Jorge Contreras’s The Real System Airbnb Coaching Review

Looking to find out if The Real System is a scam or if it is legit? Hi, I’m David Nelly, and today I’ll be your Real System Review.

Jorge Contreras really loves the rich dad poor dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and he references this book a lot in the Instagram ads that showed up on my feed.

Jorge got his real-estate education from the rich dad poor dad education company, as well as many other courses. He got his real estate come up from being a salesman for that educational system back in his earlier years.

The reason Jorge created the R.E.A.L System education on the basis of Airbnb Real Estate is from the inspiration of the Rich Dad Education.

However, Jorge wanted to create a pathway that is more accessible to the common man. The problem with Rich Dad Education is that it is unbelievably expensive, so Jorge wanted to create a cheaper route to getting started in the real estate game and a cheaper pathway to receive the education for this style of business.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: The R.E.A.L System

-Owners: Jorge Contreras

-Summary: Real Estate Investing Course/Coaching Program that mainly deals in the Co-hosting area of Airbnb.

-Pros: Very detailed course, weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls provided by the Owner Jorge, have an assigned 1-on-1 coach provided to you as well. Facebook group for being able to communicate with other Airbnb investors who are on their own journeys just like you are.

-Cons: Airbnb real estate is not an easy business model, you will find yourself to be very busy.

-Our rating: 4/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit! 

-Is it David Nelly Approved? Yes

What is The R.E.A.L System?

I’m just gonna say real because putting in the periods is annoying.

The real system is a 90-day group coaching program by Jorge Contreras. The product in itself is a course that teaches you everything that you need to know about Airbnb investing and flipping. In addition to the course, you will also receive access to weekly coaching calls with the owner of the system himself, Jorge Contreras.

You will have a one-on-one coach that has massive experience in Airbnb investing. (Some of these guys have made over $200,000 in this business model)

And finally, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group that you can use to communicate with other like-minded individuals who are trying to get their start in Airbnb investing. Every good course needs a good community.

In addition, you will also be provided with tons of templates and resources that you can snag, copy, or take inspiration from to help you form your business identity, how you will conduct yourself, email templates, scripts, and so forth.

Who is Jorge Contreras?

You can check out Jorge Contreras’s LinkedIn profile here:

Other Jorge Socials



This video that Jorge made tells you about his life story!

Even for a judgy blog reviewer like me, I gotta say, the life story video is some emotional motivational stuff.

Jorge has been selling real estate for 12 years and he has been teaching his Real System for about 4 years now.

I like the guy, he seems pretty stand-up, and he keeps things straight. Sure, he might throw the “quit the 9-5 rat race all jobs are worthless” marketing tactic in his sales pitch, but he makes it clear that he will only work with certain individuals. He wants to work with motivated individuals who have social skills and aren’t afraid to negotiate, he isn’t just looking to make money off of desperate people looking to quit their jobs.

3 ways of making money off Airbnb:

The real system shows how there are 3 ways of making money off of Airbnb

#1. Subleasing.

The most popular strategy, you rent a property, and in addition, you get permission from the owner of the property to put it up on Airbnb.

#2. Cohosting

You manage other people’s Airbnbs. You are rewarded with a percentage of the profits for managing their property.

#3 Purchasing

You own the property and you decide to put it up on Airbnb.

The pros and cons of the Airbnb business model.


Flexible business model: Whatever situation you are in when looking to make some money by opening up a room to stay at on a property, with Airbnb, you can decide how long you want a property to be available. This is much more flexible then say a traditional real estate route of renting out a room. 

In traditional real estate, you typically have to use lease terms and unless your tenant breaks the law and does something illegal, you have to keep them on that property for their lease term unless they decide to leave. With Airbnb, you can create your own renting schedules. you can book how long you have a property open, how long you will allow a tenant to stay, and so on and so forth.

This allows flexibility, maybe you don’t want the tenant to live with you, but you are offering a vacation hotel-styled offer because you are out of town for a few weeks, might as well try to make some money off your property.

Control of how you get paid: One of the biggest stresses that come with the traditional apartment rent-outs and renting rooms out on craigslist is having to chase down tenants for not paying their bills.

With Airbnb, the tenant pays for the period of time that they will stay on the property before moving in. 

You can charge Premium Pricing: The one thing about Airbnb is that clients typically don’t stay very long in an Airbnb property. I’m sure you can work something out to where you could get some clients to stay like 6 months to a year, but Airbnb is typically used in a hotel-like fashion. 

