Micro Service Millionaire Review: Scam or Legit? Our Conclusion

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I’ve done a product review, and can’t wait to tell you all about this one. Today at Safe Money Makers, I, David Nelly will be walking you through the Micro Service Millionaire product that just recently launched on January 25th, 2022, by Warriorplus vendor Dr. Ben Adkins.

Ben Adkins is another freedom influencer guru who has a podcast and preaches in great detail about how you should seek freedom with your time and money and goes over all the benefits of being a millionaire. Along with Micro Service Millionaire, Ben Adkins has also created the Pizza Money Marketing education course, and a WordPress plugin called Text Connector.

Working hard for your freedom and aiming to be a millionaire are respectable goals, and goals that I have when I found out through Wealthy Affiliate that this is something possible. However there are so many bad actors in the online entrepreneur space, and as a result, we must be diligent about who we get our education, is Micro Service Millionaire really a good product that will change our lives and bring our income to the next level with the tactics and strategies that it provides?

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Micro Service Millionaire

-Website: www.microservicemillionaire.com/

-Owner: Ben Adkins

-Summary: Agency training on how to land and keep clients

-Opportunity Cost: $67 + Upsells.

In addition, you need to use outside software. If you use Ben Adkins recommended software Content DFY, you would be paying an additional $299/month.

-Pros: 50% commission if you promote it. Cheap course, and even with the upsells, it’s not too expensive

-Cons: Lack of real reviews. Geared towards those who have an established business, and the product description says that beginners can make money with this, that is a false statement, as this product is actually created only for those who already have an established service-based business.

The bulk of the promotional materials and software that you need to have success with Micro Service Millionaire are not provided, and as a result, you will have to pay some expensive out-of-pocket prices to have the full picture of what you need to accomplish the training.

-Our rating: 2.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit, despite it being a warrior plus product.

-Who is it for? Agency owners, service providing business. For example, Fitness trainers, teachers of something specific, coaching and consulting agencies. People who are in the business of helping people and having a solution for their problems.

What Is Micro Service Millionaire?

Micro service millionaire is advertised to be an agency that can make your business earn $10,000 in profits fast with 4 simple services smashed into the Micro Service Millionaire Software to rack up clients like no tomorrow.

These are the 4 services.

  • Websites
  • Social Posting
  • Scheduled email marketing
  • Scheduled and automated SMS marketing

They do a lot of advertising to get you hooked and through the door, very salesy type of headings

Bonus #1





etc etc…

While these are all enticing incentives, the question you really need to ask yourself is if you really want to be in the business of building up relationships with clients.

You can claim to have a DFY system all you want, but you’ll never truly be able to have a passive income form of business if you are constantly dealing with people.

If you’d rather have a business where you don’t want to have one on one consultations with clients, and just want to create content that makes you money while you sleep, you may want to click here!

Core training overview:

The core training and workshop offer training on how to use a bait and bee funnel to get fast customer acquisition into your funnels and emails.

Part 2 shows training on how to get the perfect client.

Part 3 is all about hooking your client for a 100% chance of a sale

Part 4 is all about appealing to your clients to maintain their loyalty by getting them to confess their goals. You keep them around by helping them reach their goals.

Do you have your own business already?

Do you have your own business already? Because that is what this software and training platform is catered to. A massive service problem that I see with most warrior plus products is that the sales pitch talks about how you can make $10,000 per month like it’s no big deal, and they cater to beginners who have no experience in business.

This creates a disillusion of reality, and I don’t want to tell you that you are incapable of making $10,000 per month, you truly are, but the issue is that chances are you don’t have a business, coaching and consulting agency, a verified service to offer to customers, etc.

So you are going to be disappointed to find that you won’t end up making $120,000 per year immediately.

Why I don’t recommend being an agency owner if you don’t have expertise in a market!

If you are a personal fitness trainer, doctor, chiropractor like Dr. Ben Adkins, a car model shop owner, a bug inspection/terminator specialist, etc, etc etc, something professional in which you need clients to gain a profit, I would recommend being an agency owner, and perhaps even taking advantage of the Micro Service Millionaire product.

