Dubli Network Review: is it a scam or is it legit?

Dubli Network is another one of those MLM Networks, which immediately raises a red flag in my book, but I know I know..not all MLM’s are bad, and today we will be looking to review whether or not Dubli Network is one of those pyramid schemes in disguise scams or not. They claim that they are one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world, I highly doubt that considering that globally only about 900 people around the world search this company up, but are they legit? Or are they a scam? Without further ado, let’s get into the review.

The Premises Of The Product:

-Name: Dubli Network

-Website: www.dublinetwork.com

-Owner: Michael Hanson

-Summary: Dubli Network is an E-commerce cash-back Multi-Level Marketing company. The selling point for Dubli Network is your ability to get discounts or cashback on certain purchases.

-Cost: To get cashback options, you must sign up for a VIP membership that costs $49 annually. To build a downline, it can cost anywhere between $200-$2500, plus a recurring annual fee of $39.

-Pros: None

-Cons: Various reports of customers getting ripped off and never actually seeing their cashback. No real products actually being sold, it’s a pyramid scheme.

-Is it a scam or is it legit: Scam

-Who is it for? No one!

What is The Dubli Network?

The DubLi Network was founded in 2003. This MLM company is really big about its “opportunity”. Like it is literally the only thing this company talks about, there are no products, and there is no pride, it is literally just “build a second stream of income with our opportunity”

That and they tout about their pride of being the #1 travel network, and #1 cashback offers website.

The website actually does offer some decent cashback options, you can shop online and get pretty decent cashback offers on a large variety of common supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart, and Target, you have a plethora of popular options at your disposal to get some decent cashback.

They do have a referral program on the main Dubli site, not on the Dubli Network opportunity, but on the Dubli site. This is something I approve of, I hate pretty much all MLM’s but allowing folks to promote this service without spending $100 on some downline product is already more respectable to me than most MLM’s. Edit…Nevermind

Umm, I stand corrected, the website’s code structure is either incredibly awful, or they purposefully made it so you can’t join for free, in any case, you cannot actually join this rewards program for free because the page does not work. So, you must pay $49 per month to take advantage of these rewards.

Seems quite unprofessional.

If you look up reviews from customers who have tried to take advantage of Dubli’s deals, you will see major complaints concerning not actually getting the cashback as well. One customer accumulated up to $1,700 worth of cashback, and they did not pay a dime, unbelievable!

In essence, the program is specifically designed as a scam, hiring you to be an expert scammer, to hire others to also be an expert scammer, and find a way to sell people ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Sick of the sales pitches? Make money online without all the fluff!

If you are okay with that if you are okay with attempting to promote and convince people to buy into this horrible product that offers them absolutely nothing in exchange for their money, then perhaps you may be interested in hearing more about the opportunity offered. If you aren’t though, and you still want to learn how to make money online, you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate, they teach the best online money-making business model in the world, and you can try it for free before you buy here, no credit card required. There will be more information about this product at the end of the post.

How the MLM structure works for Dubli Network:

The simplistic way of making money with the Dubli Network is the basic standard referral program. You sign up and pay $49 per year to refer others to also sign up with the VIP network that Dupli offers. you can make about $5 per pop. Then there’s the MLM structure.

The start-up process, as well as the fee requirements for the Dubli Network, are as follows:

Business Team Member Package:

-Allows you 12 business VIP membership vouchers. Also comes with training vouchers. The associate package also comes with the Team Member package. The total price is $594.00, plus the additional $39 annual fee.

Business Associate Package:

The Associate pack gives you access to a back office with tools and training for promoting how to make money with Dubli in order to get your downline stronger. The cost is $99 and then you have to pay a recurring $39.00 annual fee to keep your downline alive, so the total first purchase will cost $138.00

Partner Program Accelerator Package:

Streamlined bundle that offers the best of all other packages into one, and in addition you get 60 VIP membership vouchers, a training course, more commission on your sales, and some extra landing pages you can use to attempt to convince other people to start a business with Dubli. This one is pretty cheap, the price is only $2,475.00

See, told you, super cheap (“Dear David, you have used your final sarcasm spell, you have no sarcasm in the inventory until your next blog post”)

How the money is made with your Dubli Network Downline:

The main premises of making money with the Dupli Network is by selling the business package to other customers. You will make 20% commission on the $99 business package, as well as 20% to 30% on the cashback that a customer would make if they used the deals Dubli offers.

