Park Lane Jewelry Review, Legit Bling or another Pyramid Scheme Scam?

Hey guys and gals, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to be taking a look at the Park Lane Jewelry MLM company.

Now the first thing you see when entering the website is the Compensation Plan promotion, which immediately tells me they are way more focused on recruiting than likely compared to the quality of their product. This is always a bad sign.

In any case. Park Lane was founded in Chicago in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin. The goal of Park Lane Jewelry is to offer men and women entrepreneurship that “adorns their life with style and success.”

So as you can see, every fiber of this company’s being is rooted to get you to promote their stuff, it’s an MLM through and through.

I will respect the fact however that this company has in fact, been around for 67 years, that is an incredible feat on its own!

Now, when it comes to MLM opportunities, this is the criteria that I tend to look for, and the questions I think you should be asking.

🤔What is the income potential for this opportunity?

🤔How much Product, or usually in MLM terms, Personal Volume will I need to maintain my membership within its compensation plan?

🤔Is an income disclosure statement released by this company to properly follow FTC guidelines? This is important because you need to be able to trust the company you work with. If this is not provided, it is highly likely that the company is manipulating the narrative to make you believe you can make way more money than possible through this company.

🤔If an income disclosure is provided, what are the average earnings for people in the MLM? Does it look like there is a decent moving-around rate with evenly dispersed percentages in the company’s structure? Or, does it look like 80% to 99% of all MLM distributors are never ever able to move above the beginner ranks and only make around $10-$1000 per year?

🤔How much time and energy will you be spending in the MLM? Will you be able to tackle this MLM structure at a relaxed pace? Will you be provided with an opportunity to use online marketing to promote the company’s products? Or will you be hustling all over doing door-to-door sales, hosting parties to introduce the product, and relying on selling to friends and family?

🤔Is the company’s product actually good, or improved over the competition? Or does the MLM rely more on recruiting others and attempting to finesse how much money you can make with the company to get people in versus selling the company’s product?

Now, my job here at Safe Money Makers is to help you avoid bad programs, scams, and pyramid schemes,  as well as help you find that online business opportunity that does guarantee you legitimate job replacement income!  (If you are willing to put in the work)

If you have studied MLMs and pyramid schemes like I have, as well as done all the research that I have, you would already understand that only 0.4% of people turn a profit in the Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling Industry.

In fact, you can see direct proof of this from a research case study done by the Federal Trade Commission. You can download a PDF file here that displays the truth in this.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Park Lane Jewelry

-Owners: Arthur and Shirley LeVin

-Summary: Jewelry/MLM hybrid, one of the longest-running MLMs in existence!

-Opportunity Cost: $39 annually paid affiliate plan, a needed product kit payment, and this can range between $99 to $400+, and you must pay for your website which is $100 per year, and in addition, you must reach a Personal Volume threshold through sales to maintain your Compensation Plan Active Status, if you cannot do this, you must either forfeit your membership or pay out of pocket to maintain required personal volume.

-Pros: ✅One of the longest-running MLMs

-Cons: ❌One of the more expensive MLMs to maintain a Compensation plan active membership, low-quality products, and various relatable complaints by customers against this company.

-Our rating: 1.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: On paper, this company is legit, but they do a lot of shady things such as completely dismissing their money-back guarantee policy, sending items that break way faster and easier than advertised, so one could say that they have a lot of scams up their sleeves.

-Is it David Nelly Approved? No!

What is Park Lane Jewelry?

Park Lane Jewelry is one of the longest-running Multi-Level Marketing companies in existence. In fact, they have been around even longer than Stampin Up, Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin, and they have been a successful Jewelry Business for over 67 years!

As you can see from the picture above, and as you could predict just from the company’s name alone, Park Lane Jewelry sells several forms of Jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and much more.

Park Lane Jewelry History:

This won’t have much to do with the actual overall review, but here is some history for anyone who is interested.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Park Lane Started in 1955. Through Park Lane, Shirley and Arthur achieve financial freedom, and this life-changing event instills the motivation to create the MLM element and they grow the business to a point in which they can also help others achieve financial freedom.

1965- Park Lane goes international

1975- Park Lane goes nationwide

1985- Park Lane goes international

1995- The Internet becomes popular which also expands Park Lane’s popularity

2005+ More MLM incentives are created, such as a luxury car program

Products Review:

Now seeing how long this company was in business, I was under the impression that I might be reviewing one of the best Jewelry products in the jewelry niche, but after reading several other reviews online, I believe that I have been mistaken.

Many reviews online complain about lifetime warranty problems, overall customer service, and many claims about their vouchers. For example, you buy 3 get 1 free, but then you find out you have to actually pay for the shipping of the free item.

