inCruises International Review: Another Pyramid scheme scam?

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inCruises International Review:

On a boring afternoon I was browsing through Reddit one day, and scrolling through my feed I found a story by some kid about how his parents are trying to force him into joining the inCruises MLM company.

Being in the business that I am involved with, helping people find legitimate ways to make money online, as well as avoid scams, this story caught my eye.

Most of the people on this Reddit post fully agree to not join this MLM, and I am of the opinion of having the same vote. For our young man with the brainwashed parents trying to corrode him into joining this cult-like MLM, we are praying for you.

But is inCruises a scam? Just because we have some crazy parents out here does not make them a scam. However, we do understand that the prospect of making money outside of your job is a powerful motivator, and because of that, you have a lot of bad actors inside of the MLM business model.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the FTC has done thorough research on the MLM business model, and the actual fact of this business model is that you are more likely to make a profit from gambling than you are from recruiting for an MLM.

Here is a graph to give you some statistics.

So while going through this review, we will determine if the travel cruising incentives are worth it or not. Are you getting a better deal than what you would get with Expedia or Priceline?

The general consensus as shown in the graph above is that through an MLM company, there is a 99.6% chance that you will lose money, and only a 0.4% chance that you will turn a profit.

So, in this review so far, the language I’m using, and perhaps the workings of your inner mind are kind of shoving to the forefront of your brain “hey, my involvement with this company might be a bad idea”

The truth is, your mind and those warning signals are probably right, and you should probably listen to them, but still, maybe there is something to salvage from this company, to get the full details of what Incrusies International is all about, keep reading this review.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Incruises International

-Owners: Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson and Frank J. Codina

-Summary: Travel booking agency that has an MLM spin on it.

-Opportunity Cost: $195 activation fee for the Partner opportunity, and around $100-$150 per month to pay for the membership fees.


✅Decent opportunity to make some decent money if you possess a lot of sales skills and the ability to persuade people who have never gone on vacation before.


❌Abhorrant policy update after the 2020-21 pandemic that screwed over many loyal customers

❌ High prices on travel options

❌Next to impossible to have a voice conversation with a travel agent, everything is done via a chatbot.

-Our rating: 0.5/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit:  ❌Not a total scam, but it’s on the borderline of being one

What is inCruises International?

inCruises International is a Multi-Level-Marketing company in the travel/cruise space. To find out more, I did some research through Facebook. I found some members and I found a guy to join up under, he referred me to a video, and this is what the video had to tell me.

The premise and engaging advertising that inCruises presents is that you can travel the world for free. Not only that but you can get paid to see the world. Utilizing “word of mouth marketing”, you can leverage an industry that supplies satisfaction for nearly everyone around the world because everyone loves to travel, have new adventures, and explore new places.

So, let’s get started with the basics:

Membership Options:

You can choose between three membership options at inCruises International.

Member: Gain access to various discount cruises and other traveling opportunities. No opportunities to earn money or waive membership fees.

Partner: Gain access to the opportunity side of inCruises International. Pay a $195 activation fee to gain access to special sign-up links and training on how to promote inCruises International.

Partner Member: The best of both worlds. Gain access to discounted travel packages, as well as the opportunity to make money by promoting inCruises International (as well as all the training provided with the Partner membership). It’s a combination of both the Partner and Member memberships all in one.

The cost of the Partner Member membership is both the monthly membership cost of the member and the $195 activation fee of the partner option.

You can get a refund on the $195 activation fee (only through the Partner Member option) if you can recruit at least 5 people to the company.

Traveling Overview:

Before we get you all fired up about the income potential and how much money you can make, we first have to tell you if this company is any good or not.

Do they give you better pricing options than something like Expedia? What about the membership fees? If you are a paying member, will the discounts that you get make you get way better deals on travel packages?

$100 activation fee for the membership and $100 per month to maintain membership!

Before taking any kind of discount deals into account, keep in mind that you’ll be paying $100 each month just to maintain your membership, and with the combination of the activation fee, your first month will cost $200.

Inside the cruises:

So, I’m just going to pick the state of Alaska for cruises, and this is just for the purpose of showing how this all works. Without using any reward points from the membership perks, here is the rundown of a few cruises you can take.

Cruises range from $1500 to $3000, and scrolling down I found some others for only around $800, and another for about $12,000, so different cruises for different qualities. What we need to understand is does this company fundamentally offer better or at least reasonably good deals for their cruise packages? So I will start out this research phase by picking the first one, the Norwegian Encore cruise for August 21st, 2022, starting at $2208.

