Loophole 2 Profits Review: Does Brendon Mace Deliver?

Hello hello, how is everybody’s day going? David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers and today we are going to help you out if you are having a skepticism bomb going off inside your head regarding the legitimacy of the Loophole 2 Profits product that’s being sold by Brendon Mace. You may be asking yourself, is this a scam? Or is this legit?

With such a salesy type of name, one may think that Loophole 2 profits are automatically a scam, but it’s also an enticing name. When you find that Loophole 2 Profits, it makes you feel cool in a sense, as if this product was delivered by your favorite lawyer Saul Goodman!

Brenden Mace created Loophole 2 Profits and released it back in May 2021. He also is responsible for creating software such as Profit Funnels, Email 2 Profits, Spyder system, and over 30 other products as well. This is not a good thing!

In addition to creating a high volume of products, he also uses the Warrior Plus Vendor to promote all of his products.

Warrior plus is known as a dumpster holder for anyone to come and create products that scam people out of their money!

When you think of quality products, you think about products that take at least a few years to come out to the public, then get tweaked and refined.

Quality products aren’t just made, promoted for like a few weeks, and cast off to the side.

I’m guessing you’re catching the vibe of this review by now, you can kind of tell already that I don’t recommend this product. So if you are looking for a way to make some money online, I highly would recommend checking out this product review I did of Wealthy Affiliate.

That company is my #1 recommendation for making money online.

But still, I recommend that you stick around. If you are getting into affiliate marketing, the last thing you will want to believe is that there is some sort of legal loophole that siphons sales away from billion-dollar industry’s

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Loophole 2 Profits 

-Website: https://loophole2profits.com

-Owner: Brendon Mace

-Summary: Take away all the headaches and hardships of affiliate marketing. Promote a loophole affiliate link and earn money off of anything your referral traffic buys online for 24 hours. Literally any product, anywhere.

*this is a scam, and not even possible to do*

-Opportunity Cost: $7.42. Cheap, but with many upsells.

-Pros: Enticing barrier to entry due to its extremely low price (but this is just an advertising tactic and you receive no value for the entry price point.

-Cons: False sense of urgency sales tactics, “such as price this cheap for only 6 more minutes, buy now.”  “Nobody knows this exists, and once it gets known by the public, it will be too saturated and stop working, get in before its too late” etc etc

-Our rating: 0/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s 100% a scam! Stay Away!

-Who is it for? No one

What is Loophole 2 Profits?

As an affiliate marketer, I truly wish that Loophole 2 Profits wasn’t a scam and that I just happened to be lucky enough to find this product in its infancy stages.

Loophole 2 Profits claim to fame is that you are given access to a loophole link.

I decipher their explanation of a loophole link to a more powerful version of an affiliate link. What a loophole link does(according to the sales page), is act like a high-powered affiliate link, but instead of being unique to a specific vendor, it siphons a commission off of any product a customer buys on the internet off of any site.

They claim that this is both legit and legal, and the reason why it works so well is that hardly anyone knows about it.

Why this would never work:

#1- Not everything that costs money online offers an affiliate program. It definitely would not be legal to siphon sales off of companies that don’t have an affiliate program. If the vendor is not paying affiliate commissions, how on earth can you explain the 5% money missing from the purchase made by a customer?

Stealing is not legal.

#2- This is nothing more than a pipe dream. here’s why:

You can kind of tell that this product is absolute nonsense based on these hard-selling claims to desperate people who are looking to skate by life on an easy street.

While it is possible to start an online business and escape the 9-5 rat race, you are definitely going to need at least 3-4 of these 20 things that this program claims that you don’t need, and the #1 thing you are going to need, is to be able to do hard work.

This product is not going to work. You need to know that there is absolutely no way to have success online without being able to put in the hard work. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to take advantage of how tired you feel after a hard day 12-hour shift.

You know what I’m talking about, that hopelessness that factors into your tunnel vision when you work another day at the job you hate, and you’re tired, unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

And you are bored, and you feel like you aren’t talented because while the job might be an easy job, you feel that you aren’t using any skills at your job, which weighs on your mindset, possibly causing you to underestimate yourself and have depression.

So you think to yourself that there is no way you are capable of starting an online business, and suddenly loophole 2 profits show up inside your email inbox, claiming you can make $170 daily by using the loophole link and getting free traffic.