If you are just a random joe I strongly recommend going down a different avenue of starting an online business, this avenue being affiliate marketing.

More on why I recommend affiliate marketing later at the end of this post, but for short, I recommend an affiliate marketing business because you can create content and make money within absolutely any niche, its a lot more fun, and you don’t have to have clients to make money and deal with stressful calls with clients in a field you aren’t an expert in.

Who is Dr. Ben Adkins?

Dr. Ben Adkins is the creator of Micro Service Millionaires. Before he built his super simple 4 step agency software that stacks his clients up like clockwork, he was a chiropractor. Eventually, he creates his agency to get more clients. He reaches his breakdown point over time, where he realizes that he is putting all his work into his agency to attract clients, and not making any more money because of this.

So he builds his agency with the 4 simple services by hiring more people to do these for him, and that is how Micro Service Millionaire was established.


-50% commission for promoting this product from WarriorPlus

-Proof that it works is provided in the Facebook group.

-Relatively cheap for software and a course


-False advertising on some fronts, the sales page promotes the idea that anybody can do this, even beginners. This is very untrue, this software is specifically directed toward people running an agency for a service-based business.

-Not publically well known, and while the price is cheap at $67 for entry into the program, it’s always a risk to take up a new training without having a solid audience to use as a basis for legitimate proof that the program/training will improve your success rates.

-No BBB or Trustpilot reviews/presence

-Not trustworthy testimonials, another thing common to Warrior plus based products.

Micro Service Millionaire gets a…


  • Micro Service Millionaire

overall, David Nelly does not approve.

An alternative:

As mentioned before, if you are not some sort of consulting/coaching or content agency, I don’t really see how you can get any use out of Micro Service Millionaire.

Chances are that you were introduced to this software from some Make Money Online group on Facebook, just an assumption, but would that possibly be accurate?

Warrior Plus products tend to show up on those kinds of groups.

The reason why is because Warrior Plus affiliates are looking for any means possible to make that 50% commission, especially when a new product launches.

It’s easy to attract people to these kinds of services too. At the end of the day, both the creator of this course and the affiliates for this course are in the business of making money, so they will tell you whatever they have to to get you to become a sale.

That’s why they say keywords like, “it is easy” “Even beginners started earning six figures with this program in as soon as a month”

But here’s the thing, you aren’t going to be earning money from this product if you don’t already have a foundation built for a service-based business.

You are going to be making money by doing the same thing the Facebook spammers are doing, being an affiliate for Micro Service Millionaire. I’m using this as a metaphor, don’t actually be an affiliate for Micro Service Millionaire, there are companies that have so much more value and trust, and I’d recommend promoting those companies instead.

The point is… being an affiliate marketer is the most lucrative way to earn a living online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when you create content based on an interesting topic you are passionate about. In a sense, you don’t have to be truly passionate about the topic, there are plenty of people who solely create content based on the thought of profit, point being, you create relevant content based on a niche of your choosing, and then find products that help the audience within that specific niche, and promote them for affiliate commissions.

Here’s why I recommend getting familiar with affiliate marketing and eventually starting a blog and Youtube channel based on the niche that you choose.

#1- Low responsibility-based business with potential for huge payouts.

If there is one thing I would dread about being in other businesses such as coaching and consulting, it would have to be how much of my freedom and time would be taken away from me dealing with my clients. Not trying to come off as a lazy internet dweller or anything, we all gotta sacrifice some time to have success right?

But while the payouts in the coaching and consulting agency are huge, at the end of the day, the lifestyle of being in that business is still like a job. Many of us become entrepreneurs to escape the 9-5 grind and find freedom in our lives, and the fact is that coaching and consulting end up still being another job.

The money you make can only come from interacting with your clients, if you take a day off, you don’t make money.

With affiliate marketing, you have absolute freedom once you reach a stage of success. When the commissions start coming in, you can start scaling, start hiring other writers to make your content for you to save more time.