This system doesn’t even work right, as you can see the proof on all of the complaints filed by the customers on not getting their cash back. You can check out the customer complaints here. This review below is particularly telling of Dubli’s true nature and ethics:

Imagine being scammed into purchasing their VIP membership only to find that you got ZERO cash back, I’d throw my monitor out of my apartment window too!

Also, for a deeper look at how people feel about the company’s “opportunity”, check out the employee reviews of Dubli Network on glassdor.com

So while you may hear about the hype of making a commission on your customer’s cashback, that may not truly be the case.

There are 8 ways to earn with Dubli Network in total, we here at Safe Money Makers will go over the main events of how to earn.

Fast Start Bonus:

Any enrollment you refer to Dubli, you will make a commission off of whatever package they purchase. So if your customer purchases the Team Member package, you will make a commission of $45. If your customer purchases the Partner Program Accelerator Package, you will make a $225 commission.

Special Promotions:

This is something they hype up as a big deal! You can make a lot of money if you enroll three new bonus associates within 30 days. This isn’t always a promotion, but during certain time periods, they run this offer. They have bonus commission structures when you enroll three candidates, here is the type of money you would be looking at if you are successful at this ordeal.

And to get you even more excited, it doesn’t stop at that limit, if you enroll 3 more, your money would double! The plausibility of you actually being successful at this endeavor, however, is extremely low, considering most customers don’t get their cash back, as well as the fact that everything about that this company offers is a straight-up lie, so what you are doing is asking people to pay money in exchange for nothing!

If you are someone who was referred to this company, say by an old friend who you haven’t talked to for years, or a similar type of situation, chances are that you will be referred to the compensation plan YouTube video. As all snake oil salesmen do, the explainer talks about how they have the most robust network marketing training on the planet.

If this training is so good, why are the comments disabled?

Hmmm..my personal guess would be because Dubli knows that they are an unethical marketing company, and they also know that all the people that they have taken advantage of and scammed in the past would flock to their videos like a pack of locusts and call them out for all of their heinous lies!

Success stories with Dubli Network:

If you want to use success stories of other real people who are like you, just starting out in business, and you want to be inspired by how people got involved with Dupli Network and made millions, well, there aren’t very many of these kinds of success stories to go around when it comes to this company.

In fact, they didn’t even put much effort into their success stories on the company, most MLM’s y’know, hire a bunch of kids and young adults from Fiverr to voice or write testimonials about how their business changed their lives forever, this one didn’t even put in the effort, they simply got their high up executives to attempt to persuade you with their testimonials.

Ugh, I can’t use sarcasm anymore I already used my inventory slot of sarcasm in the post, ok, I’ll just be straightforward! There is no way I will ever be convinced that a testimonial is legit if it’s coming from the highest seats of power from the company!

If success stories are something that matters to you, in terms of helping you choose a training platform or a business model that makes money online if it is a way for you to verify the legitimacy of a program, then look no further than Wealthy Affiliate, massive success is constantly happening with this platform!

Dubli Network Review Conclusion:

Pros(thinks I like)

-I have no respect or anything positive to say about this company

Cons(things I dislike)

-High yield of complaints about the cashback offers not working. Even if they did work, you should keep in mind that the person you recruited gets about 20% of the cashback you would get is offered, creating false advertising about how much money you can save.

-This company does not have any products to sell, therefore it is a pyramid scheme

-No success stories outside of the high executive members who helped  build the company

-Not integrated with the Better Business Bureau

-Low reviews from associates on Glassdoor should tell you everything you need to know about this company, and that is one simple remark, stay away!

