How to Make Money Online With Hunting

Howdy Cowboy, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today I want to do a deep dive into the Hunting niche, and explore adventurous avenues on how to make money online within the hunting niche! If you have experience with waking up at 3 am for some good old-fashioned dear hunting, then this is the niche for you to take over!

Hunting has been profitable since the dawn of time, will currency being exchanged for boots, backpacks, guns, gear, there are thousands of different avenues to generate massive profits in hunting!

Where to begin:

When it comes to making money online with hunting, there’s only one avenue that I would take!

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing, in the hunting world, would be creating content for a niche audience(hunting) that covers search queries! Once your intended traffic lands on your content, eventually you’ll create product reviews that promote certain products with a link, if you’re traffic clicks and purchases from that link, you will receive a commission! For a more in-depth look at how affiliate marketing works, read the related article below.

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How Affiliate Marketing applies to hunting:

Money to be made by affiliate marketing can be applied to any niche, especially hunting, as I mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, hunting has so many ways to niche down into different product markets.

This is the front page of Cabela’s. Just from looking at this, you can see 12 sub-niches to make incredible affilaite websites about, and also, take a look at all of those products underneath the headings!

Optics & Scopes:




-Spotting Scopes

You could literally make a website that only covers the best scopes on the marketplace to attach to your Remington 870 hunting rifle and see massive success!

You could go into niches explaining the best cleaning equipment for guns, or go into hunting clothing, how to stay warm during the winter hunts, look at all of these products that you could potentially promote

Promote and recommend the best clothing for staying warm during the harsh winter months!

Promote the best game call equipment to attract and lure the hunt to you!

and so much more!

Hunting Affiliate Programs:


Where to find: Cabela’s Affiliate Program

Pay structure: 5% commission on any sale

Cookie Length: Commissions paid to you for any product bought from Cabela’s for 14 days after traffic clicks through the affiliate link

Pros: Strong branded presence in the hunting world, people trust Cabela’s

Cons: short cookie length

Who should promote Cabela’s? Cabela’s has enough products to cover any sub-niche I can think of in the hunting industry, any affiliate blog could take advantage of Cabela’s affiliate program!

Black Ovis:

Where to find:Black Ovis Affiliate Program

Pay Structure:10% commission on all sales

Cookie Length: Commissions paid to you for any product bought from Black Ovis for 60 days after traffic clicks thorugh affiliate link

Pros: Long 60 day cookie length and high 10% rates for sales

Who should Promote Black Ovis? Black Ovis also has enough products to suffice a high variety of sub-niches in the hunting community. They even sell pre-cooked meals for long hunting trips. With Black Ovis, you can promote the following:

Gorilla Ammunition

Where to find: Gorilla Ammunition Affiliate Program

Pay Structure: 5% commission on all sales

Cookie Length: Commissions are paid to you for any product bought from Gorilla Ammunition for 30 days after traffic clicks through the affiliate link.

Pros: Ammunition is always in high commodity.

Who should Promote Gorilla Ammunition?

Gorilla Ammunition is meant to be promoted for the gunsmithing enthusiasts of the hunter niche. This affiliate program allows you to promote ammo of all calibers, firearm parts, and a small amount of hunting merchandise.

Hunting blogs that made it big:

To show you how possible it is to make money with blogs that promote the hunting niche, we will go through an overview of a few hunting blogs that have made huge cash promoting what they love, hunting!

Fields & Stream:

They make an estimate of around $290’000 a year, and drive about 830,000 viewers to their website each month!

Their content targets a wide basis of niche categories within the hunting world, which they are allowed to do and make it work ten-fold for them considering that they are an authority site in the hunting world.

How they Monetize:

They participate in affiliate programs and promote several products through buyer’s guide articles

They also have categories in their header that lead the audience to buyer’s guide articles.

This Header is always up top to curate the reader’s interest. No matter what page the reader goes to, that header is still up there. Even if the audience searches for a certain query that has nothing to do with purchasing and they land on a helpful article, that header is still there to curate the reader’s interest, allowing any and all content to potentially result in a sale, so you can see how powerful putting purchasing call-to-actions on your header can be!

The Big Game Hunting Blog:

The Big Game Hunting Blog might not be as big of a deal as the first, but I think anyone would be pretty ecstatic about making $22,000 a month.

The Big Game Hunting Blog creates content that covers all general niches of hunting, from clothing reviews to helpful guides on all ammunition.

How They Monetize:

The Big Game Hunting Blog monetizes by affiliate links, they make good conversions because they create highly intelligent and well-thought-out articles.

If you feel inspired, but maybe thought to yourself that you want to tackle a different niche, read this article to find out how to have success in virtually any niche!

The tools and training that you need to guarantee success:

With the lightbulb’s going off in your head, I am sure that you’ve had some ideas now, but perhaps the vision isn’t 100% there yet, and that’s okay I get it. Perhaps you are thinking I don’t know how to code or the first thing about starting a website, well, guess what? You don’t need to know anything at all about coding, in fact, you can make your website right now, just pick a name and your site will be up.

Building a website is super easy, but the sustainability of it is the tough part. You have to understand that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a long-term investment of your time and a small investment of around $60 (for when you pick your domain name and set up WordPress Hosting)

However, if you are passionate about Hunting and are willing to dedicate years to building an audience for your website, you will be reaping the awards of your patience for years to come! Remember those two sites I showed you, one of them makes $295’000 a year, imagine making that much money by just reviewing and talking about your favorite things in hunting.

And the possibility to make huge bags of money with affiliate marketing, you can make this kind of money in absolutely any niche.

All you need is a keyword research tool to apply proper keyword research to your articles(understand what your audience is looking for)

A website that you can use to create and promote your content

And a training platform that will teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.


That ladies and gentlemen shall conclude our article. This is a niche ripe for the picking of people who love hunting, who have kids and love to take their kids hunting, people who have raised hunting animals, and have expertise in the hunting world.

I do hope that you have found this article informative has given you some options on how to monetize your hunting hobby. If you have any cool hunting stories, please do feel free to leave them in the comments below. 🙂

-David Nelly

3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online With Hunting

  1. Thank you for sharing your article It is very interesting to read all about hunting.

    I did not know that you have to waking up at 3 am for some good old-fashioned dear hunting.

    Your niche has so many sub niches to get into you will never run out of material to write about.

    I find it great that you also explain Affiliate marketing in your article Its  not just about hunting and hunting equipment.

    You combined and explained the two hunting and affiliate marketing very well.

    It also good that you have links to articles on what Affiliate Marketing is for anyone who is not sure what is.

    I also like that you have hunting affiliate marketing sites included.

    I enjoyed reading your article 


  2. I love hunting. But up until now, I had only seen it as a hobby. There is a ton of experience and products that I could share with others. And you have opened my mind to this form of business. I will certainly give it a try opening a site in which I recommend useful gear. Thank you!

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