How to write a blog post in WordPress

Hey everyone; David here and welcome to my post that will teach you to step by step how to create a blog post in WordPress, and introduce you to how to add affiliate links as well!

Accessing the WordPress dashboard.

The first step to understanding how to write a blog post is to have an understanding of how the WordPress dashboard works.

Posts: This is where you make your blog posts. In order to start writing a blog post, simply navigate into the posts section, and then click add new on top.

Once you have navigated to the writing menu, which looks like this picture below…

Then you are free to write about whatever your heart desires! Now, I do understand that all of that blank space is intimidating, so perhaps a handy template would help milestones worth of time savings.

With the free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate, that alone will provide you with a plethora of template options available to you! You are free to copy and paste them to keep them, but they will help you with a formatting way that takes away some brain fog when it comes to writing a blog post!

Things to keep in mind while writing your blog

It is important to not only have an idea of what your blog post is about but also have a purpose behind your blog post. Is the purpose to try to sell a product to someone? Is the purpose to try to teach someone how to do something? Is it a money post or a how-to post?

Why how-to posts are important:

As an affiliate marketer with a blog, you may think to yourself that making money is the number one priority, so why waste time giving free information or teaching people how to do things, and the reason is that…

it builds trust

Having a blog with nothing but spammy affiliate links will not be ranked in google, and even if it did, the audience will see that in every post that you write, you are essentially just trying to sell them products. To be a high-value affiliate marketer, you need to be able to build trust with your audience!

The best way to build trust with your audience is to always look out for them, even when they are not there. So finding out the key to this is by always showing your audience how to do things within the field of your niche, and when making affiliate posts, only recommending products that will actually work.

Make sure your posts are optimized for Search Engine Optimization

When you write content, the utmost purpose of your blog post is to get attention on it. In order to do that you need to have traffic, an audience! To naturally gain traffic, my recommendation for you is to gain an understanding of how keywords work.

Keywords are words/phrases that people type into google. Keywords can be like the following examples shown in the image below!

This is an example of a keyword. It is essentially a question that someone is asking, as a result of this query, you will be supplied with what google ranks as the best articles to support your question. Keywords in a sense are the supporting pillars of the internet that allow you to find out whatever you want.

For a full detailed lesson on keywords within wealthy affiliates, click here(it’s free)

To know what people are searching for, you need to have a keyword tool that tells you exactly that!

Here is an example of how my keyword tool of choice, Jaaxy does exactly that!

In that query, “what is the best way to lose weight”, there is an average of 3483 people who are searching that term up per month. The traffic indicator is suggesting to you that if you made a post about that term, you would have an average of 593 viewers per month if your post made it in the top 10 for that search query.

Last but not least, the QSR stands for “Quoted Search Results”. This indicates that is what you’re competing against. So, the number 70 in the QSR means that you will be competing with 70 other websites under that same phrase “What is the best way to lose weight” for the #1 ranked spot on google(first result to show up)


Now you know the basics of how to write a blog post. Congratulations, but be aware that there are still many things to learn! My #1 recommendation is to check out this training, the best place to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing!

Please feel free to leave any questions down below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

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