There are also various complaints about items coming in late, and products falling apart within 2 hours of unboxing them, some customers have even gone as far as to say that they feel that Walmart of all places offers higher quality jewelry than what Park Lane offers, and if that is true, then Park Lane has some lousy and embarrassing jewelry. Allow me to screenshot some of these reviews from the public domain.

Now, this is just off their main page on Facebook. I could also screenshot various reviews from Reddit and other platforms, but I think that I am getting my point across from just the Facebook Reviews alone! From what we can see, it appears that almost none of their products show up as advertised. Many of them show up broken and immediately fall apart.

Not only that, but it appears that many of the stylists are straight-up thieves. You order through them, but then your item never comes, as if they conned you into purchasing absolutely nothing.

If you did receive a product that breaks apart upon unboxing, you still got a better deal than many others.

The customer service seems to be nothing more than the MLM reps of this company, which is probably some of the worst customer service that I can imagine.

And finally, before we move on, I would like to point out that Park Lane Jewelry has an overall score of 1.85 out of 5 on the Better Business Bureau.

How much does it cost to join Park Lane Jewelry’s compensation plan?

So there are those perceived premonitions that all MLM Compensations Plans have right? That conventional program created in which you have to buy an extensive product package and pay a yearly membership(which is actually how most MLMs make the majority of their money), is Park Lane the same? And if so, how much money will you have to pay in order to join?

Now for your answer, yes, Park Lane follows the same controversial MLM business plan of making you pay for an affiliate membership, as well as forcing you to purchase a starter kit.

I tried to join to get some actual direct information, but I was pretty turned off to find out that they wanted my social security card, something I would never even consider giving to an MLM company.

In any case, you’ll need to pay an annual affiliate fee of $39 to join the compensation plan, and in addition, you will need to buy a product kit that is at least worth $99 or more.

There is also a Personal Volume requirement that you must meet in order to maintain your “stylist” or compensation plan status. I believe the quota is to meet $200 in monthly revenue, or else you will be labeled as inactive, and will lose access to the compensation plan opportunity. This is why so many lose so much money to MLMs, It is because they spend so much money purchasing MLM products just for the sole purpose of maintaining their Compensation Plan activity status.

Higher-ups in the MLM compensation plan use gaslighting and other manipulation tactics to get the people on the bottom to desperately cling to their memberships, and this at times causes people involved with MLMs to go homeless. This is why I generally have nothing but disdain for MLMs and what they can do to people. Not all MLMs are bad, but many of them are both incredibly toxic, and the worst investment you can ever make.

This is also why I always include the FTC data-driven statistics about how 99.6% of all participants in MLMs lose money!

Last but not least, there is also the personal Park Lane website required payment, the website in which you will need to launch your personal brand for your own Park Lane Jewelry business.

And the cost of this is absolutely absurd! You must pay $100 per year to maintain your Park Lane Jewlry website.

This website is on a domain that actually belongs to Park Lane itself, not you, it is a website that is not Search Engine Optimized, and because of that, you cannot drive organic traffic to it through the search engines, the only traffic you can get is referral traffic!

If you are looking into potentially running a WordPress-based website that can generate a huge amount of organic traffic, my website Safe Money Makers which you are currently on is run by SiteRubix Hosting, you can get a domain and only have to pay around $14.99 annually to run it

Compensation Plan Review:

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, you’ll already realize that 99.6% of all participants in MLM are destined to lose money, but is Park Lane Jewelry any different? Could this be the one MLM company that will have a higher probability of yielding better results? I mean, probably not, but let us read on to find out!

Based on what I’ve found online, like most MLMs, Park Lane has a very difficult-to-understand compensation plan, but if you really look into it, you can find ways to break it down and simplify it, and that’s what I am going to give you, the easy to understand version of their compensation plan.

There are two different ways of earning from Park Lane. Commission-based selling and of course, the cult-like recruiting.

Commission-Based Sales:

The base commission plan is that you start out earning 20% commission on anything that you directly sell to customers. Keep in mind that you must also maintain a quota, and if you do not meet that quota through actual sales, you will not be making any money, if you choose to purchase products with your own money in order to meet your quota, you will actually be losing money.

You can increase your commission rate from 20% all the way up to 35% depending on the rank you attain. The only way to increase your rate, however, is through recruiting.


You can earn commissions through recruiting. These commissions are generated from the starter kit that one must purchase to join the compensation plan. You will also earn recruiting bonuses as you rank up.


Park Lane has 3 different ranks, technically 4, but when you join, I guess they consider you unranked, but in any case, they have 3 different ranks to which you can upgrade your status. Upon qualifying and reaching a new rank, your commission cap will increase, and you will receive recruitment bonuses.

