Green Compass Global Review: Legit MLM, or Pyramid Scheme Scam?

Hey guys, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to be taking a look at the Green Compass Global!

We are getting some controversial reports that nurses who are going through some hard financial times are trying to scam their patients (who aren’t even fully functioning) to join their downline for Green Compass Global. 

Now, of course, as the usual case, the MLM company is not responsible for the actions of their distributors, but today, in any case, we want to answer the question, is this a pyramid scheme or a scam?

Is it really true that nurses, as well as other distributors, are taking advantage of uneducated, unsuspecting, or even non-functioning victims to extract commissions from their wallets too in most case scenarios, just to be able to afford the payments required to stay a part of the compensation plan?

In today’s review, we here at Safe Money Makers will be revealing the truth of this and more, so keep on reading below!

Now, when it comes to MLM opportunities, this is the criteria that I tend to look for, and the questions I think you should be asking.

🤔What is the income potential for this opportunity?

🤔How much Product, or usually in MLM terms, Personal Volume will I need to maintain my membership within its compensation plan?

🤔Is an income disclosure statement released by this company to properly follow FTC guidelines? This is important because you need to be able to trust the company you work with. If this is not provided, it is highly likely that the company is manipulating the narrative to make you believe you can make way more money than possible through this company.

🤔If an income disclosure is provided, what are the average earnings for people in the MLM? Does it look like there is a decent moving around rate with evenly dispersed percentages in the company’s structure? Or, does it look like 80% to 99% of all MLM distributors are never ever able to move above the beginner ranks and only make around $10-$1000 per year?

🤔How much time and energy will you be spending in the MLM? Will you be able to tackle this MLM structure at a relaxed pace? Will you be provided with an opportunity to use online marketing to promote the company’s products? Or will you be hustling all over town, making door-to-door sales, hosting parties to introduce the product, and relying on selling to friends and family?

🤔Is the company’s product actually good, or improved over the competition? Or does the MLM rely more on upon recruiting others and attempting to finesse how much money you can make with the company to get people in versus selling the company’s product?

Now, my job here at Safe Money Makers is to help you avoid bad programs, scams, and pyramid schemes,  as well as help you find that online business opportunity that does guarantee you legitimate job replacement income!  (If you are willing to put in the work)

If you have studied MLMs and pyramid schemes like I have, as well as done all the research that I have, you would already understand that only 0.4% of people turn a profit in the Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling Industry.

In fact, you can see direct proof of this from a research case study done by the Federal Trade Commission. You can download a PDF file here that displays the truth in this.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Green Compass Global

-Owners: R. Sterling Cook, JR and Meredith Cook

-Summary: Hemp oil-based MLM Company that has Sleep aid Gummies, Skincare products, and Pet Products.

-Opportunity Cost: $49.95 business kit, or two other products to boost your business, one costing $299.95, the other costing $499.95

-Pros: Decent Compensation Plan. Not too expensive to join. Products are considered to be good quality.

-Cons: Mixed Reviews on products, and the products are considered to be quite expensive.

Because this is an MLM, it is statistically proven that more than likely, you will lose money if attempting to earn an income through their compensation plan.

-Our rating: 2/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit 👍

-Is it David Nelly Approved? No

What is Green Compass Global?

Green Compass Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company that operates in the health and wellness space, specifically under CBD and Skincare products.

They sell products that range from Hemp oils, Hemp Extracts, and Beauty Products based on Hemp that is related to things like skin care.

It is an impressive operation, Green Compass grows its own Hemp out of farms in North Carolina. They use this grown hemp for all of their products.

Now, while these Hemp Products are grown from the farms of North Carolina, there still is that expensive downline match ratio price markup that is only in MLMs and not normal products you’d find on regular E-commerce websites like Amazon.

The reason for this being is that most MLM’s, while not exactly pyramid schemes, they still follow the pyramid scheme approach.

The main allure to MLMs is not the product themselves, but the fact that you can make money through the MLM compensation plan.

So quite often, the case of their marketing tactics is that they take an overpromise and underdeliver approach, both in their compensation plan marketing and in their product marketing!

They make false claims that their products simply cannot perform, and they try to use those claims to justify how expensive the product is, and they use claims that you can make six figures or even more through their compensation plan, and while it actually is possible to make lots of money through an MLM compensation plan, as mentioned in my graph and file to the FTC article, your chances of earning even a minimum net profit in MLM is only 0.4%.

But, I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news before we start the basis of our Green Compass Global Review, I’m just trying to paint a general picture of what to expect for those of you unfamiliar with the MLM business model, so is Green Compass Global just another scam, or will Green Compass Global be the company to break the mold of the MLM business model and change the world forever with their excellent Hemp Products?

Who Owns Green Compass Global?

Green Compass Global is owned by R. Sterling Cook, JR, and Meredith Cook.

As you would predict by them sharing the same last name, these two are a married couple, and together they created Green Compass Global.

R. Sterling Cook, JR has spent the majority of his professional life working in the food production industry. In addition, he also worked on and with Hemp farms out in North Carolina. Naturally, this work style was a precursor to the invention of Green Compass.

