Elite Automation Group Review: Another FBA scam or automated income?

Something I have struggled to do here at Safe Money Makers is finding a legit automation service. The idea of having an automation agency just do everything for you and make you money while you sit back and sip a martini is beyond enticing, believe me.

The thing about picking an automation agency is the value it offers and if you can find proof that they deliver on their promise.

Remember this one thing, any kind of automation agency is always going to be charging the big bucks. This is always typically how this game works. You spend somewhere between $20,000 to $40,000 and hope to see a profit. Spend money to make more money.

But is the Elite Automation Group the problem solver you’ve been looking for?

Edit: Update on 8/24/22, I have done more extensive research into this Done For You FBA business model, you may be interested in reading this new article I wrote: What is up with the DFY (Done For You) Business model? Is it Legit?

When I first wrote this review back in June I gave this company a rating of 4/5, but now in late August, this article no longer reflects my current views on Elite Automation Group, therefore I am changing the official review score to 2/5.

This review will be updated sometime in the near future!

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The Premise of the product:

-Name: Elite Automation Group

-Owner: Tyler Seijo

-Summary: Company that will build your own Amazon or Facebook E-commerce store for an investment fee and 70/30 profit split. This is a hands-off operation for you, the investor. A good way to look at this is you being a silent investor in an online store.

-Opportunity Cost: $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the business model, and additionally, it will also have an add-on cost of $10,000 to $20,000 for your inventory funding. Your total cost is expected to be around at least a minimum of $30,000 and can be as high as $50,000.


✅Done for you store, you invest, they work on generating you profits.

✅Buy back clause offered! This is unique and I have not been able to find another FBA company that offers this. If you don’t profit, they give you your money back.


❌Very young company. As of July 18th, 2022, this company is only around a year old.

❌High cost to join, you will need to part ways with at least $40,000 from your bank account.

❌Return on investment with this company can potentially take up to 2 years.

-Our rating: 2/5

-Is it a scam or is it legit: I believe that it is too early to truly be able to tell. All signs however do point to this company being legit. They have almost all 5-star reviews, and if you do book a call, you will see that these guys indeed do have their own facility and warehouse, and you will see their workers taking care of amazon packaging and so forth.

What is Elite Automation Group

Elite Automation Group is an E-commerce business management service. What they do is that they build out your FBA or WFS, or Facebook store for you for a fee that is dependent on what business model you choose to pursue.

They take care of all the overhead for you. The shipping, and the product research to ensure that your products sell. This place that they got down in Florida is pretty big.

Now, I did not invest $20,000 for this company, that is a lot of money, more money than I care to risk, but I did go through a video call with one of their sales guys, and he showed me the whole facility.

They do have a legitimate team of Virtual Assistants and warehouse workers.

They have an air-conditioned warehouse, and I saw how they stocked all of the amazon packages and all of the trucks that deliver and drop off products. It looks like these guys do have a system down and it works like clockwork.

 How does Automation really work

So, without really understanding that Automation for dropshipping is a possibility, or if you’re just not familiar with the dropshipping world in general, you will probably assume that this is a scam and I do not blame you. I mean c’mon, they do everything for you, all you have to do is give them money and you get money back through a passive income model?

The truth is, however, and unlike usual, I bring you good news. Automation is possible.

The whole purpose of Automation is to get you a successful dropshipping store off the ground with you doing as little work as possible.

Automation is made possible through special technology that detects traffic dedicated exactly to specific products. This helps the store owner understand exactly which products to invest in so that they can start making a profit.

What Elite Automation Group does is not only offer Virtual Assistants and customer service to run your store for you, but they also have 10 warehouses dedicated to handling your shipping and receiving.

Elite Automation Group offers total Automation within Amazon FBA space, Walmart WFS, and Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping.

Fulfillment by Amazon Explanation:

-PDF explanation here-

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is when you as a seller, send your products to Amazon Fulfillment centers.

For someone trying to build a successful e-commerce business, it is essential to have a system in place which allows for safe delivery of your e-commerce products, as well as on-time deliveries to allow for customer satisfaction.

That is the purpose of Amazon FBA. It is a system in which you send your e-commerce products to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Amazon fulfillment centers will have warehouse employees, shipping employees, and delivery drivers to do all of those kinds of things for you.