Getting inside, I’m going to be using a 1 person booking model, I will simply book a cruise for just one person, doing the Norwegian Encore cruise through inCruises starting August 21st, my 1 personal deal is as follows…

So the price to beat for a one-person cruise is $1,578. You don’t get the best features, it’s not the premium option, but it’s the cheapest way you can take the Alaskan cruise on the 21st of August.

Costco Travel Prices: (for a 7 day Norwegian Encore Cruise)

Well, I can’t help but notice that you’re getting a significantly better deal with Costco Travel if you wanted to take the 7-day Alaska Norwegian Encore Cruise! I know that this company offers rewards point savings with the membership costs, but can the reward points save you as much money as this company is saving you based on the cruise price alone? I’d imagine it would take quite a long time to build up around $1500 worth of award points. cruise price:

Same date of August 21st, 2022, only $844 per person, much cheaper than the Incruises going price of $1578. For a company that claims to allow you to see the world on a budget,  I can’t help but wonder why your most basic travel booking site has way better prices for the same ship, the Norwegian Encore Cruise, that takes you on the same Alaskan Cruise.

I mean, am I missing something here? Does Incruises give you discounts on fancier drinks or something while aboard the ship?

Even Expedia gives you the August 21st-27th Cruise on the Norwegian Encore for $1276 per person which is significantly cheaper than what Incruises is asking for, $1578 per person.

So, what’s the ordeal here? Incruises certainly brags a big talk about taking cruises on a budget, but if I wanted to cruise Alaska on a budget, seems like Costco Travel is the way to go! If you can get a better deal through Expedia, I mean..even Expedia gives you a $302 discount compared to inCruises, then how does inCruises help you out?

Is it a monopoly? Is inCruises attempting to find people who have never gone on a cruise before and trying to manipulate and sway these newbie folks to promote the MLM facet of their company to get easy sales?

The prices that are way more expensive than various other cruise promotions and in combination with their claims that you can cruise at a discount certainly make that a feasible hypothesis!

What about the Cruise Dollars?

Perhaps the Cruise dollars could be the saving grace of this operation. Remember how I told you earlier about the membership fee of $100 per month? Well, the monthly fee for you is converted into cruise dollars, and at a double rate! So, a $100 membership payment is converted into $200 cruise dollars.

Every time you pay your membership fee, you are in essence, getting a double investment return on your membership payment, here’s the catch; cruise dollars are money that you can only spend through inCruises International and nowhere else.

So, that’s the name of the game when it comes to membership benefits. You have higher than average booking costs, but you can accumulate cruise dollars by investing $100 per month, then that compounding you build up over your commitment to inCruises monthly payments is what you can look at as being your “discount”

However, another catch-22 is that you can only spend up to 60% of your cruise dollar amount within your first year.

inCruises/How many Cruise Dollars can I use per cruise?

Essentially all that link is telling us is that you can spend 60 % of accrued cruise dollars in year 1, 70% in year 2, and up to 100% in year 5. It increases by a 10% allowance each year.

 5 Year Policy Update 2022 Controversy:

For people who signed up with inCruises back in 2017, the company was going to see a ginormous influx of people reaching the best investment return, as well as the opportunity to reach that point of being able to spend 100% of their cruise dollars on a vacation. Unalarmed and out of nowhere, after a pandemic that prevented any kind of traveling whatsoever, inCruises changed their policy regarding cruise dollars.

Suddenly for these loyal folks who stayed with their inCruises memberships, they were expecting that loyalty to pay off, especially during such a dramatic pandemic, but no, the policy changed so that any kind of Cruise you book, you could only pay 50% in Cruise dollars and 50% of the cruise with your own money!

So for folks who have a good amount of cruise dollars saved up, and want to take a vacation that’ll cost around $8,000, they now would only be allowed to $4,000 of their cruise dollars despite the 5 years of loyalty.

Canceled your membership? Say goodbye to all your reward points:

Another thing that I would like to point out in this review is that if you have a big investment into your membership and you’ve built up a good $4,000 to $8,000 worth of reward points, you are going to lose all of it if you leave. If this company has some policy change (like the 2022 cruise dollars update) that leaves you absolutely fuming, and you decide to leave, you will not get any refunds.

It is a wise tactic for the company owner to use to get the customers to stay as customers. You can only use up to 50% of your cruise dollars on a trip.

Going on vacations at the prices that inCruises are asking for is very expensive..expensive in a way that the middle-class wage earner could only afford to go on once, maybe twice a year.

