Nutonic Review: Pyramid scheme scam or Legit MLM oppertunity?

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While this website is relatively new, I have experience in making money online that dates back to 2016, and because of all the adventures that I have gone through in the online world, I have gained a knack for identifying a lot of the false promises inside of this space, and I have also fallen victim to one or two of them, and I have seen my friends fall victim to scams as well before finding their footing in the entrepreneurial space.

Stick with me to the end because I am going to help guide you in the direction you need to go in for a guaranteed pathway toward success, but first, the reason you really came here… you want to know about Nutonic, is this really a profitable Multi-Level Marketing company for its distributors?

 I review a lot of MLM products like this one, and over the course of my reviews, I have found many MLM products to either not work as well as they say it does, or be outright scams.

And lastly, before we get into the review, as mentioned, I am constantly on the watch out for new opportunities to make money online, whether it’s MLM, anything to do with courses or technology regarding Shopify, Affiliate Marketing, Stocks and Trading, Cryptocurrencies, Survey’s and anything else side-hustle related. 

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Important note: I am not a distributor for Nutonic

Is this one the same, or is this one an exception to the matter? One thing I really don’t like is when I went to their about me page, within the first two paragraphs they were already promoting the idea that you can make a lot of money with their direct selling model.

Generally for me, when you promote the money-making aspect of an MLM compared to the actual validity of the products, that’s a big red flag for me.

Another thing to consider is that according to the Federal Trade Commission, you stand to only have a 0.4% of turning a profit in an MLM business! (Gambling has a higher chance of turning a profit!)

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The Premise of the product:

-Name: Nutonic

-Owners: Jerry and Kim Booth.

-Summary: Supplement/beauty product MLM company with products based in the health and wellness niche. They sell weight loss pills, skincare lotions, Hemp gummies, Nootropic-based brain pill products, and others. They also offer an MLM direct selling type of oppertunity.

💰Opportunity Cost: Free to join

✅Pros: Good quality products for their price.

❌Cons: Heavy emphasis on the business opportunity, with little information provided on the products. Terrible website design with coding issues and it is so very unnecessarily hard to become a distributor.

-Our rating: 3/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit

What is Nutonic?

Nutonic is another one of those MLM companies taking place in the health and wellness space, with things like “natural ingredients” and “environmentally friendly” being taglines to get you to have that placebo effect that comes into place when you take something marketed as healthy for you.

You can make all the claims in the world that you had trained specialists test and help develop these products, but the fact is, like most MLM companies, none of these products are FDA approved, so you truly do not have any evidence that they are putting their money where their mouth is.

At the very least, they do admit this.

Basically what this means is, they have free reigns to market their products however they want to market them, which means they can outright lie about what is in their products, and fabricate any story they wish in order to sell their products.

This is a typical approach for most health and wellness-based Multi-Level Marketing company. The creators and the reps will say anything and everything in order to get you into their downlines.  Unicity International, Plexus Worldwide, and Hempworx are companies that use this type of approach.

Now maybe I am biased, right? I generally have a big distaste for MLMs and you could claim that it shows in most reviews I do regarding MLM companies. However, if you read this article, you’ll be able to have an understanding of why MLMs just do not work for the common people as a business opportunity.

That’s not to say you can’t build wealth with a side-hustle or business, in fact, my #1 recommendation is the best way for you to earn an income online, but when it comes to MLMs, I would typically advise you to run the other way, and fast!

Nutonic Products Review:

**Warning** I am not a nutritionist or a scientist or even remotely intelligent. I am just a guy who loves marketing and the idea and principle of making money online.

Therefore, in our Nutonic product review section, I will not be applying any kind of concrete evidence that supports the quality of these products. The review will simply be based on what the word on the street is, and a little bit of common sense.

I am NOT a doctor!

You can kind of pick up on the opportunity that this company is trying to sell to you. Most of the contents within its “about” page are selling you the opportunity compared to promoting its products. This is also another reason why we will do a bit of a look into the quality of its products. 