That seems feasible, right? All I have to do is pay $7.42 and I get the full version of Loophole 2 Profits $197 in value for free and they can just send me traffic, I give my random traffic my special loophole link and boom, just like that I can retire!

But the truth of the matter is that while it is possible to make a livable income online and escape the 9-5 grind, this loophole 2 profits ain’t going to do it for you.

Review Conclusion:

When it comes to making money online, Loophole 2 Profits is just looking for a loophole to get your credit card. Ultimately this will not be a sufficient product for making money online. The hard truth and something relatable to life is that making money online is hard work.

To seek out and gain the best fruits in this life, you have to be willing to work hard, no matter what kind of industry you are in.

Yes, it is possible to create an easy and fulfilling life for yourself.

For an extended period of time, however, you are still going to have to put in the hard work!


Low price to entry.


-False scarcity tactics to get you to buy.

-They promote the idea that whatever you do in life, is something that you hate, and that you need to have this product to not be a victim anymore(if there is anything I hate in the MMO industry, it is advertising that puts people down for being in the workforce.)

-False hype, without any details on how something like this could be legitimate.

-Product comes from the Warriorplus vendor, a vendor known to be a dumpster of scams by scam artists, such as Wesly Virgin. 

Loophole 2 Profits gets a…


David Nelly does not approve.

An alternative:

Have you been curious about making money online? Or, to reach another audience, let me ask, have you been trying to make money online for a long time, and see absolutely nothing for results? Are you sick of struggling for perhaps even years, and only seeing minimal small wins?

There’s a statistic out there that over 95% of all affiliate marketers fail, this statistic, to bring you some frank bad news is true.

However, if you have ever been passionately involved with a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate, you would see that there is a much higher rate of success in affiliate marketing for those who know of and are involved with that platform.

Here’s a list of the problems affiliate marketing entrepreneurs have, cannot find solutions for, and ultimately fail. These problems that even the best affiliate marketers deal with, Wealthy Affiliate has a solution for all of them.

#1- No help or community to get outside solutions from different minds:

The biggest obstacle in affiliate marketing is that you don’t have a community of like-minded individuals who have a proven background in affiliate marketing.

#2- Inefficient website hosting that always breaks down, goes down to maintenance, and shuts down your access to the WordPress editor until the hosting support team fixes your site.

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than when you have to get an article out fast because its a review for a brand new product that you know is going to be hot, and you’re trying to push this review out as fast as possible so that you can get some eyes on the review before the competition swallows up the SERP space and you are unnoticed.

And boom, WordPress has to update, and your sad excuse of a hosting company shuts your website down to undergo maintenance.

Believe me, I’ve experienced this myself before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

#3- No Mentors to get 1 on 1 coaching from:

Most platforms and training products do not truly offer 1 on 1 coaching, and this is especially frustrating when they say that they do to improve their sales pitch.

As a result of not getting any 1 on 1 coaching, you never have any real guidance.

You are stuck with checking your google analytics to view data and use that data as your 1 on 1 coaching. 

And as a beginner, that makes getting 1 on 1 coaching impossible because you are in that phase of not knowing if you create good content or not, and as a result, your analytics are empty, and have nothing to go off of on improving your content, and your ability to get traffic outside of just spraying and praying your content.

#4- You get frustrated to the point that the thought of affiliate marketing feels agonizing, and you give up because of a combination of the first 3 problems that you will eventually deal with all at once:

There’s nothing worse in affiliate marketing than when you reach that point where you have put in significant work, like 30-40 blog posts on your website, and none of the posts are getting traffic or getting minimal traffic but zero conversions, and you just feel like you are repeatedly beating a dead horse over and over with each blog post.

I hated the period in my life where I was forcing myself to blog just for the sake of making sure I didn’t give up.

Wealthy Affiliate solves all of these issues for you:

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to the most popular training platform in the entire world with over 2 million members.

Your community issues are solved with the biggest community of affiliates in the entire world, with a very large sum of them have seen major success in the online world.

Solve your hosting issues with the most intricate WordPress hosting system on the planet!

Solve your 1 on 1 coaching issues with mentoring from Kyle & Carson, two of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world and the creators of Wealthy Affiliate, they have been a huge help to me!

And as a result of all the help Wealthy Affiliate offers you, they have kept me going strong on my affiliate campaigns and provided me with the tools and training that I need for success.

Wealthy Affiliate works, see why in my huge review that unveils everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate!

David Nelly

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