How to make money online in the fitness industry

Making money online in the fitness industry is not only possible, but falls into the category of health, which is one of the most profitable and most popular niches in all of marketing. Everybody wants to lose weight for the special crush they’ve had for years but still has been too shy to start a conversation. Everybody wants to know about the correct nutrition program to get their needed nutrition in, as well as have better energy, avoid foods that cause gut rot, everybody wants to be shredded to the gills and show up to the beach this June after the horrendous winter.

There are hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of products you can make money from online within the fitness industry!

Peleton bikes, Weight lifting sets, supplements, protein powders, and steroids…

Just kidding, do not sell steroids. We here at Safe Money Makers are in NO WAY Giving you advice on how to sell illegal steroids over the internet, we also totally do not support steroid usage in away way whatsoever

Please don’t sue us.

All joking aside, if you want to learn how to make money online in the fitness industry, what business model is used, as well as getting a look at the best training that will put the puzzle together for you and skyrocket your pathway to success!

Introducing Affiliate Marketing:

Not MLM Pyramid schemes where you’re trying to sell terribly off branded products to your friends and family and then knocking on stranger’s doors house to house on the entire block, making the whole neighborhood think you are a menace to society who needs to get a job in the process.

Not buying plexus products with your cheaper discount and then reselling them for the full price (as a result of paying $1500 for a business fee and also paying a monthly fee of like $100) No, none of that BS

Affiliate Marketing: It is when you build a blog based website and create content(my recommended option) or create video content for YouTube(also great, but you do not maintain total control over your business/content) to help out, and promote products and services to a specific audience that has an interest within a market, in affiliate marketing terms, this is known as a niche.

Click here to gain a deeper understanding of what a niche is.

To summarize affiliate marketing, and create a simplistic definition of how the process works, you create content based on search queries. You want to create content focusing on questions, or whatever it is a person would search into google and have that content match the search intent.

For example, I’m tired of doing my due diligence of always getting my veggies in! You fitness experts will tell me to get over it and eat your freakin greens, I get it, but I don’t really care what you think and I’m not willing to conform, I gotta keep the fresh content on this blog and I got my boss calling me again, complaining about me always being late, I can’t help it, sometimes work has gotta go to the side so I can keep my readers updated.

Plus I really hate broccoli, it makes me gag, so I decided that my life would be easier if I could just get my greens from some kind of powder. So I googled this…

Then I came across this website, which was the top result for my query, it matches the intent of what I am looking for.

Juneau Empire Overview:

Look at that, this beast of a website has claimed the #1 spot for my search query! (this is your goal, this is where you want to be.)

I think I’ll go ahead and take a look at the content this website offers, and also I’ll highlight how this website is making money, I am guessing that it makes a lot of money!

So I go into this review post, and I scroll down a little bit because I don’t want to show you the entire article, just the part where the author promotes some affiliate products to emphasize my point.

The red circles are affiliate links. If I decided that the organifi green juice is exactly what I was looking for in my vegetable replacement, I would then click that link, and it would take me to the merchant sales page for this specific product.

If the owner of the Juneau Empire happens to be looking at their website analytics at this very moment as I am writing this article, they might perhaps be doing a backflip out of excitement because they can see I clicked on the affiliate link for this product, and they may be thinking “yes, he clicked, he clicked on the affiliate link”, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of making an affiliate sale online.

Now I’m curious, I want to know, if I were to actually purchase this organifi green juice product, how much would Juneau Empire make off of commission? Off to google I go to search up the Organifi Affiliate Program!

It looks like the commission rate is 5%, and they have a 30-day cookie length window.

Cookie Length: The amount of time a tracking ID is attached to my IP address.  Vendors don’t limit you on only making money on one single product, but you can actually make money on any product from the voucher for the length of the cookie. If I decided I didn’t want to buy this Green Juice today, but maybe in 10 days a light bulb goes off in my head “oh that’s right I was gonna buy that green juice” and I actually fulfill my purchase, Juneau Empire will still make the commission.

If I decided not to buy the green juice, and an entire product entirely, Juneau Empire will make a commission off of anything I buy from that Merchant, and I mean anything!

If I came back before the 30-day cookie limit on my tracking IP was finished, and I bought a bunch of protein powder, let’s say I bought like 5 cases, and then I also bought some red juice, and ohhh, I don’t know, 3 other products, Juneau Empire would make 5% commission off of all of that!

And it was all from promoting one product.

It is not about promoting specific products and praying, hoping that your review was good enough to get your audience to purchase that one product, it’s just about getting them in the door.

Also, take a look at what this organifi affiliate program has to offer to its affiliates, they go out of their way to keep their affiliates happy!

I mean look at that, they even give you free yummy products, you can eat it all and review it! It pays to be an affiliate, even in more ways than just making fat stacks.

Out of curiosity, let’s also maybe take a look at what kind of numbers our blog of example, Juneau Empire has been pulling in.

Well..they get over 590,000 views each month and they make over $878,000 each month, not…too…shabby!

Now, Juneau Empire is exactly that, an empire, they probably have around a hundred writers creating content for them like clockwork. They don’t just create content based on health and fitness, they are covering the news, creating content covering photography, and so many other niches, they have their hands on everything, but needless to say, this is an example of how affiliate marketing can work, and the light may seem way out of your depth, but you too can build an empire covering one niche, make huge checks, use it to hire writers, start expanding your territory, and then dominate the market, but you don’t have to do that, I have no intentions of doing that either, honestly, I don’t really need to make $870K a month to be happy.

Fitness blogs that are making fat stacks, mad cheddar yo.

Sorry, I’ve recently started re-watching breaking bad.


