eCom Success Academy Review (2022): Scam or Legit?

Hey everyone, David Nelly here from Safe Money Makers dot com and I’m back with another make money online review because I’m just a make money online review type of guy, today we are looking at Adrian Morrison’s course, known as the Ecom Success Academy.

To preface, I want to start out by giving you both the good news and the bad news.

The good news is that this course is definitely my #1 recommendation for dropshipping courses.

Adrian Morrison covers everything you need to know regarding dropshipping! You are going to learn everything from the basics of setting up your dropshipping store, how dropshipping works, how to use copywriting skills to sell your products, and how to license artwork for your products that are created by other vendors, and all that good stuff!

More details on what this course provides will be in great detail further down the review!

The bad news is #1, the course is very expensive, and there is no way that you can get a refund for the cost of the course. The price of the course is $2,495

#2, Dropshipping overall is a very hard business to be involved with, and have success. It is one of those businesses in which revenue does not exactly equate to profit. The reason why is because there are various costs that go into owning a dropshipping business.

Sure, you don’t have to own the products, you don’t physically touch them, stock them, etc, but you’re still paying for them.

PS, I read some of the other reviews about this course, and wow…people are so rude and mean! Listen, if you invest in this course, it’s not going to be the end of the world or whatever…in fact, I will tell you this could be a good investment on your part.

But before you go ahead and make that investment, I may have some information for you that will give you the foresight you need to make the best decision moving forward.

So I want to thank you for stopping by here at Safemoneymakers, and please follow along as we go through our eCom Success Academy review!

The Premise of the product:

-Name: Ecom Success Academy

-Website: Enrollment page here:

-Owner: Adrian Morrison

-Summary: Advanced Dropshipping/Ecommerce course that tells you everything you need to know for setting up a successful online Dropshipping business!

-Opportunity Cost: $2,495 one-time payment or $997 three-time payments.

-Pros: Good and in-depth training modules

-Cons: High cost with no refund or try before you buy policies.

-Our rating: 4/5 (best dropshipping course on the marketplace)

-Is it a scam or is it legit: It’s Legit (David Nelly Approved!)

But first, a little about Dropshipping:

As stated before, dropshipping is a very hard business to find success in. Adrian Morrison is a very good marketer, and a very good dropshipper, he has made millions in this business model and has helped various dropshipping businesses make millions through his guidance as well!

But can you really be a dropshipping success story? I am not saying that you can or cannot, nor am I trying to paint a picture that it’s unrealistic for you to have success in this business model, but I want you to know all about the facts of having a dropshipping business.

Sometimes those Youtube/Facebook ads don’t always paint the picture for you about the reality of dropshipping.

So what I want to do for you right now is give you that reality!

Costs of starting a dropshipping business:

First and foremost, you are going to need a Shopify store subscription! Your basic Shopify subscription starts at $29.99 per month and can get as expensive as $299.99 per month.

Then, you’re going to need to pay your supplier to create your products for you, the goal of turning a profit is buying the products from the supplier, and then re-selling them for a higher profit margin.

Then, if you follow the eCom Success Academy training, there is a heavy emphasis on paying for Facebook Ads, which will also eat a big chunk of your change. The average ad space cost for 1’000 impressions on Facebook is $12. Keep in mind that this is just to get your AD to show up at any random spot on someone’s Facebook wall.

Ads are also basically a bidding war, whoever spends the most amount of money on ads will end up winning the attention of impressions.

Adrian Morrison claims that you can start a dropshipping business for only $100. This claim is factually correct, he is not lying.

And hey, congratulations, you now have a dropshipping store up and running, but we should not ask ourselves how much it is going to cost to start a dropshipping store, but instead, we should ask ourselves, “how much money am I going to spend before I make my first sale, and how much money am I going to spend until I reach a point in my business where I am actually generating a profit?”.

