review: is it another scam or is it legit easy money

Hey everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers. So far in our journey to discover a decent survey app, we have been bombarded with scam products that do nothing but waste your time and steal your data. In our reviews of Cloutzap, Paid2tap, and Social Rebel, they all claim that you can easily make $500 daily, Free cash however don’t commit this false advertising atrocity. They are pretty open with what the actual facts are, and I can have some respect for that!

We here at Safe Money Makers will go in-depth for you so that you can figure out if Free cash is for you or not. The most important part of this article is also at the end, survey websites are not known for having any kind of payout that is worth long term time investments, and this article will provide you with a realistic online business avenue that is worth your time, so if you don’t want to read this entire 2000+ word article, definitely at least make sure you scroll down to the end!

The premise of the product:

  • Name: Freecash
  • Website:
  • Special Offer: Join here to get a 100 coin welcome bonus, and to help support the blog(at no extra cost to you, in fact, you benefit from the 100 coin bonus)
  • Overall Rating: 3/5
  • Summary: Make money from watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and other tasks.
  • Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit
  • Pros: Got something for the gamers, get paid to try IOS/Android phone games. Good referral program which allows for a passive income stream. Instant cashouts, and a variety of ways to get paid including PayPal, gift cards, and even Bitcoin.
  • Cons: Low-income opportunity(this is the case with most survey/earning networks) Takes a lot of time to qualify with surveys
  • Who it’s for: People who are looking for low effort tasks to make a small amount of money in their free time.

What is

Free cash is another one of those online survey/small task income opportunities. As mentioned in the summary, you can earn money by playing games, doing surveys, and watching videos. Free cash has a live chat feature that I think is really unique, I don’t think I’ve seen an earning app incorporate something like this before.

Free cash makes everything more social. They have a leaderboard where they show their top earners. You also have access to be able to chat with moderators and ask them for help if there is a part of the program you don’t understand. It’s a really cool premise and for a new and upcoming product, I look forward to what innovations this earning network comes up with.

How Free Cash Pays:

Free cash uses a system with coins that represent money.

100 coins represent $1 dollar. You have to reach a certain limit in order to cash out. Each limit is different for each option of how you would like to be paid. You can Withdraw via cash options, such as Paypal or bitcoin, or you can fund it into gift cards, such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc, and finally, you can also invest your earnings into video game skins, such as skins from Fortnite, Counterstrike Source, and so on, why am I even writing this? Check out this screenshot.

You can even get paid through Etherum and Bitcoin, how cool is that? I don’t know about you guys, but for me, Im definitely exchanging my coins for the legendary Doge!


The #1 money earner that stands the test of time and is a part of every earning network since Swagbucks revolutionized this kind of ordeal, Surveys. With Free cash, you have access to CPX Research and Bitlabs. You have to reach a certain level for the YourSurveys and Revenue Wall surveys. It’s a gaming system type of RPG progression where you have to achieve a certain amount of XP to reach the level required to take these locked surveys.

The earning network does ask you personal questions, like your birthday, your ethnicity, where you live and that kind of thing. If you aren’t comfortable giving away this information then I’d definitely look into a different kind of business model. While there aren’t any reports of data theft with Free Cash, the risk definitely isn’t worth the chump change it offers.

The problems with Free cash and Survey based earning networks in general.

For several of the survey that I participated in, I would end up not qualifying. This is a common issue with survey apps. You don’t know what kind of survey you will be filling out, and you don’t know how to match what the request is looking for. For example, some survey offers are looking for opinions from people who are within the African American race, or maybe they are looking for the opinions of a doctor, or a lawyer. Something based on a specific demographic, and you have no way of knowing.

So with the already low paying rate of surveys, you also have to deal with the massive time wasted of going through tons of denials until you finally find a survey that can earn you like 30 cents.


This is probably the coolest way to make money with Free Cash. You can make money trying out new video games and other similar offers.

Free cash partnered up with mobile-based free games, and they are offering a small amount of money to people if they play certain games and complete objectives. The basis for this I believe is that the videogame apps get exposure for a very small fee, which is paid to Free cash, and then paid to you. If you love gaming, don’t mind the quality downgrade of IOS games compared to PC or Current gen gaming, then this is a good ordeal for you.


