Filthy Rich Writer Review: Scam Or Legit? A very good place to learn!

Making money from home and on their own time. It’s a lifestyle every one of us dreams about, including the guy who is putting these words on your screen from his keyboard.

Hi, I’m David Nelly, and today we will be reviewing Filthy Rich Writer.

Filthy Rich Writer was founded by Nicki Krawczyk. She has been copywriting for over 20 years. She has worked for agencies, freelance, and hired, and some of her clients include TripAdvisor, Marshalls, Hasbro, Keurig, and Adidas.

Filthy Rich Writer is a major library that consists of copywriting resources, resources such as courses, and training. They will also help you find copywriting employment in places near where you live. Nicki Krawczyk also sells a course within Filthy Rich Writer, it is called the Comprehensive Copywriting Course. Today, we will be taking a look at this course and determine if this course is a good opportunity or something to leave on the back burner.

The Premise Of The Product:

  • Product Name: Filthy Rich Writer (Course name is called Comprehensive Copywriting Course)
  • Business Model and/or Service: Copywriting: Course and resource area for copywriters.
  • Owner: Nicki Krawczyk
  • Price: $597 one time or three times $217 payments
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The overall assumed answer is no, there is a 30-day conditional money-back agreement, this is granted based on Filthy Rich Writer’s decision.
  • Recommended?: Recommended for certain people, keep reading to see if this is for you.

What is Copywriting?

Before I get to the review section of this product, I think it is important first off to discuss exactly what copywriting is and what exactly it is Filthy Rich Writer is trying to teach you.

Copywriting is the act of writing text that is used to convince and convert another person into performing a call to action. I do a lot of copywriting on this blog, so Filthy Rich Writer might be a product that would suit someone like me.

Now, there are various systems and ways that you can write copy.

Here’s how I get paid to write copy:

I write copy independently. I don’t specifically have clients that I write copy for, but I write copy for my website here, and I use Search Engine Optimization and write content for products and services that people are looking for.

I get paid writing copy via Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adsense puts ads on my website, and anytime anyone clicks on those ads, I make money.

I also get paid anytime anyone buys something through one of my affiliate links, I receive a commission.

And since I generally sell programs that come with subscription payments, many of my commissions are recurring, as long as the person I refer stays a customer, I get paid monthly on autopilot. It is quite nice!

If you would rather be an independent copywriter who works for yourself and makes money in a passive income manner, you can learn everything I learned from this course here:

How to get paid for writing Copy:

-Work as a staff member at a content agency. This could consist of writing sales pages for a company’s products. Some of these companies pay on salary, some on commission, some simply by how many words you write. Not a bad gig by any means, most of these positions are remote, so you could work from anywhere, and they include benefits!

Work for various clients. This model of copywriting is generally working for various independent blogs. The salary style is usually in a way where you get paid for how many words you write. Many places to find independent opportunities such as this are Upwork, and Fiverr.

Affiliate Marketing/Blogging. As explained above, this is what I do. Study and create content based on a niche of your choosing, and then find out what people are looking for on the internet, and create content based on that.

This style of copywriting is a slow burn, it takes forever to really gain traction and traffic to your website, especially if like me, you are a solo operation. However, it pays off with patience and persistence and can eventually lead to a very lucrative passive income stream.

I’m sure there are many more ways to make money through copywriting that I’m not thinking off of the top of my head, but these are the big 3 ways to make money through this business model.

Who is copywriting for?

Before we end this review and I recommend that you check out Filthy Rich Writer Right Now, we should have a small discussion about who would excel at copywriting, what kind of personality traits do you need to have in order to be successful with this business model? Because let me tell you right now, copywriting is not for everyone, even if working in your PJs all day sounds like the dream lifestyle.

It’s for people who like to communicate via words/text: Do you like reading? Do you like writing? Then this might be for you. If you like the idea of selling and communicating via words, this might be for you. Some people don’t like writing all day, and I can understand that.

I myself get tired of writing these blog posts for Safe Money Makers at times. I sometimes find myself with my head laying on the keyboard because I just cannot find a way to communicate, I get writer’s block, so I totally understand not wanting to be locked in your home office typing all day.

