How to avoid Make Money online scams, save your sanity

When trying to learn how to make money online, there are a lot of scams out there! This creates a very disillusioned path towards the correct way to escape the 9 to 5 rat race and make honest money online! Scams will leave you with a broken wallet and a broken spirit. We here at Safe Money Makers are here to prevent that, and give you a list of red flags and tips to look out for, so without further ado, let’s get into this overview.

Common Red Flags:

When you are used to being scammed, you eventually pick up on how they work. Going through these processes of trying to make money online and escape my 9 to 5, I have learned the language that these scammers use. The language begins with the idea of expanding your mind, and making you feel overwhelmed with the imagination of making more money than you ever thought possible, while also making you think that it will be easy! An example is provided in the images below

They provide little to no information on how to make money/what the purpose of their service is!

A lot of Multi-Level Marketing scams have either no product or a sub-par product that is priced for more money than it is worth. Examples of these Mult-Level Marketing schemes are Herbalife and Mary Kay. The premise of a pyramid scheme is to recruit others into your down line and you make money from them, and then their recruits also make money for them.

The Danger of Pyramid Schemes:

The thing about pyramid schemes is that they can be incredibly lucrative. The problem, however, is that you aren’t selling anything. What the idea is to get you to convince others to join your pyramid. There’s no real substance, no real service, it’s basically passing down money until the lowest man on the pyramid can’t make any money!

Pyramid schemes are known to tear friends and family apart!

There is a heavy emphasis on group psychology in pyramid schemes. The new recruits are manipulated into becoming “a part of the family”. This is what causes them to become committed, and then spend thousands of dollars to attend seminars and meetings. Then these fanatics go out and ask their friends and family to join their down line of the pyramid scheme. The members gain various mental health issues, and their way of thinking is completely changed. Pyramid schemes are not only incredibly dangerous, illegal, but they create cults, that’s why the pyramid scheme creators become so rich! They take normal people struggling to live everyday life, and turn them into crazy fanatics!

How to stay safe from scams:

Along with Pyramid Schemes, there are also many other scams out there. From what we have gone through so far, we have an understanding that the language of scams is that they promise things that are too good to be true.

“Make 500 dollars daily without any experience”

The truth is that it is actually very hard to make money online, but it can be done! For context on how to do this, click here! You need to understand that most of these scams have a good understanding of psychology. The words that explain false hopes that it’s easy to make money online psychologically make you feel good like you are about to start living the lavish lifestyle you have dreamed of since entering the workforce.

They are trying to target your inner desires in order to trick you into giving them your money or scamming you into doing something you should be paid for, but they just don’t pay you to do it.

How to properly research a program:

In the money-making world of the internet, it is important to be skeptical of everything you are getting involved with. The first step to getting an understanding of a program’s legitimacy is searching the internet. I highly recommend searching this phrase when researching:

Is (insert name here) a scam or is it legit.

The internet has many people like Safe Money Makers dedicated to researching these types of things. It’s what helps many people avoid scams. So, if you ever get contacted by an old friend you haven’t seen in years trying to get you to join what might look like a pyramid scheme or some kind of sketchy survey website that might not actually pay you for your work then I highly recommend researching for a review online about that product.

I also recommend using these two websites to research the legitimacy of some programs before getting involved with any money-making type of program!

With scam adviser and Trustpilot, you can use their search bar to find almost any business, and many people share their experiences with those businesses, so you can always use these two sources as indicators of how well you can trust a certain business!

My suggestion on making money online:

There are various ways to make money online, but I highly suggest staying as far away from any kind of Multi-Level Marketing programs and any kind of Pyramid Schemes. I also recommend being careful around survey sites, as many will lie to you about getting paid and will simply take advantage of your data and lie to you about getting paid, and simply con you into advertising their brand for free.

If you are interested in seeing an example of a survey site that is a scam, read my review on Paid2Tap here.

If you want to make money fast and want to use surveys, the only one that I recommend is Swagbucks!

However, it is possible to make high yields of money online, but it is not any kind of get rich scheme. It is through affiliate marketing!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is when you create a website, or YouTube channel, or both, and create content that promotes products. These can be virtually any kind of product. The way you make money with affiliate marketing is by using affiliate links in your content.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are special links provided to you by a merchant. These links are the links you use to promote whatever item it is you recommend. If someone who is exploring your content clicks on your affiliate link and buys the item through the link you are promoting, you will earn a commission. That is how you earn money through affiliate marketing.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video from a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, for example, pewdiepie? Do you ever notice how they have so many links? Those links, many of them are affiliate links, and they provide a big chunk of the YouTuber’s income because the audience clicks and buys products through those affiliate links.

How to learn and become a good affiliate marketer:

To become a good affiliate marketer, one must have proper tools and training. The way I do affiliate marketing is through a website, such as this one right here. It is my preferred way of doing affiliate marketing, to be honest! I’m not much of a camera person, I don’t really want to become some kind of public figure, so I prefer to just simply write about what I want to talk about.

I got all my training from a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. It is an all-in-one platform that provides you with everything you need to become a successful super affiliate marketer. It is a training platform, as well as a website builder, and a community. Wealthy Affiliate has changed thousands of lives. Many training platforms are not good enough to truly teach you all the complexities of affiliate marketing, but wealthy affiliate is different because wealthy affiliate offers you one-on-one help with many expert affiliate marketers who have made millions through affiliate marketing!

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click here!

For a review on Wealthy Affilaite, read this one, its the best written Wealthy Affilaite that doesn’t shove the prodcut down your throat, everything you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate is found in this review!

I hope that this article has helped you to have a better grasp of how to avoid scams and a more forward path on the goal of earning money online!

Have you ever been scammed by false promises in the online world, please tell me about it in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you have a splendid day, all the best!

-David Nelly

David Nelly

6 thoughts on “How to avoid Make Money online scams, save your sanity

  1. This is such a useful article especially these days where we are faced with a lot of scams as people are looking for fast ways to make money online.
    I liked the point that you mentioned that scams provide little to no information because that is exactly what happens and I have seem such programs as scams.

  2. Hi David,
    Online scams promise outsomes that are too good to be true and they usually flash several red flags. A seasoned marketer will spot them a mile off but unfortunately that is not the case for newbies honestly seeking something in which they can invest and make money. The key to not being scammed online is to conduct thorough research and reading up on reviews and articles like this one.

    The problem is that many are looking for get rich quick schemes. You’ve discussed the drawbacks of pyramid schemes and MLMs. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and if done right, can be very lucrative.


  3. Thank you so much for this information. It is really helpful, especially in this age of tons of programs that promises get rich quick schemes that never deliver.

    All your suggestions are very valid, especially the part of researching on the internet in order to understand if a program is valid or not. It’s amazing what a simple search can do.

    Another reason why research is important is to get unbiased reviews from actual users who have used the program and to really understand what a potential subscriber is expected to do in order to make money. This would save you from paying more and more money than you expected to.

    I hope lots of people get to read this so as not to fall victim of scams.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Femi, I full-heartedly agree. Especially when scammers keep getting smarter and hiring people off of FiveRR to create fake reviews/stories about bad products. There needs to be someone out their providing truthful authentic reviews to help people understand how scams work, and that is the goal of Safe Money Makers!

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