Mindsumo review: Legit idea money generator or free infringement scam?

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite scam or legit reviewer David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers and today we are going to be taking a look at Mindsumo. Mindsumo is, well, something unique, it’s another one of those online earning types of apps, but this one has a unique premise. Your surveys are about solving problems, and essentially giving advice to businesses on how to navigate certain problems. You can also take advantage of it as a business, you would be posting these surveys and paying out the people problem-solving. So, see how this works? Companies look for help with issues they face, and the problem solver who comes up with a suitable solution gets paid.

The Premise of the product:

  • Name: Mindsumo
  • Website:www.mindsumo.com
  • Owner: Keaton Swett
  • Overall Rating: 4/5 (built for college students)
  • Summary: Earning app with tasks in the business niche.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit
  • Who it’s for: Business-minded folks looking to make some side cash. College students, smart people.

What is Mindsumo?

Mindsumo is a way to get ideas for companies, and a way to make money for problems. Mindsumo was created in 2011 by three friends who wanted to create an open relationship between companies that need ideas on how to solve specific problems and creative thinking people who like to solve problems. Companies create the queries and the problem-solvers answer. The company picks the best answer and pays that author a sum of money.

The cool thing about Mindsumo is that you have the potential to change the way some major companies handle their marketing campaigns.

With Mindsumo, you have the opportunity to provide insight on how major companies such as Disney, or Amazon, or Target, and many other major brands should work with their marketing campaigns. Many of these brands are targeting advice from younger audiences, such as college kids. They are trying to figure out how to relate and market to the younger audience, so when you provide exceptional answers you get paid.

Along with getting paid, depending on how detailed and creative your solution is, these can lead into internships and job offers.

Here is an example of some of the content you will be interacting with as a problem solver.

The focus on Mindsumo isn’t about the money, if you want something where you can do easy tasks and not put a lot of effort into it, check out my Freecash.com review. That being said, you can earn money, but it’s quite competitive. Having proper grammar and punctuation is a high priority, and well-informed and researched answers are important as well.

How to get paid:

You create solutions for what major brands are searching for, and if your answer is the best one out of all submissions, you get paid. It’s like a contest, and the money is the prize, as well as the possibility of internships and job offers. You can cash out via PayPal.

Does Mindsumo really pay?

Safe Money Makers has not found any reports or complaints about not getting paid complaints. However, keep in mind that the competition is high for providing the best answers to queries, it’s a pretty try-hard completion and everyone is flocking to every query they see.

You might also want to consider that this platform targets college students who are studying marketing, so if you are outside this field, you might struggle just to not be blocked by the survey opportunities.

Even if you are killing it on Mindsumo, when it comes to the money opportunity, and in my opinion, this is a recurring theme with all Survey/earning apps, the money is not worth the time investment.

The highest earner for Mindsumo earned about $12,000 in a year. That’s a pretty good chunk of money, but if you are grinding Mindsumo like it’s your 9-5 job, it definitely isn’t worth that kind of hustle.

If you are LUCKY and put in a lot of hard work, I would expect you to make around $600 a year with Mindsumo. It’s up to you to decide if you want to work that hard for an extra $600 per year, in my opinion, time can be better spent elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommend this as a means to make money. However, for those looking for potential better job opportunities, or to be able to add some bullet points to the resume, as well as the opportunity to work with famous brands like Netflix, I’d definitely give my full approval to Mindsumo, give this gem a go!

Mindsumo Review Conclusion:


-Ability to give suggestions and solutions to some of the top brands in the world

-Potential for internships and even job offers.

-Great value for marketing nerds


-High lack of survey’s for students outside of the marketing field, almost no surveys for non-college students

-High competition for anything that’s available, remember, only one person can get paid.

For our final review of Mindsumo, we here at Safe Money Makers will use two scores to determine our stance. The reason being is that we do understand that Mindsumo isn’t targeting random people, the intention of this platform is to find smart college students and have them create a feedback type of relationship with major brands, it is built for college students.

So, if you’re a normie, someone who isn’t involved with marketing and not involved with a college Mindsumo would get a 2.5/5, there’s just not really much for you here, and this platform would only serve to waste your time. It’s targeting younger people.

If you are in college and studying marketing, Mindsumo gets a…


An Alternative:

If you ended up coming to this review because you thought maybe Mindsumo was some kind of earning app built for the purpose of making your wallet fatter, I might have something that is more up your alley.

Like Mindsumo, this is also something that you can try for free, and once you get rolling with it, you can start earning passive income, you can make money while you sleep. This way of making money online is called affiliate marketing, and if you want an overview of how it all works, check out this article below.

How affiliate marketing works for bloggers.

I hope this article has helped you make your decision with whether or not you will use Mindsumo, if you have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Mindsumo review: Legit idea money generator or free infringement scam?

  1. HI there,
    I’ve done 3 challenges now, one on insurance that was a great idea. I have sent a message on the Chat feature 7 times, the first was a month ago, the second 2 weeks ago, the third last week and the last 4 were daily. In this age of transparency, all I wanted to know was the results, who won, how the $1,600 was split, the basics. It’s now been 41 days and I still haven’t received a reply or even the ability to ask my question. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    1. Hey Jay, I am so sorry to hear about that, and I am glad you brought it to my attention, I will keep your comment down below so that others will know that there is the possibility that they will experience this.

      If I had to take a guess, I believe that there are some false hype/spam surveys that aren’t getting caught by the tech team at Mindsumo. That, or the challenges you took had high traffic coming to them and because they have so many answers to their query, they might not have seen your contributions in the mix. These people typically pick answers not only from the best (not meaning to bring any offense to you), but they also pick from the most active/popular users of the mind sumo platform.

      This means it is like a giant group of mind sumo influencers that are fighting for pennies.

      That’s why it’s incredibly rare for us at Safe Money Makers to recommend users to attempt to make money with a survey type of network.

      It’s a big popularity contest that requires a lot of time and commitment, and even if you get in right, you are still making like what… maybe $200 per month, and that’s with putting in 40 hour weeks, so definitely not worth the time investment in my opinion, hence why I explain that this app is for people who are looking to become more educated, maybe get a resume boost, that type of thing.

      1. Hi David,
        I appreciate your response. I started contributing because I saw a few topics that interested me realizing from the start that it wouldn’t be a way of making a living. But, shortly after submitting a few ideas, most of the new challenges coming out had a notice on them which said “WE’RE SORRY, BUT WE’RE ONLY ACCEPTING RESPONSES FROM PROVEN PEOPLE” basically. Now, after about 2 months since placing my first idea, out of about 6 challenges, I have yet to see any money, or even a response to how I’ve done, so no transparency is my biggest complaint, no feedback from Mindsumo on how they scored me, nothing, NADA, but they keep telling me there are more new challenges. NO THANKS, I’ll waste my time elsewhere, I love playing chess. I’ve been a business consultant for 30 years and out of the 6 challenges I’ve responded to, I thought 2 should be in the top 50% and 1 of those 2 could be top 10%. My linked in profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-bower-25864228/ has an open letter to my utility company that had me in the top 1% influencers for almost 14 months. I won’t say I’m the best writer, but I do believe I have some good ideas. After the utility letter, I was invited to do an opinion for the DOE on what it would take to get people to use EVs. GLG is the Linked-In idea generator platform and I earned about $100 per month doing 2 – 3 surveys a month. No question in my mind which one is better time spent.
        Thanks for listening, Jay

          1. You as well Jay, and do know that I really appreciate you stopping by and taking some time to engage with me, thank you for sharing your experience with Mindsumo!

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