King Kong Agency Review: Is this a scam or is this legit?

Looking for a review based on the Australian King Kong Agency before you book that call and spend thousands of dollars without any evidence that you’ll see a return? You did a good job trusting your gut feeling by looking up a review. If you have been struggling to find one, that’s because the Search Engine Results have not found any content creators giving a review for this agency, I just might be the first blog to do it!

And hopefully, my review doesn’t disappoint you, my goal is to help you with your decision regarding being involved with the King kong agency. so without further ado, let’s get into the review!

The Premise of the product:

-Name: King Kong Agency

-Owner: Sabri Suby

-Summary: Another Digital Agency that claims all of your work can be done for you, unfortunately, based on our reseaerch, this company appears to have a hard time delivering on their promise, as many Trustpilot reviewers have admitted that they have almost filed bankruptcy with the tactics this agency implements into their businesses.

-Pros: Sabri Suby created a decent book

-Cons: False promises and pushy sales tactics inside 1 on 1 calls. The 1 on 1 calls aren’t strategy sessions, they’re sales pitches.

-Our rating: 1.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit, but not recommended.

-Who is it for? Advertised towards the crowd of people looking to upgrade their profits and live their life on easy street while a digital agency does all the heavy lifting.

What is the King Kong Digital Agency?

King King Digital Agency has the premises and goal of helping you work on your business by building you sales funnels, they get your leads for you, they make your sales for you. etc etc… that too good to be true charade that all digital agencies use to get you to opt-in.

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They do agency services for SEO(that’s for people like me trying to get you on Safe Money Makers)

They do agency services for Conversions, Google Ads/PPC, they create landing pages for you, as well as Facebook marketing!

They want to take away all of the guesswork that you put into your business and eliminate your uncertainty and stress, They want to replace it with certainty, confidence, and execution?

But do they deliver, or are they just another sales page full of fake testimonials just like a majority of your marketing agencies that claim they’ll do everything for you?

They do have the support of public journalism! All of the top blogs like Forbes and Financial Review are singing tunes of praise for this company!

And they are a powerhouse, believe me when I tell you this!

Not only do they offer consulting and partnerships with bloggers, Shopify store owners, but they help out brick and mortar businesses as well!

They have truck drivers for product delivery, machine operators, these guys can even manufacture your business’s interests!

King Kong Agency Complaints:

You might be surprised to see that the majority of Trustpilot reviews of the King Kong Digital Marketing Agency are full of complaints when they clearly have a huge Facebook following, but yes if you visit Trustpilot and research the King Kong Agency, you will see that overall the public perception of this agency is mostly negative!

You are going to find that a majority of its clients complain about pushy sales tactics, lack of the sales team understanding the customer’s wants and needs, surprise credit card charges, with the included accommodation of having a real hard time getting a refund for these occurrences, and lack of following up on false promises by the King Kong sales team.

In other words, it appears that King Kong is full of sales consultants that do nothing but blow smoke and swing the hammer as hard as they can to get you to buy!

And when the King Kong Agency sales page copyright is telling you the same type of overhyped “it’ll be easy” sales pitch, this really comes as no surprise!

Here’s a quick look at the reviews that scared us the most:

Sheesh, the lesson of the day, if there is one rare digital agency that can actually help you, it is definitely not this one, they are more in the niche market of robbing people blind!

How much does King Kong Agency cost?

We cannot give you a definitive answer for that, and that’s what leads me to always be wary of digital agencies! They typically charge a premium rate, and then they use pushy sales tactics to convince you to send them the money, and then they fail to deliver their promise once that check is sent.

This is the formula that Agency Tycoons and Remote Millionaires use to opt-in their clients. It’s all on the sales page and the 1 on 1 call.

Remote Closing Academy is guilty of performing this shady sales tactic as well!

We estimate that your cost for the done for you agency service is going to be well over $2000 per month

So, in other words, this is not for beginners, these guys are looking to hit clients who have an income bracket far above the top 10% of the richest people in the world!

Why I would never recommend a Digital Marketing Agency to a beginner:

There is a war of pure fluff and no value going on in the Digital Agency world. Every one of them has the same sales copy, they exalt themselves to be the greatest Digital Agency in the world, and then they go on to claim that all other “agencies” and “gurus” are full of BS and don’t truly get results.

They then say that the numbers do the talking, and show off some stats of money that their clients made, and how you should trust them due to the results that they have gotten for their clients!

These client results, may or may not be real, it is however highly likely that the stats are just photoshopped fabrications to entice you to the idea that you too can make money with this or that agency!

They also like to use this phrase that they guarantee results or you don’t pay, but oftentimes with these agencies, that is truly never the case! They will shift the blame of failure to your soldiers, and if you end up broke, I can only say that I hope your first meeting with bankruptcy is in the very least as pleasant as possible!

Starting a successful online business is possible, but do yourself a favor, and do it without an agency, you need to understand how the online world works for yourself before you start paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to agencies!

Review Conclusion:

While King Kong Agency may have praise from some press such as Forbes, but when it comes down to it, Forbes has employed hundreds of writers all over the world, anyone can pay Forbes some money and have some random writer slap a little copywriting praise for some cheap venture!

Based on all of our research about the user experience, it doesn’t seem that they truly deliver on their promises!

But that’s not a surprise, the wild west of the online world is full of faceless scammers trying to tell you their crappy product will bring you effortless money!

But the truth in online business is that you can’t pay other people to manifest a business for you out of thin air!

You can pay people to help you with the content creation process, to help you with social media sure, but the whole done-for-you sales phrase that most of these agencies try to reel you in with, yeah, that’s not a thing!

And it has been proven over and over and over again with the bankrupt business owners who gave away all of the money they made from what was once their passionate business to the marketing agencies that lied about 10 X’ing their results!

I mean…these guys can’t even deliver a fricking book to their customers properly!

Do you expect them to be helpful in any feasible way to your business?!


-Agency owner created a good book called “Sell like crazy”

-High facebook presence


-Multiple complaints on Trustpilot and product review.

-Their sales team is very pushy, when you book that call, they aren’t going to give you a sense of comfort, a chance for you to think!

It’s equivalent to someone kidnapping you, and you ask “where are we going?”

But they don’t respond, they just take control of the entire ride, it’s a bad way of doing business!

-Based on all of our research, they don’t deliver!

King Kong Digital Agency gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!

  • King Kong Digital Agency

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David Nelly

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  1. Thank you for this. For the fact that there are many negative reviews on trustpilot is a big red flag amongs other aspects.
    Most programs these days are full of empty promises just to get your money.

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