Meredith Cook spent her professional life working as a medical aesthetician. As one would expect, she also has done many studies on Hemp throughout her professional life, and I would assume that together, Sterling and Meredith combined their passion to create Green Compass.

Outside of this profession, Sterling Cook is also very experienced in Real Estate and Business Development.

Products Review: 

I do believe that Green Compass Global is a lot more honest about its products compared to the standard MLM! In all of their product descriptions, they often state that you should consult with your doctor/physician before using their products. For an MLM to make that statement makes me respect them much more than most MLMs!

As stated in the introduction of this article, this company is known for its Hemp oils, Hemp Extracts, and Beauty Products. Many of their products help with muscle relaxation, they have sleep gummy things, they call them Nano Jellies, and y’know..they help you fall asleep.

For a full overview of their products, you can check out their shipping page here. (not an affiliate link)

This is just a small example of their product line-up. They sell products within 9 different categories, and they have a 10th option in which you can bundle and save as well. bundle and save.

Are Green Compass Global’s Products overpriced?

Now, the main question, listen, CBD oil is an excellent product and a hot market, but there are many manufacturers of CBD Oil Products. 

So that begs the question, for what Green Compass Global offers, are the products overpriced, or do they offer a fair price for their products?

If you have read my Hempworx review, you would see that this is another MLM company that falls under that category of overpriced Hemp MLM products. Does Green Compass fall under that same category?

When searching Reddit threads for more information on Green Compass Global, when it comes to people explaining the value of the product on the basis that people have actually used it, people overall said positive things about the product itself.

This is about all the information I have been able to collect based on potential clients, however, one thing I’d like to add about the positive feedback is that there seems to be heavily biased intent behind it. To me, it seems like they are attempting to save face for the company as if they are looking for potential recruits. Especially when you see them say things like “its an MLM but it’s a great company”

They don’t really get into any specifics on why the product is great.

If you look at other opinions about Green Compass Global, they often ridicule it for being an MLM, as well as warn others  to stay away from the cult.

This is a pretty typical opinion on MLMs in general at this point, as there are thousands upon thousands of stories that reveal how many MLMs have broken families apart, caused divorces, and turned upstanding citizens into homeless people, all because they thought that they stumbled upon the “opportunity of a lifetime”

In all honesty, I find myself extremely saddened when I read these stories, and the controversy behind MLMs is one of the many things that cause this business model to be so unprofitable.

Now in regards to this product being overly expensive, I don’t have a way to say so for sure, but for what matters, the public opinion of Green Compass Global is mostly negative!

Green Compass Global Public Opinion:

For me to figure out what people overall think about Green Compass Global, I searched them up on Reddit, and most cases of scenarios involve people warning other people about this company via the Anti-MLM thread. However, as stated above, there is a slight amount of positivity, but that positivity mainly comes from what appears to be distributors.

In addition, I also looked them up on Trustpilot, Facebook, and the BBB(Better Business Bureau).

They do not have a Trustpilot page, but they do have a page on BBB, and while hardly populated, there is a total of 1 complaint, and this is the only source of public opinion on their BBB page.

Facebook Reviews:

Here are some of the Negative Reviews on Facebook that I found:

This review sums up the positive aspect:

On the Facebook page, people are either praising their compensation plan, or they are praising how the hemp has reduced their anxiety, made them more relaxed, etc. Overall, the reviews on Facebook are overall positive, with a rating of 4.6/5, but again, the whole model of MLM is recruiting, so people who think that they are going to make money are all chomping at the bit to make this company look good.

Overall, I would rate the public opinion as mixed, but slightly leaning towards the negative side!

How much does it cost to join Green Compass’s compensation plan?

To get involved with the Green Compass Global Compensation Plan, you simply have to pay a fee of $49.95. This is way cheaper than many other MLM compensation plan fees.

Now, this only gets you the basic essentials and makes your job of earning commissions very hard, so they also recommend that you purchase their Core kit for $299.95, or their Core Runners kit for $499.95.

Compensation Plan Review:

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, you’ll already realize that 99.6% of all participants in MLM are destined to lose money, but is Green Compass Global any different? Could this be the one MLM company that will have a higher probability of yielding better results?

Click on this PDF file here to get access to information by Green Compass Global regarding their compensation plan.

Most MLM compensation plans provide a cheat sheet dictionary for all the weird MLM terms that they use, this one doesn’t, so I will provide one from another MLM review I did. Most MLMs all use the same terms, PV for Personal Volume, BV for business Volume, etc.

As mentioned, to get started, you need to pay a $49.95 fee, this gets you their Basic Business Kit, or you can go heavy and buy the Core kit or Core Runners kit.

This compensation plan is broken down into three phases, and this is a common business model found in Many of the MLMs I do reviews on.

It is broken down into the Marketing phase, the starting point of building up your business. The Team Builder Phase, this is when you start building legs to your downlines and make commissions off of sales that your enrollees make for the business. Then the final phase, The Master Phase, and I will at least say that this is a cool name for the final phase, but this is the phase when you surpass the group leader ranks and become a director, and essentially that’s when your are coaching group leaders in your downline.

