously see how doing these kinds of gigs are not worth my time. The 2-hour drive will take away from what I would gain because I’d probably lose $15 in gas money just driving to the location, so the $6.75 would not net me a profit in the end anyways.

Only can be used on a phone:

This is quite a pickle to deal with and something I have a strong dislike for. Unlike survey sites like Free cash, or Mindsumo, you have to use your phone and download this app in order to use it. When it comes to making money online, I prefer to be able to use a keyboard to type really fast, and a big screen monitor to have space on my screen. Being relegated to your phone limits you to how much you can be done, and when it comes to their referral program, copying and pasting links is a bit more tiresome.

Premise App Review Conclusion:

Pros(Things I liked)

-I like that it’s unique with its tasks. While I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to do any of them for what they offer, I like the unique angle added, in a sense, it can get people who are couch potatoes to get out and have an adventure.

-You might be able to net some decent side income doing the grocery food reporting tasks(for survey earning networks, not decent income overall)

Cons(Things I don’t like)

-Survey apps, in general, are low paying, I personally never have had the patience to keep up with performing enough tasks to ever reach a payout(the process is usually too long and I’m too busy creating content for my site and making money through affiliate marketing)

-Relegated to using your phone, most survey and earning networks allow you to work from a computer, but this one does not.

-Referral program only pays 20 cents per acquisition, which is lower than most survey apps.

-No deals, Earning networks like Swagbucks give you a lot of opportunities for deals, such as saving money at restaurants, or they offer money-back options on certain purchases on online E-commerce stores.

Premise gets a…


While you can make money with Premise, there are much better options out there for making money online through earning networks. Out of all our earning network reviews we have done so far, our #1 recommendation at this moment is Free cash, click here if you would like to read our review!

An alternative business model:

If you are looking for where the real winners go to make money online, and by money, I mean that job replacement passive income you hear all the gurus on YouTube talk about, except this isn’t some pyramid scheme scam, this is the real deal, then you are on the right website. The real deal income comes from affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the practice of promoting products to a segmented market of an audience, also known in marketing terms as a niche.

Affiliate marketing can be done through blogging or through YouTube. I am currently blogging, and I choose to blog because you own your blog. While YouTube is incredible and has a lot of potential reach, as well as the fact that people would rather watch videos compared to read articles, having a blog means that you own all of your content. With YouTube, you are at the mercy of the company, anyone can copyright strike your videos down and you have no control over what the moderators decide to do with your content.

Having a blog is more secure, since you own your business, you are in control of your content. However, YouTube is not something Safe Money Makers is ruling out, in fact, we are in the process of creating YouTube content soon, but we are still in our infancy stage, (as of today, January 20th, 2022, our blog is one month old)

The fastest way to reach success in the affiliate marketing world is to have access to the very best tools on the market, as well as the best training, which you can find from a platform that I personally use called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like a full review on this product, I have done one here at Safe Money Makers, you can read it here:

Otherwise, you can also just jump right in for free(no credit card required) and this is what I would recommend. You can only gain so much insight from a review if you got a taste of what it has to offer, that is what the best pathway forward is, this freemium membership that you’ll get will give you everything you need to know on if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time or not. Trust me though, it is, you are going to love it!

2 thoughts on “Premise App Review: Legit money earned from survey’s or total scam?

  1. David, very thorough review and I appreciate your honesty. Surveys seem to pop up in my feed all the time. I have only tried a couple of them. Premise is a new one for me but it looks easy enough maybe I will try it. I like to try things so I am aware of what is out there.

    I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best option for making money online. It is legit, honest, and not a get-rich-fast scheme. There are so many of those that it can get confusing. Thanks for your in-depth review it was very helpful.

    1. Glad you found this review helpful Keith, yes the Premise app is pretty good, I would rank it as our 2nd..maybe 3rd best Survey app that we have reviewed so far, with our #1 pick at the moment being Freecash.

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