Is Hempworx an MLM Pyramid Scheme scam or legit CBD relaxation?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here, and today we are going to go over the Hempworx MLM network. We also will be going over the products, we will be rating the products in terms of their authenticity, and we also have heard that Hempworx has an affiliate program, which is totally unique for an MLM company, but is it really an affiliate program, or is it just a fancy marketing phrase they are using to rope more “distributors” into this company? Find out now in this awesome review we have prepared for you!

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Hempworx


-Owner: Jenna Zwagil

-Summary: CBD oil company that sells Tinctures, Softgells, and dog pills. Think of any product possible, and imagine it filled up with CBD.

-Opportunity Cost: $69 + monthly fee and upsells.

-Pros: Decent Products.

-Cons: Lack of freedom as an affiliate, not really an affiliate program, but MLM in disguise, they just use the term affiliate because it sounds better for public viewing. Complaints about botched product returns, a lot of people struggle to actually get their money back.

-Our rating: 1.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit, but not recommended.

-Who is it for? CBD enthusiasts, MLM enthusiasts.

What is Hempworx?

Hempworx is a CBD oil e-commerce platform that distributes its sales and marketing in an MLM format. They have a large array of products…

And they are also quite unique in what they offer. For example, they offer CBD coffee and CBD bath bombs, with this company, you can get quite a list of exclusive products that don’t have a market in any other company.

Hempworx is a subsidiary Multi-Level Marketing company that is owned and operated by its parent company, My Daily Choice. For context, My Daily Choice is basically a gigantic Multi-Level Marketing brand manager, they operate nine different Multi-Level Marketing branded product stores, Hempworx being one of them.

History of Hempworx:

The particular hemp product that Hempworx uses was discovered in Kentucky by its founder Jenna Zwagil. Along with the 8 other brands that she works on with her husband Josh Zwagil, Jenna was just absolutely blown away with the Hemp that she found in Kentucky and knew that she had to share the health and benefits of this product, thus creating Hempworx.

The parent company, My Daily Choice was created in 2014. The website’s story explains that Jenna was experiencing some health issues around the starting time of the company. To mitigate these issues, Jenna and her husband did some high-level research into the CBD and Hemp industry. Then the experiments with CBD oil began

Jenna started to see some positive results and shared these products with her friends who also were feeling slightly sluggish, and they as well had positive results.

The positivity and motivation created a Shopify store for these products, and the store actually saw quite a bit of success. Success to the point that she would be forced to expand her operations.

May 2017 comes along and Jenna officially launches Hempworx and combines it with the My Daily Choice brand, and from the following 7 months of 2017, the brand adds an additional revenue of 9.6 million from the Hempworx subsidiary.

Hempworx Products Review:

The public opinion on forums like Reddit and Quora is not strong. Because most MLM companies are known as scams, most people when they see Hempworx being promoted will immediately call them out for being a pyramid scheme scam, even if it isn’t true, and this is some criticism that Hempworx has fallen under. This is bad news for you if you have intentions of trying to be an affiliate because the market for this company is not hot right now.

In fact, Hempworx has been on a steady decline in interest since June 2019 according to google trends.

And, here’s what people on Reddit have to say about Hempworx…

So the verdict of public opinion, and I’m talking about what normal unaffiliated vendors think, just your average everyday person, they either think that the product is some kind of pyramid scheme scam or legit product but with an overpriced MLM price. This is going to be a hurdle you are going to have to jump through if you have intentions of being a successful ambassador for this company and actually make some money with it.

But don’t concern yourself with the opinion of sheep, what does the Better Business Bureau think about the parent company?

Well, they got a B, but they aren’t officially BBB accredited. What do the customers say?

Well, things aren’t looking good, to say the least.

Most complaints are about the 60-day money-back guarantee being as legit as the company claims it is. When it comes to MLM companies and their money-back guarantees, they always make you work for it. If you search through the BBB reviews of this company, you will see that it is mostly a slew of 1-star slander reviews, and the only reason why it maintains a 2.24-star rating is that the My Daily Choice huns drop by to give it a biased 5-star review.

You can read all of the Better Business Bureau customer reviews here:

You may find tons of reviews on the first page of Google and other search engines claiming that these CBD oil products are amazing, but you got to keep in mind that these blogs are affiliates of the company, the fact of the matter is that common folk believes that these are simply overpriced products distributed for marketers to make more money for their downline.

It’s not 2010 anymore, people are fed up with MLMs and scams, and the information on these MLM companies is literally in their pockets. When you try to convince your friends and family to buy these products, they are 1 minute away from doing a google search and finding out your sales pitch is full of sh*t.

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Sales Tactics by brand ambassadors you should know about:

The products by Hempworx are better than most MLM products. Emphasization on most MLM products. It is probably about as good as your regular CBD products, but it happens to cost more because it’s an MLM and the Downline needs to get paid.

This product will solve all your problems sales tactic:

So because they offer moderate tiered products that cost more money compared to regular e-commerce counterparts, the brand ambassadors, or in this case, affiliates for Hempworx apply manipulations in their sales tactics, such as bold claims that these CBD oils will fix all of your problems with anxiety and depression.

No, that is not the case. The fact is that these affiliates are paying to promote these products. They were spilled hopes and dreams by their recruiter about how Hempworx will change their lives forever as a business owner, and they paid some money to get involved with the opportunity, and as a result, they are desperate for your purchase so that they can justify in their mind that the business costs were worth it.

This is the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for sales tactic:

Like most MLM, Hempworx, or more accurately, My Daily Choice offers a downline income model in which the person who recruiters others into the affiliate program(not really an affiliate program, more like direct selling) will receive a percentage of the recruiter’s sales.

