Fully Alive Nation Review: Health Blog disguised as an MLM?

Hello everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and I have noticed that there have been some questions around the internet regarding the Fully Alive Nation lifestyle brand. This lifestyle brand is what they are calling themselves, but is that true, or are these guys trying to move their marketing away from the Multi-Level-Marketing term, but at the same time, operate just like an MLM, while also avoiding the controversies that are inside of that world?

I do want to say that even if Fully Alive Nation is an MLM, it is not necessarily a bad thing. I do want to say that I don’t believe in MLMs, and when I see an MLM, I generally look away in another direction, but not all MLMs are bad, out of all my MLM reviews, I have found a few rare gems that I would recommend.

In any case, today we are going to explore the Fully Alive Nation Lifestyle brand. They do have certification courses, and they also appear to have some Masterclasses, but every time I check the masterclass tab, it tells me to sign back into their website, I’m already signed in, not sure what that is all about, perhaps they haven’t updated that part of their website yet.

I want to say that I might not have all the facts and all the information that you are going to need to understand about the Fully Alive Nation company, their website is a bit hard to navigate, with many pages not having any info, and in addition to that, this company does not have many people talking about them, so I was unable to find what other people are saying about this company. Overall, they don’t really tell you much about themselves. The research process for this review was quite jarring, to say the least.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Fully Alive Nation

-Owner: Donna Krech

-Summary: Health and Wellness Website that sells an array of mix-matched items like supplements, audio motivation, and a weight scale.

-Opportunity Cost: Unknown, scheduling a consultation is required.

-Pros: Company is known to help people lose weight

-Cons: Company’s website is a mess, despite claiming that this company is not MLM, it feels like an MLM. No information was provided whatsoever on their business model.

-Our rating: Read to find out

What is Fully Alive Nation and who is it for?

So starting off from an outsider’s perspective, it’s a bit hard to understand what Fully Alive Nation is and what they are going for. They claim to be a healthy lifestyle brand and they also claim that they definitely are not an MLM, but when you read the “our mission” statement that Fully Alive Nation Provides, the first thing that you see is that they claim to have proven step by step systems that increase your income and give you more time freedom and so forth.

Fully Alive Nation also has a shop in which they sell a wide variety of products, including protein bars, multi-vitamins, umm, they have protein pretzels.

I mean wow..yum. Sarcasm has been detected, but maybe these actually are pretty good, they are listed under their most popular products, so I just might not know what I’m talking about.

Along with health-based supplements and foods, they also sell meet-up retreats, which I think are like speaking conventions and motivational CDs such as Donna Krech’s Motivational Assassinators Kit.

It’s an odd mix mash of products, but basically, it’s a mix mash of health supplements, weight loss audio coaching, recipe books, and motivational and spiritual audio CDs.

Fully Alive Nation Products Review:

As mentioned, fully alive nation sells a wide range of diet products and motivational speech CDs that look like they were made in the 80s and 90s. 

They also sell their own weight scales so you can see how much you weigh, they are around $90. They sell protein bars, and some T-shirts that say “13 years younger”. To round it all up, they sell fitness stuff.

I cannot really comment on the quality of the products, but I will judge the way the store is set up. It’s pretty disorganized, and hard to navigate.

Their main selling point, however, is the 20/30 program.

So as you can see, it essentially gives you access to a bunch of motivational techniques, and social motivational groups to help you lose weight. You will also get access to some supplements as well.

For $549, I think that this is way overpriced, you can simply get self-motivation by going onto YouTube, and if you need the social aspects of it, there are tons of fitness social groups on places like Facebook and Reddit, you just have to look around a little, and in addition, this is a free way to gain access to motivation.

With no reviews whatsoever on their products, there is no way to claim that they are really worth what they are asking for them, if I were you, I would take a hard pass on this 20/30 starter kit.

Fully Alive Nation Business Plan Review:

I cannot give you the best overview of the prospect of the Fully Alive Nation. If you go under the certifications tab on their website, you can sort of get an idea that you can make money through Fully Alive Nation by selling their supplements. I suspect that you can also make money by recruiting people into joining the 20/30 program.

Most of this information is locked behind a consultation that you have to schedule. If anyone has any more information regarding this, I would definitely appreciate a comment below, or an email sent to me at itsdavidnelson93@gmail.com.

In any case, the fact that they reveal next to nothing about their business plan and how you can make “multiple streams of income” through Fully Alive Nation, well, that’s gonna be a down for me. I believe that it is important for customers and potential clients to know what they are getting into right away before having to meet with a consultant that they’ve never talked to before who will try to sell them the opportunity.

Review Conclusion:

I think that this company and what it offers can be a good thing for a specific group of people. I have seen some before and after pictures, and I think it is obvious that this company can help people lose weight. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s the best company to help you lose weight, and I have no idea if the products are good or not. I tend to stay away from weight loss products that are not FDA-approved, those are always a risk.

But I mean hey, for those who love that community aspect of fitness where you all get together and do group workouts and become a team, this might be a thing for you. I will always believe that weight loss is a good thing, and becoming a healthier you will always be a good thing.

However, I think that there are so many other better ways to lose weight, and better groups to lose weight. I don’t really recommend indulging in non-FDA-approved products.

In addition, the website is just a jumbled mess, with so many pages missing, I got a lot of “error, not found” messages showing up while simply trying to navigate the basic features of the website.

Fully Alive Nation gets a…


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