Over 20 anime affiliate programs you can use to boost your Zeni

Hey everyone, today we are going to help you get the funding you need to make your life better. And what I mean is I am going to help you activate the infinite Tsukuyomi which will put the entire world under a genjutsu in which they will all be forced to willingly give you money.

Okay maybe not, that’s a little out there, however, we will be providing you with the programs that you need to take advantage of if you are an affiliate marketer within the anime niche. This post is a follow-up to my post about how it’s possible to make money online with anime.

The anime industry was always big, even in the 80s and 90s, but ever since 2016, people were no longer considered to be dweebs for liking anime. Please take no offense to my statement, I was an absolute dweeb back in high school, trust me, my point being is that anime has now blown up so much to the point that in 2022 if the whole school knows you’re into anime, you can be a jock.

Seriously look at how much anime has affected the entire world.

They have these illustrations for all the NFL football players and also little artwork anime-styled renditions of the Running backs whenever they score a touchdown, they sort of have this style of artwork when this occurs.

Obviously, you can see that the anime influence is huge, at this point, it has practically taken over the world.

I can say for certain that anime is one of my favorite niches to delve into.

It’s easy for me to write content for it, I love it, and I don’t have to sell anything. It’s full of incredible independent artists as well, selling fan art for the top animes all around and with websites like Red Bubble, Society 6, and Etsy. There is a constant stream of products being developed for the anime niche.

I would imagine that there are thousands of brand new products being developed for anime daily. Products such as new fresh-looking artwork/designs for T-shirts, wall posters, home decor objects, and Coffee mugs.

And the reason why these are so easy to sell is that they are visual products.

In fact, trying to sell these would work against your favor, nobody is going to care what some art critic is going to say, when it comes to these designs, the viewer is simply going to choose based on the visual pleasure the artwork gives them.

You don’t need to do a slog of boring product reviews like in other niches such as Tech, Exercise Equipment, or in my case, Course reviews in the Make Money Online Niche.

You can simply talk about your favorite anime shows and manga volumes, review your favorite episodes, or just provide cool fanfiction stories you made up, and place some wall art posters on the side widgets of your blog, it’s all about connecting with an audience. Anime fans don’t need to be sold to, they just buy!

So without further ado, let’s get into this overview, starting up with our top ten affiliate programs you need to promote to take your income to the next level!

#1 Things From Another World Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 14% + Extra $25 as a gift for reaching $500 in sales in a month and an extra $50 as a gift for reaching $1000 in sales in a month. These guys appreciate their affiliates! (**Incredibly high tier commission rate**

Cookie Length: 90 days (**longest cookie length we have found for anime niche**)

Link to affiliate program page: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=8908&u=942247

Why you should promote it:

#1 Third largest comic book store in the entire world.

#2 They have almost any comic book you can imagine, from DC to Marvel, Darkhorse, and of course the niche this post is focusing on, manga.

#3 Epic statues of various legendary anime characters.

#4 Longest Cookie Length in the anime affiliate, refer someone to Things From Another World and get commissions on whatever they buy for 90 days, as long as they don’t click on someone else’s Things From Another World Affiliate Link in that time span.

#5 Second highest commission rate, at a strong 14%, combine that with the 90-day cookie length and this affiliate program is a beast at building up your Zeni to over $9000!

#2 Red Bubble Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 10% (*high tier E-commerce Commission rate*)

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to affiliate program page: https://www.redbubble.com/p/398-affiliate-program

Why you should promote it:

#1 High commission rate for an E-commerce affiliate program and 30-day cookie length

#2 Unlimited list of products to promote, most T-shirt/Apparel designs are by the fans, for the fans, not only is there constant new products coming out, but you can feel incredible knowing that you are helping out struggling artists.