So when an old friend reaches out to you and tries to persuade you into building a business with My Daily Choice, it’s not out of the goodness of their heart, or because they believe that your life will be better as an affiliate for My Daily Choices, it’s because they want to make money off of the starter kit you are required to purchase to start your business and because they hope you’ll make some sales so that they will receive some kickback commissions off of your hard work.

How to make money with Hempworx:

To make money with Hempworx, you must go to My Daily Choice, and then click the get started tab in the top right corner.

Then since you’re intention(in the case of this review) is to make money with Hempworx, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Hempworx logo. You will then be provided with the specific pack or product to purchase.

Starting out, you must pay a $20 fee to join the affiliate program, and then you must pay for a product package, if you don’t care about Hempworx products and you just want to make some money, then I would recommend that you just purchase one product. Most products usually cost about $49.99, so the total cost to join this affiliate program is $69.99

Like all MLM’s you have a necessity to maintain a specific amount of on-hand volume to keep your business rolling, in the case of Hempworx, you must maintain 100BV, or in other words, business volume.

A good thing to note however is that you can make high commissions on the products that you sell. Once you rank up in your downline from making more sales, you can receive up to 85% commission on all your business volumes.

However don’t let the 85% commission hype fool you, if you view the companies earnings disclaimer you will see for yourself that most people barely make anything with this company.

The Earnings Disclaimer describes that out of  84,613 affiliates within the company,  72,118 made absolutely no money at all. This indicates that 85% of My Daily Choice’s affiliates make no money. The average income for affiliates within this company is about $500.

This average income more than likely is not a profit, because you have to keep in mind that they more than likely spent more money to earn this tiny little kickback. They spent money on keyword research, their personal volume requirements, their website, and more than likely many other factors as well.

Does Hempworx really have an affiliate program?

Well, yes, but not exactly, more or less, no they don’t

You see, Hempworx doesn’t exactly follow the affiliate marketing model nor do they exactly support affiliates because they break the #1 rule for affiliate networks. Never force an affiliate to pay money to join your affiliate program. What Hempworx does is force its affiliates to pay for its products in order to promote their products, and in the affiliate marketing industry, this is pretty much unheard of.

Therefore, they don’t actually have an affiliate program, they have a direct selling program, or in other words, a Multi-Level Marketing program.

Affiliate Marketers are independent third-party marketers, they are free to promote whatever products that they see fit. Affiliate programs are when merchants create commission income opportunities for blogs and influencers, aka third-party marketers.

Multi-Level Marketing is when you promote goods and services on behalf of a specified company, and that is what Hempworx is. You have to buy the products to promote them, and you have to keep a specific business volume to stay with the business, and that business volume is what is used to pay for your business costs and give those extra commissions to your recruiters.

There is no complicated BS like that in an affiliate program.

So what is going on here is this… Hempworx/My Daily Choice is lying about their affiliate program being an affiling program. There is nothing affiliate about this program. They are calling it an affiliate program as a marketing tactic because affiliate marketing is one of the best business models for making money online, and Network Marketing is seen in a negative light. If people find out you promote MLM products, they pretty much crucify you at this point in time due to the negativity being built upon the subject of MLMs.

In addition, My Daily Choice has sued its affiliates for promoting products from other companies:

Click here for the source of this information, as well as the full story.

I’ve never joined an affiliate program that prohibits you from promoting other affiliate offers. This My Daily Choice affiliate program sounds like the worst affiliate program of all time!

Synopsis of this lawsuit:

Shanna Lee Hunter was once upon a time an affiliate for My Daily Choice. She decided that she wanted to expand her horizons and promote other products. When My Daily Choice caught wind of this, they attempted to sue her.

How do MLMs make their money?

Ruining people’s lives with false hopes and promises to get them to buy overpriced products, and then suing them when they try something else.

Review Conclusion:

Hempworx kinda really sucks and it doesn’t have anything too positive going for it. They have some products that common folks say are of average quality but definitely not worth the price, you can easily promote better offers for CBD oil off of actual legit affiliate programs, such as Amazon, Just CBD, Avid Hemp, Jaxon CBD Flower, and so many more. Don’t put yourself at a huge disadvantage by promoting overpriced products that no one wants, and don’t put yourself at risk of legal trouble for that time that comes in your life when you realize that My Daily Choice doesn’t really care about its affiliates and you want to branch out.

Overall, we here at Safe Money Makers recommend that you stay far away from Hempworx when it comes to their affiliate program, or “opportunity”

We think that it is fine however to perhaps indulge in their products, but when it comes to promoting them, Nah, they’ll be fine without your advertising, and you’ll be fine without their BS.


-Can make up to 85% commission on your sales.


-No affiliate freedom, if you ever want to venture out and promote other Hemp products, be prepared to be scared to death for life, as My Daily Choice just might slap a lawsuit on you and cost you 5X the money your business could even potentially make.

-This company will sue you if you promote other products when you are a part of the affiliate program. So in other words, total lack of affiliate freedom. Just makes me want to scream, “for the love of God please don’t sign that contract.”

Overpriced Products without justification for the high prices.

-Overall a low opinion of this company and its parent company from the public.

-Not BBB accredited

-Products aren’t tested by the FDA

Earnings Disclaimer tells you all you need to know about your chances of success.

Hempworx gets a…


  • Hempworx

David Nelly Does Not Approve!


That’s all I got for today folks, while it’s entirely possible to make some side cash promoting Hempworx, the problem is that they want to own you, and they lie about their opportunity and attempt to disguise a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity as an affiliate program which in my opinion is pretty disgusting. If you want to learn a more legit way to make money online, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They introduce to you what Affiliate Marketing is all about and you can try it for free! (No credit card required).

I hope that I answered all your questions about Hempworx, and if I did not and there is more info you would like to know about, please don’t hesitate to either comment down below or email me at

-David Nelly

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