And with the investment of $100 per month that you are committing to, and accumulating all of those reward points over time, you will be giving up ALOT if you decide to discontinue your membership!

So, you do have 14 days to get a refund if you decide this membership is worth it or not, but you can’t really discover a whole lot in 14 days, so you really need to lay it all on the line and decide from the beginning if this membership is worth it or not, because again, you lose all reward points if you cancel your membership.

And the fact that despite your reward points can be used on cruises, it is still a pretty hard idea to carry through taking advantage of them when cruises and vacations are still very expensive(higher than average booking sites), so it is a tough bargain to attempt to use them all up before you leave the company.

Partner Membership/Compensation Plan Overview:

Becoming a partner is a one-time activation fee of $195

Full details on Incruises Compensation plan here:

But for a quick run down, (probably not, I’m going in-depth) there are 5 ways to get paid.

  • Daily Instant Pay Bonus
  • Daily Residual Income
  • Weekly Matching Bonus
  • Monthly Leadership Bonus
  • Monthly Global New Production Bonus

Daily Instant Pay Bonus:

This is the source of the refer 5 and pay no more advertising. In addition, you will make up to $100 per month in passive income as long as your referrals stay with inCruises.

Daily Residual Income:

This is where there are the levels, you must attain a leadership rank within this company and then you will make residual income based on the recruiting efforts of people that you personally enrolled. *A..ahem…pyramid scheme*…Nah just kidding..but not really, sounds like a total pyramid scheme type of thing to do.

Weekly Matching Bonus:

Help people in your downline reach 5 activation points and get a 100% match on any payment bonuses people in your downline make.

Monthly Leadership Bonus:

Once you reach the threshold of at least the bottom of the 8 leadership ranks, you will be eligible for the leadership bonus payments. These payments come from the collective efforts of all other leaders within the company. Reports apparently indicate that the top leaders make over $100,000 per month through this structure!

Monthly Global New Production Bonus:

If you have an inhumane ability to grind like none other and reach the board of directors status, just underneath the Ambassador ranks, you will be eligible for the new production bonus, which is funded by 5% of all the money that comes from brand new members and partners.

My biggest red flag alerts:

❌No phone number offered, hard to contact:

Pretty much any kind of traveling agency I have ever seen has customer service, travel agents you can talk to, and all that kind of stuff.

Outside of the live chat features, you are essentially dependent on your referral to help you out, who could essentially be anyone.

Other booking travel sites have expert dedicated customer service and human resource managers at your disposal. People who are trained to be travel agents, not these excuses of booking agents MLM hustlers who have no idea what they are doing.

❌Have to join to find out more:

Mentioning my point earlier, you are at the mercy of MLM hustlers (or thorough reviews like these that look out for your best interests ????) to independently find out more about this company. It is a shady sales tactic that I find extremely distasteful.

❌It’s a young company that does not commit to its mission statements and policy changes:

As mentioned earlier in this review, and on several trust factor websites such as the BBB, and Trustpilot, the newer reviews mention the horrendous policy change that screws over several beginning members out of their 100% cruise dollar usage, now known as rewards points, in which now as a member, you can only use up to 50% of a cruise cost in reward points.

Review Conclusion:

InCruises International in my opinion had a bit of substance going for it before the blasphemous policy update that came after the pandemic. Paying that $100 and converting it into cruise dollars might have been a good investment for cruise lovers. Even though these cruises are more expensive through inCruises(likely to sustain its MLM income model), you could argue that the 60%-100% increments to use on cruises did actually save you some money.

Now, however, with the limitation cap of only being allowed to pay 50% of a cruise with your reward points, you are stuck with paying a $100 monthly membership fee and only being allowed to save 25% on a cruise via your rewards points, and that’s only if you’ve paid enough membership fees to have the reward points in stock to be able to do it.

In my opinion; wanna take a cruise, you’re much better off with Costco Travel, Expedia, or anything that’s not inCruises International. MLM and travel don’t really mix well in my opinion.

Then if you want to be a travel promoter, I’d simply become an affiliate for Expedia. No MLM nonsense and you get paid to sell awesome travel packages.


✅ High-Income opportunity

✅Refer 5 people and get all membership fees waived.



❌Deceptive and unexpected policy changes after the pandemic screwed many members out of being able to spend their cruise dollars, which are now known as reward points

❌Majority of cruises and other vacation bookings are actually way more expensive compared to mainstream travel/cruise booking websites. Not only is this bad for the members, but the partners as well. How are you going to convince people to sign up for a travel club with higher-than-average booking prices?????