Amazon is called the King of E-commerce. The reason why is that Amazon is the bread and butter of E-commerce. When you think of an online store, you think of Amazon, and for good reason, as it was one of the world’s first online stores, and in addition, is the biggest online store to this day. Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s richest men for a reason.

Elite Automation Group predicts that you might not see your return on investment the fastest with Amazon. However, they also predict that with the Amazon Model, over time, it will be your most profitable store.

Walmart Fulfillment Services Explanation:

Walmart Fulfillment Services are basically the Walmart version of what amazon offers with their FBA program. WFS is meant to help sellers reach more customers and grow their businesses by taking care of your shipping, returns, and customer care.

Due to the low volume of allowances, Walmart allows for sellers to join the Walmart Fulfillment Services system, Elite Automation Group has closed down this business option. They told me that they expect to re-open this option in August 2022. 

I am reporting this information to you as of June 8th, 2022, remember that I cannot predict the future and things are always subject to change in the business world.

Facebook Dropshipping Explanation:

If you have ever visited the Facebook Marketplace, you might think that it’s simply a location-based selling situation in which people only sell used products that they no longer want. However, there is a dropshipping process for Facebook in which you basically open a store, buy products from other vendors, and sell them for a more expensive price on the Facebook Marketplace.

What exactly is it that Elite Automation Group does?

So, this is how I like to think about it. They set your store up for you, they do all the product research for you, and they take care of all your inventory for you.

I think of it as investing in a franchise and being the silent owner.

So, with Elite Automation Group, you are essentially the silent owner of an E-commerce store that is being run by Elite Automation Group.

After you fund the operation of your store with the contract fee as well as the inventory payment, they essentially run your store for you in exchange for a profit split. You get 70% of the profits, they keep 30%.

Is Elite Automation Group Legit?

Now, there is not a 100% way to confirm if this company is legit or not (outside of me investing, and to be honest, I don’t have $50,000 in my savings right now.). I did book the call and I got to see their warehouse staff team and saw them working. It does highly appear to be a legitimate operation. All of their google reviews also appear to highly praise this company. It is possible to fabricate google reviews with various fake accounts and bots, but I did have a great chat with one of their sales reps, and I believe that I see a legitimate operation.

Is there anyone here who has worked with Elite Automation Group before? Please feel free to leave your experiences with this company in the comments below.

Elite Automation Group Prices, and ROI information:

Elite Automation is not cheap, but you gotta look at it as a big investment that with have a big passive income payoff over time. Now, I am not your financial advisor and I am not telling you to do anything. I myself am hesitant on investing in Elite Automation Group because it is very expensive. That being said, it is something I am considering in my future.

Generally speaking, using any automation option with Elite Automation Group is going to cost you at least $20,000. In addition, you will need to cover the fee for all of the products being bought to supply the inventory of your store. You will typically want to pay at least $20,000 for the product supply.

So generally speaking, you will be paying somewhere in the range total of $40,000 to $50,000 for your automated dropshipping or Amazon store.

The more you pay, the faster you will break even, and then start netting a profit.

I am told that the break-even range is going to run between 6 months to 2 years. This is again based on what automation model (Facebook or Amazon) you choose.

Amazon FBA cost with Elite Automation:

$30,000 for the contract, and a suggested investment of $10,000 to $20,000 for your inventory. Overall around $40,000 to 50,000 total, and in addition, it costs $1000 per year to maintain the contract. This is suggested as the overall highest profit margin business model over time.

Return on investment timeframe: 12-14 months with at least a $20,000 inventory investment.

Facebook cost with Elite Automation:

$20,000 for the contract, and they suggest a $10,000 investment for your inventory investment.

The Facebook automation contract is Elite Automation Group’s most popular contract, the reason being that it has the fastest return on investment, and this is because there is a lot less competition on the Facebook marketplace compared to Amazon Fulfillment.

Return on investment timeframe: 6-8 months with at least a $10,000 investment.

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping vs Amazon FBA

Which one is better for you? Well, that depends on your goals and your foresight.

Do you want to get the most profit out of this company? Well then Amazon FBA is the way to go. However, with Amazon FBA, you are going to have to make the sacrifice of investing more money, and in addition, you will have to wait longer for your return on investment as well.

The catch with Amazon FBA however is while you will have to wait a longer period of time to see your return on investment, over time, say 3-5 years, you will actually see more of a profit margin compared to Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping.

