Peaceful Profits One Book Millions Review: Scam Or Legit?

David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, after finishing my review on an MLM that’s about drinking dirt, I was scrolling through my Instagram and an ad caught my attention. It was from this guy named Mike Shreeve. He talks in this ad about how he was able to add over 700 students to one of his premium courses without using high-pressure sales tactics.

I guess that this guy also never wears pants, anybody wanna tell me what that’s all about, it’s 2022, you need to wear pants, can we please get this guy arrested?

I’m just kidding, Mike Shreeve is a national treasure, he has been in the copyright game for decades and has helped establish sales funnels for hundreds of different businesses.

Here’s the specific ad I’m talking about, leave a comment below if you too have seen this ad.

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Mike Shreeve talks about how he uses these little 70-page books that he creates to help sell his courses and consulting services. In addition, he is using one of these books to sell to you, the consumer. This book, while as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s all about showing you how he used these methods, and how he trailed and error it, and eventually found success with it.

It ended up becoming one of the fastest and easy-to-scale systems that he has used lately.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Peaceful Profits

-Owners: Mike Shreeve

-Summary: Book that teaches Mike Shreeve’s process of using books as a pre-sell offer while also convincing people to get into his consulting programs.

-Opportunity Cost: $5 for the book. Potential Upsells

Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, you have a 365-day money-back guarantee!

-Pros: Very cheap, and a great product for Mike Shreeve fans!

-Cons: People who don’t care about Mike Shreeve or never heard of him will not care about this product.

This product may contain upsells

-Our rating: 4/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: It is legit

-Is it David Nelly Approved? This book is officially David Nelly Approved! 👍

What is One Book Millions?

One book millions is this 68-page book that blew up Mike Shreeve’s course. If you were to purchase this product, here are all the bonuses that you would get with it.

While  I don’t really dig the design, it kind of reminds me of the Warriorplus products from below, it does seem that you get a lot of value for the $5 price tag!

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In addition, for a few upsells, you can also get these products!

Here, have an upsell:

Who is Mike Shreeve?

Mike Shreeve is mainly known for at first, being a massive copywriter. He has helped multiple clients with his Copywriting skills since 2011!

Here is a list of some of his well-known clients!
– Mel Robbins
– SUCCESS Magazine
– Brendon Burchard
– The John Wooden Family
– Russell Brunson
– Bill Glazer
– Liz Benny

So it is pretty easy to prove that this guy knows what he is talking about. He has over 10 years of copywriting experience and has probably made damn near billions of dollars for other companies over the course of this copywriting tenure he is on, and I have to imagine he has a big piece of that billion-dollar pie as well!

We as entrepreneurs should always seek to achieve more knowledge so for $5, getting a book of knowledge and experience by Mike Shreeve is pretty valuable! I pretty much approved as soon as I found out he worked with Russell Brunson with ClickFunnels, which by the way is one of the highest sold and most popular funnel marketing software in the entire world!

I’d pay way more than $5 to get inside information on how all that worked out behind the scenes!

Sources of information on Mike Shreeve!

Mike Shreeve’s Linkedin: This gives his entire work history!

Mike Shreeve’s Facebook

Mike Shreeve/Peaceful Profits Instagram

Peaceful Profits Website

Should I buy Mike Shreeve’s One Book Billions book?

I’d say a soft yes. I wouldn’t push you to get it or say buy now!!! It’s something that you can like…put off, I mean the internet is so vastly ginormous, and you can pretty much google every single thing that book has to say for free, but it is pretty cheap, losing $5 isn’t going to damage you any.

Plus, they give you a 365 money-back guarantee!

So if you get inside and they try to get another $40 out of you, then they ask for like $200 for some traffic extracting software that you won’t be successful without, and then they ask for $1,000 for some exclusive 1 on 1 coaching or whatever, etc etc, basically they piss you off, you can always just get a refund, although I would ask for the refund on the very first upsell, and I say this because if you buy an upsell, it might negate the refund policy!

If you love reading the work of others, if you want to connect with Mike Shreeve’s story and know what he went through to get to where he is now, and implement his strategies, then I’d say go for it.

Otherwise, you could also pass on this if you aren’t a big Mike Shreeve fan/don’t even know who he is. I’d personally say that this book is more of a thing for the fans.

Review Conclusion:

This is a good read for Mike Shreeve fans or anyone who can spare $5 to learn about new ways to make money.


✅Good information for Mike Shreeve fans

✅Lots of good information for only $5.

✅Get access to the mind of a millionaire

✅365-day money-back guarantee!


❌You probably won’t care if you aren’t a Mike Shreeve fan

❌Might contain upsells

❌The funnel Sales Page design is similar to that of some Clickbank/Warrior Plus scam from 2016, this might turn some people off.

One Book Millions gets a…


Review for the Peaceful Profits Consulting agency is coming soon, stay tuned!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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