Fitteam Global MLM Review: Scam Or Legit?

Hey guys, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers, and today we are going to be taking a look at Fitteam Global.

Created in 2015 by Christopher Hummel…

Fitteam has the goal of helping you to discover how to live your best life. They want to help you develop in every area of life, to provide you the foundation to transform.

They aim to do this with their products. Apparently, they have been expertly formulated with only all-natural and organic ingredients. They also work with registered dietitians, and they offer live Q&A sessions.

They also give you some cherries on top of the cake with their activewear, they have their own version of the Nike Store!   

Now while they offer what appear to be some awesome products, there is one reason why they really exist, and I’d imagine it’s also the reason why you are on my website looking at this review, and it’s the money aspect!

And I mean, these guys do not shy away from putting the Make Money Aspect of their business right in  front of you, and that’s what Fitteam really wants, they could care less about you buying their products, they make their money by making you pay for the opportunity cost, as well as getting you to go out there and get others to do the same.

Hence, why I call Fitteam a pseudo pyramid scheme.

But just because this is an MLM, does not mean it’s a bad company. It might be a bad company, but as of the very beginning of this review, I cannot judge whether this is a scam, or if it’s legit, so let’s keep going down this rabbit hole and discover for ourselves whether this company could be a good opportunity for you or not!

Now, when it comes to MLM opportunities, this is the criteria that I tend to look for, and the questions I think you should be asking.

🤔What is the income potential for this opportunity?

🤔How much Product, or usually in MLM terms, Personal Volume will I need to maintain my membership within its compensation plan?

🤔Is an income disclosure statement released by this company to properly follow FTC guidelines? This is important because you need to be able to trust the company you work with. If this is not provided, it is highly likely that the company is manipulating the narrative to make you believe you can make way more money than possible through this company.

🤔If an income disclosure is provided, what are the average earnings for people in the MLM? Does it look like there is a decent moving-around rate with evenly dispersed percentages in the company’s structure? Or, does it look like 80% to 99% of all MLM distributors are never ever able to move above the beginner ranks and only make around $10-$1000 per year?

🤔How much time and energy will you be spending in the MLM? Will you be able to tackle this MLM structure in a relaxed pace? Will you be provided with an opportunity to use online marketing to promote the company’s products? Or will you be hustling all over doing door-to-door sales, hosting parties to introduce the product, and relying on selling to friends and family?

🤔Is the company’s product actually good, or improved over the competition? Or does the MLM rely more on upon recruiting others and attempting to finesse how much money you can make with the company to get people in versus selling the company’s product?

Now, my job here at Safe Money Makers is to help you avoid bad programs, scams, and pyramid schemes,  as well as help you find that online business opportunity that does guarantee you legitimate job replacement income!  (If you are willing to put in the work)

If you have studied MLMs and pyramid schemes like I have, as well as done all the research that I have, you would already understand that only 0.4% of people turn a profit in the Multi-Level Marketing/Direct Selling Industry.

In fact, you can see direct proof of this from a research case study done by the Federal Trade Commission. You can download a PDF file here that displays the truth in this.

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Fitteam Global

-Owner: Christopher Hummel

-Summary: Multi-Level-Marketing Company operating within the health and wellness niche, and they also sell some athletic clothes.

-Opportunity Cost: $24.99/year for compensation plan membership, up to you based on if you purchase any product kits.

-Pros: Products appear to be useful, The clothes and apparel are quite affordable, and The Compensation Plan is quite decent.

-Cons: Only a 0.4% chance of profiting off of the compensation plan, Various BBB complaints and low BBB score.

-Our rating: 3/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Legit

What is Fitteam Global?

Fitteam Global follows the same language as various other Health and Fitness MLMs such as Green Compass GlobalArieyl, and many others in which they promise that you will live your absolute best life with their products.

Is this going to actually be the case with Fitteam Global? Time will tell.

Started in 2015 by owner and CEO Christopher Hummel, as mentioned in the opening statement of this review, Fitteam offers various supplements, coaching, and workout programs that are designed to get you to “live your best life”.