Do you just want to be profitable no matter what, then perhaps Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping might be your route.

You aren’t going to see as big of a return on investment compared to Amazon, however, you will see a faster return on investment, and it also costs less money compared to Amazon FBA.

Perhaps you could even invest less into Elite Automation Group at first by investing into their Facebook contract as your step 1, and then when you start seeing some good profits a year from now or so, you could then use your profits to start an Amazon store through Elite Automation Group and have two investments in this company that is allowing you to live the passive income lifestyle everybody dreams of.

Buy Back Clause:

Something that Elite Automation Group has that is unique and sets them apart from all other dropshipping/FBA Automation companies is that they offer a buy-back clause.

This means that if your business is not profitable, they will refund you the money.

Is Elite Automation Group just Wealth Accelerators? Who is Tyler Seijo?

So as you know, I have done a review on the Wealth Accelerators FBA Automation program. That’s that program with Mike Sancho, y’know, the automated trucking dude with the ridiculous ads where he uses a mini mic and acts and talks like he’s going to bust out a rap verse in all his advertisements.

If you look around Wealth Accelerators, you’d also notice that Tyler Seijo is one of the founding members of Wealth Accelerators.

So I started to wonder what the deal with this guy is, I even thought to myself, is Elite Automation Group just like a front or disguise to be Wealth Accelerators?

The Truth of the matter, Tyler Seijo left Wealth Accelerators due to a disagreement with Mike Sancho.

Tyler Seijo wanted to keep the business model in the bones of Dropshipping with a done-for-you system. Mike Sancho wanted to move into all of this YouTube Automation and Trucking Automation, Crypto, and all of these other categories of money-making services.

The two could not agree on how to continue their operation, so Tyler Seijo sold his stake and left Wealth Accelerators to create Elite Automation Group.


Can I visit the facility?

Yes, you can. If you book a flight down to their headquarters in Orlando Florida, they will deduct $500 off of the purchase of your business. You can book a call and ask to visit the facility through this page here.

How much money will I be investing to get started?

To get started with Elite Automation Group, you will be investing a $30,000 fee to get started with Amazon and a recommended investment of $20,000 to cover your inventory costs.

For Facebook Dropshipping, it is going to be a $20,000 fee for the contract and a recommended investment of $20,000 for your inventory costs.

You can also do a $10,000 investment for your inventory, but it will take longer for you to reach your ROI.

There is a yearly $1,000 continuation fee and there is a 70/30 profit split.

Do I need to have business experience or a business setup to work with Elite Automation Group?

No, you do not need to have your own business or E-commerce store set up. If you do, this company can take over the project for you, but they can also build up a store from the ground up and make it work for you.

The whole premise of this company is for you to invest in them, and over time as a result of your investment, you get a hands-off stream of passive income from the profits of the online store that this company created and managed for you.

Review Conclusion:

When I hear about promises of riches and passive income, I tend to look the other way and believe that I am being some sort of too-good-to-be-true sales pitch that is probably a scam. However, I do believe that Elite Automation Group has what it takes to be a good source of passive income. In a world where everyone is drowning in debt while also putting in overtime at work, having a stream of passive income that Elite Automation Group offers for you is a nice thing to run towards for your future.

The only real issue I have with this company is the high investment cost and the fact that this company is in its infancy stage.

If you use the Domain Age Checker and put in Elite Automation Group’s website address, you will be able to see that as of today, June 18th, 2022, this website is only 10 months old, which means that this company has probably been around for less than a year.

So, you see, you are going to have to be willing to place a lot of trust in this brand new company.

The fact is that some of the customers from this company will have to wait 2 years to generate a profit from their return on investment, and you need to realize that this company has not even been alive for 2 years!


✅Offer a unique hands-off investment that could generate profits for you for years to come. You don’t have to see your inventory, you don’t have to do any product research, give away $50K and get your silent partner deal going today!✅


❌Earliest return on investment could be around 6 months or could take up to 2 years.

❌Company is very young, it is only around a year old as of this moment. They are asking a lot for you to give away such a huge investment of your money when some of the ROI range will take longer than this company’s current existence.

❌High investment costs: the cheapest investment is $20,000, and you are also expected to cover the inventory costs, which range from around $20,000 to $30,000.