If you are very good at selling, at convincing people to take certain actions, you indeed can apply those principles and see financial success within Nutonic, however, having high-quality products is going to help you a lot within a Multi-Level Marketing company 

As you can see, these guys are essentially an online MLM pharmacy, but without any kind of jurisdiction or FDA approval. They sell sleeping pills, fat burners, hemp products, and so forth.

They have products that promote weight management, sleep, healthy skin, and that type of thing.

I read a Nutonic review online that claims that they provide no information regarding what is in their products, but that’s not true. Simply scroll further down the page, and you will see a tab that says “additional information”, and it will give you the nutritional label.

Wish It told me how many calories I am consuming though.

To have a better understanding of how Nutonic creates its products, you can take a look through their catalog information book here.

In complete transparency and honesty, this company has what appears to be a solid line of products. I don’t know what the public opinion on these products is. I haven’t been able to find any “life experiences on Nutonic” articles on the internet, or any posts on Reddit of people giving their thorough thoughts on any of the products.

I have looked around at other CBD/Hemp Gummies, and they are charging similar prices, so in truth, I can say that this MLM provides some solid products, and unlike most MLM companies, they don’t overcharge the price to be like 30% higher in order to support the downline/commission rates like so many other MLM companies do. 

Nutonic MLM Review:

With Nutonic, you have six ways to make money through the company (technically five). They are as follows: Retail sales, Fast Start Bonus, Binary Commissions (with matching bonus), Rank Bonus,  and Lifestyle Bonus.

Quick definition guide for Nutonic’s compensation plan:

  • PV = Personal Volume
  • CV = Commissionable Volume

Retail Sales: Get 50% of the PV (Personal Volume) from purchases made by your customers.

Fast Start Bonus: The downline part of this MLM, know anyone who’s into sales or has an entrepreneurial spirit? Get them into the company and get that residual income baby! You’ll make 50% of each distributor’s first order under your downline.

Binary Commissions: Depending on your rank, you can make between 10%-25% commissions on the weaker leg sales of your downline.

Rank Bonus: Once you reach the Team Director rank, make $100 extra. Make $200 extra at Global Director.(I’m sorry, I wish I could explain this better, the information provided does not make a lot of sense, I will update this review if I end up finding more info.)

Lifestyle Bonus: Make $1500 a month as a bonus perk.

They don’t do a very good job explaining the earning potential with Nutonic on it’s compensation plan. Especially when everything is put into terms like CV and PV. “Earn 40 PV on all products through our direct selling model.”

Yeah okay…how much is 40 PV worth in terms of dollar ratio??

Another gripe I have with all MLMs. I would kind of like to know how much money I can make, not how much PV I can make, and why do these guys not tell me their conversion factors of PV into actual real-life money?

How to join the Nutonic Opportunity:

You can either join through a distributor of your choosing or have a distributor assigned to you. Have anyone that you trust, or is there a mentor-like figure who you believe will keep you on a path to success in Nutonic?

Go to “Become A Rep” and then click “join our family” on the drop-down menu.

You may listen to the video and read the content on the join page to get that extra motivation and a little bit more information on the products, and you know, get those nice “we don’t have managers we have mentors and by the way, quit your 9-5 job” type of vibes. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 

As mentioned earlier, you can either have a distributor signed to you or join through a specific distributor of your choosing. Have anyone that you trust, or is there a mentor-like figure who you believe will keep you on a path to success in Nutonic? You can join and have them assigned as your coach by typing in their sponsor ID, username, or through their website name.

If you don’t have any sponsor in mind but still want to get your feet wet in this business, simply click “randomly pick my sponsor”

Sometimes when picking a random sponsor to sign up under like I just did, it will take you to someone’s website, and you’ll see that the website does not exist. I don’t have any concrete evidence to support this theory that I have, but my guess is that the website and distributor quit the company, and thus the website is lost to time. 