Their main product lineup is supplements. They have 5 different supplements, Immune, Fit, Fit+, Hydrate, and Lean. They also offer combination packs or kits, such as the Transformation Kit, and the All-In Kit!

They also sell clothes as you can see.

Dang, that woman is FIIIIT!

Fitteam also offers Fit5 nutrition. I believe that this is their flagship nutrition program that they advertise on their header page in which you can get expert nutritional advice from registered dietitians.

The main expert Dietitian for the Fit5 program is Maryann Walsh. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and has helped various people better their life with food, and get healthy.

Last but not least, Fitteam offers an MLM compensation plan!

Now, I will further evaluate upon this in the Compensation plan review, but overall this compensation plan is not much different than most MLMS. You got your recruiting phase, then the downline phase, you can make the typical “fast start bonuses” “rank bonuses” and other bonuses as well, they use your typical MLM terms, they deal in Personal Volume, and so on and so forth.

Products Review: 

Fitteam Fit ($67.99 for 30 servings)

Fitteam Fit is like an energy powder. It has USDA Certified Organic ingredients that are designed to boost your mood and energy.

To simplify this, it’s basically pre-workout.

Fitteam Fit+ ($69.99 for 60 capsules)

They are fat burners that give you energy

Fitteam Immune ($69.99)

This is a powder that provides dietary support for your immune system.

Fitteam Hydrate ($46.99 for 30 servings)

It’s a hydration drink

Fitteam Lean ($48.50 for 15 servings)

It doesn’t really explain what it is, but I think its a protein powder

In addition to their health supplements, they also offer clothes.

Now, I did take a look at some of the men’s athletic clothes, and the shorts that they offer are actually decent quality, and the pricing is not bad either.

How much does it cost to join Fitteam Global’s compensation plan?

Now, what you all are really here for, the compensation plan.

In order to become a part of Fitteam Global’s compensation plan, you must become a Brand Partner. You will be charged an annual membership fee of $24,99.

They will also auto-equip you with the Fitteam Fit product, but you can just remove that from your cart if you want so that you only end up paying for the Brand Partner Fee when joining.

Compensation Plan Review:

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, you’ll already realize that 99.6% of all participants in MLM are destined to lose money, but is Fitteam Global any different? Could this be the one MLM company that will have a higher probability of yielding better results?

You can check out the PDF for the Fitteam compensation plan here:

Retail Commissions:

The first way of making money through the fitteam compensation plan is through the retail commissions model.

Basically in the chart above, if you sell Fit products, you’ll make $20 per pop. $12 on hydrate, and $15 on lean. The commission will probably be similar for the Fit + and Immune as well.

First Order Bonus:

When sponsoring a new brand partner or customer, you will receive a bonus commission on your first order. To earn this, your brand partner must maintain a PV of 80.

Loyalty Program:

I don’t really see how this earns you any money, in fact, if anything, this costs you money, but it’s in their “ways to earn money” of the compensation plan so I suppose I have to include it.

If you buy 2 packages of Fittteam Fit and you can enroll 3 customers who maintain 80 PV for the month, you will get free products from Fitteam on the following month.

Fast Start Bonuses(2 of them)

Unilevel Commissions(Residual Commissions)

Receive up to 8 levels varying from 10% to 2% of commissions generated from Personally Sponsored Qualified Brand Partners.

Achievement Levels and Bonus Pools(Aka Rank Bonus)

I have no idea how much money GV converts to, so therefore I have no idea what any of this even means, I think that there’s a car bonus thing going on or something, I don’t really know, maybe you can win a BMW, but anyways, here you go.

Earn Event Rewards:

The final way of earning through Fitteam Global’s compensation plan is through their event awards.

When you reach the Group Volume thresholds of the following reward names, you will be eligible to win various prizes, some including up to $100,000 cash bonuses.

And that’s the compensation plan for you in a nutshell.

Overall I believe that this could potentially be a good opportunity for the right person, and I believe that there is a lot of money to be made with this Fitteam company.