Elite Automation Group gets a…


While there are a lot of warning signs for this company, I currently believe that they do operate with your best interests in mind. But I do warn you about the fact that this company is in its infancy stage. Policy and regulations within a brand new LLC are always subject to change, so if you are not comfortable giving such a large sum of money to this company right now, then perhaps it is in your best interests to hold off and wait.

It would be smart to keep an eye on this company in the meantime, and perhaps over time, this company will do more good things for their customers that will inspire you to partner up with them, or they could make some really bad decisions as well, which will make you thankful for biding your time.

This is the end of my current review for Elite Automation Group. It is not my job to tell you what to do, but I do hope that this review was at least informative for you and gave you some things to think about before going forward with Elite Automation Group.

For those of you who have worked with Elite Automation Group before, or if not, perhaps any kind of Done for your FBA-styled operation, what was your experience like? Feel free to leave your experiences, questions, and anything else down in the comments below.

If you would like to get ahold of me privately, perhaps for a review request, advice, or whatever, you can get ahold of me by my email address. My email address is itsdavidnelson93@gmail.com.



David Nelly

25 thoughts on “Elite Automation Group Review: Another FBA scam or automated income?

  1. What I noticed on google reviews was a lot of 1st time reviewers, red flag. What I also noticed in one of the reviews was what appeared to be a cut and paste excerpt stating, “once your review has been approved, you will receive your amazon gift card.” It appears to show buying reviews, another red flag.

  2. David,

    has anything changed about your reviews about Elite Group? I might be considering them for an investment and wanted to see if anything has changed?

    1. Hi Bob, as of right now, no. I still consider this a 2/5 opportunity. I don’t believe in passive income, there are various ways to make money, but you will always have to work for it. That is my stance, but please just make the best decision for your beliefs and situation.

      1. Hi, David, elite automation and elite automation group are different companies? In the web I see two diferente companies.

          1. Hi David,

            I was referring to this company that also manages Amazon FBA stores. Could this be the company Asnaf Umar is referring to in the trustpilot article? https://elite-automation.com. I also can’t find reviews of this other company. I just want to be sure which company Asnaf is referring to. I am thinking of making an investment in Elite Automation Group, for the Amazon store. I know that it is a young company (which is the only thing that has me doubting about making the investment), but I have not been able to find any negative reviews, I only see positive things and I don’t know if this is also bad. Thanks for Your Help.

  3. While I was doing research about EliteAutomation.com , I found one review on trustpilot that say that guy was scammed $25000 by this company. So, it better to be away from them.

  4. Thank you David. Very useful article. When they showed you a video tour of their work site campus how did you find it? Did it really make you feel it really is at least trying to deliver this automation service for clients or there was not enough proof to put your mind, (and therefore ours) at peace with the dilemma of them being a scam or not?
    Also sent you a personal email

    1. Hey Mokamal, replied to your email, when I saw what they showed me, it looked legit, but that was a few months back by now, and now I have been receiving reports that this place in Orlando is a front to many other similar suppliers to kind of be like a breeding grounds for scams if that makes any sense.

      In my totally honest opinion, when it comes to making money online, I don’t think I would rely on any kind of automation service, I don’t think that these kinds of guys will get the job done for you.

  5. If a company has a buyback clause where they will pay you if you don’t get back what you put in raises concerns for me. If you’re not profitable they are not profitable. Where will the money come from to pay you back if you opt to use the buyback clause? Then what if they go bankrupt? This seems too good to be true.

    I found pictures online of Tyler with a Rolls Royce and Lamborghini behind him…red flag for me. I started researching these automation businesses January 2022.

    I share your opinion of Wealth Accelerators. They too have a buy back clause though. I have many friends who have invested in their trucking automation. Collectively around 150-200k between all of them I’m guessing. I hope for their sake or opinions are wrong. Sadly, I’m not confident.

    I’m surprised you give Elite 4/5 but assume you have a system how you rate. There just isn’t enough info out there for me to want to invest either. 50k is way beyond my loss tolerance.

    I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    Thank you!

    1. You do bring up a good point Steven. That’s a big reason why I bring up the fact that this is a newer company. I also have been slightly changing my tune to this company and I may change the rating. One thing that is really off-putting to me is that Tyler Seijo is also the former CEO of Wealth Accelerators, and Im not sure that I buy the story of him separating because of an apparent disagreement.

      That investment is the same ordeal for me as well. I hope that your friends are getting along well with Wealth Accelerators, I hope that my opinion is wrong for the company as well because wow that is a huge investment between all of them.