And if we are running our dropshipping business model according to the laws of the Adrian Morrison worldview, which provides no training on free organic traffic, you are going to be spending a lot of money.

Your entire business model is based on spending money in hopes of making money.

You’re spending money on ads, tools, software, and the shipping costs for when you partner up with overseas distributors, such as Ali Express or Alibaba.

You’re spending money on artists to create logos for you if you are selling design-based products such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, bags, and so forth.

In addition, a lot of Shopify vendors, especially the ones you use overseas to save money, well…these products are known to be uh hum…defective…low quality…and it’s known in the dropshipping world that business orders are getting a lot of product returns due to these reasons.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to spend 89% of your business work hours dealing with customer service issues, you may have to put more money into your business by hiring a customer service manager.

Case in point, your off-brand shoes aren’t going to entice people like the Nike sneakers can, so maybe instead of trying to compete against the big brand products, you may want to consider using a business model like affiliate marketing to promote the big brand products instead!

I mean hey…I’m just saying…if you can’t beat them…join them.

There’s nothing wrong with surrendering to the best business model out there in the world, trust me, it’s going to be what’s best for your pockets.

But anyway, it’s food for thought, many people are incentivized by the idea of making those millions through dropshipping, and I just wanted to give you a reality of the situation before you go ahead and hand over $2.5K to Adrian Morrison, as in my opinion there are better options out there than Dropshipping, now then, without further ado, let’s get into the review!

What is eCom Success Academy?

eCom Success Academy is in my opinion the #1 Dropshipping course on the entire internet! Things that might make my opinion a valid fact is that this course is the only dropshipping course that has been given the green light by Shopify!

This course was created by Adrian Morrison, a man who is known for his dropshipping earnings and business ventures.

A quick overview of Adrian Morrison, and why you should consider taking his course:

I have a lot of respect for Adrian Morrison and his work ethic. He has a Youtube Channel with about 30’000 subscribers!

And if you are an Adrian Morrison fan at all, or if you even took a second to take a look around his channel, you would notice that this guy is showing up often to deliver value to his audience on opportunities to make money!

In my opinion, the value of a course is dependent on the teacher, and on if you resonate with that teacher or not, so if you haven’t already, you may be interested in checking out Adrian Morrison’s Youtube channel to get more of an understanding on who Adrian Morrison is and what his teaching style is like!

Check out Adrian Morrison’s YouTube channel here:

How is the eCom Success Academy course structured?

With the eCom Success Academy course, you will have access to over 40 hours of content! You will also have access to software that helps you discover what the hot products are in the market. In addition, eCom Success provides weekly live webinars for outsourcing and email marketing.

The 40+ hours of training are broken down into 7 different modules, and they also provide an 8th module that contains bonus lessons.

Module 1: Shopify

The most basic of the basics, something to be honest could easily be found online on a free YouTube video. This lesson covers the very basics of the Shopify platform. It gives helpful information for all the need-to-knows, such as setting up your store, setting up your payment system, your shipping, checkout area for customers, and an overview of the Shopify dashboard.

They give an overview of what dropshipping is, and how it all works. However, the later lessons in this module do offer good insight on promotional strategies, brand building, and how to set up a sales page.

Module 2: Sourcing products

I think we can come to an understanding that in the rules of anything transactional related, not all products sell equally. Call Of Duty Vanguard didn’t exactly sell as well as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. The Lexus IS300 Sportcross doesn’t exactly sell nearly as good as the Honda Civic.

The sourcing products part of the course teaches you how to find out what kind of products do get high traffic and attention. Then, the module goes into helping you understand what the best vendors are to work with, as well as giving video examples of what it is going to look like to negotiate with these vendors to get the best deal possible for getting your dropshipping products manufactured.

Module 3: Facebook

If you accurately completed the lessons from the first two modules, you should now have your shopify store up and running with products to sell to your future customers, so at this point, we are working on getting those future customers to become a reality by using Facebook ads to find our customers.