Typical to other MLMs, this company also offers level bonuses and rank-up bonus payments

Marketing Phase:

As mentioned, this is the building phase of your Green Compass business. Do you know how most beginning phases of MLMS have retail sales, and then there’s like 3 different versions of retail sales that gives you payments and bonus payments, but it all adds up to doing the same thing, which is still retail sales, that’s what the Marketing Phase is, you earn commissions by promoting/selling Green Compass products.

Earning Commissions:

When you recruit people into Green Compass and they become retail customers, you will earn commissions. I say that in a pretense because they claim that you can earn up to 18% commission on the sale, however, it is those keywords “up to 18%” meaning that they do not indicate what the minimum commission percentage will be.

In addition to the commissions, they offer discounts on product incentives for recruiting people into Green Compass.

Once you have recruited 5 customers who maintain their membership in Green Compass Global’s retail customer program, you will qualify to receive Product Credit. This is a $50 bonus payment.

Team Builder Phase:

This phase is about ranking up, increasing your commission rates, and receiving all the bonus payments upon ranking up through the compensation plan.

Team Builder Bonus:

Earn a one-time $90 team building and $10 Enroller bonus upon the success of getting one of your enrollee’s to purchase the Core kit.

Enroller Bonuses:

Earn a 6% enroller bonus from the BV(Business Volume) accumulated by your personal enrollees. In addition, once you start your leg-building process, you can earn a 4% enrollee bonus from recruitment based on enrollees under you, in other words, your L2 Leg.

Level Bonuses:

Earn 4% of sales or enrollees committed by your downline. Earn commissions off of more legs as you rank up.

The Master Phase:

The final phase of your business venture of Green Compass Global, this phase basically probably represents the owner of the company, and 3 to 5 of the associates within this company, I promise you that it is essentially impossible to get in one of these ranks.

There are a lot of fancy words for this phase, but the verdict is that you receive more bonus payments and commissions from your downline, as well as more levels where you can make 4% business volume off of more enrollees in your downline.

Compensation Plan Conclusion:

On the surface, this company actually looks like it is something that serves to be a big-time income opportunity. However, the owners of these companies all have one thing in common, they love making easy money, so they always paint this sunshine and rainbows picture in all of their Compensation Plan PDFs. They want to expand your imagination to the potential of making some serious money, and that’s how they hook you into the compensation plan promotion.

The business model for MLM companies isn’t that they have life-changing products, the whole premise of the business model is 100% based on the recruitment aspect.

That’s why I call many MLM companies a Pseudo Pyramid Scheme, while they might not actually qualify as an illegal pyramid scheme, the truth is that they are simply creating a sub-par product and using that as an excuse to not get shut down by the law.

Now, I am not claiming that Green Compass Global is doing this, from what I have gathered based on my research, they actually seem to have a high-quality product, however, I would still gander to say that you can get products just as good, maybe even better than what Green Compass offers for a lower price if you look around. 

Here’s why you will lose money in Green Compass’s Comp Plan:

The story is going to generally be the same, you have a high chance to lose money rather than make it, if my statement and FTC proof that I have provided is not enough to convey to you why MLM is such a bad business plan, I will provide an Income Disclosure from the MLM company called Color Street.

If interested, you can read my Color Street Review Here:

Now, on the chart above, look at the percentage of stylists with the red circle on the graph. Let’s add that percentage up so that we can figure out how many stylists in this company make at least $7,800 per year *Income Including Fees*

98% of people who are in this company make a maximum of $7,800 per year, and only 3% of those people have reached that team leader rank, which means that 95% of stylists make only around $3,700 per year. At least 59% of stylists only make around $100 per year.

These numbers in my opinion are very telling of the opportunity, while they use the MLM motivational slang for being your own boss and firing your 9-5. you can tell by this graph that there isn’t a high chance of growth in this company.

What that excerpt I used from my Color Street review is telling is this, Out of all those stylists, only about 30% of them managed to reach a profitable stage in their opportunity.

These are actually really good stats for an MLM, in most cases, the chances are much less to achieve a net income.

Keep in mind that they are also putting in a lot of work for that small amount of money!

Main things to consider before making your final decision.

Green Compass Global was listed as an MLM Scheme from this article by Daily CBD, one of the biggest authority websites within the CBD oil space in the search engines!

❌Is an income disclosure statement released by this company to properly follow FTC guidelines? No

✅❌Is the company’s product actually good, or improved over the competition? Or does the MLM rely more on upon recruiting others and attempting to finesse how much money you can make with the company to get people in versus selling the company’s product? 

There are mixed reviews of which are both positive and negative regarding the product. My personal take is that they actually do provide a good product, but in that same vein, it’s an MLM product that has an unnecessary price hike, many distributors will claim that it’s important to support small businesses, but that’s no excuse! If I as a consumer/customer can find a product that provides the same value for cheaper, then it is in my best interest to save money, I don’t care about your downline.

Green Compass Global Review: Final Conclusion

Green Compass Global gets a…


While there are a few positives about this company, Overall, David Nelly does not approve!

David Nelly Does Not Approve
David Nelly Not approved
David Nelly

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