It’s for people who are looking to go on vacation, have a two-week getaway, go on a honeymoon after marriage, that kind of thing. Because of this factor, you can charge higher rates than traditional rent rates of money because people won’t be staying very long. However, you can also look at this as a con because unlike real estate, you probably won’t have long-term clients.


Now, maybe after taking The Real System‘s Course, you can negate some of these cons, but these are cons that represent the Airbnb business as a whole, and possibly some things that you’ll have to deal with in your Airbnb journey.

Here’s what you might have to deal with if you are Purchasing

The business can be a bit chaotic, which makes it hard to develop a system of guaranteed income: One of the nice things about being a landlord is that you can have a pathway toward controlled guaranteed income. With things like 1-year lease rules, you can get guaranteed money out of tenants(unless they’re bums).

With Airbnb however, your income is somewhat sporadic, and it really depends on the area you are hosting at. Is it at a tourist spot? Is there an attraction to the area you are hosting at? Once you get the ball rolling, I am sure that you will get better at strategizing as an Airbnb host, but I have heard from a lot of people that the first year is pretty scary and rough.

You are tied to your clients: 

Sure, once you get a lot of money and you can justify on a profit and loss basis that you could hire people to delegate tasks to free up your time, this might not be an issue, but in your beginning Airbnb stages, you are going to be locked up to your customers like a customer service representative is locked to their cubicle and phone.

While Jorge may brag about living a passive income lifestyle of having your time freed up so you can take your family to the beach, the reality is that you are actually going to be investing a whole lot of time into this business model in the beginning stages.

Like any business, you can’t really free up your time until you have the income to delegate all of the arduous tasks of running it to other people.

Clean up on Aisle 3:

In addition to constantly being tied to your clients, you are still going to have to clean up after your clients as well. 

Every renter’s worst nightmare is cleaning up after bad tenants. With Airbnb hosting, you are going to have to do that a lot more when all of your tenants are staying for vacations. You might get lucky and mix with some people who are friendly and will clean up after themselves, but at the end of the day, people are people, and people are usually quite messy.

Seriously, I can’t go for a 2 mile run without seeing at least 200 Mtn Dew bottles thrown into the grass.

Now, if you are sub-leasing or just managing Airbnb property, you might be able to avoid some of these hurdles. There is a reason why Sub-leasing is considered to be the most popular option for making money from Airbnb.

Who is The R.E.A.L System for?

I want to say that the Real system can teach you the ins and outs of Airbnb Real Estate, even if you are a beginner and you have never done anything real estate related before.

But, you really have to ask yourself what kind of character and personality you have before investing in this course.

I mean that as an honest statement, not like a judge of character, because I’ll be honest, I’m not a very sociable guy, I don’t really like talking to people, so this course, as well as this business model, would not be for me.

The Real System is for talkative people, people who enjoy socializing, and people who enjoy negotiating. 

With Airbnb real estate, you will need to be able to build relationships and connections with other people, have hustle and tenacity, y’know, be very outgoing and have the ability to persuade people, to sell to people.

Plus, you may also need to possess some mechanical skills as well, as there may be times that a tenant will break an appliance. Now you not only gotta be a salesperson, but you gotta go to your property and fix whatever your tenant broke. 

Plus, your tenant just broke your faucet, who just caused you money, and you gotta give the videogame a break to fix the problem, so now in this situation, you gotta show the skill of restraint, and not give your tenant the good smacking they deserve for breaking your house and costing you money.

So, it does take a lot of skill, and it takes someone very special to be able to make it as an Airbnb flipper.

If you are like me, someone who would rather make money by marketing products and services on the internet, someone who enjoys being able to have location freedom from where they work, not have to deal with the huge costs of running a business, you may be interested in reading this article which explains the massive income potential of affiliate marketing.

R.E.A.L System Review Conclusion:

I think that Jorge Contreras has the right system for the right person, the only thing I would really take into consideration is if Airbnb Real Estate is the correct pathway for making a job replacing business income.

A lot of people get caught up in the money riches promises that all of the Instagram and YouTube ads promise, and when they are blinded by the dollar signs, they don’t take the time to think about if this business model is the right business model for them or not.

If you do want to get involved with Airbnb, then I highly recommend booking that call and checking out Jorge Contrera’s Real System course.

Otherwise, chill out for a minute, take some time to think about how you want to escape the rat race, or maybe even think about if you even want to leave the rat race, despite influencer marketing, not all jobs are bad, its pretty nice to have health insurance and 401K honestly.

If you want to know what my #1 recommendation is for making job-replacing income, I always recommend affiliate marketing, and you may want to see why it’s the best business model of all time in this article right here!

R.E.A.L System gets a…


This product is David Nelly Approved!


David Nelly

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