If this is the case when attempting to get a randomly assigned sponsor, simply press the back button, and keep trying until you find an active sponsor, or seek out and research other sponsors until you find someone you think that you’ll like to work with.

Edit warning warning warning, I stand miscorrected, this isn’t working…what the heck is going on, I can’t even find the accept button you want me to press *goes into a full-blown meltdown trying to figure this out*

Okay, here’s my workaround… I don’t know if I had some browser caching glitch, but what I ended up doing is getting the same sponsor message, so I copied the sponsor ID number, and then I looked to the top of the website and clicked the “sign-in” button.


Then after that, you will be taken to the next screen, where you sign in, underneath the sign-in button, however, is a “create account button, click that!


Then enter your sponsor’s ID #, name, or website and click validate sponsor.

Woo-hoo, we made it! We got to step 2 baby!!

Now, put in all your personal information including the names of your dogs and cats, as well as the name of your crush back in middle school, you get it right, just all your basic personal info.

I’m in the system baby!

See that “Become a Distributor” picture? Click that to gain access to the opportunity.


Compensation plan breakdown:

As of this writing on 4/1/2022, I don’t have concrete evidence of pure knowledge on how the compensation plan and structure of the rank bonuses work. I have reached out to other Nutonic distributors on Facebook regarding these queries and I am awaiting their response. I am going to give you the best breakdown I currently can, but this content will be updated once I get some responses to my questions, please bear with me until then, thank you.

PV to $$ ratio

Same as above… will be updated soon.

Small feedback on website design:

Nutonic’s website domain is over 7 years as of right now in 2022 and I am constantly finding buttons that don’t work and long loading times.

In addition, the process of joining, like say your full gear ahead thinking that you can rock this Nutonic thing and absolutely crush it, but you don’t know of any sponsors to reach out to, joining is insanely frustrating, and as you could tell earlier on my first attempt to join, it told me to press the accept button, accept there was no accept button.

So, you have a website that almost doesn’t even function and in addition, little to no information is given away about their compensation plan, so it leads me to wonder how good of an opportunity this really is.


Why I’m wary of supplement/health-based MLM companies, and why you should be too:

If there is one thing that comes to my mind when I hear about a health and wellness-based MLM, it’s a lawsuit. A lot of MLM companies that I have reviewed within the health space have seen some lawsuits in their time. Companies that I can think of off the top of my head that I have reviewed and found have had a lawsuit are Truvy and Unicity International.

Now I will say, this company is less shady compared to others, but the tale of the tape is still out there, and the last thing you want is to build up some business, build up some momentum, and then boom, scam expletive controversy is found out, the FDA gets involved, and the company is shut down, your business is destroyed and you look really bad.

For a less controversial way of making money online, discover a proven legitimate method that has never been looked at as shady, and has been used all around the world to great success for over 25 years, check out my #1 recommendation here:

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Review Conclusion:



✅High praise on legitimate review platforms like Trustpilot and the BBB.

✅Unlike most MLMs and direct selling ventures, you can join this opportunity for free. (Albeit the process is very unnecessarily complicated.)

✅Reasonable prices for their products, which generally is not the case for most MLM companies. So a huge shout out to you Nutonic for not abusing your pricing options.



❌Lack of information provided on the income potential of the opportunity, instead they paint a picture full of smoke and mirrors. Many other MLMs such as Plexus, PM-International, and other MLM companies do a better job of breaking down their payment plans. Nutonic simply does not do a good job of making you feel like you understand what you are getting into when it comes to joining their distribution network.

❌Hard to join because the website is missing buttons, has really terrible coding issues, feels like there is a glitch in every corner and its nearly impossible to find the distributing sponsors’ website that you need to include in order to have access to the money-making opportunity of the company, which ironically consists to 75% of the websites marketing.

❌Lack of information and marketing on the products of this MLM. While I do feel that they have a good product line-up, I am a bit turned off by how much of their promotion is based on the distributor side of the company.


Nutonic gets a…


  • Nutonic Review

An alternative:

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