Using the site explorer tool at Ahrefs, we can see that fitnessdealnews gets an estimation of over 16,000 customers visiting their site per month. The traffic value meter on the last column to the right estimates that they make over $11,000 per month. I would be happy to make $11,000 per month.

What kind of content do they make?

Fitness Deal News creates mostly product reviews, and they offer information on sales, usually as fast as possible.

This is their front page, these will be the first posts you will see when you go to the website. So as you can see, they are fast hard workers, they are getting you data on all sales as fast as they can. Not too hard of a writing style, they aren’t giving you in-depth reviews with expert knowledge or anything, they are simply creating content targeting folks who already know what they want in their supplements, and letting them know when their favorite products are on sale. They are already targeting the best kinds of customers, people who are in buying mode, which means they don’t have to create helpful content to engage a trust factor with their audience, the audience already wants to buy!

How does fitnessdealnews monetize/what affiliate programs do they use?

One of the Affiliate Programs that they use is the Myprotein affiliate program.

Myprotein offers an 8% commission on sales and a 30-day cookie length. While exploring fitnessdealnews, I clicked on some of the products this website was advertising, which means the 30-day cookie length tracking code is already in my browser’s IP. If I decide I’m running low on protein powder and decide that I want some sweet salted caramel protein powder from Myprotein, fitnessdealnews will make 8% off my purchase.

Proozy Affiliate Program(via Shareasale)

Proozy offers between 4% to 12% commission on sales depending on the product. We here at Safe Money Makers are not sure how long their cookie length is.

They also take advantage of the amazon associates affiliate program, the Supps Central Affiliate Program, The Muscle and Strength Affiliate program, and I am sure they also promote through various other affiliate programs as well.

That’s what’s awesome about affiliate marketing! Unlike sales jobs or MLM’s where you are under a contract and limited to promoting one brand of products, with affiliate marketing, you can promote any product or service you see fit. It’s your website, it’s your content, so do whatever the heck you want with it! There are no rules holding you back(outside of the affiliate vendors rules for how you promote their products)

Alright, let’s take a different approach to fitness, maybe I don’t want to promote supplements and pills and protein powder that makes you fart all day, maybe I want to show off an example of a website that promotes high ticket items that are proven to be high quality, such as elliptical machines for home use so that I can exercise in peace, and away from potential pandemic like diseases, so I search this query below.

And here is the first result I get.

This looks like an excellent website that matches the search intent of my query, let’s take a look at what this website promotes and what kind of traffic and money it makes.

Treadmill Review Guru:

According to Ahrefs, this website receives over 77,000 views per month and makes around $84,000 per month. Keep in mind that this information is only according to the traffic value, treadmills are expensive(usually over $1,000), considering that this website is selling high ticket items, it is highly likely that this website is actually pulling in way more than $84,000 every month.

What kind of content does Treadmill Review Guru make?

Just like the name of this website suggests, Treadmill Review Guru is a product review website targeting the exercise equipment niche. Most of their posts are review posts, or as you could see from the header, they make “best” type of posts.

  • “Best Treadmills for home use in 2022”
  • “12 Best Cardio Machines for 2022”
  • “Best Quietest Treadmills 2022” (This made me cringe a bit, makes no grammatical sense whatsoever, but who am I to argue with a blog making over $80k a month)

So, they make a lot of content like this. I think you see my point. Lots of reviews, and some guides on this site about building your own home gym, or how to maintain your exercise equipment so that it’ll last longer.

How does Treadmill Review Guru monetize?

They use the Nordic Affiliate Program as well as various other affiliate programs, but in order for me to not keep talking on and on forever, I will just give you an overview of how much money they make off of promoting Nordic Products.

Look at the price of this thing! Almost $3000!

NordicTrack Affiliate Program Details:

With the NordicTrack affiliate program, you make a 7% commission on all sales, and they have a 90-day tracking cookie!

That’s a 90 day tracking cookie embedded into your potential customer’s browser, for 90 days, any time that your traffic exposes itself to the NordicTrack merchant website online, you will earn a 7% commission on anything they buy!

Did the lightbulb go off in your head yet, can you see the high-income potential that affiliate marketing offers?

How much would I make if I sold that Commercial X22i elliptical machine?

7% commission on a product that costs $2,999 is $209.93. So you can potentially be making over $200 per sale on your affiliate website! And once you are getting around 3,000 – 5,000 visitors a day on your website, you will be making these types of sales almost daily.

How to have success in affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is not an easy process to master, but when you do master the process, the process of making money is easy. Does that make any sense?

I know that I did a good job at getting you hyped up to get started on your fitness-based online business, but keep reading because if you don’t find out where to find the best training and tools for affiliate marketing, you are going to go on this journey alone. If you have no guidance and have no idea what the best tools to use are, you are going to fall prey to various scams, find people trying to convince you to pay thousands of dollars for software that is in all honesty, pretty sub-par.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have more benefits as an affiliate marketer within any niche than any other kind of service can offer you. They give you access to the best WordPress hosting in the world, their training teaches complete beginners how to have success in affiliate marketing(with over 70 hours of content) and they also provide you with a functional keyword tool so that you can scope out competition for your chosen niche.

When I say that they have the best WordPress hosting in the world, I really mean it! You can check out why I say this right down below, you can easily create a new website in under 3 minutes and get your new fitness-based website started today!

For a full overview of Wealthy Affiliate and everything it offers, click here to discover why it’s the #1 platform for affiliate marketing with over two MILLION members.

For some inspirational success stories from Wealthy Affiliate, click here!

Or, if you just want to see for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate may be something for you or not, you can start out with the free starter membership by clicking here (no personal information or credit/debit card required)

This concludes today’s article, and I hope that you have gotten an idea of why affiliate marketing is a huge industry and also why it is constantly growing! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below

-David Nelly

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