Plexus Worldwide MLM review: pyramid scheme scam or legit business?

Hey Guys, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are taking a look at The Plexus World Wide Ambassador program. Plexus Worldwide is a weight loss supplement company based out of Arizona that really encourages its customers to share the love of its products. If you happened to catch word of this love and heard about how you can turn Plexus into your business, and that possibility raised your dreams, but also your critical thinking and you landed here on this question, well I of Safe Money Makers will give you everything you need to know about Plexus Worldwide.

The premise of the product:

  • Name: Plexus Worldwide
  • Website:
  • CEO: Tarl Robinson
  • Overall Rating: 0.5/5
  • Summary: Sell unregulated weight loss products to consumers.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam
  • Who itโ€™s for: People into skincare/weight loss, people who are good at convincing others, people who are comfortable with selling.

What is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is a Multi-Level Marketing within the Health/Happiness and weight-loss niche. They create products based on recipes, drinks, smoothies, whey protein, the goal is that it helps with your gut health.

Among gut health products, plexus also sells skincare products.

How to make money with Plexus:

Brand Ambassadors are the sales MLM downline of Plexus Worldwide.

Before being able to make any money of any avenue whatsoever with Plexus, you have some fees you didn’t ask for that you must resolve. This is the required sacrifice to be a qualified ambassador.

The first requirement is to pay a monthly fee of $39.95, this is to cover your monthly membership costs. Then you must maintain at least a 100 PV(stands for Personal Volume), which translates to having to buy a product. Money that you spend or that your customers spend via your sales translates into Personal Volume. You must maintain at least 100 Personal Volume to have ambassador status, or the ability to make money with Plexus.

You have the choice of purchasing the Welcome Kit for $99 or the ——kit which is $199(but at least there is a membership discount)

So the total minimum start-up costs will be $138.95 + the $38.85 is a recurring annual fee. Plus, the $99 technically is a fee as well for your minimal required 100 PV. It’s just that you either make good sales and give up 100 PV, or you don’t make sales and need to purchase Plexus products to maintain your necessary 100 PV.

So basically to not make this confusing, you have to pay $138.95 every month, no matter what, its just that there are different circumstances that still come back to you to make you pay $138.95.

Now, here’s what was going on inside my head trying to figure out how the Personal Volume system works.

Personal Volume is considered a source of currency within Plexus. First 100PV you must give to the company, the explaining by most ambassadors is that this is how to prevent Plexus from going bankrupt.

PV also represents the commission cap you get paid depending on how much PV you accrue.

  • 100 – 499 PV = 15% commission on everything minus 100 PV
  • 500- 499 PV = 25% on everything minus 100 PV

PV is like a points accrual system, and it will not work in your favor if you don’t meet the minimum threshold of 100 PV. If you are not making sales, the only way to maintain ambassador status is by purchasing products to maintain the minimum 100PV requirements.

If you’re not selling plexus products, you’re recruiting new ambassadors:

The other main way to make money with Plexus is to recruit new people to sell plexus products. This is the more passive income approach to plexus, and probably the more alluring part of the compensation plan. The more ambassadors you can get to work for you, the more money you make because you are passively collecting part of their earnings.

Recruiting people is leads to more personal volume, which opens up that 25% commission bracket should you choose to focus on both recruiting and selling the products.

However, the one thing to remember about all Pyramid Schemes(and this is a pyramid scheme in disguise) is that you are losing at the bottom, you want to get in on MLM’s when they are trending and you have a strategy in place to secure yourself on the top.

When you’re at the bottom you are losing pieces of your sales to the people above you, the people who recruited you.

Income Disclaimers, a realistic look at what you would actually make.

Even Plexus themselves admit this isn’t as much of a get-rich scheme as originally thought. The very tip-top 1% of Brand Ambassadors make around $37K per year. The average earnings of all brand ambassadors are $544, keep in mind that they also have to pay the $138.95 fee as well, although I don’t know if the income disclaimer also includes these costs.

But, what does it look like if you’re making $544 a year as an ambassador? Well, it’s definitely not enough to pay the bills, so I’d imagine you’re working 40 hours a week with a job. Then you are going outside of work hustling and trying to sell these products. You have to do it because if you don’t you’re going to be losing money to this company, or forfeiting your ambassador status.

