goDiamond review: is it a scam or is it legit

Last Updated January 3rd, 2022, if there is new information on goDiamond, Safe Money Makers will update this article immediately

If you were looking for ways to make money online, perhaps through Facebook or some other sort of social network, you might have come across goDiamond. GoDiamond is a team of networking enthusiasts who like to make money for GoDiamond. That’s about all the information you get from their “about me” page. In my opinion, this may simply be a network marketing money-sharing referral scheme.

The premise of the product:

  • Name: GoDiamond
  • Website:Https://Godiamond.Com
  • Price: Free $297 $497
  • Overall Rating: 1.5/5
  • Summary: Referral MLM program with no substance or value
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Unknown, but has scammy tendencies
  • Who it’s for: People with no networking/sales skills trying to beg people for money(asking friends and family to be referrals)

What is goDiamond

As of the beginning of January 2022, goDiamond is a referral program, and when you get referrals, you get paid in bitcoin. The more you recruit, the more you earn.

The website is currently in beta, and it seems that in the future you will have access to many self-promotional banners and landing pages

As a Free member, you can earn up to a withdrawal limit of $100, anything after is thrown into what would be the next monthly payment. As an ambassador, you can earn up to a withdrawal limit of

Ambassador perks:

With the Ambassador perks, you move yourself to the front of the line of the money trading MLM ways. Essentially you get your face in front of everyone if you pay to become an ambassador circle.

Does goDiamond pay? Are they legit?

As of right now, it is too early to know if goDiamond actually pays out or if they are legit. Despite the claim that goDiamond will have over a million members within a few months, they seem to have no mainstream media search results. Part of my protocol when researching and reviewing make money online programs is searching forums like Reddit, Quora, Facebook for real people discussing their opinions on platforms.

When researching goDiamond, all I could find is a bunch of referral vultures spamming their referral links.

At Safe Money Makers, it is still too early to give an honest answer to the subject of GoDiamond being a scam or being legit. The platform is in its infancy stages, and it is not publically known. I will however say that goDiamond appears to use a lot of spammy tactics to promote themselves.

They have a website that’s in beta format, and it does not work, but they created a referral program to get people invited to their platform.

It is a money-making platform, how do you make money? By referring others to their platform. What service do they provide? Uhhh… they provide the service of making referrals making money. It is a making money platform…

How does any of that make any sense??

Let’s stop fooling ourselves here, this screams pyramid scheme, and the promoting that they do for the ambassador program screams pyramid scheme as well.

In addition to it coming off as a pyramid scheme, those #’s displayed above sound way too good to be true. Do you seriously think that all you have to do to make up to $280’000 is chat with random marketers in some ambassador circle?

If you want to learn how to make money online with a reputable company that has been in business since 2005 and has been using proven methods that stand the test of time, read this article here!


It’s a money-making opportunity (maybe). Money is always nice.


-Not any real value in the program, it’s an MLM platform without products, you just trade money with other people with referrals.

-The referral program has no merit besides the money-making potential. I really dislike how the creators of goDiamond have their website in beta, and is basically non-functional, yet they are getting folks to scourge to make money online groups on Facebook and other social platforms desperately attempting to take advantage of the referral program, essentially scamming others into becoming a goDiamond member.

-Very small online presence, the only way you’ll hear about them is by someone desperately wanting to refer you to them in Facebook make money online group. Then you’ll get curious if this is a scam or if it’s legit, and land on my article to find out the truth.

-No videos or overviews of what the product really is

Do I recommend goDiamond?

When it comes to making money online, and business in general, I only deal with people, platforms, programs, and jobs that I feel I can put my trust into. I believe in integrity, and I can tell you, throwing out a beta platform, and unfinished platform, and then finding the most desperate vultures on the internet to throw that link up every place they can, that is not integrity.

I recommend products that have a history of excellent service. I also have respect for new products/companies that are on the rise and are grinding to get more views and rise as a business, but I only respect ones that prove that they have a respectable service. Referring people to the idea that you can make money without any real service/products is not something that I can respect, which is what goDiamond does. So no, I do not recommend goDiamond!

goDiamond gets a…


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An alternative:

People often fall for false hopes and promises, as well as scams in the make-money-online world. The reason is that the idea of making money online entices and raises our dopamine and our senses, it wakes us up like a cold shower, and raises our excitement through the roofs, and makes us bounce off the walls in our home.

We momentarily lose our sense of reason, and sometimes we either regain it and become skeptical, or we just choose to go all in, thinking we finally reached that point where our life finally changes for the better. We found our destiny so to speak.

The truth is that making money online is not easy, however, it is possible. The thing about it, however, is that it is a slow burn process, at least for the first 6 or so months of the journey.

What you need to make money online is the proper tools for the job, as well as a community of experts on the subject to guide you through all the ins and outs of the process, and I know just the place to go!

If you want to know more, read this article!

I hope that you found this article informative, while we do not recommend goDiamond, we will still research more about it as the platform grows and more news is released on the way. Who knows, we may change our toon and say that this is our #1 recommendation for making money online, but until then, I do recommend that you check out that article I mentioned earlier about making money online, it will drop you some much-needed truth bombs about how the process works!

-David Nelly

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