Is the 90 Day Pipeline a scam or legit consulting money maker?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here, and today we are taking a look at the 90 Day Pipeline. The 90 day Pipeline is a coaching and consulting program that helps other people do the same thing, Coaching, and Consulting. If you don’t really care about being involved with Coaching and Consulting, and you were just attracted to the sales pitch where you can multiply your income, and your eyes turned green, perhaps you would rather have a more hands-off approach to making money online.

Nonetheless, this is more for people who are doing calls and consulting, like I said, pretty tough business model, click on the link I put up above for something more realistic and easy. This program is designed for people already making six figures with their business, and not beginners.

The Premise of the product:

  • Name: 90 Day Pipeline
  • Owner: Ahmed Munawar
  • Price: Not disclosed, assumed to be $7000 +. You’re gonna have to book a call to find out. If they use pushy sales tactics, the #1 recommendation is to RUN AWAY, or if you actually think this program is something you need, attempt to negotiate for a lower price.
  • Pros: None in my book
  • Cons: Low-quality course, no one-on-one help(false advertising) Undisclosed price(depending on your negotiations, can be around $5,000-$10,000)
  • Overall Rating: 0/5
  • Summary: Consulting course that teaches inexpensive coaching techniques for a premium budget.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam
  • Who it’s for: No one.

What is the 90 Day Pipeline?

This program teaches you a six-step formula for legitimizing to your clients why the cost of your services is worth the price, and how to retain your clients and keep them on board. According to the 90 Day Pipeline, this system is used by the top 1% of consultants to maintain and sell to new clients.

Step 1: Client Clarity

This lesson teaches upon the foundation of having an understanding of what kinds of customers you are attracting. 

Step 2: Power Positioning

Teaches you how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace in order to offer premium services to your clients, this creates a higher demand for your promotions which yields you the ability to charge premium prices. In addition, it teaches you how to create a sense of scarcity for your business.

Sort of like how Ahmed puts the limited time only barrier on his buy now button, we all know that there’s no real limited time, he wants to milk as much money as he can out of this program.

Step 3: Results Mechanism

Step 3 teaches the principle of how time keeps your income capped. The way to escape income limitations is by producing results and gaining the confidence of your clients. More confidence equals more money.

Step 4: Profit Packaging

You have a core offer, but your customer acquisition is pretty tough. They don’t know you, so here’s what you do.

Avoid selling your core offer to new customers. Instead, sell front offers to buyers who already want what you offer. This gives you the advantage of making money and also attaining more trust in your customer.

Each positive interaction with your customer builds trust. Making money is part of it, yes, but the goal should be mutually beneficial. You get money and more trust from your customer, your customer is satisfied with the service your provided for them. You don’t want a relationship where only you win, that means less money. If both of you win, then the customer buys more, and you make more money.

Once you reach a point in which you have gained enough trust from your customer, that is when you offer your core offer. The premise of this training is not to push your strongest product first, but to build a relationship with the customer and then offer them a tiny slice of the cake instead of the entire thing.

Also, there is an emphasis on having a back-end offer. In other words, perhaps a different tasting slice of pie. Something that is different, an alternative just in case your prospect doesn’t want your front-end offer.

Step 5: Leadership Marketing

For you to get clients, you need visibility. People need to know your notoriety, they need to know who you are.

Then you need your customers to have belief in you being the best solution for their problem. According to the 90-day pipeline, only 1% to 3% of your potential traffic is in buying mode, meaning they intend to actually make a purchase on your offer. What the Leadership marketing course in the Profit Packaging course aims to do is get you more traffic so that 1% to 3% can actually make a financial difference in your life.

Step 6: Expert Selling

This last lesson is about building the trust factor with your customers before the transaction takes place. There are 3 pillars to this process.

#1, Perfect Discovery. Provide an emphasis, an illusion, a story, whatever you want, and whatever you need to do to make your client feel like you are their only option/only solution to their problem.

#2, Irresistible Offer.

Create an irresistible offer that breaks through your customer’s security barrier, don’t let them think “well this is a bit too expensive, maybe I should talk to my wife about it.” etc

Make them feel like they need you NOW.

#3, Effortless close

Stop making closing feel like work. Experts do not close, they do not put pressure on their clients. They enroll the client into the transformation the client is looking for.

You combine all of this together over the course of 90 days and ka ka-ching you’re making $5 million dollars a month.

Just kidding, probably not even $500.

Listen, if you really want to pay $7500 to watch this guy scribble stick drawings on a whiteboard for 90 days, be my guest.

But you are going to find that the information that Ahmed provides isn’t exactly groundbreaking. This stuff can easily be found for free on YouTube.

In addition, for all this training about creating the feeling that the customer needs you, you need to be your only option, I certainly didn’t feel that way about The 90 Day Pipeline. Every Agency and Consulting course from around the globe teaches these kinds of tactics.