I mean hey, if you love the Plexus community aspect and have a passion for the products, then I totally get it, it’s always good to have a healthy social circle, and you might have benefits with the ambassador membership if you have that special clique that also loves Plexus products, but if you’re intending to be a hustler or find that job replacement income, even the Top 1% ambassadors make less money than your average American adult. With such low-income potential, I don’t see how this could be a viable use of your time, even if you made it into the top 10%, you’d make more money in 3 weeks working overtime at your job.

Red Flags

-The American cancer society requested for Plexus Worldwide to stop using their name in their testimonials.

-The FDA issued a warning to Plexus when Plexus claimed that their supplements could boost your immunity to the Coronavirus. “Give your immune system an energy upgrade.”

Over 600 complaints on the BBB.

Some of these complaints include false refund promises as people complained that despite quitting within the refund grace period, their cards were still charged.

Please don’t be the type of person who does business by heckling people and not leaving them alone, as well as forcing people to experience what this poor person had to go through.

Plexus Products review:

Maybe things aren’t shaping up to give you an ideal money-making online opportunity, but are the products at least legit?

Regular Folks who aren’t Plexus shrills trying to sell you the whole inventory, as well as health and fitness professionals say it’s a below-average product.

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus slim, their #1 product that’s also known as the pink drink is their main selling component. The only thing I can say on if this product is worth it or not is your personal preference. However, for no real clinical tests done by actual doctors, no FDA approval to confirm its legitimacy(in fact the FDA has slapped Plexus on the wrist several times), I would say that you will be spending a hefty fee to try a product without any confirmed legitimacy.

This is just a screenshot, not an affiliate link.

In addition, I just don’t really understand how all of these micronutrients and powders are necessary. This isn’t a post to promote other bodybuilding supplements but when it comes to having energy, a $25 purchase of Xtend BCAA powder does the trick, and I don’t even need that to be honest, coffee works just as good.

When you get migraines and headaches, you don’t need plexus, you need to go to a doctor and heed your doctor’s advice. Never just use supplements like this because a plexus ambassador told you to, these have been called out in a spotlight of negativity by the FDA, so it is obvious that they don’t comply with their regulations.

So, not only are these products unregulated, but if you’re not in denial that these are unregulated, and you’re still trying to sell them to people, friends, and family, well I don’t know about other peoples character values, but I’d have a hard time sleeping at night.

Are Plexus Worldwide’s products approved by the FDA?

Plexus is not approved by the FDA, in fact, the FDA has quite a bit of beef with Plexus.

Plexus carries a long list of shameful acts with them. Shameful acts including

-Claiming plexus will boost your immune system against the coronavirus

-Creating a business and allowing uneducated people to preach about the health benefits of Plexus. In other words, false advertising.

Plexus Products Side Effects:

Numerous reports on the side effects of Plexus products include these possibilities:





Stomach aches

While scrolling through comment threads of various social media I also found reports of chest pain, people complaining about kidney damage

Does Plexus Worldwide offer a legit affiliate program?

I’ve been pretty harsh on this review, I know, but maybe this is something that will allow me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Does Plexus have a legitimate affiliate program?

It would make Plexus’s business model much less controversial if they had an affiliate program in place. Then bloggers/YouTubers can create content that promotes Plexus products and use a referral affiliate link, instead of forcing them to pay to own all the products. If they provided this, it would add to a huge benefit to them as they’d potentially make more sales and it helps fitness bloggers/vloggers earn income with another revenue stream as well.

The answer is no.

Unless you count the limited amount of products that they have on amazon and decided to promote through the amazon associates affiliate program.

Plexus Worldwide Complaints:

Outside of the various complaints that I have already listed, there are also numerous complaints about fraud in the bank account. I’ve seen customers complain about getting extra items that they didn’t ask for and then getting charged for those items as well.

In addition, when customers attempt to return items, it seems there are numerous miscommunications between the customer and the customer service as if they are doing everything they can to nickel out of refunding the customer.