When your website does well in the SERPS, you make those #1-page rankings and start seeing massive amounts of traffic come in, that’s when you reach that stage of making money while you sleep, are on vacation, and can claim to live that lavish laptop lifestyle. It’s not just a marketing phrase, the laptop lifestyle actually exists.

#2- Your earning potential is unlimited:

Combined with the low responsibility needed to successfully operate a blog, once you start earning enough to get by, you can re-invest into your business for unlimited earning potential.

And the more you invest, the more you earn.

The hardest part of starting an affiliate business is always the beginning! You don’t exactly have capital so you can’t start investing in your business. It’s also a hurdle to get through that confidence phase. It will typically take you around 4-7 months to see your first sale as an affiliate because you are in the google sandbox and aren’t getting rankings very fast. The beginning journey as an affiliate marketer will always be a struggle and a test of your willpower.

But once you get through that stretch, your content will be indexed faster by search engines, and as a result, your website will get rankings, and high rankings on your content will bring in traffic, and more than likely, with all the new things you have learned about affiliate marketing, your copywriting skills will have improved massively over that 5-7 month period and you will start to see the sales coming in.

Your earning potential becomes unlimited when you reach the point where you can afford to re-invest into your business.

You can go into websites like Fiverr and Upwork and hire writers to create your content for you, and if you can afford it, I highly recommend going down this route.

It saves you more time, and in the end, probably makes you more money, and take no offense to this, but these guys who want to get hired for their writing skills, chances are they are better writers than you. I mean that in a good way. They write for a living, so chances are that what they write will convert into more sales for you.

The #1 stop shop for affiliate marketing:

Do you want to take on the task of becoming an expert affiliate marketer with no knowledge of all the tactics, the SEO knowledge, and struggle for years, all while buying overpriced products and making horrible mistakes because you didn’t know any better?

Of course not, you want to be set up for success from the very beginning, and while you will struggle, you want to be put in a position where your struggling is mitigated, and surround yourself with people who will help you have an understanding of the best software to invest in, a community of like-minded people so-to-speak.

And that’s what my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate is for:

With Wealthy Affiliate, not only do you have access to the #1 training modules to help you get your feet wet in the world of affiliate marketing, but you also have access to the world’s best website hosting, keyword tool known as Jaaxy, a community of highly educated and successful entrepreneurs that you can interact with at a snap of a finger thanks to WA’s live chat feature, and a robust array of classes that are performed live at least 5 times a week.

This value is worth beyond $1000 per month, and you can have all of this for the low price of $49/month.

I truly believe that if you are looking for a way to start earning money online, Wealthy Affiliate is going to be what it takes for you to finally break through that barrier in your life that is holding you back and transform your life forever.

For more information on what Wealthy Affiliate can provide for you, check out my full review here.

That’s all for today folks, I do hope that you found my review for Micro Service Millionaire informative. While it might be a great product for agency owners, I want you to have an understanding that many of its affiliates misrepresent the product and hype it up to be way more than it is.

The idea that you can just buy this product and start making six figures in less than a month is nothing more than a pipe dream. The people making six figures thanks to this product are people who have already established agency owners and have been in business for years, and already have an established trustworthy business.

So if you are one of those people who were fooled into thinking you can just buy this product and start making insane amounts of money with the snap of your finger, I do want to apologize on behalf of those bad affiliates giving bad advice.

The fact of the matter is that making money online is insanely hard, even with my recommendation, remember, I did say it will likely take you 5-7 months to start earning income with affiliate marketing.

And I’m just being as transparent and honest as I can. When you start building a business, you need to think of it in terms of creating an established brand. If you don’t have the patience and willpower to withstand being in the trenches of building your online business, then you aren’t cut out for this, but if you can get through that painful period, learn, make mistakes, learn from them, and gain trust from the search engines…

You stand to see massive success and change your life for the better.

Again, my Wealthy Affiliate review, check it out here

Have any questions or comments? Do feel free to leave them down below, and thanks for taking the time to get educated and seek out an honest review for Micro Service Millionaire.

Wishing you all the best

-David Nelly

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