#3 Products in a huge variety of niches, including mugs, shirts and apparel, posters, masks, mousepads, bed items like pillows, and many more

#4  Redbubble is huge and has been in business since 2006

#3 Society6 Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 10% (*high tier E-commerce commission rate*)

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://society6.com/affiliate

Why you should Promote it:

#1 Posters are awesome and one of the #1 ways to spice up your apartment/house. They breathe life into your living area, bring good vibes, and are easy to sell. They are visual items, so the sale takes place solely upon the audience’s appreciation for the art.

#2 Like with Red Bubble, your promotions will net you a commission and you’ll also be supporting an independent artist.

#3 They even have posters of my favorite part of the anime universe, Hentai!

#4  They also have T-shirts based on anime you can promote.

#4 Saiyan Stuff Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 15% on every sale **Highest commission rate we have found off all affiliate programs**

Cookie Length: When I asked the merchant, they told me it was 7 days.

Link to the affiliate program page: https://saiyanstuff.com/affiliate-program/

Reasons to promote Saiyan Stuff:

#1 Huge Big-Mac Sized commission rate at 15%

#2 A one-stop-shop for apparel for Dragon Ball Z, One-piece, and Naruto apparel, shirts, pants, hats, leggings, and panties, yes, they sell panties with Dragonball characters on them. They also have this really cool 3D light lamp DIY project that I almost bought while looking through the marketplace.

#5 Right Stuf Anime affiliate program:

Commission Rate: Up to 8%, varies between product types.

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program page: https://www.rightstufanime.com/affiliate-program

Why you should promote it:

#1 massive vendor to affiliate support with a multitude of banners to use as promotions. In addition, you can sign up for their affiliate newsletter to get information on brand new products before they release and promote them before all the other affiliates review them when they get popular.

#2  Merchandise products in every form possible, from action figures to blankets to office supplies, they even sell pillows with anime art on them.

#3 It’s the largest anime retailer in North America.

#4 Some products are expensive, bad for customers, but good for you, with some items as high as $300, an 8% cut of $300 is $24. Not bad for just one sale.

#5 You can communicate with their affiliate manager and get help/advice on your campaigns.

#6 Weeb Stuff Affilaite Program:

Commission rate: 10% (*high tier E-Commerce commission rate*)

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program page: https://weebstuff.com/pages/register-affiliate-account

Why you should Promote it:

#1 High commission rates with a standard 30-day cookie length

#2 Merch available for major popular animes, including Naruto, Attack On Titan, and Demon Slayer

#3 Unique Products that aren’t offered in other shops, including backpacks, phone cases, kitchen home decor items, such as night lamps that represent things out of anime.

#4 Fast workers, this website gets product designs out within a week of a new form debut or new character debut from a brand new anime episode

#5 They have a product review section from their customers, and they provide legit feedback with pictures included. You can use this to find good products to promote for your website or YouTube channel.

#7 Cosplay Shopper Affiliate Program:

Great Option for targeting Cosplay fans.

Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Length: 45 days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.cosplayshopper.com/affiliate

Why you should promote it:

#1 The amount of products you can promote for cosplay lovers is just..sheerly ridiculous, take a look at the website’s front page and see what I mean! https://www.cosplayshopper.com/

#2 15 extra days on your usual Cosplay affiliate program, Cosplay Shopper gives traffic up to 45 days to purchase any product, which potentially gives you many extra commissions. Also, keep in mind you can potentially earn money from non-anime products as well, with the 45-day cookie length, someone could end up buying a spiderman costume you weren’t even promoting, but due to the cookie length, you will still earn a commission on this.

#3 No chargeback policy, if someone returns an item you recommended, you still get the commission

#4 Dedicated affiliate manager, get 1 on 1 help through their affiliate program on how to boost your earnings!

#8 EZCosplay Affiliate Program:

Another great option for getting people ready for Comicon.

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.ezcosplay.com/affiliate-program

Why you should promote it:

#1 Hundreds of thousands of products, with in-depth cosplay outfits available for every anime imaginable. Seriously, they have cosplay products for anime on an A-Z list basis, it is literally jaw-dropping to see their library of excellently crafted costumes.