Plexus Review Conclusion:


  • Some decent reputation on products.
  • Can make passive income reaching the top of a downline(this is very hard and very rare)
  • Some validity to products helping with energy and weight loss


  • Not regulated by FDA, also abundantly clear that the FDA does not support these products
  • Strong Pyramid scheme cult-like vibes among members.
  • You have to pay to have an opportunity to make money.
  • No affiliate program.
  • Anyone can become a brand ambassador, which sets a lot of people up for failure. Instead of having a level cap to the hiring rate, and helping talent grow their sales skills to the next level, you are taking people who potentially have no experience in the health and fitness industry, and trying to convince them to coach others how to be fit, stay skinny.
  • Unlike an affiliate marketing model, you have to pay money to make sales with this company.

Plexus Worldwide gets a…


The truth about the disadvantages of MLM:

A claim that Multi-level marketing likes to use a lot is that you are building your own business. I would say, no, not exactly. You don’t have a brand, and you’re not in control of your situation. It’s more like a job with extra social implications. You’re in a downline, and your success depends on your team, and your ability to motivate them. In the early stages, your success also depends on who your recruiter is.

You might have someone who doesn’t know anything and can’t help you learn the ropes, you might not be able to get proper help.

You have to pay to have an income opportunity. I know that you can argue that it’s cheap compared to starting a business, but with a business model like affiliate marketing, you can try for free, and it’s more low-risk.

Limited to what products you can sell, and the community aspect makes it hard to venture out into other business ventures.

While Plexus does not carry this fault, many MLM’s don’t have products at all, and its pure focus is on the pyramid scheme aspect of Multi-Level Marketing. An example of this can be found in my Prosperity Of Life Network review.

High failure rate: Most Multi-Level Marketing distributors lose money. The start-up costs and the monthly fees that they have to pay usually outweigh any profits distributors gain from MLM’s. This is most likely the case with Plexus as well, it would not be surprising to hear that even the top 10% of Plexus ambassadors are actually losing money.

It’s a common recurring theme for MLM companies to turn out to be Pyramid Schemes and then get sued by the FTC and then fall apart, how is being involved with that going to look on a resume?

An alternative way to promote weight loss products/fitness, or any niche:

What if I told you that you actually can build your own business, creating your content that you would own, not some other distributer, not some CEO, you!

You wouldn’t have someone in your upline hassling you to make sales, you wouldn’t be dealing with pressures of having to purchase products to sell to other people this is something that you could do without owning any products at all, no inventory required!

You’d own your website, your content, won’t have to recruit your friends and family, won’t have to put up with giving up sales to other workers, won’t have to pay ridiculous upsells and fees, won’t lose your website if you don’t meet some quota and can run your own business in any way you see fit without having to put up with any nonsense!

Introducing Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is when you appeal to potential customers who are performing search queries in Google.

You create content based on these search queries in Google. The goal is that you create the best content, and these potential customers end up on your site and enjoy your content. You build an audience and create money pages or pages with affiliate links.

An affiliate link is a link possessing a tracking code that leads you to a product. In your case as the business owner, your customers click on this affiliate link and it takes them to the product page. If the customer buys the product you are promoting, you earn a commission, a percentage of the sale.

This can be incredibly lucrative. Now, you might think that there is a low chance that your customer will just purchase the product you’re recommending right on the spot, and you are correct in assuming that. Most people might just look at the product you’re recommending, and then go do something else.

But here’s the thing.. merchants don’t pay you for bringing customers to one specific product, they pay you when a customer buys anything at all, and this is because you recommended a person to check out their store.

Affiliate programs use cookie lengths to ensure this.

A cookie length, which can be different for all affiliate programs, is a specified length of time embedded into the tracking code of the affiliate link that your customer clicks on. The typical cookie length for an affiliate program is 30 days. If a customer clicks on your link, then anything they buy from the merchant that your affiliate link directs the customer to, you will make a commission off of.

So, to put this into perspective and hype your imagination up to unbound levels of energy(because let’s be honest, all of us marketers do this) let’s say we are running a supplement-based website okay? And we’re health products, fat loss products, the whole lot.

I’m going to use the Myprotein affiliate program for this example, you can promote all of their products, and their affiliate program is really nice. You make an 8% commission on any sale, and they have a 30-day cookie length.

With Myprotein as an affiliate program, you can take your niche in endless directions.

Here is a list of categories that Myprotein has products in, these are also a list of categories you could take your fitness-based website in.

You could promote your favorite protein powder flavors, or if you’re more scientifically minded, you could promote the health benefits of protein powder.

Or you could promote BCAA energy drinks, Vegan products, pre-workouts, Gluten-Free products, Myprotein has products for all health/supplement needs, and if you want to avoid the supplement/protein powder route, they even have clothes.

