Period Time Publishing Review: Scam Or Legit?

Are you looking to find out if Dan Pye will lead you to the promised land of passive income riches? Then this is the Period Time Publishing Review that you have been looking for.

My first introduction to this product has already been humorously embarrassing in my opinion. The first talking I see Dan doing is in a fake interactive live webinar. I simply backspaced, then went back into the Webinar and the dialogue starts over from scratch. In addition to it being a fake live webinar, I couldn’t pause the video to take notes, why do people do this? (Angry Emoji)

To answer my own question, it’s probably a marketing tactic where they stress stress stress to pay attention until the end so you don’t wander off thinking “is this a scam” and spend an hour making the most outrageous sales claims possible to get you hooked into paying them that $1497.

But I digress…

The webinar is a pretty tortuous experience, I managed to make it about 37 minutes before I went and did something else. Leave a comment below if you managed to get further in this webinar.

This guy gives us his whole life story and it’s a very typical scamming style of rags to riches, not saying this is a scam, but y’know, it’s like a warrior+ product sales pitch. He gives the fake entrepreneur’s life story speech. “I was homeless for 4 years”, “I failed in online business for 15 years”, “My friend introduced me to this publishing business and I failed at first but I finally discovered the secrets, now I don’t even check on my business and I’m making Six Figures on autopilot”. “Blah Blah…..Blah.

This guy would not get to the point until like the 20-minute mark of the webinar, and y’know, its a fake live webinar, so I can’t skip ahead, can’t fast forward the video, it was really designed to test your patience, and waste your time, or should I say, get you locked in and focused so you press that buy button.

I will say that I admire the work that went into the webinar video though, this thing lasts over an hour and has tons of images, I could only imagine how much time it took to make this.

The Premise of the product:
Period Time Publishing
-Owner: Dan Pye 
-Opportunity Cost-

-Our rating: 1/5
-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit, but in my opinion, not worth your time.
-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is Period Time Publishing?

Period Time Publishing is a course/mentorship program created by Dan Pye that will teach you about the business model of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Have you ever had dreams of writing amazing novels and books and making large sums of money by selling them on amazon? Me neither, but this is the business model that took Dan Pye from a homeless man to a six to a seven-figure earner who can support his family without any issues whatsoever.

Dan speaks about a few different business models within the amazon publishing model. 

The first is ghostwriting, and oh lord, don’t do this, it sucks. You hire an author and a bunch of support staff such as logistics to write a book for you in a niche. Dan says that this is time-consuming and very costly, and in addition to that, high risk.

Then there’s creating books for children, basically, puzzle books and comic books.

Self Authored books.

Apparently, these are also very hard to tap into, but there’s the secret sauce, a 4th way.

Publishing Public Domain Books!

It’s where you find books already made, but have no copyright law attached to them. 

Then, you can add your own material to these books.

This article does a good job of explaining how this business model works.

How to Legally Profit from Public Domain Books | Why Is No One Doing This? From entre institute. 

Would I recommend this course?

I personally wouldn’t recommend this course due to the fact that it’s insanely expensive, $1497(more if you pay in lower installments).

I’m not giving away $1497 for some guy to teach me something I could probably learn on YouTube for free, and I don’t really need that eye-rolling mindset training either, I’ve heard enough motivational quotes and seen enough motivational lion memes to last me a lifetime.

In fact, I think Dan Pye should be paying me for lasting 37 minutes in his webinar.

Sure, you can get involved with their discord and Facebook groups and discuss Kindle Publishing-related things through Dan Pye’s Social Media channels in which you have to pay for, but there are also Reddit and other Facebook groups as well for discussing these kinds of things, I don’t really see the value.

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