InstaPayz review: 1.2 million followers for 3 clicks or another scam

Boom! I just received another payment of $10,135.09. Just kidding, I did however lose $17 so you don’t have to. Today I will be giving you an in-depth review of InstaPayz, so I can put to bed once and for all if InstaPayz is a legit Instagram hack to bring all the profits to you or a scam built on your false hope of making some easy money!

No! You stop, get the hell off my screen!


2 seconds later…

Oh for goodness sake!

Sorry sorry, I know I know, you want a real review for Instapayz, you’re not giving me your time so that I can display my silly unfunny jokes… I get it.

So without further ado, let us get into the review.

The Premise of InstaPayz:

-Name: InstaPayz

-Owner: Wesley “Billion Dollar” Virgin

-Summary: You get a bunch of low-quality sales copyright pages for low-quality products. The premise is that you spam these all over social media in desperate hopes that someone clicks and buys through your affiliate links.

-Opportunity Cost: $17 + multiple upsells

-Pros: None

-Cons: No 1.2 million followers Instagram account provided. Way harder work than “clicking 3 times and the profits come on”

-Our rating:

-Is it a scam or is it legit:

-Who is it for? 

What is InstaPayz?

The advertising of InstaPayz describes this product as being an Instagram hack that’s completely legal, that allows you to get an Instagram profile with 1.2 million followers, which turns into $143 dollars per hour. Why or how is this possible? It’s not explained, your kind of just supposed to take their word for it.

All it takes is just 3 clicks with your mouse. Hey..wait a minute, they said that exact same statement in my last review on Safe Money Makers, CryptoPayz… hmm, something tells me that these guys just run the same ad for every one of their warrior plus products.

These guys will say anything to get you to buy their products, even including that if you end up wasting your time with InstaPayz, they will give you $300 back.

If that were the case, they’d probably make national news, but unfortunately, when researching InstaPayz, all we could find is a bunch of people complaining about how they didn’t make any money. Another tragic scam that we hope you end up avoiding once you read through the thorough review we have provided for you here.

Use InstaPayz to spam the web and pray for traffic:

Here’s the problem with InstaPayz, you are essentially on the internet streets begging for money.

You get InstaPayz, and this is the nice thing they do. You get generated sales pages already made for you. Here’s the problem.

All of these sales pages are Clickbank products.

Most Clickbank products aren’t very high quality.

And in addition, who actually can take themselves seriously spamming Instagram with low-quality products and expect big-time payouts?

So you can be like this guy, who does nothing with his business except promote low-quality products, perhaps even scams.

Do you want to be in the business of scamming people?

Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad business to be in if you used a pen name.

But if you want to keep a good head on your shoulders and have a clean conscience, instaPayz is not for you.

Follow everyone: 

In addition to spamming Instagram with crappy Clickbank products, you will also be following everyone you can see within the niches that you are trying to promote.

In other words, you are like this.

Aimless following can get you banned from Instagram:

Aimlessly following people like the training inside InstaPayz suggests can actually get you banned from Instagram. I have proof of this. Now, I’m ashamed to admit this, but back when I first started out in affiliate marketing, this was a tactic that I actually used.

What ended up happening is Instagram suspended my account on the basis that I was attempting to invade the privacy of other users and advertise to them.

So, don’t destroy the Instagram account you’ve built up for the purpose of aimless advertising.

Based on everything I have shown you so far, I have disproved over 80% of the entire sales pitch.

Red flags, the false advertising we discovered:

Remember on the front sales page for InstaPayz? The part where you get an Instagram profile with over a million followers and make $143 an hour?

Turns out you actually have to start from scratch, and cyber beg people to buy the Clickbank products that you promote.

Now, it is possible to make money doing this of course.

But this is a very bad way of doing business.

If you really want to make money online, you need to provide value to your audience. Going on Instagram and following everyone you see does not do that for you.

People aren’t going to trust an invisible person who spams affiliate links all over Instagram and other social media platforms.

People trust people who actually care about themselves, their brand, their business, their product/products.

People who can be authentic.

Is spamming affiliate links all over your Instagram page, following people in hopes that they will see your Instagram spam truly a way to make yourself appear authentic?