So in other words, you’re going to look a little bit like this…

But your ads will be fidget spinners or new skateboard designs or whatever your niche is.

It works like this, if you look around my website, you are going to see that my niche is based on the prospect of helping people make money online, as well as helping them avoid scams. So my Facebook is always lit up with people like Adrian Morrison trying to sell me his course.

If you like anime, your Facebook is going to be full of Crunchyroll trying to get you to buy their subscription service.

If you like sports, your Facebook is going to be showing you the Nike store ads and the Under Armor store ads to get you to buy the latest sneakers and compression shorts.

Kinda see where I am going with this? This module is going to teach you how to buy ad space to promote your products to your targeted niche audience, and how to get clicks on those ads.

There are 4 main phases to Facebook marketing. Keyword Mining, Re-Targeting Audiences, Lookalike Targeting, and Intersect Targeting.

Keyword mining- Keyword mining is the process of finding keywords that people are actively searching for in regard to purchasing a product. It’s essentially the same thing as keyword research in the affiliate marketing world, but instead, we are using it for the dropshipping world.

Re-targeting audiences- This is the act of finding a way to establish communication with people who have actively taken an action such as purchasing an item from your store or subscribing to your email list. It is important to re-target your audience to build a relationship with them. Creating trust equals more potential purchases from customers over time.

Lookalike Targeting- A strategy designed to achieve the maximum outreach of the audience that you are targeting. It means exactly what it sounds like. Let’s say you’ve built up a small, or maybe even medium-sized audience at this point, at least an audience that gives you an idea of the quirks and behaviors of what people inside your niche do.

So how do you build your audience and make more money? You find people out there who also might have an interest in your niche set of products, who have the same characteristics/styles and likes as the people purchasing from your store, and you target them. Hence the word; Lookalike Targeting!

Intersect Targeting- Also known as combined segments, this is the act of creating ads specified for each niche market that you tap into. In addition, it allows you to take the most advantage of your ad space by allowing you to choose what specific niche audience you want to target your ads towards.

If you are running a Shopify store that hosts products that are catered to multiple niches, you don’t want to promote to the wrong niche, hence the ability to choose what niche you want to target.

In addition, you’ll be getting the entire rundown on how to use Facebook ad technology. This is probably the most important building block of running a dropshipping business as building a foundation of traffic, and an audience is the #1 source of your money, people who buy stupid sh!t.

Module 4: Email Marketing

The money is in the list baby! Module 4 is all about email marketing, but the module is pretty short, which is disappointing considering the fact that email marketing is the best way to communicate and even re-establish relationships with clients.

You will be setting up Mailchimp, which is Adrian Morrison’s preferred email marketing tool. You will also get access to some training that discusses what kind of sales copy to use to build out your email list while also keeping the prospects in your list engaged. It provides some templates you can use to make your email writing a little easier as well.

Module 5: Building your A-Team

This is the part where you might want to be pulling in around $2’000 to $3’000 per month because you are going to be spending some serious cash to hire these freelancers to do your work for you. If you are still a beginner dropshipper, or a dropshipper who isn’t bringing in any money, maybe go through these lessons with a grain of salt, and y’know…don’t implement them, because you might have to file for bankruptcy if you do.

Take them as a lesson, and a more clear vision of your dropshipping dreams in the future.

So, this is the “dream” part of the course. This is that part of the course that really expands your mind and your dreams, this is where you find out what that “automation” word that everyone keeps using means, and you’ll get an idea of what it feels like to actually run an automated dropshipping business.

You’ll get a walkthrough on the process of using vendors and freelancers to create your products for you, handle all your customer service (customer service is something you’ll definitely want to hire a freelancer for, especially if you hate people as much as I do), do product research for you, and social media management for you.

Building your A-Team is the financial home run spot you should be aiming for when setting up a shopify store. That’s the jackpot spot where you can live life on your own terms, and work from the beach with a laptop, and make money while you sleep, and so on and so forth.