Also, heed this knowledge, there is no 1 on 1 coaching with Ahmed. You just get a video course that teaches you how to cold call other potential prospects on LinkedIn to your consulting agency. Ahmed won’t respond to any of your messages, he is too busy making YouTube videos that get 10 views.

And it’s BS because if your spilling out over $7,000 to this companies services, you should be treated as a commodity, and instead, they give you some medium quality training videos, some not even produced by the creator himself, and they just say alright…here you go.

If you are sick of scams and want to finally get rolling with a legitimate business, try Wealthy Affilaite for free and save yourself $7k, and make some money in the process!

Review Conclusion:

We here at Safe Money Makers conclude that this program is not worth your time. In fact, we don’t even recommend using consulting as a way to build a business, but we don’t want to tell you how to run your show. However, if you do want to pursue a consultation model and are okay with putting up with all the hardships consulting will bring into your life, there are much better platforms and paths to learning consulting compared to what Ahmed Munawar is offering.

Don’t give this guy seven grand, there is better content on YouTube compared to the value of this Ahmed’s content. Even if this guy gave his course away for free, I’d still tell you, just go to YouTube.


-Nothing, they don’t even have an affiliate program so I can’t get a commission for recommending you this program.

All joking aside there are still no pros, I have absolutely no reason to recommend you this program.


-No disclosure on this program’s price. They want to reel you in by forcing you to book a one-on-one with one of their sales consultants. The sales consultant will more than likely use pushy and manipulative sales tactics to reel you in and extract over $7,000 from your wallet.

-Not Better Business Bureau accredited.

-Low-quality training videos, definitely content you can find anywhere for free, not worth $7,000, that is for sure.

-False advertising, no real one on one help

The 90 day Pipeline gets a…


David Nelly does not approve.

An alternative:

We here at Safe Money Makers don’t really recommend the Consulting business model. If you are a coach, have some sort of expertise in lifting weights, and love talking to clients, people, and building relationships, we think your best bet would be to check out something like bossgram academy.

However, I don’t like dealing with the stress of constantly talking to people, storming their inboxes, calling, and checking up on people.

I do, however, like making money, and when I make my money, I like to take a set it and forget it approach.

I don’t like holding people’s hands or trying to talk their ears off about why they should do something. I simply like to give people an offer based on what they are looking for, and then allow them to decide for themselves if they want to take me up on that offer or not.

That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketers create content based on an interest, or in other words, a niche, a segmented market of an audience. They choose their niche, create a website that creates content that caters to the chosen niche. That content attracts visitors to your site, and when you have product promotions or product reviews, the goal is to get your visitors to click on a link, an affiliate link that brings them to the merchant’s product page.

As seen in the affiliate marketing circle chart above, you can earn commission on these products that you sell, anywhere between 1% to 75%, and that graph isn’t entirely accurate, some programs offer you 100% commission as well.

The reason why in my opinion affiliate marketing far surpasses online coaching/consulting, and is also my favorite business model to make money online is that you have access to make money within literally any niche. The relationship between you and your customers is simple. You are the middle man. You don’t have to own the products, you don’t have to keep inventory. You simply recommend and review products. If they purchase, you get a commission. If they decided the product isn’t for them, that’s fine too, I’m sure you’ll be making plenty of commissions when you have thousands of people per day looking at your product reviews, no love lost, no loyal one on one coaching sessions that eat up hours of your days, just a simple “here is a product I recommend for you, you can buy or not buy”.

How to learn affiliate marketing properly:

Now you might be inspired, hyped up, just now opening your eyes to all of the possible changes in your life something like affiliate marketing can provide. Like Bossgram academy, however, this is not some sort of get-rich-quick scheme. It is a better business operation and will lead you to much more success, as well as create a passive income that will give you many opportunities later on in life, with money accruing passively, you can pretty much do whatever you want in life.

But to achieve these goals you are going to need proper training, the tools for the trade, and Wealthy Affiliate is what I recommend to get the job done.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one training platform that gives you everything you need to have success in affiliate marketing.

They provide you with the proper training, a live chat platform to get help from expert affiliate marketers anytime, anywhere, access to the owners to get help, state of the art website hosting, a keyword research tool to scope out topics that will get your website HIGH YIELDS OF TRAFFIC, and a lifetime of friends to help you reach your goals.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, this is the most successful and least complex way to do it, and you can even try it out for free without giving away any credit card information.

For a full in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate, this article here explains everything you need to know, the cost of Wealthy Affiliate, the pros, and the cons. It’s an honest review, Wealthy Affiliate is not the perfect platform, it does have its faults, but the article I provided should answer most of your questions.

I hope that this was informative and helped guide you on if Bossgram Academy is worth it or not, if you have any questions or want to know any more info, please don’t hesitate to ask down in the comments below and I will for sure get back to you!

-David Nelly

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