Now yes, you might get some traffic with all of the generated hashtags that Instapayz provides for you, here are two reasons why you shouldn’t pay for them.

#1- You can find a list of hashtags anywhere on the internet that you can copy and paste into your campaigns.

#2- You aren’t providing any engaging content to fulfill the searchers intent behind those hashtags, so more than likely 90% to 100% of all the traffic you get from your hashtags will likely result in all of them thinking you are some kind of scam artist looking for some quick affiliate cash from the Clickbank products you promote.

Why you can’t find complaints about InstaPayz:

Do you see tons of other reviews online praising and overhyping Instapayz? Do all of these reviews make it seem like Instapayz can do no wrong? When you look at the Pros and Cons section of an InstaPayz review, does the cons section often say something like “as of right now, we have not been able to find any issues with InstaPayz”?

That’s because InstaPayz caters to a crowd of shady affiliate marketers who would do anything to get that commission while providing the lowest amount of value possible.

Heck, if you look deep enough into the other InstaPayz reviews, you will be able to see that half of them don’t even have any original content, they literally copy and pasted the entire sales page, without providing a single original thought.

InstaPayz review conclusion:

Instapayz has nothing to offer you that you can find online for free. You can use Aweber’s free version to build sales funnels that are 5X better than anything InstaPayz has to offer. Using InstaPayz is ultimately going to hurt your business ventures in the long run.

Even with the potential possibility to maybe make…$300 over a very long time period of spamming Instagram, since most people don’t find value in Clickbank products, its going to hurt your ability to be taken seriously in the online marketing world.

However, if you are adamant about using Instapayz to make money online, I highly recommend using a pen name, so that way, the public humiliation won’t be reflected on future business opportunities you try to pursue.


-They offer some decent hashtags to steal, but that doesn’t mean that they are worth paying for.


-Full of overhyped lies, and unless you buy the product, you don’t have a clue what you’re really getting into.

-Based on the premises of spamming a bunch of affiliate links to Clickbank products. This is bad for public relations, branding, SEO, and overall, it just serves to make you look really bad like you don’t care about your audience. To make money online, you need to create helpful content with value, spamming your audience does not provide value.

-I wasn’t making $143 dollars per hour, in fact, I lost money investing into this product, just like you will if you buy this product.

-Worst of all, my time was wasted and I didn’t end up getting the $300 that they promised me in the advertising video.

InstaPayz gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!

The Reality of making money online:

There are so many gurus and scam artists out there. Wesley Virgin, the creator of InstaPayz is one of them. What they do is they use this language lingo that working a 9-5 job is horrible and if you don’t quit your job you will be miserable for the rest of your life.

When you hear that first statement, a sense of dopamine-induced depression hits you, and you agree with the statement.

And it’s a very true statement, don’t get me wrong, I full-heartedly agree.

But then these scammers…well. they scam you.

They present you with a horrible product that will apparently give you thousands of dollars overnight.

And the reality is, making money online is even harder than working a job.

It’s a brutal brutal grind where you will question your sanity and self-worth. You will typically be working hard for like 4-8 months with absolutely no return in profit

Now, it is possible to make money online, in fact, you can make an absolute killing with an online business, and you can eventually reach that lifestyle laptop where the money just comes in on autopilot so to speak, you know, the hype key phrases, “make money when you sleep!”

But if you truly think it’s going to be easy, something you can just set and forget, click 3 times, and other common scammer hype lingo, you are in for a rude awakening!

However, if you are patient, you will reap the results:

How would you feel if not only you could make money online, but you could be proud of the money machine that you create while doing it as well?

How would you feel if you could make money online while also improving people’s lives?

That’s what affiliate marketing is really all about. You choose your niche and find problems and pain points that your audience is dealing with, and then offer a product/solution that will actually solve their problem.

When it comes to making money online, you have to have the goal of actually being helpful.

Yes, the goal overall is to make money, but if you take this selfish tasteless approach to it, for example, making an aimless InstaPayz spam website, things aren’t going to work out for you.

Making money online is a two-way street, to truly be able to be successful, you have to have integrity because overall, your audience is not only going to buy products from your affiliate links based on their pain points but also based on how trustworthy you are as a marketer.