  6. Sounds very intriguing. Did you ask them how many investors they currently have? Who decides what your inventory will be? What priority system do they have to determine what investor gets precedent over others? 

    This seems too rich a scheme for me. Even though they may have in their contract a buy-back clause, what if they go bankrupt? Or if sales go sluggish? It would be perfect for the individual who would not bat an eyelid if things went south.

    Do they have an option where multiple investors combine their resources to make up the $50K initially required? 



    1. You bring up a lot of good points Edwin. On the call, I was told that they have worked with around a few hundred clients.

      That is also a good thing to think about. What if they indeed do go bankrupt? It would essentially negate their buy-back clause, and since the company is so young, bankruptcy is a high possibility. All it would take is a few mistakes from their VAs as well as not making the right decisions regarding products to sell for your store, and boom, they aren’t seeing profits from the 70/30 split, neither are you, and both of you aren’t making money.

      I don’t know if they have an official option where multiple investors can combine their resources, but I would imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to work out Edwin.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Thank you for the review on the Elite Automation Group, I had recently come across it and wondered about it.  I think reviews are an important part of information especially about a very new company like Elite Automation Group that require a high investment amount.  I know that I’d be wanting to find out as much as possible before I invested and you’ve definitely given a lot of information about them.

  8. Having an automation service that will help you to automate your business and thus free you up to do other things, would be the ideal situation for many business owners. I have not come across the Elite Automation Group before, but this could be because the company is only about a year old. 

    Working with the Elite Automation Group comes with a huge price tag. Not many people will invest at least $20,000 and might not see a return for at least 6 months, but it could be 2 years. 

    Do you know of anybody that has actually had their investment refunded with Elite Automation Group buying the business back because it was not profitable? Thank you. 

    1. Hi Line, when I was talking to the sales rep, he mentioned that no one has had to use the buyback clause yet. I don’t know if that is alarming or a positive outlook. It’s a good thing in the sense that you could say that they guarantee profits, but again…this company has not even existed long enough for this to be a factor.

  9. I can invest in 20-40k and sit back while they make money for it, I have no access to the online store at all?

    Since the company is new, this way of investing and earning money has been around for some time, or is this new because to me it is new?

    Reading this article was so interesting and made me create so many scenarios in my head if I were to invest in something similar to this. Sacrificing 50k at most for this program and to see the positive results you see. 

    it’s a big dip in the ocean but if you want to stand out from every fish then you know what to do. If I had the money but also had more money than 50k, I’d definitely give it a try. YOLO (you only live once), I would say that can be the perfect motivation word for you.

     Think about it, you’re investing all that money into a company that will create a profitable dropshipping business for you and take most of the earnings, I will guarantee you that investing in it would allow the profits from the E-commerce site to make up for the money you had to sacrifice. 

    1. I don’t know if YOLO is appropriate verbiage for this kind of situation. $50K is a huge investment and in my opinion I would withdraw from giving these guys that much money due to the fact that they are still a brand new company. They need to be able to prove that they have what it takes to handle that kind of investment and this company still is not old enough to give many people their return on investment. 

      It is easy to claim that they are the perfect company when they haven’t even had enough time to fumble up with someone’s money. A $50,000 investment that isn’t returned is easily enough in many cases to send people into a homeless state, so as far as YOLO is concerned, I’d prefer to do everything in my power to not end up homeless and live my only life in a decent state of existence, through wisely spending my money.

  10. Hey David,

    In all my years working online, I have come across so many scams and programs out there out to get people’s money.

    So thank you for writing these reviews. They are truly on point!

    I have never heard of Elite Automation Group, but this is an interesting read!

    I have done a lot of Facebook animation so I probably wont be using this! But thank you for sharing!

  11. Actually, I just heard about this Elite Automation group today.  while reading this I thought this was going to be a scam. That’s my opinion. Because as you say this company is not even 1 year old. I agree with you. It is not enough to think a hundred times before investing such a large amount of money in such a company. Thank you so much for letting us know in reviews like this. Keep posting like this in the future.

    1. Of course Pasindu, and I too thought that this might be a scam, but they do appear to run a very legit organization. This is a company that I will continue to keep an eye on, as the case is that these kinds of companies can go under fast. So if there is any sort of breaking news with this company, I will be sure to update and include it in this review!

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