Click this link to the website’s homepage and have a look for yourself, you will be able to make 10% commission on any and all of these products!

#2 Access to product feed as well as emailed updates for new products you can promote before their release.

#9 Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 7-10% in cash or 10-15% in-store credit, based on sales volume.

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/affiliate-program

Why you should promote it:

#1 One of the leaders in the action figure marketplace and has one of the biggest online E-commerce action figure stores in the world.

#2 Some action figures have a ton of value, and the price is quite telling, receive between 7-10% commission on action figures that cost between $200-$500.

#3 You’ll be assigned to a dedicated affiliate manager who will help you with your promotions, get 1 on 1 help on selling action figures to your audience.

#10 abposters Affiliate Program:

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie Length: Unknown

link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.abposters.com/guide_affil.php

Why you should promote it:

#1 Some of the posters are higher quality compared to other shops, with some of them even being framed.

#2 Original artwork by independent artists, promote their work and help both you and the independent artist make more money.

Runner up Affiliate Programs that you could also use:

CD Japan Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 5-7% depending on the product sold.

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/aff/?1=1&page=make_link

Why you should Promote it:

#1 Large array of CDs, DVDs, and apparel to choose from and promote.

FYE Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: Unknown

Cookie Length: No proof, but rumors suggest that it is 45 days.

We recommend messaging the merchant during the signup process for more information on commission rates and cookie length.

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/fye-com-affiliate-program/

Why you should promote it:

#1 Huge collection of Funko Pops(people are obsessed with these kinds of toys). In addition, many of these Funko Pops are unique and custom made, as well as eye-catching, see this pop of Sasuke Uchiha as a cat for example.

#2 Large array of statues, action figures, I think I saw a dragon ball z popcorn maker in there, tons of collectibles, and some apparel to promote as well.

#3 FYE has been in business for 25 years so you can trust that their affiliate program will be an available vendor for a very long time!

Gear Anime Affiliate Program:

Commission rate: 5%

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://aff.gearanime.com/

Why you should promote it:

#1 They have some sick sneakers that will easily attract anime fans in a heartbeat. Everything from character-themed sneakers from Dragon Ball Z/Super, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, and many others. You could easily create a niche based on anime shoes and use this as your sole monetization method and make a lot of money, but we here at Safe Money Makers do recommend keeping your options open.

#2 They have a lot of banners and ads you can use for your promotions, and they even offer a free short link tool for their products.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Affilaite Program:

Commission Rate: 5% on all orders

Cookie Length: Unknown (check with the vendor when signing up)

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://otakumode.com/affiliate/intro

Why you should promote it:

#1 Lots of products to promote

#2 Premium membership offers cashback, so traffic may feel inclined to buy a lot of products at once, which means you’ll receive a lot of commissions at once

#3 Huge library of products and toys, action figures, cosplay, and clothes, and they have products that cover all of the major manga and anime series including Jo Jo’s Bizarro Adventure, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and many others.

Solaris Japan Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 3-8% depending on the product sold

Cookie Length: Unknown

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://affiliatly.com/af-10730/af-10730/affiliate.panel?mode=register

Why you should promote it:

Keychains, Yugioh Cards, Artbooks, and they have a good public opinion on Reddit.

J-List Affiliate Program:

This one is for the 18+ hentai fans, there is a lot of nudity on this website.

Commission Rate: 8%

Cookie Length: 10 days

Link to Affiliate Program page: https://affiliate.jlist.com/

Why you should promote it:

#1 If you’re targeting an audience of hentai lovers and doujinshi, this is the website to refer them to.

#2 Rare collectible movies, such as Space Battleship Yamamoto 2199. These go for $200 and a can’t miss for collectors.

#3 Despite being a heavy emphasis on selling adult content, they also have a ton of action figures from major anime such as Demon Slayer.