Did I miss any awesome entrepreneur sales pitch word phrases?

Module 6: Project Management

All right, got your A-team hired and ready to work? Good, now its time for you to learn how to assemble the tasks required for your A-team to earn their pay.

Module 7: Long Term Exit Plan

Short version, this module teaches you how to sell your business once your…kind of tired of dealing with the whole dropshipping ordeal…or you just want to cash out for a massive profit and move down to the tropics and retire.

You’ll be provided with a spreadsheet to keep track of all your profits as well as all of your costs, and all the assets your business contains.

While you are shown the proper marketplaces to use to sell your business, this course provides very minimal information about the whole ordeal, and instead, it just kind of gives you a very minimal idea of what it would be like to sell your business.

Many people fault eCom Success Academy for this, and try to represent this as a bad thing, however, it is going to take years for the average person to get their eCommerce business into a sellable position, so I don’t think it is entirely necessary to provide deep and in-depth training on selling your business, especially when the training modules are mainly designed to help you start your eCom business and get it off the ground and into a profitable state.

I think it is a nice addition to the training, as it lets the beginner of Dropshipping know that you don’t have to hold onto and be a slave to your store forever, and you can still see some returns on your business if you want to get rid of it.

Module 8: All the bonus content

Bonus #1: Weekly Training Profit Power Hour Webinars

This is your chance to get access to Adrian every single week, make sure to give him a kiss at least once. With bonus #1, you’ll have access to every single webinar that Adrian has ever recorded, and in addition, he does a live webinar every single week.

Adrian Morrison’s brother, Anthony Morrison does some pretty good email marketing training as well.

Bonus #2: Sizzle Product Sniper Software:

You’ll have a course module on how the sizzle product sniper software works, as well as access to this software.

The only way to gain access to the sizzle product sniper software is through the Ecom Success Academy Course, it is not sold anywhere else, despite its perceived value being $4,994, about twice the price of the course.

But anyhow, the sizzle product sniper software gives you an over graph of all the trends in the dropshipping world and helps you figure out what your niche is going to be on the basis of chasing the money.

The thing that is unfortunate is that there is no public information about this software, no youtube tutorials, no reviews over the internet, so there’s not really any kind of way to know if this software is legit and does a good job outside of investing the $2.5K to find out more information regarding sizzle product sniper software.

If we get any more info regarding this software, we will be sure to update this review.

Bonus #3: Art Licensing

This gives you an overview of what goes into hiring artists to create artwork for your Shopify products and then licensing that artwork under your name or brand.

My top 4 selling products:

Adrian creates a small training module that goes in-depth with products that have generated him millions of dollars. This module may not be useful though, because the thing about dropshipping is that it is a very fast-moving business, and something that sold well 3 weeks ago could be buried in the ocean today.

Review Conclusion: Is eCom Success Academy for you?

Look, this is the best Dropshipping course on the market, is it a scam or is it legit? I can definitely tell you with confidence that this course is legit, but the question is, is this course for you?

Are you a Youtuber, perhaps an animator or artist? Do you have a following or a certain talent? Do you have some type of notoriety?

Then dropshipping might be for you!

I’m talking to the twitch streamers, the doodle animators, the tech review vloggers, the fitness youtube channels, or just any kind of YouTuber/Vlogger out there.

If you have some sort of following, then you can easily monetize that following by getting a couple of shirts and coffee mugs and slapping a logo on them, aka using dropshipping to sell your merch.

However, if you don’t have a following, some kind of audience, then I feel like you are going to have a hard time with the Dropshipping model. You are really going to struggle to not only find the right products, and negotiate deals that end up giving you profit over loss margins.

Especially if your sole to gaining your audience is only based on paying for ads.

If you had some notoriety, some respect for your name, if people know who you are, and they know you for good reasons (creating helpful content, or making funny videos that make people laugh), dropshipping is something that could be huge for you.