❌No phone number offered, have to go through a recruiter to get live chat access

❌It’s an MLM, and with conclusive data-driven evidence gathered by the FTC, your chance to make a profit is 0.4%, and your chance of losing money is 99.6% guaranteed.

InCruises International gets a…


David Nelly does not approve!

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David Nelly

2 thoughts on “inCruises International Review: Another Pyramid scheme scam?

  1. Finally I’m glad to see another review of this company after the five year mark here is my story!

    What a great club it WAS. You won’t find anyone more excited to promote and share about it. A simple Facebook search of InCruises posts shows many of mine. I LOVED this company and membership! The pandemic really did a number for those like my family who can’t cruise due to religious and medical reasons. All through the pandemic we made our membership fees $100 a month. Both my husband and I are members so really it was $200 a month we were investing. We stopped investing in September because we couldn’t afford to lose any more money to a membership we cannot use.

    I was able to book two cruises but they got canceled due to Covid, so I was never able to take them. I was a Member for a long time. $6-7k between our accounts of our hard earned cash gone. No recourse to a refund or even the ability to stop payments and not lose what we have invested. They did have some sort of refund for members who met certain terms that they added with Thier new terms of service. I didn’t qualify for Their refund when I asked they said “ because I stopped payments” yeah it was two months before their new decision to give members Thier fees back. Thier Email reply was pretty generic in response and made me feel as though my time as a memeber and partner was not of value to them.

    They gave the ability for people to cruise eventually for life at a 50% savings once one has been a member for 5 years. InCruises is now 6 years old. InCruises has changed Their terms of service. For someone like me which their are many this is not good. You see they changed service saying only a small amount of people were getting that 50% savings. The company is only 6 years old it takes 5 years to see that savings they were about to have a MASSIVE explosion of members reaching that 5 year mark over the next serval years and it’s my personal option that maybe this change was made because Thier business model couldn’t cope with that and only those who were in it for money saw real value while people like me done get to see anything but a lose of their hard earned cash. Now the new service terms are you get 2 for 1 reward points which you can use 100% of your reward points . This sounds great until you find out you still have to pay 50% out of pocket for your cruise. Basically your saving 25% or less. Now they did make it so members like me won’t loose their investment. I’ll get my 6-7k back as reward points and I can even use it without being a active member… that great! NOT. You know why because Thier cruises, hotel’s, resorts that one can go to are not always the lowest base rate, they say they are but I disagree as the rates on carnival was always cheaper and when I did book I had to ask for a price match which they did supply on the cruises I had to cancel, but still not the lowest. They will offer only a portion for you to use your reward points on and the rest you have to pay out of pocket. As a example they used. $1000 cruise you use $200 reward points from 1 for 1 and pay $800 cash. So it will take FOREVER to use my investment, and not in the way i joined for either. It’s taking my investment hostage and controlling it. As a partner and member now I get to see my members book Thier cruises and then cancel. 3 of my members that joined under me were family members and the 4th was a co worker. Every single one said they will not stay with InCruises because of the changes. They don’t like being told one thing when they join to something else. For new members I can say it still saves you money but is it worth having your money held up into a fund where you don’t have control of it… we’re they can change the terms of service. Be careful and think hard before you become a member.

    I was contacted by email and threatened by them. Apparently I was in breach on a contract I had signed as a partner. I was told to remove my negative posts, wherever they may be, and discontinue making any further posts that would result in a breach of your Partner agreement. They said they would defend them selfs if necessary, meaning they will seek legal action in a court of law.

    Their emails showed thier concern was for Thier partners and not members. The changes they made in the business model also reflects that statement.

    I agreed that this review along with my BBB review which never actually was active would be removed they in return agreed that if I did take down all my complaints and reviews of negativity they would removed the suspended status. I have no way of using my points. It would seem they terminated my account. If you have had a similar experience please take my review into consideration. Make reviews at BBB, trust pilot, google, Facebook, attorney general, trades commission. As they used threats to get my reviews off line and have yet to do what they said shows again the lack of care of members and since they have yet to reply to contact attempts or do what they said they would my review stands.

    (They eventually did give account back as 1 for 1 but it will take me a life time to use it.)

    1. You’ve heard it here folks, If you’re looking to travel, do it through a legitimate company, I too would be very cautious of giving another company the ability to hold my investments hostage, especially when they only allow limited options on how to spend it!

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