I like that you don’t need to buy products in order to participate in the compensation plan, just the annual membership fee of $24,99. I could be wrong on this because maybe they have one of those secret rules where you do need to purchase products to maintain some sort of personal volume before you are successful at retail sales, but from what I have seen, you can pretty much just jump right in.

Is it possible to turn this into job replacement income?

This is the hook line and sinker all MLMs use to drive normal, rational adults into psychotic MLM social media slaves that negate actual science and try to convince everyone to start using herbal medicines from Utah.

I’ll say it again, according to a study done by the FTC, 99.6% of all participants in an MLM lose money. So no, you will probably not even make money with Fitteam Global. That being said, you are free to try if you feel like you possess those main character vibes that will give you the power to outwork and outsell all of your other Fitteam competition.

While I don’t like your chances of being successful with this business, or to be honest, any MLM business model for that matter, I do think that this is the right opportunity for the right person, some people are just gifted people persons, or they are just really good at spamming everyone’s mailbox and are just merciless with the spam advertising. 

But for normal people who don’t really want to go out of their way to annoy people, to talk to thousands of random strangers trying to promote something that has nothing to do with them, well, there are better ways of making money by starting their own business and being their own boss. 

Fitteam Media Presence(Praise and Complaints)


Looks like BBB has shunned Fitteam for claiming that they use Certified USDA Organic ingredients in their products, does this mean that they actually do not do this? Oh no, Scary!

Many of the complaints consist of still being charged for products despite canceling orders, and still being charged membership fees despite canceling the membership. It’s almost as if this company exists to suck your wallet dry.

You can read all of the complaints against Fitteam on BBB by clicking here!


If you look up Fitteam on Reddit, you’ll see a swarm of posts from AntiMLM on Reddit warning you to stay away. I won’t link them on here because it’s not super relevant considering I am sure that none of them have actually interacted with the company, but that is also a rabbit hole you are free to explore if you feel you need more public opinion on this company before deciding what your next move is.

Review Conclusion:

This review is definitely more about the money-making aspect of this company compared to the product aspect, I am not a scientist, so I cannot tell you if Fitteam Fit is better than Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout or whatever, but I’m guessing that the Fitteam products are of acceptable quality. The price is probably higher than the mainstream products because…y’know, this is an MLM, gotta give an affordable reason to offer a commission for selling this stuff. 

I am surprised at how affordable their athletic clothes are. The quality is probably not as good as say Nike or Under Armor, but I bet they are right up there with the athletic clothes that Target offers, so I can appreciate that they sell affordable clothes despite being an MLM.

They also have their branding and Fitteam logo all over their clothes as well, very smart.

My personal opinion on the Compensation Plan, however, and the membership, well… I do not support the compensation plan at all.

It’s not a bad compensation plan by any means, it’s just, I don’t think you are going to make very much money promoting this company.

In addition to that, MLMs have these funny little contract clauses that enforce that you only promote the MLM you sign up with. MLMs are notorious for suing former ambassadors/reps for switching companies, in a business model like MLM, you are not really free to explore new options, which is why I always promote affiliate marketing instead!

Also, don’t forget about those BBB complaints, while they may not be valid, there is a chance that this company could leech onto you and start falsely charging you despite you leaving the company or whatever.

If you do not 100% trust this company but absolutely need their fat burners, maybe use a spare debit card that you don’t care about or something, something you wouldn’t mind canceling to avoid future potential charges.


✅It appears you don’t have to purchase products in order to join the compensation plan.

✅Products appear to be quite useful.

✅Good compensation plan for the right person.

✅Athletic apparel is actually affordable


❌Most of the major money on the table within this company has already been made by the first 50-something people who joined.

❌Company is an MLM and as a result, falls to the percentage curse, which means there is a 99.4% chance of you losing money by becoming a brand partner for Fitteam.

❌Rated 1/5 on BBB and various complaints submitted about post-cancellation charges.

Fitteam Global gets a..


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