As mentioned, you will receive a recruitment bonus upon ranking up, and each rank increases your Commission by 5%. The 3 ranks are Director (25% commission) Executive Director(30% commission), and National Director (35% commission).

Of course, be well to remember that you will have to generate a high amount of sales to maintain these ranks, with each rank comes higher demand to maintain a group volume threshold.

How does Park Lane encourage and strategize making sales?

Well, they use the classic throw-a-party formula, which in 2022, does not really work! They basically do door-to-door sales, and this is like, last-century outdated stuff. People have learned to be wary of MLMs, and what you get in this party-throwing or door-to-door salesmen type of situation is a target audience that is random. They are probably not interested in becoming some kind of entrepreneur. You might be able to score some direct sales, but your problem is that people are becoming very aware of the horrors of MLMs, and this controversy will essentially spread to all MLMs, and as a result, your peers may see you as a controversial figure, or they might think that you got scammed.

Is it possible/likely that I will make a lot of money with Park Lane?

Is it possible? Yes, is it likely? No, and here’s why.

As mentioned before, Park Lane relies on an outdated door-to-door style of sales tactics. You aren’t going to be able to find the audience you are looking for in this fashion. In addition, Park Lane offers an overpriced website that you don’t even own, and is not optimized for SEO.

The only way you can truly make money that’s life-changing in these kinds of companies is by targeting an audience that is both interested in jewelry and wants to make money on the side or become an entrepreneur, but you also have a problem with the quality of Park Lane’s products, because basically everywhere I look, Park Lane’s products are quite a low tier on the quality scale, with various customers complaining about the products breaking.

And sure they offer their money-back guarantee or whatever, but based on all the complaints I’ve read about this company all across the internet, they don’t really seem to offer that either.

So let’s say you win some good luck and get a few sales, well what’s going to happen to your self-owned business when your customers can’t get ahold of the company’s customer service? Or what about when your customer is unsatisfied with the fact that their product broke easily, and then they cannot get a refund?

Even if you are making a net positive income through the compensation plan, dealing with all of these complaints and mishaps is going to give you the most stressful headache in the world.

And let us not forget that statistically speaking, you will more than likely lose money with this compensation plan.

Review Conclusion:

✅Things I like about Park Lane:

✅Long Lasting Success as one of the longest MLMs to exist: One of the scary things about MLMs is how prone they are to be shut down due to false claims made by both the owners and distributors. While I would say that Park Lane has pulled some shady things in the past, and perhaps you could argue that their money-back guarantee policies are shady with all the complaints around claiming that the policy is alive, it is incredibly impressive for not only an MLM, but any business as a whole to exist for over 67 years and continue to profit.

So at the very least, you can have comfort knowing that Park Lane is here to stay!

✅Decent commission structure: Now, I still do not think that you will make money with Park Lane, statistically, it simply is unlikely, but there is always the right person for the job, and for that one person who can find the magic flow of the river, they can enjoy some pretty nice commissions ranging from 20% to 35%

❌Things I don’t like about Park Lane:

❌ Low-quality products and various complaints: And it is not hard to find these complaints, simply visit their Facebook page and they don’t even hide it. Its clear as day that many people are unsatisfied overall with the quality of this company’s jewelry, with many people even going as far to say that nothing they have is actually professionally put together.

In addition to the anger the customers have with the product, many customers have also come forward claiming that they did not get their money back, and in some cases, the products they bought were broken before they even unboxed them, and they still didn’t get their money back.

❌Non-existent customer service: You can tie this into the complaints that I mentioned above, but according to many of the complaints that I read, customer service is almost nonexistent, and I believe that this customer service aspect of the business has actually been passed off to the consultants, or in other words, the people involved with the companies compensation plan.

This is the worst idea of customer service that I can imagine because you need to hire professionals for customer service. A bunch of wanna-be entrepreneurs who get inspired by the boss and lion quotes from Instagram is not customer service quality.

They might know how to sell products, but they don’t know how to refund packages or to change product package routes. These people also do not contractually work for Park Lane, most of these people are simply using this as a side hustle, they are not obligated to represent Park Lane because essentially, they cannot get fired or disciplined, that’s the name of the game of the be your own boss thing. If they decide to be lazy and not take care of the refunds, well, I guess you aren’t getting your refund.

Company is an MLM and as a result, falls to the percentage curse, which means there is a 99.4% chance of you losing money by becoming a brand partner for Fitteam.

So to close this review up, my overall opinion of Park Lane is negative, I do not think that this is a good company, there are more complaints about their product quality than I can count, and their compensation plan overall isn’t very good!

Park Lane Jewelry gets a…


David Nelly Does Not Approve!

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