EMP Online Affiliate Program:

Commission rate: 7%

Cookie Length: Unknown

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://www.emp-online.com/partnerprogram.html

Why you should promote it:

Mainly a merch store that offers products in various promotions. This might not be your best pick when it comes to anime, but they offer a small selection of merch products, such as shirts, sweatshirts, and beanies for these 4 animes, Naruto, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and Death Note.

In addition, they also have a few unique products based on anime such as shot glasses. While this isn’t our #1 recommendation for anime affiliate programs, money is money and you can make some with EMP.

Other affiliate programs to consider for your promotions

Hot Topic Affiliate Program:

Commission rate and cookie length are both unknown. We recommend messaging the vendor upon joining the program.

Link to Affiliate Program page:  https://www.hottopic.com/customer-service/partnerships/affiliates/

Why you should consider promoting Hot Topic Products:

Hot topic has been a huge influence on pop culture since 2000 and has stores across all the major shopping malls in the United States. They have also promoted anime-based apparel way before it was considered cool. Hot Topic has affiliate managers that will help you promote their content and they have a lot of attractive-looking banners you can take advantage of as well.

While we cannot find any information about the commission rates and the cookie lengths, you can be sure to take advantage of their popularity to get some extra commissions on your website.

If you decide to work with Hot Topic, we recommend formulating a good relationship with the affiliate manager as that person will be a major help with your promotions, and that is also where you will get information on the commission and cookie length rates.

Etsy Store Affilaite Program:

Commission Rate: Rumors on the street suggest the commission rate is 2%, but we could not find proof from its affiliate page, you will have to ask the vendor when you sign up.

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program page: https://www.etsy.com/affiliates

Why you should consider incorporating Etsy into your affiliate campaigns:

Etsy is home to some of the biggest artists and do-it-yourself craftsmen and women. Custom products are being made every day by so many talented people. Help them out and get a small cut of the profit in the process.

Since there are so many niches covered on Etsy, you can potentially earn money on any niche within Etsy. It’s another one of those programs that offer millions of products and all you have to do is get the customer into the door. 30 days is a long cookie length that may get you some generous commissions as they have an unlimited supply chain of products to pick from.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 1-20% depending on the product

Cookie Length: 24 hours

Link to Affiliate Program Page: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

Kind of a last resort but also the first choice for beginners. Amazon has the biggest library of products in the entire world, It is the biggest conglomerate and E-commerce giant we have ever seen and there is no company that has more options than Amazon does.

We as affiliates have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. We love them because of their huge product library, and we love them because we know that customers have absolute trust in them. We can have good faith that if we refer traffic to Amazon, they will end up purchasing from Amazon because everyone shops on Amazon.

While the 24-hour cookie window isn’t very long, you can still potentially refer them to Amazon for say.. an anime product, and maybe they do or don’t buy it, but you can get a commission for anything that they buy within the 24-hour cookie window. I emphasize anything because amazon has products for virtually any niche!

Your traffic could end up deciding to buy a new TV or a new Refridgerator, and you would get a commission for that, even if it is completely unrelated to your niche.

We hate them because they have some of the lowest commission rates in the entire industry, and they also have the shortest cookie length in the industry, with only 1 day, 24 hours. You need the highest quality source of traffic to see some income gains on amazon, and I mean that you need people who want to buy a product RIGHT NOW!

However, we here at Safe Money Makers still recommend incorporating Amazon Associates into your affiliate campaigns as it offers more products than any other E-commerce platform in the world, people shop at amazon like small-town folks shop at Walmart, it is pretty much the go-to place for shopping online and getting people into a 24-hour cookie with amazon can definitely offer you some generous commissions.

Sure they slash commissions every 3 years, that’s why it’s not wise to keep only one affiliate program in your deck of cards. All those folks crying and making YouTube videos about losing 60% of their monetization overnight with the 2020 amazon commission cuts deserve to be in that situation, they should have planned ahead for this kind of possibility and not have put all of their eggs in one basket.

