is Pm-International a pyramid scheme scam or legit MLM opportunity?

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite blogger back again to write another article that will help you avoid scams and make Safe Money Online, David Nelly, and today we are going to be doing a thorough and in-depth review of Pm-International. With the pandemic creating a huge arise of uncertainty and a sense of danger being around other people, the workforce is quitting various jobs that require close contact with people or looking for ways to become entrepreneurs. This review will answer the question of the legitimacy of PM-International and also, at the end of this article will provide some insights as to business models for making money online that actually work.

The Premise of the product:

  • Name: PM-International
  • Owner: Rolf Sorg
  • Overall Rating: 1/5
  • Summary: Health and beauty business that sells Energy Powders, Makeup, Supplements, etc.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s legit, but it’s not worth it
  • Who it’s for: Health and beauty enthusiasts, people who don’t mind recruiting friends and family.

What is Pm-International?

Pm-International is a Multi-Level Marketing company that caters to the cosmetics, health, and wellness niche. They sell Energy drinks, all kinds of health products with super scientific words to make you confused, yet still word it in a way that makes you think it is some sort of super health phenomenon. If you have an understanding of health and fitness, you will probably just look the other way and think that this is an obvious scam or overhyped lie.

They also sell omega 3 pills, skincare lotions, and beauty products

Here’s a look at what’s on the menu:


You have lots of products within these categories at PM-International. Reviews for these products are a rare find on the internet. Most of them found so far are within untrustworthy sources, such as their Facebook page where every Distributor has to give the product a 5 star, it is part of their gig to open up a pretense of quality when it is in fact false advertising.


PM-International products review, are they worth the high price?

While this review is mainly focused on the MLM aspect of the company and the ability to make money from it, if it’s worth the start-up costs, we first want to take a look at their products, and determine if they are worth selling, see what the public opinion has on it, and see if they have good reception and reputation. When it comes to MLM’s the product is a huge barrier to success rates with distributors, as many MLM’s have bad overpriced products that are really hard to sell.

Adding to that, the first thing you see when you go to the PM-International website is the downline MLM structure being displayed before your very eyes.

The advertisement takes up over 50% of the screen, which is telling that there is a heavy emphasis on getting people to become distributors. They care more about you becoming a distributor than they do about marketing their products and trying to get you to make a purchase. This fact alone is very telling about what PM-Internationals values are, they can make more money taking advantage of people’s hustle nature than they could make while marketing their products, which leads me to believe that their products are just a front for a pyramid scheme in disguise.

It’s hard to find any kind of actual factual reviews of the Fitline products themselves. I’ve seen one review from a shill website for PM-International and nothing else. We have found congruent evidence that these products are not FDA approved, to no surprise, I have never seen an MLM fitness product that has been FDA approved.

Seeing as there are little to no reviews of the Fitline products, not FDA approved, then the only way to successfully sell these products is to become some sort of PM-International religious zealot and get lucky and connect with other individuals who aren’t at the best point in their lives. This is not something you will be able to ethically have success with.

Fitline products vs their normal counterparts:

This is the part of the review where we dive deep into how their products work, reveal how they’re really just a sham with overhyped scientific words that they use to appear like they are intelligent/how their products are 10X better than anything you’ve ever seen and show how they actually fail in comparison to the normal product on the market that’s $30 cheaper.

I could do this with comparison chart thing with most of their products but that would be very time consuming and I think that I’ve illustrated my point. These products are a rip-off and the only goal of this company is to create a recurring downline income.

How the MLM structure works:

The website’s business model page claims that there is no risk to getting involved, but you’ll be thinking otherwise once you purchase the necessary products to hold your downline and lose your sanity and ruin your relationships with your friends and families. MLM Pyramid scheme in disguise hybrids are known to destroy people.

I hate reviewing and explaining MLM compensation plans, it’s so confusing and makes me want to headbutt my screen monitor. I really need to hire some writers to do these for me!

To start making money with PM-International you must first become a team partner. There is a start-up cost to this. Your responsibilities as a team partner are to purchase a demo kit that costs $99. Then what you do to make an income is, you get a discount on any item you purchase from the company. What you need to do is sell these items at full price.

To get a full understanding of the business model, watch this 40-minute youtube video down below!

That isn’t a business model, that is committing suicide with your wallet.

When you join the PM-International downline, you are limited to only being allowed to sell the PM-International products, as they are very strict on a no competition policy.

PM-International doesn’t make you money, it holds you back:

You can’t explore other MLM opportunities, you are limited to selling these relatively unknown and non-FDA-approved products. You have to pay a huge cost to maintain these products, and if you aren’t at the top of your downline, chances are that like other MLM companies, you are losing money!

The truth about all MLM’s is that you will more than likely lose money compared to making any money. MLM’s are designed to have a very low percentage and a specific amount of people who make money, and that is the people who get involved first. The rest of the MLM is designed to get the distributors to purchase the products, making the company and higher-ups money, and also attempting to sell the products.

Most people who sell MLM products don’t make money and possibly also get outcasted by all of their friends and family. This is usually a very ugly situation for the distributers.

PM-International Review Conclusion:


-The only pro I can think of is that if you have the luck of the draw of being a higher up on the MLM downline, you can make a lot of money.


-Products don’t have any mainstream support, making them hard sells

-MLM structures with Pyramid Scheme qualities are terrible for the mental health of others, they are known to destroy families and corrupt people who started out just wanting to make some extra cash on the side.

-Company is not focused on the products it offers and promotes the downline/owning your business more. Any company that promotes a money-making opportunity over its products screams pyramid scheme to me. When you go to the websites of Walmart, Target, Amazon, or any other e-commerce type of store, the store promotes the products the website owns, it wants your attention on its products, not its opportunity to make money.

-MLM is a hard business structure to break into, with about 99% of all people involved with MLM’s actually losing money compared to making money.

-The reputation of MLM’s are at an all-time low in 2022, and will most likely continue to get worse. People are catching on to the shady practices of various pyramid schemes, with huge lawsuits over the years by the FTC and FDA, people are noticing the lies many MLM reps and companies participate in. At this point in time, the knowledge that common people have on MLM’s is enough that any kind of distributor for any MLM is generally already frowned upon, the disrespect for MLM’s will make your job as a distributer pretty hard.

Pm-International gets a…


An Alternative:

If trying to sell this excuse of a product to your friends and family and potentially ruin your relationships as well as your mental health sounds like a bad idea, I do have an option available to you if you’re looking to make some money online.

It’s something that you can try for free, unlike the expensive $99 start-up cost, and the risk of getting serious with this business model is pretty low. At most, if you don’t have the patience to learn the process and you’re not willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve success in this business model, you might end up losing $70 after 2 months if you gave up.

If you don’t give up, the upside is tremendous, you can potentially be earning six figures a year passively or more, there is no income cap, the sky is the limit.

This business practice that I am talking about is called affiliate marketing, to learn more, read this article that tells you all about how affiliate marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing works for blogging

And this is our conclusion to the article. I hope that this helped you in your decision-making process based on what you should do with PM-International. We at Safe Money Makers recommend staying away from this product, as well as this industry as a whole, but if you do have a different opinion on the matter, please feel free to share it in the comments below.

-David Nelly




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