This is basically their affiliate program. This is also similar to what I do with Safe Money Makers, I review products and if I feel that they can be useful to you, I recommend that product or service through an affiliate link and make a commission.

With Free Cash, if you get people to click on your affiliate link, you will make 5% off of whatever your referrals make from their survey and offer adventures. This can form into a decent passive income, especially when it comes to the more the merrier.

How much can you earn with Free cash?

This is a review on Reddit about the Free Cash earning network. he emphasizes that the surveys are dependent on location, so this can mean that you could possibly live in an area where there are no surveys or an area where all the surveys run to you. He made about $6 dollars in 20 days. He thinks he would make about $1 a day doing surveys, generally because he has limited options in Romania.

The website itself tells you on its front page what the earnings are. I honestly would estimate that even this is actually much higher than average, but even so, I don’t think that this rate of money is really worth any of your time. Me personally, I’d rather stay broke and play video games all day. This is something you can take advantage of with the Offers tab, but in terms of taking this as a serious means of making money, I wouldn’t.

Free cash review Conclusion:


-The offers are enticing, really good stuff if you want to try out some new games and earn a small amount of money while having fun.

-Several options for cashing out, including Bitcoin.

-Good passive income opportunity with the referral program(this is what the high-income earners are doing)


-Low payouts, the amount you can earn is abysmally small that you might consider this a waste of time. You won’t be able to quit your 9-5 job doing this.

-In addition to low payouts, the survey section is the worst, making your per hour wage even lower when navigating and trying to get accepted for taking certain surveys.

-While this site is legit, you do have to provide very private information in order to take some surveys, such as your address, and for some, myself included, it is not comforting to give away information like this to a service, you have no idea who is looking.

Free Cash gets a…


An Alternative:

Now, chances are that if you are looking for Free cash, or programs similar, you are experimenting and trying to find a legitimate way to make money online, and you don’t want the brunt of your journey to be some small penny chump change survey offer, you want the real deal. You want something that is scalable, something that you can use to pay off a car bill or the electric bill, but also something scalable. It’s getting a lot harder to retire, and making money online might be the new way to do that.

My #1 recommendation, and also what is responsible for you landing on this article I created is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the best method to make money online because you are creating content based on topics you are interested in and recommending products based on those interests. You don’t need any product on hand, and the amount of money you could make is virtually endless.

To understand more, read this blog post.

How Affiliate Marketing Works For Blogging

I hope this article has answered all your questions on Free Cash. If you have any experiences with Free Cash or other survey/earning network apps, please leave a comment below

-David Nelly

David Nelly

6 thoughts on “ review: is it another scam or is it legit easy money

  1. I’m with you David, this is very small change for taking your time. But that said if $1 a day sounds like good money to you and you like doing surveys and watching video games then this could work. I’m pleased to read that they aren’t a scam and pay up in so many ways. It looks like FreeCash could be a new place to make some pocket change. I think kids would probably enjoy doing this, who knows.

    Great review thanks.

  2. Freecash site sound like a good site to visit if you want to try out new mobile games or write surveys for different people. Sounds like fun. But as you revealed, low pay rate for all these activities that consumes a lot of time. A person must consider what is more worthwhile to do. Make use of freecash or maybe develope something from scratch which can maybe generate more income for you as compare to freecash. Wealthy Affiliate is a good site to look into.

    1. I agree, that place is definitely my one-stop shop for everything affiliate marketing! Thanks for stopping by Bernard!

  3. Thank you for this honest review. Free cash is like other survey website where you work for a few bulks. I used ysense, Swagbucks and survey junkie. Non could sustain my bills until I started out with affiliate marketing. I joined wealthy affiliate and it was a game-changer. Truth be told, it is not an overnight thing, it takes hard work and dedication. But the end is worth the effort

    1. I agree, with your statement on wealthy affiliate, it’s more of a wealth-building type of ordeal, you might not see any money in 2-3 months, but you’ll be replacing your job in about 1.5 years, and probably rolling in six figures by the time you reach year 3! Just gotta be patient and keep building it up, bits and pieces at a time!

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