Some people are much better at doing face-to-face sales or communicating with their voice through YouTube. Copywriting isn’t for everyone, but for those who do love reading and writing, this is for you!

It’s for people who have patience, and a growth mindset: This generally goes for any new job or business venture, when you start something new, you might not get the results that you want, or the results will come much slower than you expected. 

This is going to involve a lot of self-discovery for you, this means that you are going to have to try different things, implement different strategies, and so forth. To become a good copywriter, you are going to have to break past an inevitable barrier of frustration and see things through to the other side.

Benefits of getting into Copywriting:

If you tick the boxes and believe that you can become a copywriter, here are some of the benefits of becoming one.

Build up a side income:

Are you worried about the bills after this latest trip to the gas station? Once you start building up your copywriting business, you might be able to pay your bills off after writing your first sales page for your first client.

Could transition into a job replacement, and you could work from home:

All of the “working in your Pajamas on your couch” talk about copywriting is true. As a copywriter, you can either work for a company or be a freelance writer. Most situations let you stay home. It also is a complete career change from other jobs like hard labor, retail, and so forth. 

Working from home allows you to eat any kind of food you want, save on gas money, and be around family.

Anyone can do it:

Now, that can be seen as a con because, oh my goodness, competition! Right? However, with unimaginable opportunities in this space, you can eventually find clients, and as long as you are dedicated to learning this craft, you will have success!

What is Filthy Rich Writer?

Alright, now that we have discussed some basic components as to what copyrighting entails, let’s discuss exactly what Filthy Rich Writer is and what it has to offer.

Apparently, the name Filthy Rich Writer was designed to make people do a double take, as it seems to be that writers actually don’t make that much money. So Nicki made this course to show you that uhm..actually..yes, you can make boatloads of money as a writer.

Filthy Rich Writer offers a comprehensive course and a Private Facebook Group for you to interact with other students, and she also offers monthly coaching calls.

What does Filthy Rich Writer teach you?

Filthy Rich Writer teaches you the world of copywriting. They teach you how to write online copy on the following categories:

Online Copy Categories:

  • Banner ads
  • Webpages
  • Emails
  • Email Sales Funnels
  • Product Descriptions
  • Facebook Ads
  • About Me Pages (For your business profile, or social media profile, how to give yourself a professional representation)
  • Sales pages

Then in addition to that, Nicki also teaches you various styles of print copy, and she covers how to write Brochures, Flyers, and Leaflets. Finally, she covers topics regarding how to build your portfolio, how to find clients, and how to build your business.

One thing that I love about Filthy Rich Writer is that they make copywriting easy, especially for beginners. They offer hundreds of little cheat sheet templates for each category of copywriting, this makes it really easy to write for your target. Keeps everything more smooth, one thing I hate when writing is when I am scatterbrained and can’t think of what to say, with the various templates that Filthy Rich Writer offers, I can find a good pace and it helps me stay focused on my writing goal.

Filthy Rich Writer’s Comprehensive Writing Course breaks all of these topics down into 6 modules.

  • Module 1: Copywriting Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Copywriting Tactics
  • Module 3: The Project Lifecycle
  • Module 4: Interactive Copywriting
  • Module 5: Print Copywriting
  • Module 6: Building Your Business

Module 1: Copywriting Fundamentals

This module delves into the whole business model aspect of copywriting. It explains what it takes to be hired, and how to find consistent work as a copywriter. Explains some of the basics, like how to become a brand, and how to adopt the voice of every brand that you work with.

I like to think of it as like being a voice actor, except my voice is the keyboard. For every client I work with I become their version of a character, and I adopt their script. In addition to that, Module 1 also teaches you how to write Call To Actions for all of the clients that you work with, so that your client’s potential customers may take the action of purchasing something after reading the copy you provided for your client’s product/products.

Module 2: Copywriting Tactics

This builds upon the fundamentals that you learned in Module 1. This module will teach you the act of emotional writing and emotional persuasion.

Nobody likes it when a sales page tries to blow smoke up their rear. What Module 2 does is teach you how to write content that triggers your reader’s emotions, and that content also persuades them to perform the call to action you are asking of them.