My #1 recommendation for learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing:

Looking to take a shortcut with affiliate marketing, as well as cut down your costs for the tools required, and the WordPress hosting?

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in:

Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular platform based on affiliate marketing in the entire world, with over 2 million members.

They provide you with all the training and tools you need to launch a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Here are some success stories that you can actually interact with, these are real people, not made-up names, and AI-generated faces like what you see in most of all warrior plus products.

 you will see success stories on all corners of the internet with Wealthy Affiliate.

Link to the full story here: Eddy Salomon’s 5-figure month in August

And let’s not leave out that one time Nathaniel made $12,000 on Christmas! (this guy is one of my favorite bloggers and I aim to be like him one day)

Link to the entire blog post: Nathaniel’s Exciting Christmas Present of $12,000

And how about this cool story about how this fellow Wealthy Affiliate built out a website and sold it for almost $40,000!

Link to the entire blog post: Wealthy Affiliate member sells their first website for almost $40,000

These success stories are my personal favorites, I read them at least once a week to always stay motivated and remember my goals! If you want to check out more amazing Wealthy Affiliate success stories, I would highly recommend checking out this list of success stories created by Wealthy Affiliate member Julie 

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

In addition to their training responsible for all of the success stories above, they offer the biggest bang for your buck in value.

While separately keyword research tools and WordPress hosting combined will end up costing you half a thousand per month, Wealthy Affiliate offers both WordPress hosting and Keyword Research for half a thousand per year, or you can pay monthly for $49 per month.

Unlike InstaPayz, which is generally designed to get you to promote products that are both scams and don’t convert, wealthy affiliate is designed to teach you how to promote and have success within any niche.

This means that you can pick any topic you want to be/become an expert in, and get monetized for it.

You could even take the InstaPayz method if you wanted and spam a bunch of amazon affiliate links on Instagram if you wanted (but we here at Safe Money Makers highly advise against this action).

For more info, check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here

And that’s all for today folks, I do hope that you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions, do feel free to leave them down in the comments below!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

5 thoughts on “InstaPayz review: 1.2 million followers for 3 clicks or another scam

  1. And the award for the shiniest object goes to InstaPayz LoL!

    I mean, 1.2 million followers and $143 per hour!! If that’s not some deceptive sales tactics, what is it?

    The majority of Warrior Plus products are complete scams! They all costs around $17 and once you are inside, they start upselling you and making you believe that you need to pay for this and that to earn more. Complete BS

    1. Hello again Warren! Yes, I definitely agree. Warrior Plus is full of snake oil salesmen, unfortunately. Not only that, but they are full of snake oil affiliates who take up the SERP begging for the Warriorplus commissions, so a majority of the SERPs are full of the worst scamming type of affiliate marketers who literally copy and paste the content from the sales page to promote their products. 

      It’s an unfortunate situation, and I am doing my best to help set the record straight

  2. I think your site is doing a fantastic job shining a light of these shady businesses. What I dislike about InstaPayz is them playing on people’s insecurities and adding no positive value to society. I hope you are sharing this article on all your social channels to get the message out there. I feel there should be tighter regulation to shut down companies such as this. I like that you provide a legit alternative and wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. Hello again Rivi, and I am glad you like the website. Your suggestion is not one that I do a very good job of implementing as of right now. You kind of caught me red-handed, like a mentor who is disciplining the new kid on the block. I really should be sharing my content more, but I haven’t…

      Lately I’ve strictly been taking a 100% content approach, after I finish a post, I write the next one. I will start sharing my content to my social networks more!

      I definitely agree, but the internet is simply the wild west, that’s why the FTC doesn’t get involved as much as we want them too, so I suppose that’s where I come in and help folks understand what scams online really look like for the companies that the FTC doesn’t find out about.

  3. Thank you for sharing this review about instapayz I like the fact the you actually used this program yourself and you can make a review base on Facts.

    This people used the word make money online like is that easy and that’s how they scan many people for their false promises and like you mentioned it will take about 4 to 8 or more months to make our first dollar online if we welling to put the hard work.

    Plus like you said if we care about audience we need to provide them with value, I became a member of wealthy affiliate myself for about a year and that’s what I received from them Great Value.

    Totally recommend WA as one of choice to create a business online.

    Thank you and God Bless You

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