Dubli Network gets a…


Dubli Network
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An alternative:

When it comes to making money online, Multi-Level Marketing is not the way to go, they are always full of manipulative tactics and deceit to gain its distributors. In the case of Dubli Network, this is one of the worst Multi-Level Marketing companies I’ve come across, and I will say that this company actually does qualify to be a pyramid scheme, what they do is illegal and I would not be surprised if this company was shut down in the near future.

The #1 recommendation I have for making money online is affiliate marketing, and I recommend that you learn from Wealthy Affiliate(highly informative Wealthy Affiliate Review here).

Affiliate marketing is creating a YouTube channel or Website and creating content for a niche, or an audience of people who have a specific interest in a certain market of products. The premise of affiliate marketing is to help your audience gain knowledge on specific products or certain topics. Over time, you gain authority and expertise within the niche you have chosen, and as you gain authority, you gain trust. Then, you break into product reviews, recommending services/products that will help out your audience.

You direct your audience to the product that you recommend via an affiliate link, and if your customers click on that affiliate link that brings them to the product, your tracking ID gets enabled into their browser, a technology that communicates to the vendor that you sent the customer to their product. As a result of this, you will receive a commission.

For some inspiration, take a look at this blog post I created that explains how you can make thousands of dollars each month in the hunting niche.

In order to do affiliate marketing properly, you need the best tools on the market, the best training on the market, and the only place you’re going to find that is at Wealthy Affiliate.

And that concludes today’s review. I hope that you have gained a little more insight on whether Dubli Network Limited is something for you or not, as well as some education on how to make money online, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

-David Nelly

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8 thoughts on “Dubli Network Review: is it a scam or is it legit?

  1. The unpaid cashback, the product packages, the MLM-like commission structure, and the fake testimonials push me away from it. Even if you recruit many people into the system and teach them to do the same as you do, you still get nothing from the company, making it resemble a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme. Your recommendation at the end of this post is a far better approach to learn how to make money online, and I will take a closer ASAP.

  2. This article very helpful! I hate MLM – it always over promise and under deliver – only people at the top make money. After this review I’m staying well clear from Dublin Network – I don’t want lose any money.

    I’m glad I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did. I always believed I can make money online but just didn’t know how – but Wealthy Affiliate gave me the tools to be able to it.

    Thank you

  3. Hi, David. I like your transparency.

    As you said, not all MLMs are scams, but the issue is that nowadays, most Pyramid schemes use the MLM system(MLM in disguise).
    Plus, most of those companies won’t give you your money back. I feel sorry for the guy who cannot withdraw his $1,700.

    I hate to see people being scammed. People are looking for a way to get out of their 9-5 jobs and be financially independent, and companies like Dubli scam them. That’s not right.

    This is why we need to push reviews like yours to warn beginners. Beginners are so vulnerable, that’s why they easily fall for those scams!

    1. True, and the sad fact is that most people who join MLM’s were never looking to quit their jobs in the first place, I mean, yes deep down inside, we all hate our jobs, unless you are working with kids or are a nurse/people person and you have a sense of passion for what you do, but for those of us working boring front desk jobs, working at factories, and other jobs where every day is mundane and the same, we all want to quit our jobs.

      But naturally, most folks don’t google a company when they find out about it, they usually discover these MLM’s from an old friend or acquaintance who ended up buying too much company product and not having the means to sell it, so these associates desperately try to recover their investments by trying to use the good relationship they had with an old friend, taking advantage of their trust, and misrepresenting the so-called opportunity that the MLM has to offer, hoping to get their customer to purchase something through them.

      That’s just one of many reasons why MLM’s are so destructive to people, as well as their personal relationships.

  4. David, WoW, I appreciate your absolute honesty here. I am not even sure what to think about them. After your review, I have a negative impression and for me, you get one try to get my attention. I was involved in an MLM before and it did not work out for me so just for that reason I have no reason to want to try them at all.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the better alternative to anything MLM because there is no MLM at all. WA is a friendly community with a lot of people cheering for your success. Plus, the training is awesome. Follow the training and success comes.


    1. Hey Keith, glad you came back for a visit! I agree Wealthy Affiliate has a special place in the hearts of many, and for good reason. I’m sorry to hear that the MLM company you were with didn’t work out in the past, if I may, what MLM was it?

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