This law firm is an example. They are “fighting for the recovery you deserve”

The ad is targeting people who have been in some sort of accident. Chances are, they are going through trauma, and are in a miserable situation. Those last two words “you deserve” evokes emotion because they think “yes, I do deserve to recover from this”

Copywriting Tactics teaches you how to find pain points for the customers that you write for, and how to get them to take action to solve those problems.

Module 3: The Project Lifecycle

This module builds upon module 1’s fundamentals in terms of getting hired by other clients. Something that is a big deal in terms of getting hired is having the ability to install confidence in your abilities as well as inspire confidence in potential future clients. The Project Lifecycle teaches you how to collaborate with your employers as well as keep them calling you back for more opportunities.

Module 4: Interactive Copywriting

This module really dives deep into the Banner ads, Webpages, Emails/Email Sales Funnels, Product Descriptions, as well as Facebook Ads part of copywriting. It’s all about copy, and it is going to show you how to write copy in multiple formats and styles.

Module 5: Print Copywriting

Module 5 is kicking things old school. Instead of writing online sales pages, banner ads, and so forth, Module 5 focuses on teaching you how to write copy for magazines, newspapers, and direct mail.

Here is an example of the finished product your copy will look like after finishing module 5.

Module 6: Building Your Business:

This puts the final touches on how to build out your resume and portfolio.

Monthly Coaching Calls:

In addition to the training, Nicki hosts Monthly coaching calls so that her students can ask her questions about anything and everything copywriting-related. The education never stops at Filthy Rich Writer!

Factoring up our Review

Social Media Public Opinion on Filthy Rich Writer:

Social Media opinions on Filthy Rich Writer are mixed. Many praise it and claim that it suits them well, others have slammed the course claiming that it is a waste of money, and many people have taken issue with their refund policy.

Here is some praise:

I also found many people who have claimed on Reddit that they have quit their job because of what they learned in this course. There is a lot of praise for how good of a teacher Nicki is, as well as how well organized the course is.

There isn’t much criticism on Reddit:

Based on all the forums I checked on Reddit, people overall seem to recommend this course. There is one comment on every forum bashing this course, but I think it’s the same person, like some troll who made an account to bash this course, so I can’t really take it seriously.

One thing  I will say is that I dislike the conditional 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and that was the one thing I can agree with from the negative comments.

Filthy Rich Writer Price:

Filthy Rich Writer as of September 13th, 2022 costs a one-time payment of $597 or three separate payments of $217.

Does Filthy Rich Writer Offer a Refund?

Yes but no, it’s hard to say. They offer a “conditional” 30-day money-back guarantee. Their rules are that you must complete the course within 30 days, and if you have not made any money from the teachings, then they will give you a refund.

I don’t really like this aspect because it basically puts you at the company’s mercy for a refund. They have every right to just say no, no matter what, so you may want to factor that into your decision before you purchase the Comprehensive copywriting course, you may not be able to try before you buy.

Is Filthy Rich Writer Worth It?

This is dependent on your decision. If you want my take, I would absolutely say yes, I highly recommend this. 

I recommend this because I know how good Nicki Krawczyk is at Copywrite. She has been making waves in this business for over 20 years, so know that when you buy this course, you will be getting coaching and expertise from one of the best in the world.

My Likes and Dislikes Revealed:

Things I like about Filthy Rich Writer:

✅ You are taught copywriting by one of the best in the world to ever do it!

✅ Overwhelming support online by students, many of whom say that they quit their jobs because of the money they made from the teaching and principles this course instilled into them.

✅ This course can not only be used to land lucrative copywriting gigs, but this can also take affiliate marketers’ businesses to the next level!

Things I Don’t Like About Filthy Rich Writer:

❌Not really a 30-day money-back guarantee: It’s a conditional money-back guarantee. Apparently, you need to actually complete the course within 30 days and prove that you aren’t making any money from the teachings. But what this really means is that the Filthy Rich Writer team can just decide not to give you your refund back. It’s like a legal way of not offering refunds.

My official Filthy Rich Writer Rating:

Overall, I think that this course will be a godsend for people looking to switch up their careers or learn a new skill that will give them an additional income stream!

Filthy Rich Writer gets a…




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