However, while Amazon isn’t the most kind to us affiliates, they are a golden egg in the eyes of their customer. Like Jeff Bezos or not, customers trust products from Amazon more than any other E-commerce vendor, and some “woke blogger” isn’t ever going to sway the public opinion enough to escape the clutches of Amazon. That’s why we here at Safe Money Makers recommend taking advantage of Amazon so that you can take advantage of the trust your audience is going to have in Amazon.

A bonus affiliate program we think you’d want to know about:

Just in case you are looking for one more opportunity to make some money online promoting comic books, I would like to tell you about the Multiverse comic box affiliate program. While this article mainly focuses on the Anime/Manga niche, I wanted to introduce you to this opportunity because it presents a recurring income opportunity.

This Affiliate Program is from something called The Multiverse Comic Box.

The Multiverse Comic Box Affiliate Program:

Commission Rate: 5% Recurring. As long as the customer you referred stays subscribed to their mystery box subscription, you will keep earning 5% of all their monthly payments.

Cookie Length: 30 days

Link to Affiliate Program page: https://multiversecomicbox.com/comic-book-affiliate-program/

Why you might want to consider incorporating this affiliate program into your campaigns:

#1 Recurring commission model. We all know that you can make huge amounts of money that can far outshine what most 9-5 jobs can bring you, but there is always an unpredictability to the money you earn. With a recurring commission model such as what Multiverse Comic Box offers, you have the potential to have lifetime customers to the offer you are promoting, and as a result, maintain lifetime income

#2 Affiliate manager to give you 1 on 1 help with your campaigns for Multiverse Comic Box.

#3 Multiverse Comic Box offers mystery boxes of rare comic books from the 1960s to the 1990s. This will easily reel in collectors and hook them to stay for long periods of time.

I personally think it wouldn’t be too hard to incorporate this into your anime blog, but then again, it all depends on the kind of content that you create. Perhaps you could also consider making a second website that promotes more old-school comic books, either way, I thought maybe you’d want to know about this opportunity because recurring income is the best affiliate income there is!

**Super bonus content** Extra Outside the box ways to monetize:

#1 Take advantage of VPN affiliate programs:

What is the problem that all streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchy Roll, and Funimation have in common? Geoblocked content.

For example, I can’t watch Jujutsu Kaisen on Netlfix out here in Minnesota U.S.A. However, Jujutsu Kaisen is available on Netflix for people who live in Japan. With Express VPN I could use its geography software to fool Netflix into thinking that I live in Japan, and therefore gain access to the JUjutsu Kaisen content as well as various other anime shows that won’t show up on Netflix’s United States servers.

Consider helping folks gain access to Geoblocked Content by promoting VPN software, and in exchange, you would receive generous recurring commissions from their affiliate programs.

#2 Promote Streaming Services that have affiliate programs:

Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Plex TV, and Peacock TV are all streaming services with anime on them and also contain affiliate programs. We are sure that there are several more Streaming Services with both anime and affiliate programs on them. These are all things you could consider putting into your affiliate campaigns.

In addition, you can also consider promoting television providers such as Dish Network and AT&T TV in order to convince people to tune in to “the latest Attack On Titan episode dropping this Sunday at 6 pm.”

Streamlining your business for affiliate success:

There you go folks, I just listed more than 20 affiliate programs that you can take advantage of. When it comes to affiliate marketing, we believe that your best shot to success is having a good keyword tool to scope out your competition, website hosting that is stable and keeps your website running 24/7, and training plus a community of expert affiliate marketers that you can interact with, have conversations about marketing with, and strategy sessions.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. If you want a surefire path to success, I highly recommend checking out a review that will give you all the details on this program.

If you want my ultimate guide on making money online with anime, check out this article!