Keep in mind that there are no restraints to what you can promote either as well as who you will work with, you aren’t limited to just Myprotein, I just used them as an example to prove my point of how powerful affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate programs you could use to monetize are only one search away.

Maybe fitness health isn’t your thing, maybe you just wanted to join Plexus for a side hustle and make a little extra cash, but you still want to make money online and start a side hustle.

If this is you, that is totally cool, affiliate marketing does not discriminate, you can make money within any niche, and this article explains how.

And if you don’t believe me, well these articles explain how individuals made huge amounts of money promoting their favorite things in the world, the things that they live for. Seriously, this one dude makes millions talking about his favorite quotes from anime characters…

How to make money online with anime.

How to make money online with hunting.

My recommended pathway to success:

While I have given you a small taste of the very lucrative affiliate marketing industry, you are going to need the correct training and help required to get started in this industry. It is possible to find success through the help of forums like Reddit and Quora, as well as YouTube videos, but you aren’t going to get training that’s organized. You are going to kind of run around like a headless chicken, wondering what’s the best WordPress hosting service I can use.

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one training platform that teaches you all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. They provide video lessons that take you to step one of your affiliate marketing journey to a potential six-figure business.

Unlike what appears to be an impossible-to-reach goal of $30K per year with Plexus, with an affiliate marketing business, your income cap is potentially endless.

They offer world-class hosting for your websites, up to 10 websites as a premium member, 25 as a premium plus member, and they offer a keyword tool for you to use and scope out the competition of your niche.

But this is most important…

They offer one on one help with the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, as well as a live chat feature where you can get help any time of the day from expert affiliate marketers all around the world. One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of success that so many entrepreneurs have had inside the platform, as well as the fact that they are always willing to share their knowledge and help out.

To have an understanding of everything you can get with Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here.

If I have got you hyped up enough for this training platform, but maybe you are on the fence, I’d still recommend giving it a try, and here is why.

You can try for free without exposing any information about yourself. You don’t need to give away your credit card information. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the only training programs around where you can give the program a test run before giving away any kind of payment information.

Here’s what you get with the starter membership.

  • Free website to test the waters of what it’s like to be a blogger
  • Live chat support and one on one coaching with the Wealthy Affiliate owners, as well as me(for 7 days)
  • Beginner courses for both Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. These teach the basics of affiliate marketing, what Search Engine Optimization is, what keyword research is, as well as how to set up a website.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, as I mentioned before, no credit card required, there’s no risk, and while Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, you can find out for yourself if this is something you would be interested in for free, click here to try.

And that’s it for today folks, I do hope that you found this review informative. If you have any questions or your own personal feedback(maybe you disagree with this review), please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below, and have a great day.

-David Nelly

David Nelly

6 thoughts on “Plexus Worldwide MLM review: pyramid scheme scam or legit business?

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write such an eloquent review. Plexus Worldwide is a company I’ve heard of before, and anything that promises weight loss is a scam. It’s really sad when companies say they want to make money in the health industry and it doesn’t work. However, many people believe it and continue to claim that it works. When, in reality, all they want is your money. I enjoy working on my health and discovering new health products, but when it’s a lie, it hurts. Thank you for this lovely article, which I will share with those around me.

    1. Glad you enjoyed Kiersti. I agree about it hurting when it’s a lie, MLM really corrupts people’s morals. Have a splendid day Kiersti

  2. I have never heard of Plexus but I know that all these MLM companies always promote overpriced products to cover their compensation plans. I like the detailed analysis and exposure of their fraudulent practices of continuous billing after the end of a contract.

    I definitely support your suggestion of replacing Plexus with affiliate marketing and learning to do it properly through Wealthy Affiliate

    1. I agree, gotta have proper training for a real go at affiliate marketing, luckily wealthy affiliate makes it super affordable!

  3. Well this is sad. It is always sad coming across companies that sell fake products. I am in the world of weight loss and protein shakes so to see a company exploiting others is just sad. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family with this field. I am sure that it will help them out a lot 

    1. Thank you for your kindness Aubin, I would appreciate that. ๐Ÿ™‚ The more people get exposed to the dangers of MLM and educated on it, the better. These companies are known to destroy families and tear people apart!

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