But it’s going to be hard, and it is going to eat away at your bank account if you focus on building your audience towards your dropshipping website if all you do is use paid Facebook ads as Adrian Morrison suggests through his training.

You can build an audience, but you can’t exactly build a relationship through Facebook ads if the entire premise of your business is throwing money towards Facebook ads, and promoting your products, and I’ll give you a diagram below of why you can’t build a relationship with your audience doing this.

And whether the customer purchases from your store or not, they are there for that one time only and they never return, as the vast world known as the internet grabs their attention and leads them away from your store, and in the process, forgetting you even exist.

The possible realities of your outcome if you have no notoriety:

  • You might get lucky and have a customer purchase based on your Facebook ads outreach, but they also may not purchase
  • If you aren’t an authority in your niche, or if you are simply a faceless entity behind your Shopify store, you won’t be able to connect and build a relationship with your audience. This really diminishes the purpose of your ad spending in the first place!
  • If you can’t build a relationship with your audience, you are never going to net a profit because you won’t be able to make repeat sales with customers who have already visited your store. Sure, you can make money, but can you net a profit? Spending more money on ads, and on suppliers, and not making the sales you need to make to at least break even means you are actually losing money no matter how you look at it!


✅The first and only approved Shopify course.

✅Content is well packaged and easy to follow.

✅Over 40 hours of content.

✅Over $1,000,000 was invested into resources and content for this course.

✅Excellent live webinars through the bonus content section

✅Highly valuable Sizzle Product Sniper Software available to you which will help a lot with figuring out hot products to sell on the market.


❌My #1 con is definitely the price of this course, $2,495 is a lot of money, especially for beginners!

❌No refund policy whatsoever. No try before you buy, nothing at all which is a real shame. It’s a big risk for some to buy this course because you don’t really have any idea outside of these blogging reviews on the internet of what it is like inside of the course, so, therefore, make sure you fully trust that Adrian’s teachings will be what you need to boost your Shopify income to the next level because if you get inside and decide after 3-5 days or whatever that you don’t like the course, you still cannot get a refund!

❌No training provided on how to build traffic and connect with customers outside of paying for ads. In my opinion, this is a very bad business structure, in essence, the course tells you to throw money at ads and hope something happens.

Come on…view my page…I’m waiting… I’m still waiting…

Get the joke? It’s just not really an effective way of doing business in my opinion, nor is it a budget-friendly way of doing business. I personally feel that the best way to do business, especially as a beginner is to create Search Engine Optimized friendly content, in other words, figure out what people are putting into search engines, and then create content that matches the intent of that content.

Either that or creating funny content or good content based on specific audiences for YouTube or something. In essence, what I am saying is that to really kick off a business, whether you just want to take advantage of getting paid to have ads put on your videos, to be a dropshipper, or an affiliate marketer like me, the #1 thing driving your business forward should be getting free traffic from the content you create!

You should be a content-focused business!

❌Dropshipping is up there with the hardest businesses to make a profit from online! People make it sound easy, and sure, it might not be as hard as starting a brick and mortar business like opening a restaurant where you have to buy your own real estate and then your own products to serve the customers, but still, there is going to be a lot of investments in finding your suppliers and then paying them to create the products you’re going to dropship. Let us say that these are the “hidden costs” that no one tells you about.

eCom Success Academy gets a …


David Nelly approves of this course!

And this concludes my review. I do believe in this course and I can definitely see the value this course will provide not only for Dropshippers but for entrepreneurs all around the globe. I may not have the most appreciation for the Dropshipping style of E-commerce business, but you aren’t me, right? Maybe Dropshipping is exactly the form of business that you want to get into, and if you aren’t tight about your money, if you ain’t got no budget, then don’t let me hold you back, set your heart ablaze and become the next dropshipping millionaire! 🙂

I do hope that you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below in the comments, or send an email my way at 🙂

-David Nelly

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