That’ll be all for today folks, I hope that I managed to help you get an idea of how to monetize your anime blog/YouTube channel to the next level, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

-David Nelly



18 thoughts on “Over 20 anime affiliate programs you can use to boost your Zeni

  1. Thank you for this in-depth list on anime affiliate networks. I can see why people could think in the past, that this was ridiculous niche, but nowadays, it can be holy grail. Not just because of the progress in the digitalisation, but also with NFT’s for instance. So, the potential is enormous. After checking the commission level, there are also some interesting networks. I will have a deeper look inside and will ask you if I need easy guidance, is that ok?

  2. You did extensive research for us on anime. Anime has been around and has been liked by millions they gain our interest. All these affiliate marketing programs that you have laid out for us will be in our books for later. Bookmarked and saved to view anytime we come back.
    We will share this as well, we know others that love anime.


    1. Wow, I am happy about that, thank you so much for the support, and I am glad you enjoyed the article, I might navigate this style of research into other niches as well!

  3. Asian culture has been growing for the last years, and for us, who are fans, this is great news! Thank you for providing the best way of using what we like to produce something (money in this case). Saiyan seems to have the best sales percentage, and I will totally take a closer look to it!

  4. I found myself researching anime affiliate programs to help a family member with their blog as they are big anime fans. Did not know so many affiliate programs are available for anime fans to make money from. Have book marked your website and shared with my social media so that my family member can review and see which  ones they world like join. 

  5. Hi David, the anime niche is a very good suggestion, and with so many affiliate programs that one can promote, it should be a good way of making money online. With so many more people watching movies and shows at home, and streaming things live, it is a brilliant idea to be an affiliate for VPN services. That way as you say, you can fool Netflix into thinking you live elsewhere and enable you to watch geo-blocked content. 

    Thanks for sharing some great tips and ideas. 

  6. I am impressed with how many affiliate programs we have available in the Anime niche. I thought we could only promote buying movies and series. But it ranges from poster prints, to even having art printed on shoes. I had only heard about Red Bubble. So, I will join their program and start with them.

  7. Hello David

    Thanks so much for sharing your post and tips on affiliate programs one can join to improve income.Although I have been blogging for a while, I’m not yet making enough income but I believe the problem for me is not finding the right affiliate programs.

    Having said that, I think another serious mistake I made was deciding to only promote amazon products and with a 24 hour cookie and the low commissions, it gets hard to make money.

    I will definitely check some of the affiliate programs you suggested here because I believe I have enough content on my site, just the right affiliate programs missing.

    Once more, thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Of course, always happy to help. Yes, Amazon is pretty hard to work with, especially with all the rules and restrictions that they make you work around, such as not letting you display prices. I always recommend keeping your options open, just because Amazon is the best for the customers does not mean it’s best for the affiliates, and there is always something another platform can offer your niche that amazon cant.

  8. Hi David,

    I was also a fan of Japanese anime in high school, and I remembered all the boys waiting to read the latest Naruto episode every week, but I never thought that I could create a niche. Thanks a lot for the idea too.

    From your sharing, many of them seem attractive. Considering the cookie length, I will choose the Things From Another World Affiliate Program since it gets a 90-day cookie. If any other affiliate program could offer a lifetime cookie, I would switch to it. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing. Appreciated!


    1. I agree with choosing Things from another world, hence why its my #1 recommendation to take advantage of as an affiliate program with a 14% commission and a 90 day cookie, your affiliate website could be a pretty huge cash generator with that affiliate program alone!

  9. Hi David,
    Wow, that is quite a list of Affiliate Marketing programs for anime! if someone is wondering how to monetize their blog, this is certainly a useful page for sure! I would never have thought of promoting VPN software for gaining access to a Geoblocked Content around the world. What a great idea!
    I am also amazed that anime is so big in schools! I have learned a lot from your blog, thank you. I will bookmark this site so I can return again.

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